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WWE Announces New Year's Day Pay-Per-View for 2022!

Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young announced the news during last night's Smackdown. WWE would later confirm the news yesterday that they will be making history when they will have a WWE pay-per-view on New Year's Day for the first time ever! It'll take place Saturday, January 1, 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia at the State Farm Arena.

The pay-per-view is yet to be given a name. It would be interesting to see if they go back to using the New Year's Revolution name that was used from 2005-2007. New Year's Revolution is probably best known for when Edge would cash in the first ever Money in the Bank on John Cena in 2006.

Tickets for the event do go on sale on Friday, August 27th. Stay tuned for more updates.

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