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Worlds Collide 2020

Updated: May 25, 2020


Houston, Texas

Toyota Center

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness

Ring Announcers: Alicia Taylor, Andy Shepard

Kickoff Show Match

Mia Yim vs. Kay Lee Ray (NXT UK Women's champ)

Mia Yim charges out of the gate and cannonballs her into the corner for a 2 count. Yim beats her down. They trade a few shots until Yim takes control again. KLR hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. The crowd is split! KLR beats down Yim and gives her a hell of a chop in the corner. KLR continues to wear her down and heads to the top where she misses a senton. This allows Yim to regain control. Yim hits an enziguri and a tornado DDT of her own for a near fall. Yim's jabs look terrible. Yim back body drops her to the outside and then hits a suicide dive. KLR hits a super kick and then goes back inside where she runs up the ropes and flips to the outside onto Yim!! NXT!! NXT!! They trade blows back inside. KLR goes for a Gory bomb but Yim turns it into a sunset flip pin for a near fall. KLR hits eat defeat for a near fall. KLR goes for a hurricanrana but Yim counters it into a power bomb for another near fall. Yim spikes KLR into the mat with a destroyer!!! Still a near fall!! The crowd loved that. They trade roll ups and KLR gets the win by using the ropes and tights for leverage!! Solid match for the kickoff show to get the crowd going.

W: Kay Lee Ray via pin @ 9:16 (***)

Awesome video to open the main portion of the show. A Winston Churchill speech goes along with the video showcasing Undisputed Era vs. Imperium then tonight's theme song is played while they highlight the other matches. Good video here.

Finn Balor vs. Ilja Dragunov

This is an interesting match up. They lock up and Finn Balor takes control as they grapple early. Balor gets an early near fall. Ilja Dragunov counters and takes down Balor and then taunts him with his trademark pose. Dragunov goes for a sunset flip pin but Balor rolls through and slaps him in the face. Balor takes control as the crowd chants "Too Sweet". Dragunov takes him down and hits a jumping senton for a near fall. Dragunov beats him down in the corner. Dragunov blocks a Balor enziguri and they fight to the outside where Dragunov takes control. Dragunov heads to the top rope where he crashes and burns as Balor moves when he jumps. Balor attacks outside before throwing Dragunov back in the ring. Balor aggressively stomps Dragunov in the corner multiple times. Balor gets a near fall before attempting 1916. Dragunov reverses this into a suplex of his own. Dragunov builds some momentum as the crowd boos. Dragunov heads to the top rope and drops a knee across Balor's throat. Dragunov follows with chops and knees strikes that nets a near fall. Balor hits a double stomp. They trade blows to cheers and boos from the crowd. Balor goes for a pele kick but Dragunov uniquely counters. Dragunov blocks another 1916 attempt but Balor catches him across the neck/face with an elbow. Balor hits a sling blade. He goes for a John Woo kick but Dragunov kicks him in the face and follows that with a high angle suplex for a near fall. Dragunov hits a 61 line, as McGuinness calls it. Outside the ring, Dragunov comes off the top rope with a splash. He throws Balor back in and hits a coast to coast from the turnbuckle!! Long 2 count!! Dragunov goes back up top but Balor gets his knees up. Balor hits a John Woo kick!! He follows it with the Coup de Grace and 1916!!! It's over!! This was a really good hard hitting match. Both guys showed a very aggressive side. Balor picks up a big win heading into his Takeover match with Johnny Gargano.

W: Finn Balor via pin @ 13:50 (***3/4)

Cathy Kelley is ringside to interview Grizzled Young Veterans and the Broserweights. They are the finalist for the Dusty Classic. The winners will received a NXT Tag Team Championship match at Takeover: Portland. Good back and forth between the teams. The crowd loves Riddle and Dunne.

Fatal Four Way Match for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Isiah "Swerve" Scott vs. Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks vs. Angel Garza (champ)

There's a new championship belt that now has the NXT logo in the middle instead of the WWE logo. The crowd chants "Angel Garza" to start. They all feel each other out in the beginning as Devlin goes for the Devlin side but it doesn't work. Garza goes to take off the pants but is attacked by the other three men. Swerve takes control. There is lots of fast paced action that spills to the outside where each guys hits a big move. Banks takes control outside before he and Swerve go back in the ring. Banks remains in control as he delivers kicks to Swerve and Garza. Banks takes out Devlin with a suicide dive to the outside. Banks delivers a double cannon ball to Swerve and Garza in the corner. Devlin goes to the top rope where he hit a slingshot tornado DDT on Swerve which looks amazing and the crowd loves it!!! Garza runs into a Spanish fly by Devlin. The action is super fast-paced. All four men are on their knees throwing punches. Garza takes off the pants to a big reaction!! Garza has Devlin and Banks up in the air as Swerve comes off the top and does a stomp on Banks!! Near fall!!! Devlin wipes out Swerve when he goes for a house call on Garza. Devlin attempts a Devlin side again but Banks counters and delivers a destroyer!!! Devlin sells like he just got killed!! Amazing!! The crowd chants "This is awesome." Banks goes to the top but is pushed to the floor by Garza. Swerve and Garza go to the top but Devlin goes up to meet them and hits a modified double Spanish fly!! It looks great but he appeared to slip a little bit off the top rope. Banks is back in and hits Devlin with the slice of heaven and his kiwi crusher but can't put him away!! Swerve works over Banks and hits a nice looking slam in the corner for a near fall. Swerve holds Banks on his shoulders allowing Garza to come off the top for a Doomsday Device type maneuver but Banks counters it into a hurricanrana on Swerve, spiking him into the mat!! Amazing!! Garza with the wing clipper on Swerve! Devlin breaks up the pin. Devlin hits a head butt on Garza then gets the Devlin side on Swerve!!! Garza can't make the save and we have a new champ!! Devlin celebrates like he just won the main event of WrestleMania!! This was great non-stop, fast-paced action by all four men and everyone got to shine.

W: Jordan Devlin via pin @ 12:05 (****)

Post match, Devlin gets on the mic and tells us all that he told us so; "Never bet against an ace."

Keith Lee and Mia Yim are together in the crowd. We see Chelsea Green and Robert Stone also taking a seat in the crowd.

Moustache Mountain vs. DIY

When they announced this match, I was so pumped. Take my money as this match was worth coming to the event. The crowd loves both teams but I would say they favor DIY. Commentary says this is a dream match and I agree. Johnny Gargano and Tyler Bate start the match. The crowd chants "Johnny Wrestling" and "Tyler Bate". They have an amazing exchange for the first few minutes of the match. I need a singles match between these two in the near future. The crowd is loving every minute. They tag in Tommaso Ciampa and Trent Seven respectively. The crowd chants "Daddy's home". Ciampa mocks their "moustache pull" taunt and Seven shows him how it's done. The crowd is soaking it up. These two have a great exchange as well. I wasn't sure Seven had it in him. Seven tags Bate back in and Ciampa wants to have a test of strength which prompts the crowd to chant "Big strong boy" for Bate. Another great exchange in this match as Ciampa takes control. The action goes outside the ring. Gargano super kicks Seven and Ciampa throws Bate over the announce table. DIY pats themselves on the back while sitting on the apron as the crowd cheers. Ciampa and Gargano take turns wearing down Bate. "Johnny Wrestling" chants from the crowd now. Seven gets the big tag! Seven goes wild on them both and hits a power bomb and lariat on Ciampa. Both of which get near falls. The crowd is going back and forth chanting for both teams. Ciampa hits a rising knee strike to stop Seven's momentum. Gargano and Bate both get tagged back in and Gargano takes control. Gargano hits his slingshot spear for a near fall followed by a suicide dive onto Bate outside with a Ciampa assist. Ciampa hits a Widow's Bell on Seven and Gargano hits his springboard DDT from the apron back into the ring on Bate. Meeting at the corner by DIY on Bate!! Bate regroups and goes up top but Ciampa knees Bate in the back in mid air! Bate hits a rebound clothesline and follows that with the Tyler Driver 97!!! It's not enough!! Multiple cover attempts follow and they're all near falls!! "NXT" chants now followed by "Fight Forever" chants. Gargano comes back in and Bate hits an exploder suplex on him but Gargano gets his knees up when Bate goes for a shooting star press. Gargano locks Bate in the Gargano escape while Ciampa locks Seven in a Fuji armbar. Both Bate and Seven manage to escape and get DIY up for dueling airplane spins. Bate gets a tag to Seven but they have a miscommunication and Gargano ducks so Bate takes out Seven. Gargano and Ciampa go for the meeting the in the middle but Seven is over to cover Bate to prevent it. Moustache Mountain rises up to hit a bop and bang!! The crowd loves it!! Seven hits a burning hammer on Ciampa with a knee assist by Bate. He kicks out at 2!!! The crowd is going nuts!! Bate tags back into the match where they another nice double team move. Bate goes for a corkscrew off the top but Ciampa pulls Seven on top of him to absorb the blow. Ciampa covers Seven but Bate breaks it up. The crowd chants "This is awesome" as we have a stand off. They all trade massive blows. Gargano catches Bate coming off the top with a super kick and that leaves Seven all alone. DIY hits him with the meeting in the middle and it's over!! Amazing tag team wrestling with an unbelievable crowd. After the match, both teams embrace, shake hands, and hug. It delivers on the hype!!

W: DIY via pin @ 22:55 (****3/4)

Recent signing Mercedes Martinez is in the crowd. Dakota Kai is also in the crowd and gets attacked by Tegan Nox! Security has to separate them.

NXT Women's Championship Match

Toni Storm vs. Rhea Ripley (champ)

These ladies are in a tough spot to follow the last match. Bianca Belair watches from the crowd as she'll face the winner at Takeover: Portland. Toni Storm is 2-1 against Rhea Ripley. The trade counters to begin. Storm takes the advantage early. Storm seems to piss off Ripley after a few shots so Ripley works her over in the corner. Storm catches her with a kick and German suplexes her into the corner; It looked brutal! Ripley rolls to the outside. Storm goes after her and throws her back in where she attempts to wear her down with a STF. Ripley makes it to the ropes. Storm hits a nice DDT. The crowd chants back and forth for both competitors. They trade blows as Ripley gets the upper hand and face plants Storm into the canvas. The crowd is behind Ripley now. She locks in the standing cloverleaf. Storm is able to roll through the hold and then roll out of a Riptide. Storm attempts Storm Zero but it's reversed. Storm hits another nice German for a 2 count. Storm follows that with a huge head butt that sounds painful! Storm goes to the top but misses a frog splash and that allows Ripley to hit the Riptide for the win!! This was a good match but had a sudden finish.

W: Rhea Ripley via pin @ 10:07 (***)

Backstage, Johnny Gargano was being interviewed when he's attacked by Finn Balor. Moustache Mountain and others pull Balor off.

Eight Man Tag Team Match

Undisputed Era (Adam Cole (NXT Champ), Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish, & Kyle O'Reilly (NXT Tag Team champs) vs. Imperium (WALTER (NXT UK champ), Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel, & Alexander Wolfe)

Big reaction for Undisputed Era during their entrance. Imperium also gets a big reaction as the crowd sings along with their theme song while they chant "WALTER". Brief "USA" chants in the beginning as well. The match starts with Kyle O'Reilly and Fabian Aichner. They trade strikes. Roderick Strong and Marcel Barthel tag in and Imperium begins to isolate Strong in their corner. Alexander Wolfe is in to continue the work on Strong. Bobby Fish comes in and connects with a hard knee to Wolfe that appears to have knocked him out. The ref stops a count even though Wolfe doesn't seem to kick out. I think he recognizes Wolfe is out cold. Fish backs away as the trainers are ringside to check on Wolfe. Wolfe is being helped to the back and it doesn't appear he'll return and we're only about five minutes in. UE has a 4-on-3 advantage. WALTER comes in to replace him. Imperium keeps tagging constantly to keep a fresh man in at all times. UE begins to wear down Barthel. UE mocks Imperium and does a great job of cutting off the ring. The crowd chants "Undisputed" and "WALTER" back and forth. O'Reilly mocks WALTER but Barthel gets the tag to WALTER. WALTER goes wild on everyone! WALTER and O'Reilly trade counters. WALTER takes out Strong and O'Reilly by German suplexing them both at the same time! Aichner is back in and he wears down O'Reilly before letting WALTER come back in. Imperium is still using frequent tags. Walter squashes O'Reilly by sitting on him and then crushes him with a patented WALTER chop! It sounds like it hurt like hell!!! Every member of Imperium takes turns beating up O'Reilly. Strong finally gets a tag; He and WALTER trade chops and it's impressive! Strong tries his back and forth forearms on WALTER but eats a clothesline. Multiple tags take place and Fish gives UE an advantage before tagging Adam Cole in. Cole and company swarm WALTER to a chorus of boos! Everyone brawls on the outside of the ring. WALTER tries to fight them all off but Strong hits a huge Olympic slam on WALTER through the announce table!!! "Mama Mia" chants from the crowd!! Cole and Barthel are the legal men now. Barthel has the advantage as Aichner hits an awesome delayed brain buster on O'Reilly. UE takes over as the crowd is chanting for WALTER to get back into the match. It's essentially 4-on-2 now. O'Reilly works over Barthel's knee and puts him in a knee bar. Barthel makes it to the rope as Aichner hits a springboard moonsault on O'Reilly! WALTER is back on the apron!!! Big Daddy WALTER gets the hot tag!!! The crowd is going nuts. Chops for everyone!! Super kick by Cole but WALTER takes him out. He power bombs Strong and hits a splash from the top. Cole hits the last shot!! Imperium breaks up the cover. They all have a stand off as the crowd chants "This is awesome". They all brawl. Fish and O'Reilly take out WALTER with their high/low. Brawling on the outside leaves WALTER and Fish left in the ring. Fish misses a moonsault from the top and that allowed WALTER to hit him with a running double drop kick and power bomb for the win!!! This was a wild brawl and what may be most impressive is that Wolfe went out in the first five minutes and everyone else was able to step up their game like nothing ever happened. True professionals In the end, WALTER leads his team with one man down to beat the UE.

W: Imperium via pin @ 29:52 (****1/2)

Overall: 9.5/10

This was an amazing event!! Three matches had four plus stars! For me personally, this was the first NXT I ever attended and to see it live was amazing! DIY and Moustache Mountain was an amazing match that delivered. Balor/Dragunov had a great opener. The fatal four way was non-stop amazing action. Both women's matches delivered and the main event was a wild, amazing brawl! Definitely recommend checking out this event.

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