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Velveteen Dream Released from WWE!

It appears that WWE wasn't done releasing NXT talent. It was announced today that Velveteen Dream has been released. PWInsider broke the news that multiple sources have confirmed his release today. Dream hasn't been seen on NXT since he lost to Adam Cole in late December.

Dream had a decent run in NXT where he won the NXT North American Championship. I personally believe he had the potential to achieve more and possibly win the NXT Championship but personal issues outside the business probably prevented that from happening.

Listed below is an up to date list of the NXT talent that his been released in the past couple days:

  • Velveteen Dream

  • Alexander Wolfe

  • Skyler Story

  • Ezra Judge

  • Jessamyn Duke

  • Vanessa Bourne

  • Kavita Devi

  • Drake Wuertz (referee)

  • Jake Clemons (referee)

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