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Two Championship Matches set for Next Week's Smackdown!

During Smackdown (4/23), two big championship matches were made for next week's show.

After defeating Kevin Owens with some help from Commander Azeez, Apollo Crews was celebrating his victory backstage when he was attacked by Big E. The announcement was made later in the night that Apollo Crews will defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Big E this coming Friday.

In the closing segment of Smackdown, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan stood in the ring waiting for answer from Roman Reigns on whether or not he would accept Cesaro's challenge for a WWE Universal Championship match. Reigns would decline Cesaro's challenge and say that as the champion, he makes the challenges. Reigns would then challenge Bryan and offer him one more championship match. However, there's a catch......if Reigns beats Bryan, Reigns never wants to see Bryan on Smackdown again! Cesaro told Bryan that he has to take the opportunity and Bryan would then accept the challenge!

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