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Throwback Smackdown 5/7/2021: Cesaro One-Ups Reigns; Jimmy Uso Returns; Plus More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Smackdown:

  • We're going old school with "Throwback Smackdown"

  • Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

  • Dolph Ziggler (WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion) vs. Rey Mysterio

We're in the ThunderDome for a special Throwback Smackdown! The opening video is throwback to old Smackdowns and includes footage of The Rock among other "old school" superstars. Cole is dressed in his old school outfit and McAfee has an old school WWE suit jacket on.

We see highlights of The Rock vs. Triple from for the WWE Championship. This was the main event on the very first Smackdown on August 26, 1999.

Cole and McAfee welcome us to the show and we're starting with WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION ROMAN REIGNS!! He's accompanied by Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. We see highlights of Reigns defeating Daniel Bryan last week. Heyman grabs a mic and says our Tribal Chief has asked Heyman to eulogize the career of his victim Daniel Bryan. We shall do so with a ten bell salute! Heyman says they don't need help; they'll do it themselves. Heyman "dings" ten time! This is funnier than it should be. "You suck" chants by the crowd. Reigns has the mic now and says unlike Daniel Bryan, he's a man of his word. He did what he said he was going to do. He put everything on his back and carried it. We should acknowledge him and celebrate him. He gives everyone what they want including Fox and Daniel Bryan. Reigns says if Bryan wanted to be here, all he had to do was acknowledge him. He couldn't, so we got rid of him. In his absence, they've replaced him with someone who will acknowledge him.......JIMMY USO IS BACK!!! Jimmy and Jey hug!! Jimmy then hugs Reigns! HERE COMES CESARO!! Cesaro wants to know if he heard correctly. Did he says he replaced Daniel Bryan? Cesaro says you can't replace Daniel Bryan. Cesaro says he has no time for Reigns tonight because of his match with Seth Rollins. ROLLINS ATTACKS CESARO FROM BEHIND!! Officials are out separate them. TEDDY LONG IS HERE!! Hold on a minute playa!! Teddy says if Cesaro beats Rollins tonight, he'll face Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania Backlash!! HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!! Reigns attacks Cesaro from behind and Rollins sends Cesaro into the steps! In the ring, Rollins beats down Cesaro in the corner. The match will start after the break!

We get an old school ICOPRO commerical narrated by Lord Alfred Hayes.

Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

If Cesaro wins, he faces Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania Backlash

Rollins jumps on Cesaro right away and tries to take control. Rollins stomps Cesaro in the corner. The Usos are at ringside. Sling blade by Rollins gets a near fall. Rollins goes to the top and hits a flying knee strike for another near fall. Rollins throws Cesaro out of the ring and follows. Rollins bounces Cesaro off the apron and throws him into the barricade and then repeats the process. Back in the ring, near fall for Rollins. Reigns and Heyman are watching backstage. Rollins with a right and Cesaro fights back with an uppercut. Rollins comes off the ropes and Cesaro military presses him. Rollins escapes and targets the knee. Near fall for Rollins. Front face lock by Rollins. Cesaro blocks a suplex by Rollins and dead lifts Rollins. Knee by Rollins but Cesaro with the vertical suplex! Uppercuts by Cesaro backs Rollins into the corner. Cesaro sends Rollins corner to corner and hits uppercuts in each. Discus clothesline by Cesaro gets a near fall. Rollins avoids the swing. Cesaro goes for a Neutralizer but Rollins blocks and Cesaro rolls him up for a near fall. Cesaro goes for it again but Rollins sends him to the apron. Cesaro goes up to the top. Jey Uso distracts and that allows Rollins to run up and HITS A SUPERPLEX!! ROLLINS ROLLS THROUGH AND HITS A FALCON ARROW!! 1...2...NO!! Rollins can't believe it and we go to a commercial.

We're back with Cesaro trying a Sharpshooter. Both men trade near falls. CESARO LOCKS IN THE SHARPSHOOTER!!! Rollins crawls to the apron and Cesaro switches to a Crossface! Rollins escapes and hits a blow to the back of Cesaro's neck. Cesaro avoids a stomp but Rollins hits him with a kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Rollins tries another stomp but Cesaro catches him and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Cesaro goes for a gutwrench but ROLLINS COUNTERS AND HITS A BUCKLE BOMB! Big clothesline by Rollins. Both men are down! Both men trade punches and uppercuts. Cesaro charges and Rollins monkey flips him over the top rope! Jimmy distracts the ref but Rollins tells Jey he doesn't need his help. ROLLINS SHOVES JEY TO THE GROUND!! JIMMY SUPER KICKS ROLLINS!! Cesaro dives over the top to take out Rollins. Back in the ring, CESARO HITS ROLLINS WITH A NEUTRALIZER TO WIN!! Good match that doesn't hurt Rollins and Cesaro gets the big win.

W: Cesaro via pin @ 12:39

Post match, Jey tries to tell Jimmy that he messed up!

After a commercial, we get a recap of what just happened. In the back, Rollins tells Reigns that Jimmy Uso cost him the match. Rollins says he doesn't need help from Reigns or the Usos. Rollins wants to know if he should be pissed at Jimmy or Reigns. Reigns agrees that Jimmy screwed Rollins, but by losing, Reigns says Rollins screwed him. Reigns says now he has to deal with Rollins loose ends. Reigns says he'll handle it and Jimmy. Rollins says they're cool, but if Reigns doesn't care of it; he will!

Time for another classic Smackdown moment. It's from December 13, 2001 when Stone Cold Steve Austin whoops Booker T's in the grocery store. Haha! Great stuff!

Teddy Long talks to Sonya Deville backstage. Teddy thanks Sonya for having him. Sonya is glad Teddy is there to help with Adam Pearce gone. SAMI ZAYN is here! Sami says it's great for someone outside the establishment to be here tonight and he sells Teddy on his conspiracy. Sami wants a match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship but Teddy has one better than that. SAMI CAN GO ONE-ON-ONE WITH THE UNDERTAKER!! Sami reminds Teddy that Taker is retired. Teddy says Sami will be teaming with Apollo Crews! That's not all. It's going to be a ten man tag team match. It's Sami Zayn, Apollo Crews, Alpha Academy, and KING BOOKER. Wait!! NO!! KING CORBIN!! They're facing Kevin Owens, Big E, the Street Profits, and Shinsuke Nakamura. Teddy then tries to get Sami to dance with him.

Jimmy Uso comes in to talk to Reigns. Reigns says Jimmy is here for one hour and he already screwed things up. Reigns put the spotlight on Jimmy and what happened? He blew it! Reigns says he and Jey had a good operation going. Reigns doesn't want to clean up Jimmy' mistakes. Jimmy says Reigns won't talk to him like that. Jimmy then says that he's nobody's bitch before walking off! Reigns tells Jey to go talk to him.

Ruby Riott w/ Liv Morgan vs. Carmella

They lock up and go to the corner. Carmella avoids a shot by Ruby and moonwalks! Shoulder tackle by Ruby and they run the ropes. Kick to the midsection by Ruby. Carmella answers by slamming Ruby to the mat. Carmella takes control and talks trash. Ruby sends her into the turnbuckles. Ruby works the arm and hits Carmella with a STO for a near fall. Ruby goes to the top but Carmella hits her with a kick to the face. Carmella tries a pin using the ropes but the ref sees it. BOTH LADIES TRADE NEAR FALLS BEFORE CARMELLA LOCKS IN CODE OF SILENCE!! RUBY TAPS!! Not much to say about this one.

W: Carmella via submission @ 2:16

Throwback Smackdown moment now. Hulk Hogan and Edge winning the tag titles on July 4, 2002.

Bayley makes her way to the ring. She'll talk after the break where she "Celebrates the women's champions of WWE".

Smackdown moment: June 12, 2003 when Brock Lesnar superplexed Big Show and the ring imploded.

Bayley is in the ring with a mic. She says to be in a WWE ring, you have to be a superstar. Just because you're a superstar, doesn't make you a great champion. Bayley says how she was the longest reigning Smackdown Women's Champion. She doesn't want to talk about herself though. She wants to pay tribute to great champions who put their bodies on the line. Bayley says Alundra Blayze is an OG. She's no Bayley no. Jacqueline is next. She hypes Jacqueline being the only woman who was Cruiserweight Champion. Lita and Trish Stratus are next. Ivory is mentioned. Beth Phoenix, Molly Holly, and Bianca Belair is saved for last. Bayley says Belair is naïve and blind to the world around us. Bayley says if Belair isn't careful, she'll end up like all the other women.....NOT ON BAYLEY'S LEVEL! Bayley hopes Belair doesn't get offended but when she looks in Belair's eyes, she see insecurity. Bayley says she'll be Belair's last challenger because she'll beat her and prove she was right about her all along. HERE COMES BELAIR!! Belair grabs a mic and says Bayley just can't let her be champion. Belair says she's living her best life and it'll get better at WrestleMania Backlash. Insecure? No. Belair says it's her confidence that bothers Bayley. That's what empowers her and her fans. Belair tells Bayley to worry about herself because Belair is on her way to becoming the longest reigning champion. Bayley laughs it off. Bayley tries a cheap shot but Belair was ready for it. Belair with shoulders in the corner to Bayley!! Belair throws Bayley across the ring! Drop kick by Belair and she kips up. Bayley kicks the knee of Belair and sends her into the corner. Bayley goes after the earrings of Belair and then stands on her hair. ROSE PLANT BY BAYLEY LAYS OUT BELAIR!!!

Jimmy Uso is backstage when Jey Uso approaches him. Jey asks if Jimmy meant what he said. Jimmy says he meant exactly what he said and asks what happened to Jey? Jimmy and Jey argue. Jimmy says Reigns is only champ because of Jey. Jey tells Jimmy that everything Reigns does benefits the family. Jimmy doesn't agree and says Reigns doesn't appreciate Jey. Jimmy says they should go for the tag gold while Reigns has the big belt. That would be representing the family. Jey doesn't seem interested.

Rey Mysterio and Dominik make their way to the ring. Rey vs. Dolph Ziggler is next!

Another Smackdown moment: June 27, 2002 when John Cena confronts Kurt Angle! RUTHLESS AGGRESSION!!!

Dolph Ziggler comes out and says Dominik doesn't belong here. Ziggler insults Dominik and says he doesn't belong in the ring or in the industry. Ziggler tells Dominik to leave so the men can handle things. Ziggler asks Dominik if he's going to cry? Dominik wants the match now instead of Rey!

Dominik Mysterio w/ Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Robert Roode (WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions)

Ziggler fakes a super kick and trash talks Dominik. They shove each other and Ziggler slaps him. Dominik goes off the ropes and ducks under Dolph and slaps him! Drop kick by Dominik. Ziggler rolls out of the ring. Dominik goes to the apron where Ziggler sweeps his leg. Ziggler slams Dominik on the floor! Back in the ring, Dominik tries to fight back but Ziggler takes him down with a punch. Neck breaker by Ziggler. Ziggler covers him with one boot but only gets a one count. Ziggler talks trash and hits more strikes. Scoop slam by Ziggler. Ziggler tells Dominik "this is real". ZIGGLER GOES FOR A SUPLEX BY DOMINIK CRADLES HIM FOR THE WIN!! Not much of a match honestly.

W: Dominik Mysterio via pin @ 2:14

The highlight of the night is Tamina beating Shayna Baszler last week. Then we see highlights of Talking Smack when Tamina calls out Nia Jax.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Reginald and the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Reginald says there's nothing worse than a sour taste in his mouth. That's exactly what he got last week. Reginald hypes Nia and Shayna. He says they will break the bodies of Natalya and Tamina next week when they defend their titles. Reginald says he will break Tamina's spirit tonight! Then he will drink spirits to get the taste of Tamina out of his mouth. That match is after the commercial.

Commercial paid for by the following. IT'S "HACKSAW" JIM DUGGAN WITH THE ICE CREAM BARS!! WHERE THE HELL IS CM PUNK?!?!?

The next Smackdown moment: November 11, 1999 when Arnold Schwarzenegger "terminated" Triple H!

Roman Reigns is backstage when Paul Heyman walks in. Reigns tells Heyman to bring him his cousin. Heyman asks which one? Reigns gives him a classic look. Heyman says he understands.

Reginald w/ Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions) vs. Tamina w/ Natalya

Reginald begs off to begin. He takes off his jacket to reveal and t-shirt with Nia and Shayna on it. Tamina goes for a super kick and Reginald back flips and bails to the outside. Reginald gets back in and Tamina grabs him by the hair but can't throw him. Reginald ends up in the corner. Tamina catches Reginald and throws him into the opposite corner. No follow up by Tamina. Reginald goes to the top turnbuckle and then jumps over Tamina. Reginald dances only to eat a super kick. TAMINA CLIMBS TO THE TOP BUT BASZLER KNOCKS HER OFF THE ROPES CAUSING A DQ!! Meanwhile, Nia saves Reginald.

W: Tamina by DQ @ 2:05

Post match, Natalya gets a knee assisted side walk slam for her troubles. Tamina gets beat down next. Shayna stomps her elbow while Nia holds her down. NIA SAMOAN DROPS TAMINA INTO THE BARRICADE. Lucky she wasn't hurt there. The champs leave and Cole tells us we have a tag title match next week.

Apollo Crews promo backstage where he puts over all of his teammates for the big tag match. He says he will lead them all.

We get a promo from the faces too. It ends with Nakamura saying he wants the smoke haha. The ten man tag is next!

Ten Man Tag Team Match

Big E, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, & The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy, Sami Zayn, King Corbin, & Apollo Crews (WWE Intercontinental Champion) w/ Commander Azeez

Dawkins and Gable are starting. They lock up and we get a a series of counters by both men. Dawkins looks pretty good with arm drags to Gable. Dawkins with a slam and a tag to Ford. Nice drop kick by Ford! Near fall. Gable cheap shots him and tags to Crews. Crews scoop slams Ford and taunts Big E. Sami tags in and hits Ford with boots and beats him down. Sami chokes Ford across the top rope using the five count to his advantage. Sami sends Ford to the corner but Ford avoids him and hits Sami with the drop kick. Big E gets a tag. Sami tags Corbin. They lock up and Big E with a side head lock. Corbin sends him to the ropes. Shoulder tackle by Big E but Corbin with a clothesline! Corbin runs the ropes but Big E catches him with an elbow! Big E is sent to the corner where Sami cheap shots him. That pisses off Owens who goes crazy. Everyone brawls! OWENS LEAPS OFF THE APRON TO SPLASH SAMI ON THE FLOOR OUTSIDE! We go to a commercial while everyone else continues to brawl.

Back from the break, Otis is working over Owens. Owens fights to his feet but gets hit in the midsection by Otis. Otis sends him into the corner and splashes him. Tag to Crews. Crews lifts Owens but Owens slides off and looks for a stunner. Crews blocks. Inverted atomic drop b Owens and a step up enziguri. Both men down. Gable comes around to pull Big E off the apron and baits him into an Otis clothesline on the outside. Owens hits Crews with a kick and tags Nakamura. Nakamura goes crazy on the heels. Sami gets a tag. Strikes by Nakamura. Nakamura hits Sami with a sling shot German! Nakamura hits Sami with a kick from the second rope. 1...2...Corbin breaks it up! Big E begins launching the heels! Belly to belly to Corbin. Crews with a kick to Big E and follows with a German! OWENS IN TO STUN CREWS!! Otis pulls Gable to the outside. Owens super kicks Otis twice. GABLE GERMANS OWENS ON THE FLOOR!! Close to being a bad landing! Dawkins pounces Gable but Otis takes down Dawkins. FORD DIVES OUT ONTO OTIS!! Back in the ring, Nakamura looks for the Kinshasa on Sami but runs into an elbow. Corbin makes a blind tag to Sami. Nakamura takes down Sami with a kick but CORBIN HITS NAKAMURA WITH THE END OF DAYS TO WIN IT!! This was a chaotic mess as you would expect.

W: Alpha Academy, Sami Zayn, King Corbin, & Apollo Crews via pin @ 10:42

Backstage, Reigns talks with Jey. Reigns discusses the responsibility that he's given Jey and how Jey has stepped up for the family. We do it because they love each other. Reigns loves Jimmy too. He wants to give Jimmy the same opportunities but Reigns needs to know where he stands. Reigns says we'll find out now as we go to a break.

We see a Smackdown moment from July 22, 2004 where Vince McMahon rides in a low rider with Vince McMahon. RIP EDDIE!!

We're back with Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and Jey Uso in the ring. Heyman gives Reigns a mic. Reigns says this is not how he envisioned the night. It was suppose to be simple. Reigns says he brings Jimmy back in and JIMMY INTERRUPTS!! Jimmy gets a mic as he gets in the ring. Jimmy asks Jey where he stands. Jimmy brings up the I Quit match between Reigns and Jey. He says it's the hardest thing he ever watched. Jimmy says Jey wouldn't says he quit for nothing until Reigns brought Jimmy into it and choked him out. Jimmy rolls the footage of it. It was awesome and extremely well booked. After the footage, Jey gives Reigns a side look. Jimmy tells Jey that if it were him, Jimmy wouldn't of quit for Jey! Reigns has a mic and asks if that is what this is about. Reigns asks Jimmy if he's stuck on the past? Reigns says he and Jey have moved forward. Reigns says he won't go back and forth with Jimmy. It's simple....fall in line. Stand with us. Acknowledge me or you can take your ass home. When you turn on TV, you'll have to explain to your kids why you're watching the Tribal Chief and THE USO! JIMMY DROPS HIS MIC AND LEAVES!! Reigns tells Jey to go after him. Jey tells Jimmy to just acknowledge him and they can go back to doing their thing. CESARO ATTACKS REIGNS FROM BEHIND!! Jimmy stops Jey from helping for a moment! Jey runs in the ring but Cesaro beats him down too which brings Jimmy back. Cesaro shoots Jimmy into the air and uppercuts him!! NEUTRALIZER TO JEY!!! NETURALIZER TO REIGNS!!! CESARO STANDS TALL TO END THE SHOW!!!

Next Week:

  • WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Natalya & Tamina vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (champs)

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