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The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 2020


Orlando, Florida

WWE Performance Center

Announcers: Tom Phillips (Raw), Byron Saxton (Raw), Samoa Joe (Raw), Michael Cole (Smackdown), Corey Graves (Smackdown)

Ring Announcers: Mike Rome (Raw), Greg Hamilton (Smackdown)

Kickoff Show Match

Kevin Owens vs. Murphy

Murphy immediately goes after Owens when the bell rings and Owens moves out of the way and goes for a stunner early. Murphy avoids it. They brawl and are beating the hell out of each other. Very fast pace to begin. Owens beats Murphy down in the corner but then runs into a kick. Murphy delivers a bunch of strikes to Owens. Owens attempts the stunner again but Murphy pushes him away. Murphy hits a nice running knee to the face, Near fall! Murphy takes control and locks in a sleeper. Owens battles back and forces Murphy to the corner. A charging Owens is met with a boot and Murphy goes to the second rope where he jumps into a boot by Owens. Owens SPIKES Murphy with a nice DDT!!! Both men are down. Owens in control now and levels Murphy with a big clothesline! Owens goes for a senton but Murphy gets the knees up. Murphy misses a splash in the corner and Owens follows that up by sending Murphy face first into the top turnbuckle! CANNON BALL by Owens!! Near fall! Owens takes Murphy from corner to corner lighting him up with chops. Owens puts Murphy on the top turnbuckle. Owens looks for a superplex but Murphy fights back and pushes Owens off the top. Murphy hits a meteora from the top!! 1...2...No!! Back to their feet, a big right hand by Owens who tries to setup Murphy for the Pop Up Power Bomb but Murphy avoids it. Murphy counters a super kick as well. Murphy connects with a couple wicked knee strikes followed by a brain buster for a near fall. Both men trade blows with Murphy getting the better. Murphy puts Owens on the top turnbuckle and sets up for a superplex but Owens fights it and punches Murphy off the top. Big kick to the face by Murphy! Murphy goes back up but Owens blocks the superplex again and front face suplexes Murphy down to the mat. SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT BY OWENS!!! 1...2...NO!!! Murphy rolls to the apron and Owens goes after him but Murphy hangs Owens across the top rope. Murphy goes to the top and jumps looking for a possible meteora again but Owens moves and Murphy rolls through. SUPER KICK BY OWENS!! STUNNER BY OWENS!!! 1...2...3!!! OWENS WINS!! This was a solid match where both men got chances to shine. This was really good as far as kickoff show matches go. They (kickoff show matches) have been much better in recent months.

W: Kevin Owens via pin @ 8:52 (***)

We kick off the main card with a video package highlighting each of the matches.

Tables Match for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships

The New Day (champs) vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

In this match, it will be tornado style and only one man from a team needs to go through a table for that team to lose. The match starts and both teams start brawling. Cesaro and Nakamura get the upper hand as they each beat down a member for the New Day in a corner. Big E back drops Nakamura out of the ring and that allowed the New Day to have the advantage over Cesaro. The New Day heads to the outside to get a table. They put it in the ring but Cesaro and Nakamura are back up and they begin fighting outside the ring. Big E sends Nakamura into the barricade and plexiglass while Kofi beats down Cesaro. All New Day right now. Kofi sends Cesaro into the plexiglass. Big E sets up the first table of the night on the outside at the end of the entrance ramp. Big E puts Cesaro on his shoulders as Kofi goes to the second rope so Cesaro is set up similar to a Doomsday Device but Nakamura takes out Kofi to make the save. Cesaro fights off Big E and sends him into the barricade. Cesaro uses the steps to hit Big E and Nakamura sets up a table in the ring. In the ring, the challengers double team Kofi and put him on the top turnbuckle. The challengers appear to be looking to superplex Kofi through the table when Big E comes in to make the save. He knocks Cesaro out of the ring. Big E looks to power bomb Nakamura through the table but Nakamura fights out of it. Cesaro is back up and the challengers are in control. Cesaro tries to military press Kofi on the apron but Kofi slides off his shoulders and hits a kick to the head. BIG E RUNS AND DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES SPEARING CESARO OFF THE APRON!! Kofi kicks Nakamura off the apron on the other side of the ring. Both members of the New Day turn their focus to Cesaro and lay him on a table in the entry way. The New Day get back in the ring and Big E tries to catapult Kofi over the top to land on Cesaro who's on the table but Cesaro and Nakamura move the table and send it into Kofi's face! Nakamura kicks Big E in the face. The challengers set the table up on the outside again and try to double suplex Kofi through it but Big E pulls Kofi back in the ring. Cesaro and Nakamura both deliver kicks to Big E's head. The challengers attempt to suplex Big E from in the ring over the rope and through the table but Big E fights them off. Big E attempts to double spear the challengers off the apron like he did Cesaro earlier but he's met with double knees. They try to double suplex again but Big E suplexes Cesaro back into the ring. Nakamura takes out Big E with kicks and knees. Nakamura goes outside to set up another table near the announcers table. Kofi goes to the top turnbuckle and dives off and takes out Nakamura outside! Belly to belly suplex in the ring by Big E on Cesaro. New Day is in control. New Day puts another table on top of the one Nakamura set up outside so it a double decker now! Big E goes to the top with Cesaro and looks to suplex him to the outside through the stacked tables. Kofi is just pumped up and talking trash. Nakamura holds Cesaro's legs so Big E can't lift him. Kofi runs over to fight off Nakamura. Big E and Cesaro are still fighting on the turnbuckle while Kofi and Nakamura are fighting in the ring. Nakamura back drops Kofi to the outside and Cesaro knocks Big E back into the ring. Big E looks for the Big Ending on Cesaro but Nakamura prevents it. CESARO WITH THE BIG SWING ON BIG E!! WHILE SWINGING, NAKAMURA KNEES BIG E IN THE FACE!! Big E rolls out of the ring mean while Kofi climbs to the top. He takes out both challengers. He knocks Nakamura off the apron and dives out after him. Kofi runs and jumps off the steps to take out Cesaro as well. Kofi beats down Cesaro in the corner and then puts him on the top turnbuckle where a table is set up near the announcers table. KOFI TRIES TO HURRICANRANA CESARO THROUGH BOTH STACKED TABLES BUT CESARO BLOCKS IT!! NAKAMURA IS HERE TO HELP!! CESARO POWER BOMBS KOFI THROUGH BOTH STACKED TABLES!! WE HAVE NEW CHAMPS!!! That was an awesome power bomb through both tables. This was a good back and forth match and they played into the stipulation well. I would of liked it more if you had to put both opponents through a table. We got new champs and hopefully it opens doors for other teams to challenge them now.

W: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura via putting Kofi Kingston through a table @ 10:24 (***)

Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, Asuka, and Kairi Sane are backstage and they're all trying to get Nikki Cross pumped up for her match against Bayley.

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match

Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley (champ; also WWE Women's Tag Team champ) w/ Sasha Banks (WWE Women's Tag Team champ)

Nikki won a fatal four way match to earn this opportunity. The match begins and they tie up. Bayley takes Nikki to the corner and slaps her. Nikki looks pissed. Bayley laughs and talks trash. They lock up again and Bayley takes Nikki down. More taunting by Bayley. Another tie up and Nikki backs Bayley into the corner and slaps Bayley! Bayley looks shocked! Nikki runs at Bayley in the corner and gets her in a head lock. Bayley blocks a running bulldog but Nikki HITS THE PURGE!! This could be over quick!! 1...2...NO!!! Bayley rolls out of the ring to re-group! Nikki follows her outside and grabs Bayley and runs up the apron and hits a tornado DDT on the floor!!! Back in the ring, Nikki goes to the top and hits a flying cross body for a near fall. Nikki goes back to the top and hits another cross body and gets another near fall! All Nikki right now. Nikki looks to go up top for a third time but Bayley rolls out of the ring. Nikki runs the apron and takes Bayley out with a cross body to the floor! Cross is in complete control and Sasha Banks looks concerned. Bayley sends Nikki back first into the barricade to stop Nikki's momentum. Bayley then sends Nikki into the barricade/plexiglass. One more time into the barricade before throwing Nikki back into the ring. Near fall for Bayley. Bayley beats down Nikki and gets a couple near falls before locking in a chin lock. Cross escapes the chin lock by rolling through but Bayley remains in control. Bayley goes outside and pulls Nikki to the apron where she traps Nikki in the ring skirt and beats on her. Bayley runs her mouth to commentary but turns back to see Nikki not there. Nikki appears on the other side of the ring next to Sasha. Bayley runs to get Nikki but Nikki traps her in the ring skirt this time. Nikki pounds on Bayley for a moment until Bayley falls to the ground and crawls out from under the ring. Back in the ring, Nikki hangs Bayley across the second rope. With Bayley in the corner, Nikki mocks old school Bayley and hits a running back elbow in the corner. Bayley comes out of the corner and goes for the Bayley to Belly but Nikki blocks it and locks Bayley in a crossface! Bayley fights out of it and HITS A BAYLEY TO BELLY!!! NIKKI KICKS OUT AT 2!! BAYLEY IS SHOCKED!! Bayley mounts Nikki and repeatedly punches her!! Bayley has Nikki in the corner and puts her on the top turnbuckle where Bayley hits a superplex!! Near fall. Bayley argues with the ref about the count and Nikki rolls Bayley up but only gets a 2 count! Bayley knees Nikki in the face and gets another near fall. Bayley drags Nikki to the corner and kicks her to the outside. Bayley goes her classic sliding drop kick under the turnbuckle but Nikki catches her sends Bayley into the ring post ribs first!! Cross in control now and hits a reverse DDT. Cross takes Bayley down with repeated clotheslines and then a drop kick. Running bulldog by Nikki! Nikki goes to the top and jumps over Bayley and rolls through. Nikki hits a ripcord take down and gets a near fall. Nikki hits two back suplexes for another near fall. Nikki heads to the top again but Bayley cuts her off and knocks her off with a running knee. Near fall for Bayley, Bayley charges Nikki in the corner but Nikki moves and Bayley face plants the middle turnbuckle!! Nikki pulls Bayley to the edge of the apron and HITS A HANGING NECK BREAKER ON THE FLOOR!! That was nice looking!! Both ladies beat the count back into the ring. Nikki gets another near fall after a clothesline. Sasha looks worried, With the ref distracted, SASHA PUTS HER "BOSS" KNUCKLES ON BAYLEY'S HAND!! WHERE'S ALEXA DURING THIS??? SASHA DISTRACTS THE REF WHILE ALEXA ARGUES WITH HER ALLOWING BAYLEY TO HIT NIKKI IN THE RIBS WITH THEM!! ROSE PLANT BY BAYLEY AND IT'S OVER!! This was an average match between these two but I'm not sure anyone really believed Nikki would walk out with the gold. Bayley continues to win via nefarious means.

W: Bayley via pin @ 12:22 (**3/4)

Bray Wyatt is here with an episode of the Firefly Fun House! This must be the Horror Show edition of the Fun House because Bray is dressed like Dracula and they have Halloween spooky music in the background. Bray talks in his "spooky" voice. We see a brief clip of the women's Smackdown karaoke and Bray says the stupid rabbit played the wrong clip. Bray claims Braun Strowman will come back home to the swamp that made him. Bray says Braun won't escape and then does a maniacal laugh.

Commentary that the WWE United States championship match will not take place tonight because Apollo Crews didn't not pass a pre-match physical because on a injury sustained because of an attack by Bobby Lashley. MVP and Bobby Lashley make their way to the ring. MVP says that's a lesson for whoever steps into the ring with Lashley. MVP jokingly gives Lashley a hard time for injuring Crews so bad that MVP can't win the title. MVP then claims that due to forfeit, he is the new WWE United States champion. Bobby Lashley puts the championship around his waist and they celebrate.

A vignette shows that SummerSlam takes place August 23rd!

First Ever "Eye for an Eye" Match

Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio

You win this match by extracting one of your opponents eyes. I'm not sure what to expect with this but I have a feeling it could be bad. Commentary talks up how barbaric this will be. Rollins comes to the ring with a pair of pliers. Rey shows up from behind Rollins and attacks!! Rey goes for a 619 early but Rollins avoids it and pulls Rey to the outside. Rollins tries to send Rey into the steps but Rey avoids them and gets back in the ring. Rollins gets back inside and takes Rey down with a sling blade. Rollins goes after Rey's left eye. Rey fights back and goes after Rollins' eyes. Rey sends Rollins shoulder first into the ring post and then Rey goes to the outside. Rey grabs the pliers to use them on Rollins but Rollins escapes. Rey gets a table and a tool box from under the ring. Rey grabs a metal rod but Rollins avoids being hit with it. Rollins backs off as Rey gets back in the ring. Rollins rolls out the other side and reaches under the ring to grab a kendo stick and nails Rey with it!! Right in the back of the neck! That sounded painful! Rey avoids another kendo stick shot and hits Rollins who drops it. Rey sets Rollins up for another 619 but Rollins rolls out of the ring to safety. Rey tries to pull Rollins back in the ring but Rollins buries his shoulder into Rey's midsection. Rey fights back ROLLINS CATCHES HIM AND HITS A FALCON ARROW ON THE APRON!!! Rey falls to the outside. Rollins goes after Rey's left eye!! Rollins misses Rey with the metal rod before following Rey and hitting him in the ribs with it. Rollins tries to force Rey's left eye onto the steps like he did weeks ago with the right eye!! Rey fights back but Rollins sends Rey into the barricade. Back in the ring, Rollins grabs the kendo stick and mounts Rey trying to force it into Rey's eye but Rey is blocking it! ROLLINS SENDS REY SLIDING ACROSS THE RING MAT OUT OF THE RING ONTO THE TABLE!! It sounded bad! Rollins heads back outside to continue the beat down. Rollins gets a chair and tries to force the point of the chair into Rey's eye!! Rey fights back and uses the chair to hit Rollins in the midsection. Rollins avoids another chair shot and goes back on the attack trying to use other tools. REY DROP TOE HOLDS ROLLINS AND ROLLINS' EYE GOES INTO THE CORNER OF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! The ref checks on Rollins and he's good. Rey has the chair and tries to use the point of it on Rollins but Rollins fights him off and hits Rey in the back with the chair. Rollins gets some rope out of the tool box and attempts to tie Rey up in the ring ropes and go for the eye but Rey fights out of it. Rey sends Rollins into the ring post face first to buy himself some time. Back in the ring, Rollins begs off before hitting Rey in the ribs with the kendo stick. More kendo stick shots by Rollins to Rey. Rollins sets up the kendo stick in the corner and tries to ram Rey's eye into it but Rey avoids it. Rey goes to the top and connects with a seated senton. Rey is in control now. He goes to the top again and hits a frog splash! Samoa Joe says that's good and all but Rey needs to target Rollins' eye. It appears Rey heard Joe because he goes for the eye but Rollins fights him off and counters with a Big Show Alley-Oop. Rollins misses a stomp and Rey hits a tornado DDT! Rollins rolls outside and Rey follows. Rollins gets Rey on his shoulders but Rey grabs the kendo stick and nails Rollins!! Rey sends Rollins into the barricade! Rey goes inside the ring and then DIVES OUT AND DOES A SUNSET FLIP POWER BOMB ON ROLLINS SENDING HIM INTO THE BARRICADE!!! Rey grabs the kendo stick and breaks it. REY TAKES A PIECE OF THE KENDO STICK AND MOUNTS ROLLINS AND TRIES TO STICK THE KENDO STICK INTO ROLLIN'S EYE!!! Rollins is rolling around the ring in pain!! 619 ON ROLLINS!!! Both men are outside the ring now. Rey pushes Rollins toward the steps but Rollins maneuvers behind Rey and tries to push his head into the steps but Rey avoids it. REY STOMPS ROLLINS ON THE FLOOR!!! Rey takes the cover off of his right eye (the eye Rollins previously injured) and talks trash to Rollins. REY TRIES TO FORCE ROLLINS' EYE INTO THE STEPS!! LOW BLOW BY ROLLINS!!! Rey is leaning against the barricade and Rollins super kicks him!! ROLLINS STOMPS REY ON THE FLOOR!!! Rollins talks trash to Rey as he drags him to the steps!! ROLLINS FORCES REY'S RIGHT EYE INTO THE STEPS LIKE HE DID WEEKS AGO!!! ROLLINS steps back and looks for the stomp again while the ref checks on Rey. ROLLINS GOES TOWARDS REY BUT THEN REALIZES WHAT HE HAD DONE LOOKS LIKE HE'S GOING TO GET SICK!! REY SAYS IT'S OUT AND THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL!! You don't get a real good look at it. Dominic runs out to check on Rey. ROLLINS GETS SICK AND PUKES IN THE ENTRY WAY!! Rey covers his face and is helped to the back. This was a mixed bag for me. I was wondering how they would do this and I thought these guys were having a great match until the ending. The ending brings it down for me because it felt anti-climactic and a little predictable.

W: Seth Rollins via extracting Rey Mysterio's eye @ 17:45 (***1/2)

Commentary is in shock of what they just witnessed.

Bayley is backstage and is interviewed by Kayla Braxton. Bayley says Rey was one of her favorites growing up and she just wants to tell him he's not seeing double vision because she is still Bayley Dos Straps!! Bayley is great and she introduces Sasha Banks who they claim will be Two Belt Banks. Bayley says after Sasha wins, they'll hold all of the gold so get the champagne ready.

A video package hypes the Wyatt swamp fight between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman.

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match

Asuka (champ) w/ Kairi Sane vs. Sasha Banks (WWE Women's Tag Team champ) w/ Bayley (WWE Smackdown Women's champ & WWE Women's Tag Team champ)

The ladies lock up to begin but neither woman gets a real advantage and they break. Lock up again and Sasha gets the upper hand and takes down Asuka. Bayley approves on the outside. Sasha talks trash and gets a boot to the face for her troubles. Asuka dishes out some strikes and then goes for a knee strike but Sasha counters into the Bank Statement!! Asuka almost makes the ropes so Sasha breaks the hold herself and stomps on Asuka's hand. More vicious stomps by Sasha! A meteora by Banks gets a near fall. Sasha looks surprised but it's early so I'm not sure why. Sasha mounts Asuka and gets a couple near falls but Asuka bridges out of them and counters into an arm bar. Banks rolls over to the ropes to force the break, They battle with Sasha on the apron and Asuka in the ring. Banks holds Asuka's arm and runs to the corner and goes to the top where she jumps and delivers a nice arm drag! Banks hits Asuka with chops but Asuka no sells until Banks knees her in the midsection. Banks holds Asuka's arm again and runs up the corner but this time Asuka counters with a knee strike!! Banks should of known better than to go to the well again. With Banks on the apron, Asuka hits her with a hip attack sending her to the floor!! Banks tries a sunset flip through the ropes but Asuka blocks it and stomps Banks! Running knee to the face of Banks! Back in the ring, Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock but Banks sends her face first into the middle turnbuckle and follows up with double knees to the ribs. Near fall for Banks. Banks works on Asuka's arm and hand. Kairi is trying to get the crowd behind Asuka. Banks delivers some stomps and gets a near fall. All Banks now as she pummels Asuka in the corner and hits double knees to the ribs again for another near fall. Banks looks a little frustrated that wasn't 3. Back to working on Asuka's shoulder and arm. Banks talks more trash and Asuka begins fighting back with kicks then about takes Banks' head off with a back fist!! Banks catches a charging Asuka and sends her face first into the middle turnbuckle again. Asuka stops Banks from coming off the middle rope and hits her with a Codebreaker. Both ladies are down.

Banks avoids another hip attack and tries to German suplex Asuka from the apron to the outside! Asuka blocks it and fights back. Asuka tries the same German but BANKS BLOCKS AND POWER BOMBS ASUKA INTO THE PLEXIGLASS!! Back in the ring, Banks goes to the top and hits a frog splash! 1...2...NO! BANK STATEMENT BY SASHA!! Asuka makes it to the ropes. Both ladies are on the apron and Banks talks more trash. Asuka attacks with strikes and delivers a big knee strike to the face. Asuka tries to German suplex Sasha back into the ring and she struggles but gets it and bridges for a pin but only gets a near fall. A BIG GERMAN SUPLEX BY ASUKA TO BANKS AND BANKS LANDS HARD!! Daniel Bryan like kicks by Asuka to face followed by a kick to the face for a 2 count. The ladies trade kicks and another German suplex by Asuka! HIP ATTACK BY ASUKA AND BANKS KICKS OUT AT 2!! Asuka goes to the top and missed a missile drop kick allowing Banks to deliver a knee strike to Asuka's face. Near fall. The crowd is into it as Banks goes to the top and Asuka is up to meet her there. Banks beats down Asuka with elbows but Asuka is back up and tries a German suplex off the top but Banks rolls through it! Banks delivers double knees to Asuka in the corner! Banks goes back to the middle rope but it appears to slip off when she goes to jump. Both ladies are down. Banks screams at Asuka that she has to be the next champion. They trade blows. ASUKA TRIES TO LOCK IN THE ASUKA LOCK AND BAYLEY GETS UP ON THE APRON!! KAIRI PULLS HER DOWN AND KAIRI AND BAYLEY BRAWL!! BAYLEY TO BELLY TO KAIRI ON THE FLOOR OUTSIDE!! Asuka gets a couple near falls and LOCKS IN THE ASUKA LOCK!! BAYLEY THROWS ONE OF THE WOMEN'S TAG TITLES IN THE RING! SASHA IS TAPPING BUT THE REF DOESN'T SEE IT!!! The ref grabs the title and puts it outside the ring and turns to see Bayley in the ring about to hit Asuka!! ASUKA KICKS BAYLEY IN THE HEAD AND BAYLEY DROPS THE TAG TITLE IN THE RING! Asuka checks on Kairi. Banks is on the mat cradling the tag title. The ref helps Bayley out of the ring. The ref warns Banks not to hit Asuka with the title and takes the title from Banks. Banks and the ref argue. ASUKA GOES TO HIT SASHA WITH THE GREEN MIST BUT SASHA MOVES AND ASUKA HITS THE REF WITH THE GREEN MIST!! ASUKA GOES FOR THE ASUKA LOCK ON BANKS BUT BAYLEY IS BACK IN AND HITS ASUKA IN THE BACK WITH THE TITLE!!! BAYLEY TAKES THE REF'S SHIRT AND PUTS IT ON HERSELF!! BANKS COVERS ASUKA AND BAYLEY COUNTS THE 3!!! I'm not sure what the hell happened there!! Banks won the match with Bayley making the cover but I'm not sure she won the title. I'd be shocked if that held up. These ladies had an awesome match but the crappy finish stopped it from being amazing.

W: Sasha Bank via pin @ 20:10 (****)

Kevin Rudolf's "Watch Me Now" is the official theme song for The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

Commentary sends us back to Charly Caruso who has an update on Rey Mysterio. She says Rey is currently on his way to a local medical facility and if Rey's optic nerve was not severed there is a chance that Rey can maintain his vision.

Extreme Rules Match for the WWE Championship

The match is Extreme Rules for Dolph Ziggler only; Drew McIntyre can lose the title by Count Out or DQ

Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre (champ)

Ziggler immediately ducks out of the ring and tries to look for something under the ring but McIntyre is right there to stop him. McIntyre nails Ziggler and bounces him off the announce table and the ring post. Back in the ring, McIntyre beats on Ziggler in the corner. McIntyre throws Ziggler across the ring with a big belly to belly suplex. McIntyre sets up for a Claymore but Ziggler rolls out of the ring. McIntyre follows him but walks into an attack. Ziggler grabs a chair and back in the ring McIntyre blocks a chair shot. McIntyre contemplates using the chair but thinks better of it and throws it down. Ziggler tries a super kick but McIntyre blocks and delivers another belly to belly. Ziggler falls out of the ring. McIntyre follows and delivers some chops. In the ring, Ziggler hits McIntyre with some shots but Drew no sells them and clothesline Dolph back out of the ring. Ziggler gains the the upper hand by sending McIntyre into the ring post and into the barricade. Ziggler pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up outside. McIntyre looks to suplex Ziggler through the table but suplexes him onto the floor instead. Drew throws Dolph into the ring and hits a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Drew tells Dolph he can do this all night. ZIGGLER PUNTS MCINTYRE IN THE GROIN!! Ziggler gets a few chairs from the outside and hits McIntyre in the back five or six times!! Another shot to the back with McIntyre's throat over a sitting chair!! A shot to the shoulder as well and he gets a near fall. On the outside, Ziggler jumps off the apron but McIntyre catches him and runs him into the apron. MCINTYRE BELLY TO BELLY THROWS ZIGGLER ACROSS THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE!! McIntyre clears the table and puts Ziggler on it and goes for another belly to belly but Ziggler blocks it. McIntyre falls off the table. ZIGGLER JUMPS OFF THE TABLE AND HITS A FAMEASSER ON MCINTYRE ON THE FLOOR!! MCINTYRE BEATS THE COUNT BACK IN! Back in the ring, McIntyre goes to the top but misses a chop and Ziggler locks in a sleeper! McIntyre makes the ropes but Ziggler doesn't have to break and McIntyre goes to a knee. McIntyre fights back and throws Ziggler off. McIntyre charges but his shoulder hits the ring post and Ziggler sends McIntyre shoulder first again into another post. McIntyre comes out of the corner and levels Ziggler with a big clothesline. On the outside, McIntyre catapults Ziggler face first into the plexiglass and then rolls in the ring to break the count before coming back out. Back in the ring, McIntyre hits a reverse Alabama slam on Ziggler! McIntyre gives us the countdown for a Claymore but ZIGGLER HITS HIM IN THE LEG WITH A CHAIR AND HITS A ZIG ZAG!!! 1...2...NO!! Both men are slow getting up and McIntyre throws Ziggler to the outside and follows him. Ziggler super kicks him and puts him on the table that was setup earlier. ZIGGLER GOES TO THE TOP ROPE AND DELIVERS AN ELBOW TO MCINTYRE CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLE!!! The ref starts the count to count McIntyre out. MCINTYRE IS BACK IN AT 9!!! Ziggler is pissed!! In the ring, GLASGOW KISS BY MCINTYRE! McIntyre goes for the Future Shock DDT but Ziggler counters into a Fameasser! ZIG ZAG BY ZIGGLER AGAIN!! ZIGGLER HITS A ROCK BOTTOM ON MCINTYRE ONTO A CHAIR!! 1...2...MCINTYRE KICKS OUT!!! Ziggler can't believe it!! ZIGGLER TUNES UP THE BAND HBK STYLE!! MCINTYRE KIPS UP AND CLAYMORE OUT OF NO WHERE!!!! IT'S OVER!!! These guys had a really good match and played to the stipulations very well! The only problem is I'm not sure anyone ever bought into Ziggler winning. The kip up into the Claymore was beautiful!!

W: Drew McIntyre via pin @ 15:24 (***1/4)

Drew McIntyre celebrates and says "Who is going to stop him?"

We see a promo for SummerSlam on August 23rd.

Wyatt Swamp Fight

Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman (WWE Universal champion)

I'm not sure what to expect with this one. They take us to the swamp and Bray is sitting in his rocking chair as he waits for Braun. Braun pulls up in a Ford pickup truck and gets out. Braun walks up to where Bray is sitting and says "I'm home". Bray laughs and all the lights around them go out. The lights come back on and Bray is gone. Braun looks around and there's a sign on a tree that reads "Bandon all hope ye who enter here". Which is similar to the sign in the Firefly Fun House if I recall correctly. Braun picks up the rocking chair and throws it at the sign destroying the chair. You hear Brat laughing and Braun turns around but no one is there. The camera zooms back in on the sign. We see a wild boar and a rabbit running around. Interesting. Followed by images of a buzzard. All of the Fun House characters? Two men show up an start fighting Braun. They look like Luke Harper and Erick Rowan but we know they are not them. We cut to the Firefly Fun House scene from earlier in the event and Bray chants "Braun, Braun, he's our man. If he can't do it, no one can". "Get them Braun". Braun beats up the two guys and yells for Bray to show his face. Then Braun is hit in the back with a shovel. Braun is down. He turns with a shocked look on his face! HE SEES HIMSELF WITH A BLACK SHEEP MASK!! The mask is removed and it's Braun! The Braun that removed the mask hits the real Braun again with the shovel!! Braun wakes up sitting chained to a chair. He sees dolls and sheep masks. Signs says "Run" and "Stop". The old Bray Wyatt theme plays and Bray is here with his lamp. Braun tries to break loose but can't as Bray approaches him. Bray says "Welcome home Braun!" Bray asks him how he likes the place and Braun says he hates him for everything he ever made him do. Bray says he missed him and asks Braun who will have his back. Bray grabs Braun by the face and screams that he is not Braun's enemy. Bray says they are like a bacteria and an infection where they will invade and destroy. I assume he's talking about the fans. Bray tells Braun that he's like him and he's special. That's why Braun needs Bray. Together they can rule this place. Bray asks if Braun knows where Bray has been and Braun says he's going to send Bray back to hell where he belongs. Bray says he's back and he's here and it feels good. "Daddy I got my wings back" he says. Bray tells Braun he's not going back. Braun says he doesn't care what Bray does to him but he's never going back to doing Bray's bidding. A snake is brought to where they are by someone in a hood. THE SNAKE BITES BRAUN! It goes dark and the next thing we see is Braun around a camp fire not tied up anymore. Braun attacks the Harper and Rowan like guys. The guy in the blue jump suit tries to hit Braun with a shovel but Braun takes it and snaps it in half. Braun hits the guy in the face with the shovel! BRAUN KICKS THE GUY INTO THE FIRE!!! BRAUN LAUGHS AS THE GUY IS IN FLAMES. A lady's voice calls for Braun. Braun turns and ITS ALEXA BLISS IN ALL BLACK WITH A HOOD TELLING BRAUN TO COME HOME. SHE SAYS I KNOW YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE TOGETHER. It's as if Alexa Bliss is portraying Sister Abigail?! We see past highlights of them together in season one of the Mixed Match Challenge. Braun walks towards Bliss as she tells him again to come home and they can be together forever. Bray attacks Braun!! BRAUN CHOKE SLAMS BRAY INTO A BOAT!! THE BOAT FLOATS AWAY. Braun starts to walk away and the boat comes back towards him. Braun gets in the water to go check the boat and THERE'S NO BRAY IN THE BOAT! BRAUN LOOKS SURPRISED. BRAY ATTACKS FROM BEHIND!! We see cuts to alligators but don't actually see one. Bray tries to keep Braun's head under water. Braun reemerges and gets to the dock. Braun climbs out and has visions of two kids. He looks up and Bray is standing over him!! They brawl!! We see images of the Wyatt family. Bray hits Braun repeatedly with a shovel or an axe handle. It's dark so it's hard to tell. Bray looks out to the water and says "Look what you made me do". Bray doesn't realize Braun is getting up behind him. Bray turns and see Braun. Bray laughs and then takes a swing but Braun gives him the 300 kick into the swamp! Braun looks into the swamp and says "It's over!" We see the WWE copyright but then Bray's hand emerges from the water and he's got the mandible claw on Braun!! Are we sure that's Bray? Braun is pulled into the water!! Braun tries to get out but he can't as he keeps getting pulled back in! THE WATER TURNS RED!! THE FIEND EMERGES AND WE HEAR BRAY'S LAUGH!!! WE FADE TO BLACK AND HEAR "LET ME IN!!"

W: Bray Wyatt via Braun Strowman drowning in the swamp? @ 17:41 (**3/4)

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Let's discuss the good stuff first. I really enjoyed the Rollins/Mysterio and Asuka/Banks matches but feel that they both had shitty finishes. Asuka/Banks was heading towards being amazing before the finish. I expected the Rollins/Mysterio match to have a bad ending given the stipulation but I'm willing to not let that hurt my opinion of the match as a whole. The kickoff show continues to be better than it should be. I enjoyed the tag team tables match but I believe both members of a team should have to go through. Bayley/Cross and McIntyre/Ziggler didn't do much for me because I didn't buy that either champion was in jeopardy of losing their title. Props to McIntyre and Ziggler though for making the best of the stipulation chosen. Now to the swamp fight. I wouldn't even call this a match. However, I did enjoy parts of it because they used this as an "angle" to further their story and as a way to bring The Fiend back into the title picture. I didn't give it a completely bad rating because there was good story telling if you were able to catch subtle things. I'm certain The Fiend will now challenge Braun for the title at SummerSlam.

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