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Survivor Series 2020


Orlando, Florida

WWE ThunderDome (Amway Center)

Announcers: Michael Cole (Smackdown), Corey Graves (Smackdown), Byron Saxton (Raw), Tom Phillips (Raw), Samoa Joe (Raw)

Ring Announcers: Greg Hamilton (Smackdown), Mike Rome (Raw)

Tonight's panel for the kickoff show includes Charly Caruso, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Booker T, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, and Peter Rosenberg. They all talk about the Undertaker before transitioning to talking about the Survivor Series card.

A pretty sweet Undertaker video package airs to the song "Now that we're Dead" by Metallica. Triple H, Edge, Shawn Michaels, Batista, John Cena, Shane McMahon, and Stone Cold Steve Austin all comment of the Undertaker's career.

The panel shares their memories of the Undertaker.

Kayla Braxton talks with Paul Heyman. Heyman says Drew McIntyre is a prop of a title holder and a temporary place holder for Raw. Heyman calls McIntyre a baby sitter for the title and then hypes Roman Reigns. Heyman says Reigns will be the winner.

We see Raw highlights of Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke being attacked. The panel talks about the elimination matches. Bianca Belair joins the panel. She hypes the match and Natalya joins the panel as well. They say Bayley is not the captain. Natalya claims to be the captain but Belair says she is since she qualified first. Natalya gives for best of all time speech and Belair says she's like the Titanic haha.

The panel breaks down the New Day vs. the Street Profits.

Rikishi is in the house backstage with Jey Uso.

The panel talks about Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn. Sami interrupts the panel. Zayn just wants some respect. Sami goes on a rant until Booker says we need to take a break. Sami isn't happy about being cut off.

The panel discusses whether AJ Styles is the captain of Team Raw. R-Truth interrupts. Truth has a tribute for the Undertaker. We see the hatching of the Gobbledy Gooker. Truth confused Undertaker with Gooker. GOOKER SHOWS UP!! GOOKER WINS THE 24/7 CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Time for the battle royal!

Dual Brand Battle Royal

Participants include: Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, Murphy, Ricochet, Apollo Crews, Angel Garza, The Miz (Mr. Money in the Bank), John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, Jeff Hardy, Kalisto, Robert Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, Elias, Dolph Ziggler, Humberto Carrillo, and Chad Gable.

Everyone brawls to big in and Dominik eliminated John Morrison almost right away. Kalisto and Rey face off. Cedric eliminates Kalisto. Mysterio goes for a 619 on Roode but Ziggler hits a super kick. Rey is eliminated. Garza and Carrillo go at it and Garza eliminates him. Elias and Hardy are paired off. Cedric and Shelton eliminate Garza. Ricochet squares off with the Hurt Business. Ricochet and Cedric battle on the apron where Cedric gets eliminated but Shelton eliminates Ricochet. Apollo eliminates Shelton. Ziggler tries to eliminate Murphy but Murphy skins the cat. Roode is able to eliminate Murphy. Roode is gone next. Dominik and Ziggler battle on the apron. Ziggler charges and hits the post. Dominik eliminates Ziggler with a drop kick. Crews avoids a knee by Nakamura in the corner. Nakamura then gets Crews out with a knee strike. Hardy and Nakamura battle in the corner. Hardy delivers a jaw breaker and kick to eliminate Nakamura. Elias takes over on Hardy. Hardy gets Elias over the top and on the apron. Hardy eliminates Elias. Final four is Dominik, Hardy, Miz, and Gable. Gable eliminates Hardy with a clothesline. Dominik goes for a 619 but Miz catches him with a boot. Miz is standing tall. Miz delivers "It" kicks to Dominik. Miz tries to send Dominik out but Dominik counters and Miz goes to the apron. Miz is sent outside with a baseball slide but I'm not sure he was eliminated. Gable schools Dominik with suplexes. Gable tries to eliminate Dominik in the corner but Dominik fights back. Gable avoids a 618. DOMINIK HITS 619 THIS TIME! DOMINIK ELIMINATES GABLE! THE MIZ IS BACK TO ELIMINATE DOMINIK FOR THE WIN!! The fact that they've used the same false elimination finish for lots of battle royals brings this down for me. There were some decent names that I feel should of been included in this but weren't (Big E, Aleister Black, Lars Sullivan, Retribution, Cesaro Randy Orton).

W: The Miz via last eliminating Dominik Mysterio @ 12:06 (**)

Kevin Owens is backstage when he is approached by King Corbin. Corbin says the team is in shambles and they need to carry the team. Corbin wants Owens to follow his lead. Owens will think about it and he thinks for a second before refusing. Billie Kay is here to talk to Corbin with her resume. Corbin isn't having it.

We see highlights of McIntyre defeating Orton to win the WWE Championship on Raw. Then a video package for McIntyre vs. Reigns.

AJ Styles tries to get Team Raw pumped up backstage. It appears that match will kick off the show!

We kick off the main card with a video package highlighting each match to AC/DC's "Shot in the Dark". Undertaker highlights are shown hyping his farewell.

Classic 5-0n-5 Men's Survivor Series Elimination Match

Team Raw (AJ Styles, Riddle, Keith Lee, Braun Strowman, & Sheamus) vs. Team Smackdown (Jey Uso, Kevin Owens, Otis, Seth Rollins, & King Corbin)

Styles' associate is ringside. Styles has a captain patch and it's awesome. The match starts with Jey Uso and and AJ Styles. They lock up and Uso takes Styles to the corner. Clean break. Lock up again and Uso gets the upper hand. Off the ropes they go and Styles hits a drop kick taking down Uso. Uso catches Styles with a right and another. They trade counters as they both miss kicks. Uso gets a near fall. Uso hits a pop up Samoan drop! Corbin tags in and isolates Styles in the corner. Styles tries a spring board but eats a right hand. Otis and Riddle tag in. Otis over powers Riddle but Riddle locks in a sleeper. Otis escapes. Riddle delivers kicks but Otis no sells them. Otis is in control and gets a near fall. Owens tags in. Owens stomps Riddle's exposed feet. Owens is super aggressive. Rollins is on the apron looking like he doesn't want to be there. Sheamus tags in. Rollins asks for a tag from Owens. Owens tags Rollins. Rollins turns to his team and says "For the greater good". Rollins drops to his knees and tells Sheamus to do his part! SHEAMUS BROGUE KICKS ROLLINS TO ELIMINATE HIM!!! Uso calls for a Team Smackdown huddle. Owens calls Rollins a piece of trash! Strowman tags himself in and runs through the whole Team Smackdown on the outside. Strowman throws Corbin in and screams at his team to be on the same page. Riddle tags in for a moment before tagging Keith Lee. Otis tags in for Smackdown. They lock up but no one gets the upper hand. Shoulder tackles by Lee but he can't take Otis down. Both men trade counters and Lee tags Strowman. Strowman beats down Otis in the Team Raw corner. Otis fights back but Strowman hits Otis with a drop kick! Styles tags back in and Otis tags Owens. Owens lights up Styles with chops and sends him into the lights with a back body drop. Owens runs into a boot but Owens hits Styles with a tilt a whirl back breaker! Styles avoids a Pop Up Powerbomb but is sent outside. OWENS STUNNERS LEE, SHEAMUS, AND RIDDLE! STYLES HITS THE PHENOMENAL FOREARM!! OWENS IS ELIMINATED!! Corbin hits END OF DAYS ON STYLES!! 1...2...broken up!! Corbin hits Deep Six! He still can't eliminate Styles. Styles tags Riddle who hits a FLOATING BRO ON CORBIN!! CORBIN IS ELIMINATED!! RAW HAS A 5-on-2 ADVANTAGE!! Uso is in for Smackdown now. Sheamus comes in for Raw. Sheamus takes over and gets a near fall. Sheamus clubs the chest of Uso. Otis and Styles tag in. Otis is taking out everyone on Team Raw except Strowman. Strowman tags in!! They collide but neither man gives. A boot by Strowman takes down Otis. Otis is back up and able to slam Strowman!! CATERPILLAR TO STROWMAN!! Otis goes to the top but is distracted by Riddle! STROWMAN HITS THE RUNNING POWER SLAM ON OTIS!! OTIS IS ELIMINATED!! Uso is all alone 5-on-1!! Uso super kicks Riddle! USO DIVES OUT ONTO EVERYONE ON TEAM RAW!! Uso delivers super kick after super kick on the outside. Back in the ring, it's Strowman and Uso. Strowman tries a powerslam but Uso sends him into the ring post. Styles tags in. Uso tries a splash on Styles but Styles' associate pulls him out. Styles goes for the PHENOMENAL FOREARM BUT USO SUPER KICKS HIM! LEE MAKES A BLIND TAG! Uso goes to splash Styles but LEE STOPS THAT AND HITS USO WITH A SPIRIT BOMB TO ELIMINATE USO!! Clean sweep for Raw! Did this need to be a clean sweep? Smackdown comes out of this looking really weak in my opinion. The good news is you can use anyone that was on Team Raw as a next potential challenger for Drew McIntyre.

W: Team Raw via eliminating all members of Team Smackdown @ 18:59 (All 5 men survive) (**3/4)

The Street Profits cut a promo prior to their match. They talk about Undertaker and other past wrestlers including Shawn Michaels. They'll start their own legacy tonight. They're taking the torch tonight because the street profits are up and they want the smoke!!!

Champions vs. Champions Match

The New Day (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. The Street Profits (WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions)

Big E joins the New Day just for their entrance. The New Day is dressed in Gears of War gear. The Profits got the Ric Flair ADIDAS shoes! They're WOO SHOES!! The match starts with Dawkins and Woods. They lock up and we get a clean break. Woods makes a tag to Kofi quickly. Kofi and Dawkins lock up and Dawkins tries to bring him to the corner and he tags Ford. Kofi escapes. Ford locks up with Kofi and gets the upper hand. Ford takes down Kofi with a shoulder block. They both run the ropes and Ford sends Kofi to the outside with a kick. Kofi rushes back in and Ford takes him down. Dawkins tags in and they double team Kofi. Splash by Dawkins. The Profits isolate Kofi as Ford comes back in. Kofi counters a double team with a kick to Ford. Kofi dives over the top taking out Ford and Woods bulldogs Dawkins on the floor. Kofi and Ford get back in with Kofi in control. The New Day isolates Ford in the corner and Woods tags in. Good double teaming by the New Day and cutting the ring in half. A gut buster by Woods gets a near fall on Ford. Kofi is on the apron taunting Ford with a red solo cup. Ford looks pissed now. Ford fights back to his feet but Woods cuts him off with a shot to the ribs. Kofi tags back in. Kofi chokes Ford across the rope and is able to get a near fall. Kofi continues to wear down Ford on the mat. Kicks and punches by Kofi and he keeps Ford from making a tag. FORD FINALLY HITS A DDT ON KOFI! TAG TO DAWKINS AND WOODS! Dawkins picks up the pace and he's running wild on both members of the New Day! Big suplex to Kofi! Splashes in the corner to both Woods and Kofi! Dawkins hits a double underhook neck breaker of some kind for a near fall on Woods. Ford tags Dawkins. Woods tries a rolling DDT on Dawkins but the Profits stop it as they isolate Woods. Slice of bread by Ford to Woods! Dawkins gets a near fall. The Profits try a double team but Woods avoids it. THE NEW DAY HIT THE MIDNIGHT HOUR ON FORD!!! 1...2...NO!! Kofi hits a Boom Drop to Ford!! ANOTHER BOOM DROP!! A THIRD BOOM DROP TO FORD!! Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but Dawkins grabs Kofi's leg. Dawkins tags in. DAWKINS HITS THE ANNOINTMENT!! CASH OUT SPLASH BY FORD ON KOFI!! He takes forever to cover Kofi! 1...2...NO!! KOFI HITS SOS!! 1...2...Dawkins breaks it up. Woods hits a missile drop kick on Dawkins. Kofi misses Trouble in Paradise! FORD HITS TROUBLE IN PARADISE ON KOFI!! Woods with a gut buster on Ford. 1...2...NO!! Woods puts Ford on the top turnbuckle and goes up with him. Ford fights him off and Dawkins makes a blind tag. THE PROFITS HIT A TAG TEAM BLOCK BUSTER OFF THE TOP ON WOODS TO PICK UP THE WIN!! Good match between two great teams. Post match, both teams shake hands. I knew these guys could give us a banger and they didn't disappoint. This is worth going out your way to watch.

W: The Street Profits via pin @ 14:03 (****)

Backstage, the women's Smackdown and Raw teams talk strategy. Nia tells her team not to tag Lana.

Champion vs. Champion Match

Sami Zayn (WWE Intercontinental Champion) vs. Bobby Lashley (WWE United States Champion) w/ The Hurt Business

The bell rings and Zayn avoids Lashley by going to the ropes. Sami bails out of the ring and he's surrounded by the Hurt Business. Lashley comes out to get him. Lashley throws him back in the ring but Zayn gets the jump on Lashley. Jabs by Zayn until Lashley takes his head off with a clothesline after running through Zayn's clothesline!! All Lashley now. Sami bails out of the ring. Lashley tries to pull him back in and Zayn hangs Lashley on the top rope. Zayn chokes Lashley across the middle rope. Zayn delivers an elbow off the second rope for a 1 count. Lashley launches Zayn across the ring with a throw. Lashley buries shoulders to Zayn's gut in the corner and follows with a neck breaker. Lashley charges and eats a boot. Zayn tries to suplex Lashley but Lashley hits a delayed vertical on Zayn instead. Zayn claims he has vertigo and needs a break. Zayn tries a quick roll up with no luck. Zayn gets knocked to the outside. Zayn tries to bait the Hurt Business into hitting him so he can win by DQ but they don't take the bait. Lashley is out to throw Zayn into the barricade. Zayn tries to bail but has no luck. Zayn is able to send Lashley into the ring post. Lashley beats the count. Zayn sends Lashley to the outside and then Zayn tries to take a pad off the turnbuckle but Shelton stops that. Lashley is back in and hits a spine buster!! Zayn rolls out of the ring. Zayn tries to leave but MVP throws Zayn in the ring. LASHLEY LOCKS ZAYN IN THE HURT LOCK AND ZAYN TAPS OUT!! After the match, Zayn complains he was tripped by MVP. Not much of a match to be honest. Lashley plays the monster heel well and Zayn is a great chicken shit heel. The dynamic of both being heels is this didn't make for a great match but at least it didn't overstay it's welcome.

W: Bobby Lashley via submission @ 7:47 (**1/2)

The Usos talk outside of Roman Reigns locker room. Roman Reigns comes out and says Uso lost. Jimmy tries to make excuses about it being 5-on-1. Reigns dismisses Jimmy. Reigns says Uso couldn't control his team because the team didn't respect him. So they disrespected Reigns. Reigns starts to say Uso needs to make them respect them but then just tells Uso to get out of the arena because Reigns has no time for losers tonight.

Champion vs. Champion Match

Asuka (WWE Raw Women's Champion) vs. Sasha Banks (WWE Smackdown Women's Champion)

The ladies lock up and Banks takes Asuka to the mat. Asuka counters with a head scissors. Banks turns the tide and we get a stand off. Asuka goes for a knee strike but Banks counters with a hip toss. Banks tries a submission but Asuka avoids as they trade counters. Banks goes for an arm bar but Asuka prevents it from being locked in. They counter each other some more and Banks goes for the Bank Statement but Asuka rolls away. Banks gets a couple near falls as they mat wrestling continues. Asuka goes for an Asuka Lock but Banks avoids and hyperextends Asuka's elbow. Banks is able to hit a back stabber for a near fall. Asuka rolls out of the ring. Banks challenges Asuka to get back in the ring. Banks even holds the ropes. Asuka gets back in and they hit the ropes. ASUKA WITH A HIP ATTACK! Banks rolls to the outside and Asuka holds the ropes inviting Banks to get back in. Asuka dances as Banks gets back in. More counter wrestling as Asuka locks Banks in an ankle lock. Asuka with some kicks for a near fall. Asuka works an arm of Banks. Stomps to the arm of Banks. Big knee strike by Asuka and she gets a near fall. Kicks by Asuka but Banks counters a Shining Wizard and locks Asuka in an arm bar. Banks transitions to an abdominal stretch. Asuka avoids for a minute but Banks is able to lock in back in. Asuka drags Banks to the corner to force a break. Asuka runs into a boot by Banks. Banks sends Asuka into the ropes with a head scissors. They both attempt kicks that are blocked as they fight to the apron. Banks blocks a German. A HIP ATTACK BY ASUKA SENDS BANKS TO THE FLOOR!! Banks goes back in the ring and then hits Asuka with a baseball slide. Asuka blocks a suplex on the floor and puts Banks on the barricade. BANKS TRIES A METEORA BUT ASUKA CONNECTS WITH DOUBLE KNEES!! Both ladies barely beat the count. Near falls for both ladies. Asuka tries another Hip Attack but Banks avoids. BACK STABBER BY BANKS!! 1...2...NO!! Banks delivers double knees to Asuka in the corner. METEORA IN THE CORNER BY BANKS!! Banks goes up to the second rope and tries a Frog Splash but Asuka gets knees up. Banks saw it coming and LOCKS IN THE BANK STATEMENT!!! ASUKA FIGHTS OUT AND TRIES THE ASUKA LOCK!! A kick by Asuka and a CODEBREAKER!! 1...2...NO!! Asuka gets Banks in the ankle lock again! Both ladies trade counters and get near falls. Asuka uses a back slide for a near fall. BOTH LADIES BLOCK KICKS AND BANKS IS ABLE TO ROLL UP ASUKA FOR THE WIN!! I would never say either lady is terrible but I'll say I was slightly disappointed by this match. Not because it was bad but because I think they're capable of a lot better. I'm just happy we got a clean finish.

W: Sasha Banks via pin @ 13:07 (***1/2)

Commentary shows us highlights of the battle royal from the kickoff show. They talk about whether or not Miz will cash in tonight. We also see highlights of the Gobbledy Gooker showing up the kickoff show. Backstage, Gooker is on the run until he comes across some bird feed. AKIRA TOZAWA ROLLS UP GOOKER TO WIN THE TITLE!! TRUTH IS HERE TO BEAT TOZAWA AND GET HIS BABY BACK!!

Classic 5-0n-5 Women's Survivor Series Elimination Match

Team Raw (Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions), Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce, & Lana) vs. Team Smackdown (Bayley, Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, & Natalya)

The match starts with Bayley and Lacey. They lock up and Bayley takes Lacey to the corner but Lacey turns the tide. Bayley takes Lacey to the Smackdown corner where Natalya tags in. Natalya takes control of Lacey and gets a near fall after a stomp. Peyton tags in. Natalya takes her to the corner and tags Belair. Double standing vertical suplex by Belair and Natalya on Peyton. Standing moonsault by Belair gets a near fall. Liv tags in. Both ladies hit clothesline taking each other down. Ruby tags in. Shayna tags in for Raw. Ruby gets a couple shots in and then Baszler takes over. Kicks by Shayna. Ruby rolls Shayna up for a near fall. Strikes by Ruby and Nia tags in. Bayley makes a tag and they try to isolate Nia in the corner with no luck. Liv tags in. Lana tags herself in. Lana tries a couple pin attempts before landing a kick. Natalya tags herself in. Natalya knocks Lana down and they trade counters. Near fall for Natalya. Lana beats down Natalya in the corner before hitting a kick to the face for a near fall. Lana offers Lacey a tag but she refuses. Nia tags in and tells Lana to get out of the ring and stand outside. Lana stands on the steps. Peyton is in now and so is Bayley. Bayley attacks aggressively. Bayley stomps Peyton in the corner and hits a suplex for a near fall. Peyton fights back with a kick. Peyton ties up Bayley in the ropes but Bayley takes Peyton to the Smackdown corner. Belair tags in and gorilla presses Royce into Snake Eyes. Bayley tags back in. FLYING ELBOW BY BAYLEY!! Lacey breaks up pin and things are breaking down. Everyone is brawling now. Everyone is on the floor. Bayley goes to the top but Peyton catches her with a kick. Peyton goes up top with Bayley. PEYTON SUPERPLEXES BAYLEY ONTO EVERYONE ELSE (Excluding Lana who is still on the steps). Back in the ring. PEYTON HITS BAYLEY WITH DEJA VU!! BAYLEY IS ELIMINATED!! Natalya is in for Smackdown now. Peyton delivers kicks to Natalya. Peyton in control and locks Natalya in a single leg crab. Belair helps Natalya get to the ropes. Natalya botches a submission hold on Peyton. NATALYA LOCKS PEYTON IN THE SHARPSHOOTER! PEYTON TAPS! 4-on-4!! Lacey is in for Raw now. She hits a clothesline on Natalya but misses a moonsault from the top. Natalya goes for Sharpshooter but Shayna comes in. LACEY HITS NATALYA WITH A WOMAN'S RIGHT! NATALYA IS ELIMINATED! 4-3 Raw! Belair is in for Smackdown. Belair plants Lacey Glamazon style! Shayna distracts Belair. Belair and Lacey battle on the top. LACEY HITS A SPANSIH FLY ON BELAIR!! 1...2...broken up by Ruby and Liv!! Nia and Ruby tag in. Liv tags in and has no luck so Ruby tags back in. They keep trading tags but neither has luck against Nia. Double knees and Ruby hits Nia with a RIOTT KICK! Shayna tags Nia though. The crowd is booing. Pump knee by Shayna to Ruby. Ruby avoids an arm stomp by Shayna. Ruby tries to build momentum. BASZLER LOCKS RUBY IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH!! Ruby rolls to a pin but is still in the Clutch! Nia has the ref tied up. RUBY IS OUT FROM THE CLUTCH AND SHAYNA PINS HER. RUBY IS ELIMINATED. That was odd. 4-2 Raw. Morgan comes to fight Lacey. LIV HITS A CRUCIFIX BOMB ON LACEY! LACEY IS ELIMINATED! 3-on-2! Nia, Shayna, and Lana vs. Belair and Liv. Liv is against Nia now. DDT by Liv!! Enziguri by Liv. SAMOAN DROP BY NIA! LIV IS GONE. 3-on-1 RAW. Bianca is all alone. Bianca goes right after Nia. Bianca is going crazy. Nia cuts her off. Nia hits a big leg drop. 1...2...NO!! Nia goes to the top but Belair kicks her off. Shayna makes a blind tag. BASZLER GETS BELAIR IN THE CLUTCH!! Belair escapes. BELAIR TRIES A SPRINGBOARD BUT BASZLER GETS HER IN THE CLUTCH AGAIN!! BELAIR POWERS OUT!! Belair falls into the ropes. BASZLER GETS DQed FOR NOT BREAKING THE HOLD! SHAYNA IS ELIMINATED! NIA TRIES TO SAMOAN DROP BELAIR ON THE TABLE BUT BELAIR SENDS NIA INTO THE STEPS AND THEN OVER THE BARRICADE! BIANCA AND NIA ARE COUNTED OUT!! THEY ARE BOTH ELIMINATED!! LANA IS THE SOLE SURVIVOR! Lana celebrates and Nia is pissed! There was some solid action here and some ladies got to shine who otherwise normally don't get to (Peyton and Lacey) but the finish to this was terrible. For me, they ruined a chance to solidify Bianca Belair as as star in order to give Lana a cheap win.

W: Team Raw via eliminating all members of Team Smackdown @ 23:15 (**)

TLC is the next WWE pay-per-view on December 20th! It'll be in the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field.

McIntyre vs. Reigns is next as a video package is shown for them.

Champion vs. Champion Match

Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Champion) w/ Paul Heyman vs. Drew McIntyre (WWE Champion)

Heavy boos for Reigns to start. They stare each other down pre bell. Commentary brings up that The Miz is lurking around. They lock up but neither man gets an advantage. Another lock up and Reigns goes to the ropes forcing a break. Reigns takes down McIntyre and grounds him with a side head lock. McIntyre fights to his feet and gets a side head lock of his own. Take down by McIntyre. Both men trade blows and McIntyre takes down Reigns with a shoulder tackle. Reigns rolls outside for a break. Reigns takes his time getting back in the ring. Reigns lands a kick and follows up with punches as he takes McIntyre to the corner. Stomps by Reigns in the corner as the crowd boos. McIntyre fights back with strikes of his own. McIntyre lights up Reigns with chops in the corner. Head butt by Reigns. Reigns delivers a series of punches in the corner. McIntyre throws Reigns back in the corner and delivers his own series of rights. McIntyre charges Reigns and Reigns sends him to the apron. McIntyre is sent into the ring post shoulder first and he falls to the floor. Reigns goes to the outside and sends McIntyre into the steps. Back in the ring, near fall for Reigns. Reigns works a chin lock on McIntyre. McIntyre gets to his feet but Reigns delivers knee strikes followed by suplex for a near fall. Reigns starts mauling McIntyre and maintains control with the chin lock. McIntyre tries to rally by getting to his feet but Reigns takes McIntyre down. McIntyre punches his way back to his feet but Reigns takes down McIntyre with a flying clothesline for a near fall. Reigns works the neck and shoulder of McIntyre with another submission. Both men to their feet and they slug it out. Reigns sends McIntyre to the corner but he explodes out with a clothesline. McIntyre throws Reigns across the ring and follows with a neck breaker. Kip up by McIntyre! McIntyre goes for the Future Shock DDT but Reigns avoids it and tries a Samoan drop but McIntyre avoids. McIntyre charges and Reigns hits a Samoan drop!! 1...2...NO!! Reigns looks for a Superman punch but McIntyre avoids it and hits a spine buster with a jack knife cover for a near fall!! They go to the outside, McIntyre sends Reigns into the ring post and into the steps. Back in the ring, Reigns lands a kick and a right hand. Reigns talks trash. GLASGOW KISS BY MCINTYRE! They trade boots. McIntyre avoids a Superman punch and hits the Future Shock DDT!!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre appears to set up for a Claymore but REIGNS HITS A SUPERMAN PUNCH!! Reigns tries a guillotine but McIntyre counters with another throw. McIntyre runs into a boot and Reigns sends McIntyre shoulder first into the ring post. Reigns goes for a Spear but McIntyre counters into a Kimura Lock!! Reigns gets to the ropes! Reigns rolls to the outside as does McIntyre. MCINTYRE CHARGES AND REIGNS SAMOAN DROPS MCINTYRE ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! REIGNS WITH ANOTHER SAMOAN DROP DRIVING MCINTYRE THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Reigns breaks the count. REIGNS SPEARS MCINTYRE THROUGH THE BARRICADE!! Back in the ring, 1...2...NO!! MCINTYRE KICKS OUT!! "This is awesome" chants! Reigns tries another spear but McIntyre hits a kick. MCINTYRE GOES OFF THE ROPES BUT REIGNS SPEARS HIM AGAIN!! 1...2...MCINTYRE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Reigns says "You've never seen this shit before!" REIGNS GOES FOR A SPEAR BUT MCINTYRE HITS A CLAYMORE!! Reigns runs into the ref is gets knocked out of the ring. HERE COMES JEY USO!! Reigns low blows McIntyre! SUPER KICK BY USO!! SUPERMAN PUNCH BY REIGNS AND REIGNS LOCKS IN THE GUILLOTINE!!! Another ref is heading to the ring. McIntyre stand up but Reigns still has it locked in! MCINTYRE PASSES OUT!! Reigns walks out with Heyman and sees Uso on the ramp clapping for him. Reigns and Uso hug on top of the ramp. Reigns holds up his title as McIntyre looks on from the apron. This started slow but they picked it up at the end. The closing 5ish minutes were awesome! McIntyre was protected in the loss but it took a hell of a lot to put him down. I'd make sure you watch this as well!

W: Roman Reigns via submission @ 24:51 (****)

Undertaker is on a special edition of the Broken Skull Sessions immediately following Survivor Series on the WWE Network.

Mike Rome is in the ring and announces this is the final farewell of the Undertaker. He says the following people are here to pay homage. Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring. Big Show is next to come to the ring. JBL is next. Jeff Hardy next. Hardy is rocking the classic TX Undertaker symbol with his face paint. Mick Foley is next. Holy beard! He's ready to play Santa for the holidays. The Godfather is next! It's an edited version of his Godfather theme music for obvious reasons. The Godwinns are next! As Corey Graves says, what a blast from the past! Cole references the BSK (Bone Street Krew). Savio Vega is next! Rikishi is out next followed by Kevin Nash. Booker T is next. Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair are next! Triple H is next! Kane is out now. Now a video package is shown. It's the same one shown on the kickoff show set to Metallica's "Now that we're Dead". This video package is awesome! Words don't do it justice. "Undertaker" chants after the video package. VINCE MCMAHON IS IN THE RING NOW!! Everyone else is gone now. McMahon says for 3 decades Taker has entertained the WWF/WWE audience. Tonight is the end of an era for the most storied career in history. McMahon says tonight we say good bye. McMahon tears up as he says people says nothing last forever. They're wrong because Undertaker's legacy will last forever. McMahon says "I give you the Dead Man! The Phenom! The Undertaker!!" Flames shoot up and his entrance is over the top!! After moments of waiting while his music is played, UNDERTAKER APPEARS THROUGH THE SMOKE!! Taker gets to the ring and when he raises his arms in the corner, a platform lifts him up to the ring. Taker gets in the ring and Vince is gone. His music stops and Taker has a mic. "Undertaker" chants. Taker says for 30 long years, he has made that slow walk to the ring and laid people to rest time and time again. Now, his time has come. "Thank you Taker" chants. Taker says his time has come to let the Undertaker REST IN PEACE!!! Taker throws the mic out of the ring and gets down on a knee to do his signature pose and a holographic Paul Bearer is shown holding the urn. "Undertaker" chants. The bell tolls and Undertaker's music begins playing while he's still on one knee. Taker stands and looks out into the crowd. Taker does his throat slash taunt before exiting the ring. Undertaker walks up the ramp but stops to look back and raises his arm up!!! TAKER WALKS OFF INTO THE SUNSET!! End Show.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

This Survivor Series was a mixed bag. The New Day/Profits and McIntyre/Reigns easily steal the show. Banks/Asuka was good but I honestly expected better from them. The battle royal was just a way to get most of the roster on the card and remind us The Miz has the briefcase although cashing in would of overshadowed Undertaker's farewell. The 5-on-5 matches were disappointing in my eyes with questionable booking decisions. I feel like WWE missed a big opportunity to make Belair a star. What do I know though?? Lashley/Zayn was what is was and about what I expected. Heel vs. heel matches can be tricky anyways but almost never work without the right guys.

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