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Smackdown 9/3/2021 Quick Results: Universal Championship Match; Edge/Rollins Continues; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Smackdown:

  • Championship Contenders Match: The Usos (WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions) vs. The Street Profits

  • Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

  • WWE Universal Championship Match: Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns (champ)

We're in Jacksonville, Florida at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena for Smackdown tonight! We open the show with highlights of Finn Balor interrupting Roman Reigns' championship celebration last week. Cole and Graves are on commentary tonight. Cole says McAfee will be back next week!

We're starting with tag team action!

The Usos head to the ring. Jey is on the mic and says the Bloodline is now in your city! All Jey could think about last week is why the hell would the Street Profits stick their nose in the family business. Maybe because they want to make a name for themselves? They disrespect the Bloodline and the Head of the Table. The Usos call themselves "the ones". The Profits interrupt and make fun of the Usos. The Profits says the Usos are "the ones" getting their asses kicked!

The Street Profits defeated The Usos (WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions) via DQ @ 7:56 in a championship contenders match. Reigns and Heyman watch the match from the back throughout. During the match, the Profits would hit Jimmy with the Anointment and From the Heavens. Jey would break up the pin and attack the Profits resulting in a DQ. Post match, both teams continue to brawl and the Profits stand tall. Reigns doesn't look pleased in the back and tells Heyman to bring him the Usos.

Heyman leaves the locker room to do just that. Kayla Braxton stops him to ask about everything going on tonight. Heyman's phone rings and BROCK LESNAR'S THEME IS HIS RINGTONE. He silences it!! IT RINGS AGAIN!! Heyman answers it and Kayla tries to listen in. Heyman pretty much says he doesn't have a lot of privacy but he'll deliver the message. The other person seemingly hangs up. A pissed Heyman goes to storm off but runs into a janitor who's mopping. The janitor is actually BIG E!! He holds up his Money in the Bank briefcase and laughs in Heyman's face!

WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch make her way to the ring. We get highlights of Lynch's return and Bianca Belair winning last week's #1 contender fatal four way match. The crowd is still very much behind her. Lynch says The Man has come around to Jacksonville. Lynch says she didn't get a "you deserve it" chant last week which prompts one now haha. Lynch says she was interrupted by the whole women's locker room last week. Lynch says she didn't get a chance to talk about Belair. Lynch puts over Belair as a hell of an athlete. Lynch explains how excited she was to face Belair at SummerSlam. Lynch says she is somehow the "bad guy" now. Lynch says she's the reason Belair had a high profile match at SummerSlam. Lynch says Belair should blame herself for not being prepared. Lynch says just because she hasn't played the game in a while, doesn't mean she doesn't know how to play. BELAIR MAKES HER WAY TO THE RING! I don't understand the skipping when she should be pissed off at Lynch. Belair grabs a mic and "EST" chants now. Belair says the championship was more than a title to her. Belair keeps replaying SummerSlam over and over in her head so she wants to talk about it. Belair admits to losing in 26 seconds. Belair admits to being embarrassed. Belair says she won't build herself up by bringing someone else down and she won't make excuses. Belair claims Lynch doesn't know her. Belair explains her "EST" nickname. Lynch laughs it off. Belair says she earned a rematch so it's only a matter of when. Belair says Reigns is defending his title tonight so Lynch should do the same thing. The crowd chants "YES!". "EST" chants now. Lynch says she doesn't give a damn what Reigns does and the answer is NO!

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are walking backstage when they run into Toni Storm. Ziggler sends Roode on his way so he can talk to Storm alone. Ziggler offers Storm to accompany him to the ring. She declines because she's rooting for Rick Boogs.

Rick Boogs w/ Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Intercontinental Champion defeated Dolph Ziggler w/ Robert Roode via pin @ 1:31. Boogs puts Ziggler away with a pump handle slam. This was Boogs' first singles match on Smackdown and Ziggler was probably the best choice to make Boogs look good. Although, it was too short and came off as a squash.

Becky Lynch is walking backstage when she runs into Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. Deville tells Lynch that she will defend against Belair. Pearce says it'll happen at Extreme Rules. Deville says they will sign the contract next week on Smackdown at Madison Square Garden!

Seth Rollins promo before his match with Cesaro. Rollins requested this match because this is a new beginning for him. Rollins has been watching Edge matches to learn how Edge was able to defeat Rollins. Rollins will use the knowledge is learned to defeat his old rival.

Cesaro defeated Seth Rollins via DQ @ 9:37. During the match, Rollins used some of Edge's moves. Cesaro would hit Rollins with the Swing followed by a Sharpshooter. This would frustrate Rollins. The action spilled to the outside. Cesaro went for a running uppercut to send Rollins into the barricade but Rollins hit Cesaro with a chair forcing the DQ. Post match, Rollins continued to attack Cesaro. Rollins would then break the bar off of a chair and do a BAR ASSISTED CROSSFACE ON CESARO!! Much like Edge was doing to a bunch of people. After that, ROLLINS HIT CESARO WITH THE STOMP AND SET UP FOR A CON-CHAIR-TO!! EDGE'S MUSIC HITS AND HE RUNS OUT TO MAKE THE SAVE! Rollins bails!

Reigns talks to the Usos backstage and asks if they understand the game plan. They understand and leave. Heyman tells Reigns that they have a problem. Reigns says there's no problems because he'll smash Finn Balor. Heyman says BROCK LESNAR is the problem. HEYMAN SAYS LESNAR WILL BE AT SMACKDOWN IN MADISON SQUARE GARDEN! Reigns asks if Lesnar is watching the show? Reigns asks how Heyman knows if Lesnar isn't here tonight?

Happy Corbin arrives in his Rolls Royce.

Kevin Owens heads to the ring to host the KO Show.

Edge is walking backstage when he's stopped by Kayla Braxton. Kayla says she thought Edge was done with Rollins. Edge knows the game Rollins is playing and it's dangerous. It needs to stop. Edge challenges Rollins to a match next week at MSG!! Edge vows to beat Rollins again.

Kevin Owens is in the ring for the KO Show. Owens makes a point to say he's wearing a tie and welcomes us to the show. His guest tonight is someone you wouldn't expect on the show but he has a reason for it. Please welcome BAR.....NO! HAPPY CORBIN!!! Corbin is so happy to be a part of the show. Corbin thanks Owens because he wouldn't be where he is without him. Owens doesn't want any of this put on him. Corbin thinks Owens is mad because he hasn't given his $100 back. CORBIN SAYS OWENS IS MAD BECAUSE OF CORBIN'S SPECIAL GUEST.........LOGAN PAUL!!! Paul says it's good to see the crowd and they boo!! Owens says he wouldn't subject the people to Paul! Paul talks about his brother beating Woodley. Corbin claims he won money on that fight. Owens sounds Corbin/Paul hanging out sounds like the worst time ever. Owens runs them both down. Paul offers Owens $100 and says Owens needs it more. Owens says he only needs Paul to leave his ring and never come back. PAUL AND OWENS SHOVE EACH OTHER! CORBIN CHEAP SHOTS OWENS! CORBIN CHOKE SLAMS OWENS!! Paul throws money down at Owens and leaves with Corbin.

Backstage, Carmella is introduced as the "most beautiful woman in all of WWE" and dances in slow motion. Liv Morgan is off nearby watching and says "Seriously?"

Sami Zayn defeated Dominik Mysterio via pin @ 2:03. This was a rematch from last week. Rey tries to coach Dominik a far but Dominik tells him he's got it. Dominik got distracted by Rey and Zayn beat him with a Helluva Kick. This was more of an angle than a match.

Sonya Deville is backstage talking on the phone while going through the hallway. She mentions the contract signing and Brock Lesnar being live next week. NAOMI approaches her and asks about the match she was suppose to have tonight. Deville says she forgot about it but Naomi can have a match next week.

The main event is next!

Cole/Graves hype what's going down next week! It'll be listed below.

Kayla Braxton gets a word with Finn Balor in gorilla. He says he's been asked for five years what would of happen if he hadn't been injured in 2016. Tonight, he answers the question.

A promo for Raw says Charlotte Flair will defend the WWE Raw Women's Championship against Nia Jax and tag team turmoil featuring seven teams will determine RK-Bro's next challengers. Participants in tag team turmoil include: AJ Styles & Omos, The Viking Raiders, Lucha House Party, Jinder Mahal & Veer, T-Bar & Mace, Mustafa Ali & Mansoor, and The New Day.

Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman defeated Finn Balor via submission @ 11:40 to retain the WWE Universal Championship. The Usos attacked Balor before the match even began and hit him multiple times with the steps. The Street Profits came down to run them off but the damage was done. The medical team was checking on Balor while Reigns made his entrance and Balor said he was good to go. Reigns dominated most of the match with Balor having a few flurries of offense. Balor made a late rally but missed a Coupe de Grace. Balor would kick out of a Superman punch and hits Reigns with a John Woo kick followed by a Coupe de Grace!! Reigns would low blow Balor while kicking out. Reigns would then mount and pound Balor before FINISHING HIM WITH THE GUILLOTINE!! Easily the best thing on the show.

As Reigns and Heyman leave, some of the lights go red for a few seconds and we hear a heartbeat to end the show. Demon Balor?!??

Next Week:

  • Contract Signing: WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch & Bianca Belair make their Extreme Rules match official

  • Brock Lesnar returns

  • Edge vs. Seth Rollins

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