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Smackdown 9/25/2020: Uso confronts Reigns; Hardy/Styles/Zayn Triple Threat; Bliss vs. Evans!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Roman Reigns in-ring interview

  • Alexa Bliss vs. Lacey Evans

  • Non-Title Match: Jeff Hardy (WWE Intercontinental Champion) vs. Sami Zayn

  • What will Otis do with the Money in the Bank contract?

In memory of Joe "Road Warrior Animal" Laurinaitis. 1960-2020. Gone way to damn soon!

We're in the ThunderDome for the go home show before Clash of Champions and we're kicking it off with AJ Styles!! At Clash of Champions, both Jeff Hardy's and Sami Zayn's Intercontinental Championships will be hanging and the winner will have to grab both. Sami Zayn makes his way out next. Then Jeff Hardy makes his way out. There are ladders in and all around the ring. Corey Graves is moderating and talks about the triple threat ladder match on Sunday. This is an Intercontinental Championship ascension ceremony. Graves stresses that there is no champions advance Sunday. Styles tells Hardy this is the last time he will hold the gold and calls him a cheater. Styles asks Zayn why he is even here haha. Styles says he took the summer off to grow a neck beard!! Zayn claims none of this should be happening. Zayn calls Styles a fraudulent champion. Zayn claims Hardy should of given Zayn the title when he came back. Hardy can't believe he agrees with Styles. Hardy says let's hang the titles so they can have their one-on-one match now. The championships are hoisted up to the ceiling. ZAYN DRIVES A LADDER INTO HARDY AND STYLES!! ZAYN ATTACKS HARDY AND THEN RETREATS!! Adam Pearce comes out and says AJ Styles is added to the match tonight and it's a triple threat. It's next! HARDY HITS A TWIST OF FATE ON STYLES!!

Triple Threat Non-Title Match

Jeff Hardy (WWE Intercontinental Champ) vs. Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles

Styles goes after Zayn right away and knocks him out of the ring. Hardy and Styles go at it. Zayn gets back in and Hardy works on him in the corner. Hardy hits an inverted atomic drop and hits his double leg drop. Styles attacks Hardy from behind. Styles targets Hardy's knee and hits a nice back breaker. Styles sends Zayn into the announcer's table. Styles sends Hardy to the outside as well. Styles bounces Hardy off the announce table. Zayn attacks Styles from behind. Back in the ring, Zayn works on Styles. Graves says Hardy has the edge on Sunday since it's a ladder match. Zayn remains in control of Styles in the ring. Styles backs Zayn in the corner and delivers some strikes. Styles locks in a chin lock on Zayn. Styles sends Zayn into Hardy who's on the apron. Styles snap mares Zayn and goes back to the chin lock. Styles sends Zayn out of the ring and Hardy gets back in the ring. Zayn gets back in but Hardy is taking it both men. Hardy back drops Zayn. HARDY USES ZAYN TO HIT SOME POETRY IN MOTION ON STYLES!! Hardy goes for the Swanton on Styles but Zayn pushes him off the top! Zayn beats on Hardy outside the ring. STYLES LAUNCHES HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TAKES OUT ZAYN AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!

We're back and all three men are battling in the corner. Zayn tries a superplex on Styles but Styles escapes it. HARDY TAKES OUT BOTH MEN WITH A WHISPER IN THE WIND!! All men are down! All three men trade punches in the middle of the ring. HELLUVA KICK TO HARDY BY ZAYN!! STYLES HITS A PELE KICK TO ZAYN!! All men are down again. Styles hangs Hardy across the top rope and Styles delivers a shot to Zayn. STYLES HITS HARDY WITH THE PHENOMENAL FOREARM!! ZAYN THROWS STYLES OUT OF THE RING AND PINS HARDY FOR THE WIN @ 12:01!! STYLES TAKES OUT BOTH MEN WITH A LADDER AFTER THE MATCH!! Styles sets up a ladder in the ring. Styles climbs the ladder and grabs both Intercontinental Championships.

Commentary talks about Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. Matt Riddle vs. King Corbin is scheduled for later.

Otis and Tucker are backstage talking. Otis up next! What will he do with the Money in the Bank contract?

Highlights of what's been going on with Otis and The Miz.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Otis. Otis talks about Miz wanting the Money in the Bank contract when Miz and John Morrison interrupt. Otis doesn't trust carnival clowns, 1% milk, or lawyers. Tucker says Otis won it fair and square. Miz talks about all the legal bills Otis will have if he fights Miz in court. Miz wants to take everything from him. Otis tells Miz if he wants, come get it. Tucker then points out that the contract only says Otis can't touch Miz. OTIS ATTACKS JOHN MORRISON!! Referees pull Otis off of him.

Highlights of Bayley attacking Sasha Banks.

WWE Smackdown Women's Champion, Bayley, is out now with a chair. She says she could watch that footage over and over. She won't though because she doesn't have an ounce of time for Sasha Banks now. Bayley has a championship to defend this weekend. She addresses Nikki Cross' comments about Bayley not having Banks in her corner. Bayley says if she will do that to her "best friend", imagine what she'll do to Cross. Bayley says she'll defeat Cross and then you can only imagine what happens after that. "Right Sasha?"

Commentary hypes Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman's side of the story of what happened after the main event last week.

Jey Uso Chronicle available on WWE Network tomorrow.

Gran Metalik w/ Lucha House Party vs. Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Cesaro (WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champs)

I'm already tired of this feud. Nakamura delivers some kicks right away and backs Metalik into the ropes. Metalik picks up the pace and sends Nakamura outside the ring with a spring board arm drag. Metalik goes to the outside but Nakamura sends him into the barricade. Nakamura delivers a running knee to the face of Metalik. Back in the ring, more kicks by Nakamura. Nakamura hits a knee strike and then sends Metalik into the turnbuckle. Stomps by Nakamura in the corner. Nakamura uses a front face lock to take Metalik down. Nakamura tries a reverse exploder but Metalik counters and takes down Nakamura with a rana. Nakamura gets sent to the outside. METALIK FLIPS OVER THE TOP TAKING OUT NAKAMURA!! Back in the ring, spring board Swanton by Metalik. 1...2...NO!! Metalik goes to the top but Nakamura avoids the moonsault. Knee by Nakamura. Running knee to the back of Metalik! REVERSE EXPLODER BY NAKAMURA!! KINSHASA BY NAKAMURA AND IT'S OVER @ 4:19!! Cesaro comes in the ring after. He and Nakamura take Metalik and Lince Dorado as Kalisto watches!! Cesaro and Nakamura leave as Kalisto argues with Dorado and Metalik.

Jey Uso walks backstage and beats on Roman Reigns' door. They're up next!

LEGION OF DOOM MUSIC and we soon all the tweets in support of Animal. RIP!

Video package airs showing how the WWE Universal Championship match at Clash of Champions is a family affair. Good video package including Rikishi (Uso's father) and Sika (Reigns father) talking.

Jey Uso makes his way to the ring. Uso says Clash of Champions is this Sunday and talks about the match. Reigns and Paul Heyman are watching backstage. Uso says he has questions of Reigns to answer. Highlights of the Samoan street fight last week. Uso has been asked about the look Reigns gave him last week. He didn't see it because his back was turned. Reigns and Heyman are shown but neither is talking. Heyman steps out of the locker room and says the world wants to know why Reigns gave him the look. Heyman says Reigns will tell you when he wants to and not when Uso wants it to happen. Heyman guarantees it'll happen tonight. Uso says Reigns must of changed his cell number. Uso says he will show Reigns tonight and at Clash, "Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary!!"

Highlights of Matt Riddle defeating King Corbin at Payback and Corbin attacking Riddle afterward.

King Corbin talks about Riddle ruining the main event last week. Corbin comes up with his own acronym for "bro". They have a match next!

Riddle says for months, Corbin has been trying to make his life miserable. Riddle can't wait to show the world the difference between a stallion and a jackass!

Matt Riddle vs. King Corbin

Riddle attacks Corbin before the bell!! The ref backs him off and we offically begin. Riddle goes on the attack again and knocks Corbin out of the ring. Riddle beats on him and Corbin goes back in the ring. Corbin catches Riddle coming in allowing Corbin to gain the upper hand now. Corbin delivers some strikes now and backs Riddle into the corner. Riddle blocks a punch and delivers some of his own until Corbin catches him with an elbow. Near fall for Corbin. Corbin sends Riddle hard into the the corner. Corbin goes under the ropes but Riddle was ready for him coming back in. They fight to the outside. Riddle throws Corbin across the announcer's table as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Riddle has Corbin in an ankle lock but Corbin escapes. Riddle locks Corbin in a triangle. Corbin powers out and slams Riddle. Near fall for Corbin. Corbin pounds on Riddle and then chokes him across the top rope. A stiff right by Corbin takes Riddle down. Another right by Corbin. Corbin goes for a third but Riddle falls before Corbin gets to him. RIDDLE CATCHES CORBIN WITH A RIPCORD KNEE!! Forearms by Riddle in the corner. BROTON BY RIDDLE FOLLOWED BY A KNEE!! 1...2...NO!! Riddle tries a modified abdominal stretch before locking in a sleeper. Corbin gets to the ropes. Riddle goes for the another knee but DEEP SIX BY CORBIN!! 1...2...NO!! Riddle counters the End of Days! Riddle tries a spring board but eats a punch. Riddle avoids End of Days and hits a knee to the face! RIDDLE GOES FOR THE FLOATING BRO BUT CORBIN GETS THE KNEES UP!! CORBIN HITS END OF DAYS AND IT'S OVER @ 11:16!! Solid match here. Kayla Braxton gets in the ring to interview Riddle. He says losing sucks but he won't let this setback stop the stallion. He'll continue to grind until Smackdown is the Bro Show!

Mystery woman vignette!! She puts on make up and jewelry. She writes "Untouchable" on the mirror. We still don't know who it is. I'm still betting Carmella.

Alexa Bliss vs. Lacey Evans

Lacey backs Alexa into the corner but Alexa rolls her up for a near fall. Another roll up near fall for Alexa. Lacey takes her down. Lacey sends Alexa into the corner and then throws her handkerchief at her. Lacey goes on the attack and gets a near fall. Chin lock by Lacey. Kicks By Lacey and then she chokes Alexa across the ropes. Near fall for Lacey. Lacey works on Alexa's arm/shoulder in the corner. Alexa fights back and takes down Lacey. THE FIEND LAUGH PLAYS OVER THE INTERCOM AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!

We're back and Lacey is in control and beating down Alexa on the mat. Standing moonsault by Lacey gets a near fall. Lacey slams Alexa face first into the mat multiple times. Lacey locks in a chicken wing type submission and sends Alexa face first into the mat again. Lacey takes Alexa to the corner. Lacey rakes Alexa's face across the middle rope. A nice kick by Lacey drives Alexa out of the ring. Lacey gets three near falls and gets frustrated when she can't put Alexa away. Alexa takes Lacey down and then avoids a charging Lacey. Alexa rallies and builds momentum. Alexa starts to go in some kind of trance and pauses. Lacey takes advantage but misses the spring board moonsault. THE LIGHTS FLICKER AND TURN RED!! ALEXA SNAPS!! ALEXA BEATS THE HELL OUT OF LACEY!! THE REF CALLS FOR A DQ @ 10:30!! Lacey wins via DQ! ALEXA TAKES LACEY TO THE FLOOR AND HITS SISTER ABIGAIL!! Alexa gets back in the ring and smiles. THE LIGHTS GO RED AGAIN AND THE FIEND APPEARS ON THE TRON. "LET ME IN" HERE COMES ROMAN REIGNS AND PAUL HEYMAN!! ALEXA BLISS STARES A HOLE THROUGH REIGNS!! They'll address Jey Uso next!

WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, and Paul Heyman are in the ring now. Heyman gets two words out and HERE COMES JEY USO!! Reigns asks Uso if he wants his side of the story. Reigns said he would give Uso the title if he could. But the truth is, Uso wouldn't know what to do with it. Reigns says Uso doesn't understand the accountability that comes with it but how could he? He's a twin and he has depended on his brother his whole life. He says he's part of the greatest tag team of our generation. The family loves him for it. The family depends on Reigns because he's the tribal chief and always will be! Reigns and Heyman leave! Uso says what if you're wrong? Why can't Uso be the one to provide for the family? Uso says Reigns is the main event, and Mr. WrestleMania. Uso is tired of being referred to as the other one! After Sunday, everyone will know that he's the one that beat Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship!! Reigns and Heyman leave! Uso walks up the ramp and REIGNS IS BACK AND HITS USO WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH!! REIGNS TALKS TRASH TO USO AND SAYS USO WILL NEVER TAKE HIS TITLE!!

End Show.

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