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Smackdown 9/24/2021 Quick Results: Reigns vs. Ford Main Events; Demon Stands Tall!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Smackdown:

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (champ) w/ Rick Boogs

  • Liv Morgan vs. Zelina Vega

  • World Premiere of "Happy Talk" with Happy Corbin

We're in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Wells Fargo Center for Smackdown tonight. We're just two days from Extreme Rules.

We're kicking off the show with THE MAN!!! We get highlights of Becky Lynch ruining Bianca Belair's homecoming last week. Becky has a mic and asks if we were expecting another party tonight. Becky brings up Bianca's party last week but says that won't happen this week. Becky brings up having a child less than a year ago and coming back and winning the title in record time. No one congratulated Becky for that. Becky says she was attacked unprovoked. Becky claims she had no choice but to embarrass Bianca. Becky wanted to give Bianca time to recalibrate after her loss but Bianca talked Becky into a rematch. CUE BIANCA as she heads to the ring. Bianca gets a mic and "EST" chants from the crowd. Bianca says Becky did beat her at SummerSlam and embarrass her in her hometown. Bianca promises it won't happen again this Sunday. Becky says if Bianca is the EST then she should always be ready. Bianca says she's matched all of Becky's accomplishments.....winning Rumble, main eventing WrestleMania, winning an ESPY. Bianca demands respect. Bianca claims she'll walk out of Extreme Rules as the new champion and offers a handshake but Becky slaps her! BIANCA ATTACKS BECKY!!! Becky fights back and tries a Manhandle Slam but BIANCA COUNTERS AND HITS A KOD!!!

Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura, Rick Boogs, and Toni Storm are getting ready. The IC title match is next!

Shinsuke Nakamura (champ) w/ Rick Boogs defeated Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez via pin @ 7:46 to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship! In the end, Boogs took out Azeez on the outside with a belly to belly. Nakamura would then beat Crews with a roll up. This was solid but not anything that was must see.

Highlights of The Bloodline defeating the New Day on Raw including Bobby Lashley's involvement. We also see highlights of the triple threat later in the night which was won by Roman Reigns.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Montez Ford where Ford is asked about the Street Profits match with the Usos on Sunday at Extreme Rules. Ford says they will win the gold. Dawkins isn't there because he's at a friend's wedding but he'll be there Sunday. Ford calls the Usos "Bloodline Bitches".

Reigns and Heyman are backstage and Reigns asks what Ford just said. Heyman tells Reigns that Ford called the Usos "Bloodline Bitches". Reigns wants a match against Ford. Heyman tries to talk him out of it since he faces The Demon on Sunday. Reigns gives Heyman a look and Heyman says he'll get the match made.

After a commercial break, Heyman runs into Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville backstage. Heyman pitches Reigns vs. Ford for tonight and they say they'll make it happen.

Highlights of Seth Rollins defeating Edge are shown and his promo from last week where he said he needs to finish Edge. Rollins is shown backstage now where he cuts a promo. Rollins says it's been seven days since he gave Edge an ultimatum but he hasn't heard anything. Rollins says Edge's silence is deafening. Edge's silence says he's hurt. Rollins says he's the reason why Edge may never compete again. Rollins wants Edge to show up on Smackdown last week, look him in the eyes, and tell Rollins that Rollins isn't Edge-like and is better than him in every way. Rollins says he will not be made a liar of. If Edge doesn't show up, Rollins vows to find Edge and beat those words out of him in front of his wife and children!!! Good promo by Rollins here.

Zelina Vega defeated Liv Morgan via pin @ 2:19. Carmella was at ringside joining commentary during the match. At one point, Liv sent Zelina face first into the turnbuckle like she did Carmella last week. Carmella would get off commentary and distract Liv which allowed Zelina to get the win after hitting Code Red.

Happy Corbin went on a spending spree today in Philly. Highlights are shown. He buys lots of suits and tells us he has a special one for his show tonight.

Happy Corbin heads to the ring for "Happy Talk". It's next after a commercial. We come back to Corbin welcoming us to the show. Corbin says being in Philly makes it happy. He whistles for us because he's so happy. Corbin says this show won't be like any other. Especially not like the KO Show. This show is about happiness and putting smiles on faces. Corbin thought long and hard about his first guest. He wanted somebody who embodies happiness. HIS VERY FIRST GUEST IS............HAPPY CORBIN!!! Why would it not be? He's the happiest person in the world. Corbin hypes the meal he had, his Rolex, and custom suit which is $9,000. Corbin shows us footage of him attacking Kevin Owens. Corbin hypes Owens being a tough guy but Corbin beats him up with ease. KEVIN OWENS INTERRUPTS!!! AS OWENS IS MAKING HIS WAY TO THE RING, HE GETS ATTACKED BY RIDDICK MOSS!! They double team Owens and DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM HIM ON THE STEPS!!!

Montez Ford is backstage stretching with Kayla Braxton asks him about his comments earlier. Ford doesn't regret this comments because they were true. Ford says his big mouth has given him lots of opportunities. Ford will do what he does best tonight and that's be Montez Ford. He says the Street Profits are up tonight and he wants the smoke!


Nikki A.S.H. w/ Rhea Ripley (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions) defeated Natalya w/ Tamina via pin @ 1:50. Too short to mean much. Nikki pinned Natalya with a cradle again. Post match, SHOTZI AND NOX come to the ring to confront the champs! Shotzi shoots Rhea and Nikki with the tank!

Highlights of Sami Zayn defeating Dominik Mysterio last week. Backstage, Rey is trying to watch film with Dominik. Dominik tells Rey he keeps nitpicking. Dominik tells Rey he would of beaten Sami if Rey wasn't at ringside. Rey says Dominik isn't thinking clearly and Rey leaves. Sami comes up to Dominik. Sami tells Dominik he's doing great. Sami offers to give Dominik advice. Sami tells Dominik to not listen to Rey and trust his instincts.

We see highlights of the Naomi/Sonya confrontation from last week. Naomi heads to the ring dressed to compete but commentary says she doesn't have a match tonight as we head to a commercial. We come back to Naomi in the ring with a mic. Naomi says she's here to compete but Sonya refuses to let her compete. Naomi says she's been fined, abused, and insulted. Naomi says she isn't going anywhere until she gets a match tonight. Naomi challenges anyone to come out. SONYA COMES OUT! She says this is not happening. NAOMI THEN CHALLENGES SONYA!! Sonya says we all know she would beat Naomi but she's not an active competitor. Sonya says she a boss now. Naomi says not a good one since she can't make a match. Naomi gets a "match the match" chant going and Sonya cuts her mic. SONYA HAS SECURITY REMOVE NAOMI FROM THE RING. Sonya says Naomi has had numerous chances but always drops the ball and then says "When your elaborate entrance is over, it's all downhill from there". Sonya forces security to remove Naomi from the building.

Reigns, Usos, and Heyman are shown leaving their locker room. Reigns and Heyman head towards the ring. The Usos run into the Alpha Academy and have a stare down.

Becky Lynch cuts a promo about Bianca Belair. Lynch says Belair has pushed and pushed her. Lynch vows to not just beat Belair but break Belair at Extreme Rules.

Commentary runs down the Extreme Rules card. Still only one match with a stipulation.

It's main event time!

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman defeated Montez Ford via submission @ 15:58 in a non-title match. Ford was given a chance to shine but I don't think the winner was ever in doubt. Ford would try From the Heavens but Reigns would counter into a guillotine forcing Ford to tap out!! Post match, Heyman gets a mic and says that was not enough for Ford's sins. Heyman wants Reigns to show Ford, Balor, The Demon, and even Lesnar what happens when Reigns takes things to the extreme! The Usos comes to the ring. Reigns wears down Ford with a chair while the Usos set up a table on the outside. Reigns asks Ford who's the bitch now and puts him through the table! LIGHTS OUT!!!! DEMON!!! THE DEMON TAKES OUT THE BLOODLINE WITH A KENDO STICK!! THE DEMON WEARS OUT REIGNS WITH A CHAIR!! DEMON STANDS OVER REIGNS TO END THE SHOW!

Next Week:

  • Edge will be live!

  • The 2021 WWE Draft begins

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