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Smackdown 9/18/2020: Samoan Street Fight Main Events; Styles vs. Zayn; Bayley attacks Banks again!!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Sasha Banks returns to address Bayley's attack

  • Moment of Bliss: Alexa Bliss will have Nikki Cross as her guest

  • AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn

  • Samoan Street Fight Tag Team Match: Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Champion) & Jey Uso vs. King Corbin & Sheamus

This is episode number 1,100 of Smackdown!!

We are in the ThunderDome and kicking off tonight's show with The Dirt Sheet! The Miz and John Morrison are hosting and it's their duty to keep us informed on what's going down. They are going to expose the deepest secrets of Smackdown. They want to talk about the departure of Mandy Rose and her being traded to Raw. We see highlights of Talking Smack when Miz announced she was traded to Raw. Miz claims he's not playing mind games with Otis. Miz is just simply helping Otis. Miz talks about Otis having the money in the bank contract and says he sent Mandy away so Otis could focus. Miz says he took away the obstacle that was keeping Otis from getting to the top. Miz claims Mandy has already gotten over Otis. OTIS COMES OUT!! Otis takes down Miz and Morrison. Otis cleans house and tears up the set! TUCKER IS HERE TOO!!! HE THROWS MIZ AND MORRISON BACK IN THE RING!! CATERPILLAR ON MIZ!! VADER BOMB TO MIZ!! Otis leaves but then comes back to beat up Miz some more! OTIS STRIPS MIZ TO HIS UNDERWEAR!! Morrison tries to cover Miz as he runs off.

The Miz and John Morrison talk backstage. Morrison doesn't like when Otis is angry and Miz says it was all part of the plan. Miz then answers his cell phone and says "Was that enough?" He walks away with a smile on his face.

Commentary announces that Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura will defend the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships

Gran Metalik w/ Lucha House Party vs. Cesaro w/ Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Smackdown Tag Team champs)

Gran Metalik tries a quick roll up and gets a near fall. Metalik picks up the pace and goes to the top rope. He talks to his team mates and jumps but Cesaro decks him. Cesaro takes over and delivers an uppercut in the corner. Metalik counters and goes to the second rope where he takes Cesaro down with a rana. Metalik goes off the ropes but eats a clothesline. Near fall for Cesaro. Cesaro targets the arm of Metalik. Metalik gets the upper hand who goes to the apron. METALIK ARGUES WITH THE LUCHA HOUSE PARTY ALLOWING CESARO TO TAKE ADVANTAGE! The ref ejects Lucha House Party! Cesaro gets distracted by Nakamura yelling at the Lucha House party on the ramp. METALIK DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE TO TAKE OUT CESARO AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

We're back from the break and Cesaro is wearing down Metalik. Metalik goes off the ropes but eats a big boot. Near fall for Cesaro. Cesaro locks in a head lock. Cesaro delivers an uppercut in the corner and puts Metalik on the top turnbuckle. METALIK HITS A TOP ROPE RANA!! 1...2...NO!! Metalik goes to the top and goes for a moonsault but Cesaro gets his knees up!! RUNNING UPPERCUT BY CESARO!! CESARO HITS THE NEUTRALIZER AND IT'S OVER @ 7:59!! I hate to say it but I still can't take the Lucha House Party as legit threats.

Kayla Braxton is in the back with Jey Uso. We see highlights of last week. She asks about Reigns' actions last week. Uso says Reigns told him last week was miscommunication. They'll be good tonight. He says at Clash of Champions, only one of them will leave with the title. He says Reigns has been running things for a long time and it's his turn now. Moment of Bliss is next!

Matt Riddle talks about why he uses the word "bro". He shows up how he can use the word "bro" in pretty much any situation. Know your bro!

Alexa Bliss is here for Moment of Bliss!! Her podcast, "Uncool", debuts next week!! She welcomes us to the first Moment of Bliss in the ThunderDome. She welcomes her best friend, Nikki Cross. We see highlights of last week's fatal four way. Bliss congratulates her on becoming the #1 contender. Bliss says she'll ask the questions we all want to know. Bliss then asks Cross what her strategy is for beating Bayley. Bliss brings up that Cross hasn't beaten in over a year. Cross brings up that Sasha Banks always helped Bayley and now Banks is out of the picture. Therefore, Bayley will have no help. Cross talks about Bayley's attack on Banks. Cross says she will be the new champion. Now that Cross answered Bliss' question, Cross has a question of her own. Cross asks what's going on with her? Bliss ask what does she mean? Cross brings up Bliss using Sister Abigail. Bliss can't explain because she's had a change that she can't explain. LACEY EVANS IS HERE!! Lacey makes fun of Alexa for "changing". Lacey says Cross should be thanking Bliss for distracting Lacey in the fatal four way. That's the only reason Cross won. Lacey runs down Cross and says Cross will never beat Bayley. Cross uses Lacey's handkerchief to blow her nose and then attacks her!! They have a match next!

Lacey Evans vs. Nikki Cross

Alexa Bliss is on commentary. The bell rings and Lacey immediately bails to the outside. Cross goes to the outside to attack Lacey. Back in the ring, Nikki is going crazy and locks in a sleeper. Lacey escapes. Nikki hits a cross body from the second rope. Near fall for Nikki. Nikki gets another near fall before Lacey gains the upper hand. Lacey targets Nikki's arm. Commentary is busy talking to Alexa about everything going on with her and barely focuses on the match. Lacey works on Nikki in the corner. Corey Graves says a lot of what Lacey does reminds him of how Alexa used to be. Lacey gets a near fall. More arm work by Lacey. Cole keeps trying to ask Bliss what's going on and she tells him to quit asking. Graves asks Bliss about her podcast. Lacey continues to work on the arm. Nikki stacks up Lacey for a near fall and then Lacey takes her back down with a clothesline. Lacey goes back to the arm work. Standing moonsault by Lacey!! 1...2...NO!! LACEY GRABS HAND SANITIZER AND SPRAYS IT IN NIKKI'S FACE!! Not a DQ?!? Nikki sells it for only a couple seconds. She fights back though and takes Lacey down, Nikki splashes Lacey in the corner and beats her down. Monkey flip by Nikki! Stomps by Nikki. TORNADO DDT BY NIKKI!! NIKKI HANGS ON AND PUTS LACEY ON THE TOP ROPE. HANGING NECK BREAKER BY NIKKI AND IT'S OVER @ 7:13!! Well the right person won but commentary didn't do this match any favors. Lacey crawls to the announcer's table and starts yelling at Bliss. Lacey says "The Fiend". Bliss gets up and goes into a trance. SISTER ABIGAIL ON LACEY ON THE FLOOR!! Bliss stares off in the distance and walks off.

Sasha Banks is seen wearing a neck brace backstage. She is getting mic'd up as her interview is next!

Paul Heyman narrates a video talking about families in wrestling. He talks about the Roman Reigns and Jey Uso's family history. Reigns championship victories are mentioned along with Uso's tag title history. They're battle will be filled with pride but he says make no mistake, Roman Reigns will be the victor. Pretty good history video.

Sasha Banks (wearing a neck collar) joins us from the WWE Performance Center. Cole says it's been two weeks since the attack and of course, we see highlights of it. Cole asks Banks the extent of her injury. She says "I'm still here aren't I?" Cole tells Banks that Bayley blamed her and claimed Banks was going to turn on her. Banks says she heard every word and now she means nothing to Bayley. Banks talks about their history together. Banks says they told the whole company that they would take over together. Banks says when she sees all the girls now at the PC, it tears her up. Banks says if the walls of the PC could talk, they would tell you (Banks gets emotional) and she says she came her to give answers. Banks looks into the camera and she knows Bayley is watching. Banks says Bayley is nothing without her!! Banks says since she is worthless to Bayley now, she's going to someday take Bayley's championship. BAYLEY ATTACKS BANKS WITH A CHAIR!! BAYLEY PUTS BANKS HEAD AND NECK IN A CHAIR AGAIN BUT OFFICIALS ARE HERE TO STOP HER BEFORE SHE CAN DO ANYTHING ELSE.

After a commercial, medical staff checks on Banks who is slow to get up.

AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn

This is Sami Zayn's first match since I think WrestleMania. Sami comes out with his WWE Intercontinental Championship. Styles attacks Zayn before the match on the outside. Styles throws him in the ring and the bell rings. Styles continues the attack, Neck breaker by Styles. Styles sets up for the Styles Clash and Zayn bails to the outside. Styles chases him and throws him back in. All Styles early and Zayn bails again. Styles goes after him and Zayn lures him back in the ring where Zayn goes on the attack. Both men fight in the corner and Zayn runs him into the opposite turnbuckle. Zayn sets up for the Helluva Kick on the apron but Styles moves and Zayn kicks the ring post. Styles leaps up the ropes and hits Zayn with a forearm on the outside as we go to a commercial.

We're back from the break and Zayn is in control. Both men are on the top turnbuckle. Styles avoids a superplex and sends Zayn face first into the turnbuckle. Zayn avoids the Phenomenal Forearm and hits a stun gun on Styles. Styles blocks a suplex twice and hits a nice neck breaker. Near fall for Styles. Zayn gets to his feet and hits a jaw breaker. Both men trade strikes. Styles gets the upper hand and lands a pele kick! Zayn avoids a suplex and HITS THE BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! 1...2...NO!!! Styles looks for the Calf Crusher but Zayn rolls through. EXPLODER INTO THE TURNBUCKLE BY ZAYN!! ZAYN SETS UP FOR THE HELLUVA KICK BUT STYLES AVOIDS IT!! ZAYN ROLLS UP STYLES USING THE TIGHTS BUT THE REF SEES THE TIGHTS AND WAIVE IT OFF!! STYLES ROLLS UP ZAYN AND USES THE TIGHTS FOR THE WIN @ 10:19!! The ref didn't see the tights that time. ZAYN ATTACKS STYLES AFTER THE MATCH!! HERE COMES JEFF HARDY!! HARDY BEATS THE HELL OUT OF ZAYN!! Hardy gets a ladder out from under the ring. HARDY TAKES OUT STYLES AND ZAYN WITH THE LADDER!! HARDY HITS TWIST OF FATE ON ZAYN!! Hardy climbs the ladder and Zayn rolls out of the ring! Hardy grabs a mic. He's sick and tired of this whole situation. He wants to end it all at Clash of Champions. He challenges Zayn and Styles to a triple threat ladder match at Clash of Champions!!

Otis and Tucker are talking backstage when a man comes in to serve Otis with a lawsuit!! Miz is claiming emotional distress, unsafe work environment, and misuse of the money in the bank contract. They claim they will take Otis to court if he doesn't forfeit the money in the bank contract. He has one week to decide.

King Corbin and Sheamus talk about their Samoan street fight. A security guard who is friends with Sheamus come to talk to him. It's the same guard who lured Big E to the parking lot. The guard tells Sheamus someone is trying to take his car. Sheamus runs to the parking lot. IT'S BIG E!! SHEAMUS HIGH TAILS IT OUT OF THERE!! BIG E BEATS THE SHIT OUT OF THE SECURITY GUARD!! Referees and officials try to stop Big E but BIG E BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEXES THE GUARD THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD!! BIG E LOCKS HIM IN THE TRUNK!! Adam Pearce asks Big E to leave the building.

The main event is next!

Another vignette airs for the mystery woman. She's blonde with a red dress. She turns to face the camera but a mirror is in front of her face. I'm still guessing Carmella but we'll have to wait to see.

Roman Reigns gets on the mic before the match. Reigns says you can think whatever you want but this is his yard, island, and his WWE. If you want it, come and take it from him.

Samoan Street Fight Tag Team Match

Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Champ) w/ Paul Heyman & Jey Uso vs. Sheamus & King Corbin

Anything goes in this one. Reigns wipes out Sheamus and then sends Corbin out of the ring. Sheamus drags Reigns to the outside. All four men brawl on the outside. Uso takes out Corbin. Reigns back drops Sheamus over the barricade. DEEP SIX BY CORBIN ON USO ON THE FLOOR!! Corbin grabs a chair and heads in the ring. Reigns takes the chair from Corbin and WEARS HIM OUT WITH IT!! Reigns goes to the outside and tries to get a table but Sheamus knees Reigns right in the jaw!! Sheamus and Corbin both double team Reigns on the outside. They send Reigns across the announcer's table. Sheamus puts the table in the ring. Corbin mounts Uso and lands several punches. Corbin and Sheamus set up the table. Uso hits an enziguri on Sheamus. Uso goes to the top but gets cut off by both Sheamus and Corbin. THEY DOUBLE POWER BOMB USO THROUGH THE TABLE!! 1...2...NO!! REIGNS LAUNCHES A DESK CHAIR AT CORBIN!! Sheamus beats on Reigns and puts him on the announcer's table. SHEAMUS ATTEMPTS WHITE NOISE BUT REIGNS AVOIDS IT AND LOW BLOWS SHEAMUS!! REIGNS HITS A SAMOAN DROP ON SHEAMUS ON THE TABLE BUT IT DOESN'T BREAK!! Reigns turns his attention to Corbin and takes him down. REIGNS SPEARS SHEAMUS THROUGH THE BARRICADE!! Corbin attacks Reigns from behind. Uso dives to the outside but Corbin catches him and throws him into the barricade. Back in the ring, USO HITS CORBIN WITH THE UNIVERSAL TITLE!! SPEAR TO CORBIN BY REIGNS!! USO HITS A SPLASH FROM THE TOP FOR THE WIN @ 6:21!! Reigns watches Uso. Uso grabs the Universal Championship and hands it to Reigns. Reigns looks on and smirks before laughing. THEY HUG. Uso leaves the ring and Reigns stares him down to end the show but Reigns isn't smiling now.

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