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Smackdown 9/11/2020: Hardy defends IC title against Styles; Reigns/Uso Team Up in Main Event!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Bayley will address her vicious attack on Sasha Banks last week

  • Bray Wyatt will unveil a new character in the Firefly Fun House

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy (champ)

We see a 9/11 tribute graphic before the show begins. I can't believe it's been 19 years since it happening. God bless all that were affected that day.

We kick off tonight's show with highlights of Paul Heyman's promo from last week. Then we see highlights of the fatal four way main event from last week that was won by Jey Uso.

We're in the ThunderDome and here comes WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, and Paul Heyman. Heyman has a mic and says the Tribal Chief (Reigns) has authorized him to tell us everything and that's what he did last week when he put all the cards on the table. In the same night, Reign's cousin, Jey Uso stepped up and emerged the number one contender. Heyman introduces Jey Uso. Michael Cole talks about some photos of Reigns and Uso that were posted on Instagram. Uso thanks Heyman because now he gets to compete against Reigns at Clash of Champions. Heyman says he actually owes Reigns the thanks. Heyman says it was all Reigns idea and he simply carried it out. Reigns grabs a mic and says don't thank him because their blood. Reigns says how proud he is of Uso. Reigns says this is Uso's moment but at Clash of Champions, Reigns says he will whoop his ass just like when they were kids. KING CORBIN IS HERE TO INTERRUPT!! Corbin claims is was all a setup. Corbin is sickened by the fact that Reigns "picked" Uso. Corbin can't believe Reigns would abuse his power. SHEAMUS IS HERE!! He hates to agree with Corbin but he does. Sheamus claims the main event last week should of been a triple threat. Sheamus complains he didn't have time to prepare. Uso suggest a tag match of himself and Reigns facing Corbin and Sheamus. Sheamus and Corbin try to attack but Uso sends Sheamus out of the ring and Corbin into the ring post. Uso and Reigns stare each other down as Reigns leaves.

Commentary talks about Bayley's attack on Sasha Banks. There will be a fatal four way match tonight and the winner will face Bayley at Clash of Champions. Those four competitors will be Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, Lacey Evans and Tamina.

Backstage, Sami Zayn complains about not being in the WWE Intercontinental Championship match.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Jeff Hardy (champ) vs. AJ Styles

Hardy is sporting red, white, and blue face paint. Nice touch. SAMI ZAYN INTERRUPTS THE INTRODUCTIONS!! He claims this can't be for the title because he's the real champion. Zayn claims this is an exhibition match. ADAM PEARCE COMES OUT AND HAS SECURITY TAKE ZAYN TO THE BACK! STYLES CHEAP SHOTS HARDY!!

The match officially starts and Styles charges Hardy but misses in the corner. TWIST OF FATE BY HARDY!! Hardy goes to the top but misses the Swanton Bomb! We go to a commercial break.

We're back and Styles sends Hardy out of the ring. Styles stomps on Hardy on the outside. Styles breaks the count and then continues to beat on Hardy outside. Styles stands on the stairs but Hardy pushes his legs out from under him making Styles hit the stairs face first. Hardy dives onto Styles. Back in the ring, Hardy takes control. Hardy tries the double leg drop but Styles counters it. Styles runs into a back elbow and HARDY HITS WHISPER IN THE WIND!! 1...2...NO!! Hardy goes for Twist of Fate but Styles counters and hits a neck breaker on Hardy. Near fall for Styles. Hardy avoids the Styles Clash and hits the double leg drop followed by a basement drop kick. 1...2...NO!! Styles is up and goes after the injured knee of Hardy but Hardy hits a mule kick. Hardy goes for a kick in the corner but Styles moves out of the way. STYLES ROLLS TO THE APRON AND SETS UP FOR THE PHENOMENAL FOREARM. SAMI ZAYN ATTACKS STYLES FORCING A DQ @ 7:31!! ZAYN GETS IN THE RING AND HITS HARDY WITH A HELLUVA KICK! Zayn leaves and claims there is only one champion and it's him.

Commentary hypes a new Firefly Fun House.

The tag match of Roman Reigns and Jey Uso vs. King Corbin and Sheamus is official.

Jeff Hardy is trying to leave ringside when he collapses on the ramp in pain.

Alyse Ashton is outside the trainer's room and Hardy is being looked at. AJ Styles is here and he claims he can beat both Hardy and Zayn. He wants to prove once and for all that he's the true WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Commentary talks about the brand-to-brand invitational. We see highlights of Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura confronted the Street Profits on Raw. Cesaro and Nakamura are talking backstage when the Profits confront them! Cesaro says they don't have time for nonsense because they have a match next. Dawkins says they will be scouting them. Ford looks at their popcorn and champagne. Nakamura tells them not to touch anything.

Sami Zayn comes in the trainer's room to check on Jeff Hardy and they brawl!

Non-Title Match

Lucha House Party w/ Lince Dorado vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Smackdown Tag Team champs)

We start with Cesaro and Gran Metalik. Metalik uses his speed to get an early advantage and takes Cesaro down with a rana. Tag to Kalisto and he gets distracted by Nakamura allowing Cesaro to take advantage. Tag to Nakamura and he delivers strikes to Kalisto before taking him to the champs corner. Cesaro comes in and delivers a big uppercut. Near fall. Kalisto tries to fight back but Cesaro plants him with a slam. Another near fall. Nakamura comes back in and puts Kalisto on the top. Running knee to the midsection. Cesaro tags back in the and they do a knee/gutwrench suplex combo. THE PROFITS ARE ON THE TRON HAVING A PARTY IN THE CHAMPIONS LOUNGE!! KALISTO ROLLS UP CESARO FROM BEHIND FOR THE WIN @ 3:35!! The tag champs are pissed!! I don't like the champs losing before a big champions vs. champions match.

WWE Smackdown Women's champion, Bayley, is walking backstage with a chair. She is heading to the ring. She's up next!

A commercial for Raw says WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, will face Keith Lee one-on-one this Monday!

The Street Profits are still in the champions lounge and the Lucha House Party has joined the party!

Bayley makes her way to the ring with her chair. Bayley holds up the chair with a smile. She grabs a mic and sits in the chair in the middle of the ring. Major boos from the crowd. She points to the tron and we see highlights of the last couple weeks of Sasha Banks and Bayley losing their titles (Raw Women's and Women's Tag). Highlights of Bayley attacking Banks. Bayley says everyone is asking how Banks is doing but no one is asking how Bayley is doing. Bayley says she loved every single second of what she did. She claims we all want answers but Bayley is full of questions tonight. Bayley asks Banks if she thinks Bayley is an idiot. Bayley claims Banks was just keeping her close and it was a matter of time before Banks was going to turn on Bayley. Bayley claims Banks used her to become "Two Belts Banks". Bayley claims Banks used her but she claims she was using Banks. Bayley list her accomplishments. Bayley says because of Banks, she's the longest reigning Smackdown Women's champ but Banks is useless to her now.

Fatal Four Way #1 Contenders Match

Winner faces Bayley at Clash of Champions for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship

Nikki Cross vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Lacey Evans vs. Tamina

Nikki Cross makes her way to the ring for the fatal four way and BAYLEY BLASTS HER WITH A CHAIR!! After a commercial, Alexa Bliss is out to check on Cross. The match begins and Nikki gets sent out of the ring. Tamina and Lacey team up on Alexa. The alliance doesn't last as Lacey chokes Tamina in the corner ropes. Tamina stops her with a head butt. Bliss is back in to dish out right hands to Evans and Tamina. Double knees to Evans by Bliss but then Tamina takes down Bliss. Tamina is in control but Bliss breaks up her pin on Evans. Bliss tries a DDT on Tamina but Tamina blocks and squashes Bliss in the corner. Tamina chokes Bliss in the corner but Cross comes back in to jump on Tamina. Cross takes down Tamina with a clothesline. 1...2...NO!! Cross knocks Tamina off the apron. Bliss hits a baseball slide on Tamina and Evans!! Cross hits a cross body from the apron to take out Tamina and Evans!! . BLISS HITS SISTER ABIGAIL ON CROSS ON THE FLOOR AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!!

Back from the break, Tamina is working on Evans in the ring. BLISS WALKED TO THE BACK AFTER HITTING THE SISTER ABIGAIL ON CROSS. Lacey regains control and hits an elbow drop after leaping over the top from the apron. 1...2...NO! Lacey goes to the top but Tamina knocks her off. Tamina charges but misses. Lacey takes out Tamina in the corner and goes to the top. SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT BY LACEY ON TAMINA!! 1...2...CROSS BREAKS IT UP!! Cross takes out both ladies in the corner with splashes and hits a bulldog on Evans!! 1...2...NO!! CROSS HITS A TORNADO DDT ON TAMINA!! Cross takes down Evans but Tamina breaks up the pin. Tamina super kicks Evans but EVANS HITS TAMINA WITH A WOMAN'S RIGHT!! CROSS HITS EVANS WITH A NECK BREAKER!! TAMINA BREAKS UP THE PIN! TAMINA GOES FOR A SAMOAN DROP BUT CROSS ESCAPES AND STACKS UP TAMINA FOR A PIN AND THE WIN @ 11:54!! A few botches at the end of this hurt it for me. Plus, why was Naomi not in this?

A new vignette is shown for the mystery woman. She's a blonde and is wearing a fur coat but we don't see her face. My bet is Carmella.

Otis w/ Tucker vs. John Morrison w/ The Miz

Morrison charges but Otis over powers him. Morrison uses his agility but runs into a back elbow. Morrison delivers strikes but Otis no sells and dances. Morrison tries a kick but Otis catches his leg and suplexes him. All Otis so far. Miz gets on the apron to distract. Tucker comes around the ring to confront Miz. Otis charges Morrison but misses. MIZ GRABS OTIS' LUNCH BOX AND RUNS OFF!! OTIS IS PISSED!! OTIS HITS THE CATERPILLAR ON MORRISON FOLLOWED BY A VADER BOMB FOR THE WIN @ 2:24!!

Highlights of Big E getting attacked by Sheamus last week. Cole says Xavier Woods will give us an update on Big E tomorrow on Talking Smack.

Firefly Fun House next!

Backstage, Otis and Tucker hunt for The Miz. Otis tells Tucker to calm down. OTIS PULLS A LUNCH BOX OUT OF THE MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE!! OTIS HAS THE CONTRACT STILL! Miz and Morrison are somewhere else and Miz opens the lunch box he has to find an eaten apple core haha.

FUN HOUSE TIME!! Bray has something to get off his chest. He says thanks to Roman Reigns, something is missing. He says how you handle a loss to determines the person you become and gives us two thumbs up. He goes over to a box and says the new member of the Firefly Fun House is in the box. He takes the lid off and claims it's a parrot but nothing comes out. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES...PLEASE STAND BY!! Bray says hold on fireflies. He probably should of cut some holes in the box. MCBOSSMAN IS HERE!! HE DOESN'T THINK BRAY CAN HANDLE THE FUN HOUSE ON HIS OWN ANYMORE! MCBOSSMAN NAMES A SPECIAL ADVISOR FOR THE FUN HOUSE. IT"S WOBBLY WALRUS!! Bray says "Yowie Wowie!!" MCBOSSMAN SAYS THIS IS SUCH GOOD SH*T!"

King Corbin & Sheamus vs. Jey Uso & Roman Reigns (WWE Universal champ) w/ Paul Heyman

Sheamus and Corbin attack Uso before Reigns even comes out. The bell rings and still no Reigns. Uso tries to fight them off. Uso rolls up Corbin for a near fall. CORBIN HITS DEEP SIX ON USO!! 1...2...NO!! Sheamus tags in and clubs the chest of Uso on the apron. Sheamus plants Uso on the mat with a slam. Corbin comes back in to continue the beat down. Uso tries to rally with some strikes. He hits super kicks to both men! SAMOAN DROP ON CORBIN! Uso misses Corbin in the corner and Sheamus tags in. WHITE NOISE BY SHEAMUS!! 1...2...NO!! SHEAMUS SETS UP FOR THE BROGUE AND HERE COMES ROMAN REIGNS!! USO AVOIDS THE BROGUE KICK! He takes out Sheamus and suicide dives on Corbin. SUPER KICK BY USO! HE GOES TO THE TOP BUT REIGNS BLIND TAGGED HIM. SPLASH BY USO!! He covers but he's not legal. REIGNS COME IN AND SPEARS SHEAMUS FOR THE WIN @ 4:04!! Paul Heyman presents the championship to Reigns on the entrance ramp. Uso holds up Reigns hand and they both stare at each other and the championship. End Show.

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