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Smackdown 9/10/2021 Quick Results: Demon Balor Returns; Lesnar Wants Title Shot; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Smackdown:

  • Brock Lesnar returns to Smackdown

  • Contract Signing: WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch & Bianca Belair make their Extreme Rules match official

  • Edge vs. Seth Rollins

  • WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: The Street Profits vs. The Usos (champs)

We're in New York City, New York at the world's most famous arena, Madison Square Garden, for tonight's Smackdown. We got a loaded night tonight. We open the show with a tribute video package for 9/11. It's fantastic!! Check it out!! "USA" chants from the crowd as we get a look at tonight's crowd. Pat McAfee is back with Michael Cole. We're kicking things off the THE HEAD OF THE TABLE!! Roman Reigns, The Usos, and Paul Heyman. 14,425 have sold out MSG tonight! Commentary hypes the Balor vs. Reigns rematch for Extreme Rules. Heyman has a mic and hands it to Reigns who is booed. Reigns says WWE runs New York City when it comes to sports entertainment. Reigns says he and the Bloodline runs WWE. Therefore, the Tribal Chief runs NYC. Which means he runs MSG!! So MSG......ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!! Now we got "Roman" chants. BROCK LESNAR'S MUSIC HITS!!! VIKING BROCK WITH A FLANEL AND JEANS!! Lesnar circles the ring before getting in. McAfee calls Lesnar "The Alpha Male of our Species". Lesnar goes face-to-face with Reigns until the Usos step in front of Reigns. Heyman tries to talk sense into Lesnar and has a question for Lesnar. Heyman wants to know why the Universal Championship of all titles? Lesnar covers the mic and asks Heyman why he didn't tell Reigns he would be at SummerSlam. Reigns takes offense and confronts Heyman who swears he didn't know. Reigns takes his championship back from Heyman. Reigns and the Usos leave the ring. Heyman and Lesnar are left in the ring as the crowd chants "Suplex City". Heyman grabs the mic again and DOES HIS USUAL BROCK LESNAR INTRODUCTION. Lesnar grabs the mic and says that was just like old times! Lesnar tells Heyman that before Reigns fires him, accept Lesnar's challenge! LESNAR WANTS REIGNS FOR THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Heyman is hesitant. Lesnar tells Heyman he has five seconds. LESNAR COUNTS DOWN AND THEN GET HEYMAN UP FOR A F-5!! REIGNS SAVES HIM WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH!! LESNAR FIGHTS BACK AND GETS REIGNS UP FOR A F-5 BUT THE USOS SAVE REIGNS. LESNAR DESTROYS THE USOS AS REIGNS AND HEYMAN BAIL!!!

Up next we got a ten man tag team match.

The Bloodline is backstage when Kayla Braxton approaches them. Reigns and the Usos keep walking without talking. Heyman stops to talk. Kayla wants to know if Reigns will accept. Heyman takes exception and says it's bad timing. Heyman says Reigns will answer the challenge when he want to.

Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Intercontinental Champion), Rick Boogs, Big E (Money in the Bank), Rey Mysterio, & Dominik Mysterio defeated Sami Zayn, Apollo Crews, Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, & Otis w/ Chad Gable, Commander Azeez, & Trae Young via pin @ 7:23 in a ten man tag team match. Sami Zayn cuts a promo about New York before the match while wearing a Knicks jersey. Zayn introduces Trae Young (plays for Atlanta Hawks) to be in his teams corner. Loud boos for that. Young even gets involved in the match at one point. This causes Young to get ejected! Zayn gets distracted by this and that leads to him getting a double 619 from the Mysterios. Big E then finishes Zayn with the Big Ending. Post match, Kayla interviews Big E in the ring. The mic cuts out but she asks Big E about cashing in his contract. Big E teases cashing in on Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley. He says "If you have what I need, then you will feel my power".

The contract signing is next!

Another great 9/11 tribute narrated by George W. Bush.

Bianca Belair heads to the ring for the Extreme Rules contract signing. Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce are in the ring as well. They tell Belair to sign to make it official. Belair has a mic and says imagine coming all the way to MSG ("EST" chants). Belair respects Becky Lynch as a competitor. Belair always respected that Lynch never ran from a fight. Now things are different. Belair says things will be different in a fight this time. Belair says Lynch can earn her respect back at Extreme Rules while Belair wins back the championship. LYNCH COMES OUT NOW!! Loud ovation as she comes out with sunglasses and a red fur coat. McAfee says it's Joe Namath styles the last time the Jets were good haha. Lynch holds the title up in Belair's face. Lynch has a mic and says the original WrestleMania main eventer has arrived. Lynch says she knew she had Belair at SummerSlam because of how star struck Belair was when Lynch's music hit. Lynch says you can either be "a fan" or "the man". Lynch asks what if she doesn't sign the contract. Pearce asks what she means. Deville tells Lynch to sign it and Belair demands she sign it. Belair says "sign it" over and over to the point that the crowd chants it. Lynch says she was at home listening to the "We want Becky" chants and she came back on last minute notice to save all of our asses only to be treated like this. Lynch says she left her baby girl at home for us to favor a flash in the pan over her! Lynch agrees to give Belair her match but says it'll end the same way! Lynch signs and throws the contract at Belair. Lynch leaves without things getting physical.

Highlights of Edge vs. Seth Rollins at SummerSlam and what happened last week with Rollins and Cesaro.

Heyman is walking backstage talking to someone on his cell phone about Lesnar telling him he would be at SummerSlam. He passes Shotzi and Nox in the tank. Kayla Braxton is here wanting answers. Heyman says Reigns will watch the Usos retain their tag titles. THEN REIGNS WILL ANSWER LESNAR'S CHALLENGE. Heyman walks off and runs into Big E who simply holds up his briefcase and laughs haha.

Seth Rollins defeated Edge via pin @ 24:30. Edge was sporting Hart Foundation colors. At a point in the match, Rollins busted out a Glam Slam on Edge that didn't look so great. Rollins appeared to know this so he hit Edge with another one. Edge would one up Rollins by hitting Rollins with a Pedigree which got Edge "You still got it" chants. Both men would counter each others finishers down the stretch. Rollins would go for the stomp only for Edge to counter and hit a spear!!! However, Rollins would kick out!! The finish came when Rollins hit Edge with a low blow that the ref didn't see. Rollins would then hit multiple super kicks to the head of Edge before finishing him with a stomp! Great story telling and easily the best match of the night! Just a small step behind their SummerSlam match which stole the show that night.

A vignette for WWE's "Never Forget" documentary airs. It looks amazing.

A vignette for Raw says Bobby Lashley will defend the WWE Championship against Randy Orton this Monday!

The new NXT is coming this Tuesday.

Backstage, Edge is being wheeled out of the arena stretcher. We get highlights of the end of the match. We see the ambulance leave as Rollins watches. Megan Morant tries to get a word with Rollins and he says he doesn't really know how he feels about it or how he's suppose to feel about it. Rollins says maybe he doesn't feel anything at all and walks off.

Reigns is in his locker room when the Usos come in. Reigns says everyone wants what they have. Reigns reminds them that they run WWE. Usos says their match is next and they got it. They'll make the family proud. Usos leave and Reigns tells Heyman that he saved him. Reigns wants to know why he was kept in the dark about Lesnar. Heyman has no answer.

Another 9/11 tribute narrated by Barack Obama. All the tributes have been great.

It's main event time!

The Street Profits defeated The Usos via DQ @ 15:19 in a WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship match. As a result, they didn't win the titles. Midway through the match, the Profits had the Usos reeling so Reigns and Heyman came down to ringside for a closer look. This match had some odd commercial breaks that messed up the flow of the match in my opinion. Down the stretch. Ford hit Jimmy with a blockbuster off the top when Jimmy was on Dawkins' shoulders. Jey would get a blind tag and take out Dawkins with a super kick but only got a near fall. The Usos set up a double super kick but Ford stopped it. The Usos would end up hitting double super kicks and Jey followed with an Uso Splash!! However, Dawkins kicked out!!! "This is awesome" chants from the crowd. Ford make a blind tag as does Jimmy. Jimmy tries to splash Dawkins but Dawkins got the knees up. FORD HITS FROM THE HEAVENS BUT REIGNS GETS IN AND PUTS FORD IN A GUILLOTINE TO FORCE A DQ!!!

Post match, Reigns and the Usos deliver a beat down to the Profits. Reigns gets a mic and says if Lesnar wants it, he'll get it. Reigns says he'll smash Lesnar after smashing Balor!!! LIGHTS OUT!!! HEARTBEAT!!! RED LIGHTS!!!! DEMON BALOR IS HERE!!!! McAfee claims Reigns will face the Demon at Extreme Rules and Cole agrees. DEMON BALOR STARES DOWN REIGNS TO END THE SHOW!!!

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