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Smackdown 8/7/2020: Fun House Returns; Riddle vs. Sheamus; Hardy vs. Corbin; RETRIBUTION!!

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Here's what's scheduled for tonight:

  • Jeff Hardy vs. King Corbin

  • Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus

  • "The Dirt Sheet" returns with special correspondent Sonya Deville

  • The Firefly Fun House returns after last weeks attack on Alexa Bliss

We open the show with highlights of the swamp fight at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman including the part with Alexa Bliss. This leads into highlights of last weeks main event between Nikki Cross and Bayley. Then we see the part where a frustrated Nikki pushes Alexa down and walks away leaving Alexa alone before the Fiend attacks!

FIREFLY FUN HOUSE TIME!!! Bray welcomes us and says he needs to address something. He says he's being blamed for what happened to Alexa Bliss. Bray blames Braun Strowman. Braun says this could of been avoided if Braun gave "him" what he wants. "He" will be here later tonight and Bray recommends that Braun give him what he wants or she (meaning Alexa) will found out what "he" is truly capable of.

BRO!!! Our first match tonight is Riddle vs. Sheamus!!

We see highlights from last of King Corbin talking to Shorty G about his ransom and highlights of Shorty G attacking Riddle last week.

Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus

Riddle tries to Sheamus early but Sheamus gets to the ropes. Sheamus takes down Riddle and works on an arm. Riddle counters and picks the leg of Sheamus taking him down and we get a stand off. They lock up and go to the ropes before another clean break. Sheamus delivers a knee to the ribs and takes the advantage. Riddle fights back and locks in an arm bar of his own. We get another stand off before Sheamus lifts Riddle for a power bomb!! Sheamus tries to send Riddle off the apron but Riddle avoids it twice before back dropping Sheamus to the apron. Sheamus regains the advantage by beating on Riddle's chest from the apron. Sheamus goes to the top turnbuckle but Riddle knocks him off and to the floor as we go to a commercial.

We're back and Sheamus has Riddle in a head lock but Riddle is fighting back. Riddle runs into a Irish Curse back breaker!! Two more by Sheamus! Near fall. Sheamus goes back to the head lock. Riddle counters out of suplex to land on his feet and delivers a kick to Sheamus. Riddle begins building momentum. A couple forearms to Sheamus in the corner and a suplex by Riddle. Riddle follows with a running kick and a Broton for a near fall! Another Broton!! Riddle goes a moonsault from the top but Sheamus moves and Riddle lands on his feet! WHITE NOISE BY SHEAMUS! 1...2...NO!! Riddle avoids a Brogues kick and hits a German suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Sheamus with a roll up for a 2 count! Sheamus charges the corner but goes shoulder first into the ring post and to the outside. Riddle delivers some kicks to Sheamus on the outside but Sheamus delivers a knee to Riddle's jaw! SHORTY G IS HERE TO ATTACK RIDDLE CAUSING THE DQ @ 12:21!! RIDDLE FIGHTS BACK!! Riddle bounces Shorty G's head off the announcers table and then sends him into the steps. Sheamus is in the ring the whole time looking on. Sheamus is pissed because Riddle won by DQ! Riddle leaves and SHEAMUS THROWS SHORTY G IN THE RING AND DELIVERS A BROGUE KICK!! Sheamus gets on the mic and tells Shorty G to never interrupt one of his matches again!! ANOTHER BROGUE KICK FROM SHEAMUS TO SHORTY G!! This was a good hard hitting opener but I hated the finish and thought it was kind of predictable.

Commentary hypes the appearance later tonight by the Fiend.

"The Dirt Sheet" with special guest Sonya Deville is next!

Backstage, King Corbin is talking to a young lady asking if she wants him to show her around. In comes Sheamus to interrupt and Sheamus is pissed that Shorty G interrupted his match to try to get the King's ransom. Corbin laughs. Sheamus tells Corbin that if it happens again, he'll take Corbin's crown and stick it up his ass. Corbin doesn't think that's possible. Sheamus says try me and Corbin says if he wasn't dealing with Jeff Hardy tonight, he would put a dent in Sheamus' skull right now.

Time for "The Dirt Sheet". John Morrison and The Miz welcome us and show us highlights of Sonya Deville's attack on Mandy Rose. John Morrison and The Miz start having mic troubles. They make a RETRIBUTION (the stable on Raw). The welcome via satellite "Mandy Rose's Hair". It's a blonde wig with eyes on the tron and it's stupid. Miz asks questions and Morrison answers the questions voicing for "the hair". This is beyond ridiculous. The hair talk stops and Miz says the real victim hasn't been heard from yet and they introduce Sonya Deville. Sonya thanks them from having her. Sonya runs down Mandy and Miz asks why she cut Mandy's hair. Sonya says she told us she was going to make Mandy as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside and that's what she did. Sonya claims she's a woman of her word and she enjoyed every minute of what she did. Sonya says Mandy was scared because her image was ruined and Sonya doesn't feel bad at all. Sonya doesn't respect Mandy and says Mandy will never get her revenge. Miz says no one has heard from Mandy since the attack. Morrison chimes in by saying Mandy hasn't posted anything on social media since the attack either. Sonya talks about Mandy winning an award on The Bump for making out with Otis. They all three says it looks like Mandy and Otis belong together now. OTIS AND TUCKER COME OUT TO THE RING AND BEAT THE HELL OUT OF MIZ AND MORRISON!! Teddy Long would put them in a tag match later haha!!

Cesaro w/ Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Smackdown Tag Team champs) vs. Lince Dorado w/ Gran Metalik

They lock up and Cesaro backs Dorado into the corner and beats on him. Dorado uses his speed to avoid but Cesaro catches him in a back breaker. Cesaro goes on the offense. Dorado fights back and sends Cesaro to the outside. The lights flicker. Dorado uses a hurricanrana to send Cesaro into the apron. Back in the ring, Dorado does a springboard but Cesaro catches him and hits a back breaker!! Near fall. Cesaro tries to wear down Dorado. Another near fall for Cesaro. Dorado fights back with some chops and a boot. Dorado goes for his three moonsaults but Nakamura distracts him after the second one. Cesaro nails him in the back and sets up for a Razor's Edge! Dorado pops out of it and gets a roll up for a LONG 2 COUNT!! Dorado goes off the ropes but eats an uppercut by Cesaro! CESARO HITS THE JUMPING NEUTRALIZER FOR THE WIN @ 4:17!! Cesaro picks up a win in a quick outing. I'm personally glad Dorado didn't win because I didn't want to see them get a title shot at SummerSlam. Lucha House Party hasn't been taking seriously in a long time. A win here wouldn't of changed that and no reason to mess with the champs momentum for it.

Well what do you know, Teddy Long must be backstage because commentary says that because of what happened on "The Dirt Sheet", Otis and Tucker will face The Miz and John Morrison later.

Backstage, Otis is pissed and Tucker tries to come him down. Kayla Braxton is here to try to get a word with them. Otis says he likes jokes but they crossed the line. Tucker says what Sonya Deville did last week was dispicable. Otis says when you get him angry, no one will be laughing.

Firefly Fun House music and lights out!! THE FIEND IS COMING TO THE RING!!! Commercial break. Back from the break, THE FIEND IS IN THE RING AND HE HAS ALEXA BLISS!!! He circles her and then goes to the corner while Alexa is in the middle of the ring. The Fiend crawls over to her and puts his hand out like he did last week! ALEXA PUTS HER HAND OUT TO STOP HIM! SHE PUTS HER OTHER HAND ON HIS FACE AND THE FIEND PULLS AWAY!! BRAUN STROWMAN"S VOICE COMES OVER THE INTERCOM!! Braun says he doesn't give a damn about Alexa!! He only cares about destroying Bray!! Braun says the Fiend is looking at the most evil son of a bitch on the planet!! Braun says he is the thing nightmares are made of and the Fiend can have what he wants at SummerSlam!!! The Fiend vs. the Monster!!

Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton and Asuka vs. Bayley on Raw next week. Plus, more Raw Underground!

Jeff Hardy vs. King Corbin

Corbin wants the guy at ringside to take care of his crown. Hardy goes on the attack early. Inverted atomic drop by Hardy followed by the double leg drop. Vintage Hardy as Cole says. Corbin counters a Twist of Fate and hits a big clothesline for a near fall. Corbin on the offense now. Corbin sends Hardy outside near the commentary table. Corbin beats on Hardy while he's up against the announcer's table. Back in and Corbin gets a near fall. Corbin attacks with some elbow strikes before using a chin lock. Hardy fights out and they take the fight to the outside when Hardy drop kicks Corbin out of the ring. Back in the ring, Hardy RUNS INTO DEEP SIX BY CORBIN!! 1...2...NO!! Hardy counters the End of Days but Corbin catches Hardy with a knee to the face. SHEAMUS IS HERE AND BROGUE KICKS HARDY CAUSING THE DQ @ 5:26!! Sheamus costs Corbin the win like Shorty G cost Sheamus earlier. Corbin is pissed and screams at Sheamus on the outside as we got to commercial. I guess that was to expected after what happened earlier tonight.

King Corbin vs. Sheamus

This was made during the break and we pick it up with Sheamus beating down Corbin in the corner. All Sheamus since we've come back. Corbin escapes to the outside. Sheamus follows and Corbin runs through him with a clothesline. Corbin sends Sheamus into the barricade and follows with some shots to the body. Corbin bounces Sheamus off the announcer's table multiple times. Back in the ring, Sheamus catches Corbin with a knee and a clothesline sends Corbin back out of the ring. Sheamus follows and sends Corbin into the barricade now! Sheamus breaks the count and bounces Corbin's head off the announcer's table now before sending him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Sheamus goes up to the top but Corbin avoids the contact and hits a side slam. Near fall! Corbin pummels Sheamus! Corbin sends Sheamus shoulder first into the ring post. Corbin works the arm, shoulder, and neck of Sheamus with a submission. Sheamus fights back and goes for White Noise but Corbin avoids it and delivers clothesline! MATT RIDDLE IS HERE TO CAUSE A DISTRACTION!! BROGUE KICK BY SHEAMUS TO CORBIN FOR THE WIN @ 5:24!! Not a bad match for what it was. Sheamus and Matt Riddle both get their respective revenge for what happened earlier in the night.

Bayley and Sasha Banks are backstage. Banks ask Bayley if she's ok. Bayley wishes Banks had asked her about the Asuka match first. Banks says Bayley needs to win for her. Bayley is a little worried about Asuka because of what Bayley did to Kairi Sane. Banks says Bayley is her role model and she believes in her. A guy interrupts them and says they are needed in the ring for a video conference with STEPHANIE MCMAHON!!

Kayla Braxton is backstage to interview Big E. Braxton asks about Big E venturing out on his own. Big E says he can answer the question of what could of been had he gone it alone. Big E says the New Day never held him down. They lifted him up!! He says he will give this run all of him because.....Kayla says NEW DAY ROCKS!! Big E has her say it multiple times!! Haha!

Bayley and Sasha Banks are in the ring now. Stephanie McMahon appears on the tron and thanks them for taking time to join her. Stephanie congratulates them on reaching their goals of winning all the titles. They kiss her ass and say they are just trying to be role models for people like Stephanie's daughter. Stephanie brings up Bayley being a referee and the attack on Kairi Sane. Stephanie isn't sure that's how role models act. Banks and Bayley continue to keep kissing ass. Stephanie says she doesn't hold a grudge. Stephanie says at SummerSlam, they will both be defending their title. STEPHANIE SAYS ASUKA WILL FACE BANKS IF SHE BEATS BAYLEY MONDAY AND THERE WILL BE A TRIPLE BRAND BATTLE ROYAL NEXT WEEK WHERE THE WINNER FACES BAYLEY AT SUMMERSLAM FOR HER TITLE!!

Backstage, John Morrison and The Miz are with Sonya Deville. Kayla Braxton is here to interview Morrison and Miz asking if they regret their comments on "The Dirt Sheet". Basically, they don't and make more jokes. Braxton says she hasn't seen Otis this upset before. Miz says Heavy Machinery is tough and Morrison says tough in catering and they excuse themselves. The match is next!

John Morrison & The Miz w/ Sonya Deville vs. Heavy Machinery

Commentary reminds us Otis has the Money in the Bank contract in case we forgot since they rarely address it. Tucker and Morrison start and Tucker controls it with amateur mat wrestling. All Tucker early. Otis tags in and they double team Morrison. Miz in now and he hits Otis with some strikes but he no sells them. More double team moves by Heavy Machinery and Tucker takes out both Miz and Morrison on the outside with a flip from the apron as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Miz has Tucker in a head lock in the middle of the ring. Miz backs Tucker into the corner. Good double team by Miz and Morrison as Morrison hits a springboard stomp while Miz holds Tucker. Morrison takes over on Tucker. They trade punches in the middle of the ring. Morrison gets the better of it and tags the Miz. DDT by Miz gets a near fall. Tucker continues to get isolated. Miz tags Morrison but Tucker blocks the double team and MAKES THE HOT TAG TO OTIS!! OTIS RUNS WILD ON THE HEELS!! CATERPILLAR TO MORRISON!! MIZ BREAKS UP THE PIN!! Tucker charges Miz on the outside but runs into the barricade when Miz moves. Miz sends Otis in the steps. MANDY ROSE IS HERE TO ATTACK SONYA!!! Mandy has shorter hair (Probably just took her extensions out). THE LADIES BRAWL IN THE RING AND THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL @ 9:07!! No contest I guess. The brawl between the ladies continues as the men try to separate them. They keep brawling as we go to a commercial.

Back from commercial, the ladies are still brawling backstage and are pulled apart!! THE LIGHTS GO OUT!!


Next Week:

  • Triple Brand Battle Royal: Winner faces Bayley at SummerSlam for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship

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