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Smackdown 8/21/2020: The First Smackdown in the Thunder Dome; Styles defends IC title against Hardy!

Here's what's on tap tonight:

  • VINCE MCMAHON kicks off the show!

  • WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: Lucha House Party vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (champs)

  • Big E vs. Sheamus

  • Braun Strowman has a final message for "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt before SummerSlam

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles (champ)

Welcome to the first Smackdown inside the WWE ThunderDome! WE GOT PYRO AGAIN!! We're kicking off the show with VINCE MCMAHON!! He welcomes us and I'll admit it's cool to see fans interacting! THE LIGHTS GO OUT AND THE FIEND IS HERE!!! He slowly makes his way to the ring but Vince doesn't seem to be afraid. The Fiend seems conflicted as he goes to get in the ring. The Fiend gets in and stands across from Vince. Vince moves and the Fiend steps in front of him. HERE COMES BRAUN STROWMAN! Vince bails! Braun and the Fiend stand across from each other. RETRIBUTION IS HERE SURROUNDING BRAUN AND THE FIEND!! BRAUN LAUGHS AND THE FIEND WAVES BYE!! THE LIGHTS GO OUT! WHEN THEY COME BACK ON THE FIEND IS GONE AND BRAUN IS ALL ALONE! RETRIBUTION ATTACKS BRAUN!! The Smackdown locker room clears out as they all try to come make the save. The Smackdown roster eventually clears the ring. DREW GULAK HELPS BRAUN UP BUT BRAUN DESTROYS HIM!! BRAUN STORMS OFF PISSED! The locker room should of just let Braun get his ass kicked after what he did to Alexa Bliss. Commentary tried to play it up like the locker room was a united front against Retribution.

We're back and Sheamus is still in the ring arguing with Big E.

Sheamus vs. Big E

This was suppose to happen later but it's happening now. The Smackdown locker room is surrounding the ring. The match starts slow with neither man gaining an advantage. They both try a shoulder block but neither man moves. Big E sends Sheamus outside the ring with a clothesline. Corey Graves is still blaming Big E for Retribution. Big E is in control on the outside and throws Sheamus in to beat the count. Big E clubs Sheamus while he's on the apron and then splashes him!! The "fans" watching in the crowd gives the show a better feel for sure. Sheamus gains the upper hand and takes down Sheamus with a flying clothesline from the top. Sheamus takes over and beats on Big E's chest with him draped across the ropes. #WWEThunderDome is the #1 trend on Twitter right now. Sheamus hits an Irish Curse back breaker for a near fall. THE LIGHTS START FLICKERING AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!

Back from the break, Sheamus is wearing down Big E but Big E fights back with two belly to belly suplexes! A third one plants Sheamus! Big E taunts and runs off the ropes and delivers another big splash! Sheamus counters the Big Ending. Big E avoids a Brogue Kick and Sheamus connects with a wicked knee strike! Both men exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Big E avoids White Noise and delivers a uranage for a near fall. Big E charges looking for the spear through the ropes but eats a knee to the face! Sheamus blocks the Big Ending again and sends Big E into the post! WHITE NOISE BY SHEAMUS!! KING CORBIN NAILS MATT RIDDLE ON THE OUTSIDE LEADING TO A BRAWL OUTSIDE!! SHEAMUS IS DISTRACTED BY IT AND THAT ALLOWS BIG E TO ROLL HIM UP FOR THE WIN @ 10:08!! Good back and forth as Big E picks up another good win! Otis, Tucker, and Big E dance to celebrate!

Back in the trainer's room, Jeff Hardy is being looked at because he has injured his knee somehow. Jeff asks for a brace and says someone fell on him. Alright that's odd. Jeff tells the trainer he has to be able to compete tonight. Michael Cole will keep us posted on the story. The WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships are on the line next! CESARO AND SHINSUKE NAKAMURA CHEAP SHOT THE LUCHA HOUSE PARTY BACKSTAGE!

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (champs) vs. Lucha House Party w/ Kalisto

We start with Gran Metalik and Nakamura. Nakamura delivers some kicks early and in comes Cesaro to take over. Metalik uses his speed to gain an advantage. Metalik goes for a hurricanrana but Cesaro catches him and power bombs him! The Miz and John Morrison are watching closely backstage and give their two cents. Meanwhile, Nakamura continues to beat down Metalik. Cesaro and Nakamura trade tags and continue to wear down Metalik. Cesaro uses a front face suplex to hang Metalik across the top. They battle on the top turnbuckle and Metalik hits the hurricanrana from the top! Both men tag out! Lince Dorado runs wild on Nakamura and hits a cross body from the top! Super kick but Dorado followed but two moonsaults! HE HITS THE THIRD FROM THE TOP BUT CESARO BREAKS UP THE PIN! Dorado sends Cesaro to the outside and Metalik takes Cesaro out on the outside. Reverse exploder by Nakamura on Dorado! Nakamura looks for the Kinshasa but Dorado avoids it and gets a near fall! Cesaro is back in and they have a quick exchange as the pace has picked up. Dorado looks for another hurricanrana or possible destroyer but CESARO GETS THE ROLL UP FOR THE WIN @ 5:34!! THE CHAMPS RETAIN! Kalisto looks pissed!! He gets in the ring and they Lucha House Party get into an argument. Kalisto shoves Dorado but Metalik steps between them to prevent it from getting physical.

The trainer is still working on Jeff Hardy.

Highlights of Retribution from earlier. They show highlights and AJ STYLES kicked Jeff Hardy's knee out from under him.

Kayla Braxton interviews AJ Styles backstage. Styles says he was trying to get rid of Retribution but it's unfortunate that Jeff may not be able to compete tonight. Styles runs into Sasha Banks and Bayley. They all talk about their gold. Sasha Banks and Bayley head to the ring as they're next!

Kayla Braxton talks with Mandy Rose backstage. Mandy says it's been a rough week. Mandy wants to believe there is still good in this world. Mandy looks into the camera speaking directly to Sonya Deville. Mandy wants to believe in the Sonya that she was inseparable with still exist. Mandy wants to put everything behind them and get back to how they were. BOOOO!

It's Boss time according to Michael Cole and Bayley is out too. They get pyro and they're dressed to compete. Corey Graves is here to interview them and he botches Banks' nickname. He ask if they're splitting up and they say no. Graves says Asuka could leave with two titles and they champs cut him off. Graves brings up their history with Asuka and the champs take offense. Banks accuses Graves of stirring the pot. Bayley says they shouldn't be questioned because they got all the gold. Graves asks why Bayley would volunteer to have her match first. Bayley says it was merely a suggestion and says Banks is capable of going first too. Bayley and Banks tease confrontation. NAOMI IS HERE TO INTERRUPT! Naomi says she can help the situation by facing them both tonight! They accept! GRAVES SUGGEST A BEAT THE CLOCK CHALLENGE! The champs talk and Naomi takes them both out. I guess it's next.

Beat the Clock Challenge Match #1

Sasha Banks vs. Naomi

Banks takes down Naomi and tries a quick cover. Naomi turns the tide and stacks Banks for a near fall. Naomi rolls Banks around the ring and then slaps Banks in the head. Naomi sends Banks outside the ring with a head scissors. Commentary stresses the urgency for Banks to end it early. They battle back to the apron where Banks regains control. Double knees to Naomi's midsection. Near fall for Banks. Naomi uses a jaw breaker to escape a head lock. Both ladies trade small packages. Naomi uses a front face suplex to put Banks on the apron and follows with a spring board kick to the head for a near fall. Banks gets a near fall before she's able to LOCK IN THE BANK STATEMENT!! NAOMI TAPS @ 3:39!! Bayley comes in the ring and goes on the attack!!

Beat the Clock Challenge Match #2

Bayley vs. Naomi

All Bayley since the attack! About a minute in and no offense by Naomi yet. Near fall for Bayley. Running clothesline by Bayley for a near fall. Naomi fights back and hits a bulldog sending Bayley into the turnbuckle. Bayley explodes out of the corner though. Bayley comes off the ropes BUT RUNS INTO A REAR VIEW AND NAOMI WINS @ 1:54!! Banks is smiling while Bayley is down! Banks then tries to help Bayley up! ASUKA IS HERE!! I'm not sure what she says but she finishes by saying at SummerSlam, she will be the Empress of every title! Banks goes to confront Asuka in the entry way but eats a kick. Asuka goes after Bayley but Bayley bails and doesn't help Banks!

Jeff Hardy is still in the trainer's room and has a brace on. The trainer says if Hardy can tolerate the pain, he'll clear him. The match is on!

Firefly Fun House brand new episode later.

Kayla Braxton catches up to Sonya Deville. Deville has nothing to say. Dana Brooke confronts Sonya and Sonya slaps the hell out of her!

Sonya Deville comes out now. Sonya heard what Mandy had to say. Sonya says Mandy is second guessing her own challenge. Sonya asks what she wants because they're going to face each other at SummerSlam one way or another. Sonya doesn't care if she is bald so lets raise the stakes. Sonya says she's sick of looking at Mandy's face! Sonya wants it to be NO DQ AND LOSER LEAVES WWE!!!

Commentary recaps the history of Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, and Alexa Bliss.

Nikki Cross is backstage now. Nikki says Alexa seemed a little off when she spoke to her the other day. Cross says Alexa seemed desperate. Cross is scared because it wasn't the normal Alexa. Nikki says she feels like something terrible will happen soon.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

AJ Styles (champ) vs. Jeff Hardy

Daniel Bryan interview as the entrances are happening and he hopes Hardy wins. Hardy is hobbling during his entrance. It's good to have the crowd involved. Styles goes right after the knee but Hardy fights him off. Styles takes Hardy into the corner and takes out the leg. Styles rips Hardy's pants to expose the knee brace and continues the attack on the knee. Styles tries to send Hardy into the ropes but the knee gives out. Hardy fights back with a jaw breaker to create separation and sends Styles to the outside where Styles hits hard. Hardy attempts to go after him but Styles catches Hardy by the leg and slams his knee into the apron as we go to a commercial.

We're back and Styles is working the injured leg in the ring. One legged Hardy hits a mule kick. Vintage Hardy (according to Cole) with the double leg drop now and a basement drop kick for a near fall. Front face suplex by Hardy for a near fall. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate but Styles counters and hits a pele kick! Hardy struggles to get to his feet. Hardy tries a Whisper in the Wind but falls off the top turnbuckle because of his knee! STYLES SETS HIM UP AND GOES FOR THE PHENOMENAL FOREARM BUT HARDY CATCHES HIM WITH A PUNCH! STYLES ROLLS THROUGH AND LOCKS HARDY IN THE CALF CRUSHER!! Hardy makes it to the ropes!! Styles goes back to the knee and Hardy avoids the Styles Clash!! HARDY HITS STYLES WITH THE KNEE BRACE!! TWIST OF FATE BY HARDY!! SWANTON BOMB AND HARDY WINS @ 11:06!! HARDY IS THE CHAMP!! Kayla Braxton gets in the ring to interview Hardy. Hardy could of never imagined this a year ago. Hardy hopes things get better for everyone! Maybe we'll get a rematch at Payback?

Firefly Fun House is next!

AJ Styles talks to Joseph Park backstage when Kayla Braxton comes to get a word. Styles says it's all bull crap and he's pissed.

The Talking Smack show is back and will be on the free version of the WWE Network tomorrow morning.

FIREFLY FUN HOUSE TIME!! YOWIE WOWIE!! Bray talks up the ThunderDome. All of Bray's pictures behind him are of Braun. Bray says love can be a tricky thing that can make everything come crashing down. Bray gets a call. Bray shows us Firefly Theater presents Braun & Alexa. He uses puppets to redo they're confrontation. He stops the puppets when they go to kiss. Bray says love can only lead to pain and suffering. We should all be more like HIM! HE can't wait to get his hands on Braun. BRAUN ATTACKS BRAY IN THE FUN HOUSE!! BRAUN BEATS HIM DOWN AND DRAGS HIM OUT OF THE FUN HOUSE AND SAYS HE'S NOT FINISHED WITH HIM! We go to a commercial.

Commentary talks about what just happened.

Backstage, Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt are brawling with Braun in control. BRAUN CHOKE SLAMS BRAY OFF THE LOADING DOCK! An ambulance backs up to where Bray is. Bray is put on a stretcher and loaded into the ambulance. We see highlights of the choke slam. The ambulance takes forever to leave and goes super slow. THE AMBULANCE STOPS AND BACKS UP!! Officials wonder what the hell is going on. THE LIGHTS INSIDE THE AMBULANCE TURN RED!! THE FIEND COMES OUT OF THE AMBULANCE!!! We get a close up of the Fiend's face and he starts laughing hysterically. LET ME IN!! End show.

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