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Smackdown 8/14/2020: Triple Brand Battle Royal; Big E/Morrison; Bliss Tells All!!!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Smackdown:

  • Braun Strowman promises to confront "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt

  • Big E vs. John Morrison w/ The Miz

  • Alexa Bliss will have a sit down interview to discuss her interactions with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt

  • Triple Brand Battle Royal: Winner faces Bayley at SummerSlam for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship!

We kick off tonight's show with highlights of all the stuff Retribution has done in recent weeks.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves tells us there is extra security to guard all entrances of the building. To me, this definitely means Retribution will do something.

Big E pre-match promo where he reminds us of his singles success including winning the NXT Championship and WWE Intercontinental Championship. John Morrison isn't buying this run and calls Big E injury prone.

Big E vs. John Morrison

THE LIGHTS FLICKER BEFORE THE MATCH CAN EVEN START!!! RETRIBUTION IS HERE!!! THEY ATTACK AND DESTROY MORRISON AND BIG E!! Miz comes out to check on Morrison as we go to a commercial. What the hell happened to that extra security?!? It didn't last five minutes.

Backstage, Morrison and Big E are both talking to the whole locker room about the attacks. KING CORBIN IS HERE!! He says we are under attack and need leadership. He claims he will lead everyone. Big E says this is our house and he will be damned in the Teenage Foot Clan comes in here and takes over. Big E still wants his match with John Morrison later. Big E wants to fight and asks who is with him. SHEAMUS is here and applauds Big E's speech. Sheamus calls Big E alone, scared, and vulnerable. Sheamus says he can smell the fear on Big E. Sheamus talks a big game but Big E says he's not alone as him and the rest of the locker room walk off leaving Sheamus, Corbin, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura.

The WWE Women's Tag Team champions are here!!! Bayley has the mic and says Retribution probably wants to hear what they have to say. Sasha Banks addresses what happened on Raw and talks about her defense against Asuka at SummerSlam. BANKS ALSO SAYS THEY MUST DEFEND THEIR TAG TITLES AT PAYBACK!! Banks says tonight is all about Bayley!! They talk about Stephanie McMahon and run down commentary. They decide to do the ring announcing for the battle royal. Bayley and Banks give over the top introductions for everyone until Asuka interrupts. She's a participant tonight.

Triple Brand Battle Royal

The Winner faces Bayley for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship at SummerSlam

Participants include: The IIconics, Tegan Nox, Shotzi Blackheart, Lacey Evans, Asuka, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Shayna Baszler, Bianca Belair, Naomi, Dana Brooke, Tamina & Nikki Cross.

Asuka interrupts the introductions and attacks Banks and Bayley as we go to a commercial, Back from the break and we're started. Everyone brawls!! Ruby Riott takes a bullet for Liv Morgan and is eliminated by the IIconics. The action is fast but Liv Morgan and the IIconics both get eliminated. Dana Brooke and Nikki Cross fight on the outside of the ring but neither are eliminated. Nikki Cross tries to take on Tamina but has no luck. Tamina eliminates Nikki Cross with a super kick. Tamina and Belair have a face off in the middle of the ring. BELAIR SPEARS TAMINA!! BELAIR ELIMINATES TAMINA WITH A GLAM SLAM TYPE MOVE!! Lacey works on Naomi and eliminates her with the Woman's Right!! SHOTZI ELIMINATES LACEY!! SHAYNA USES THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH ON SHOTZI!! LACEY PULLS SHOTZI OFF THE APRON TO ELIMINATE HER!! Belair and Nox do battle now. NOX LOW BRIDGES BELAIR AND BELAIR IS GONE!! NOX, BASZLER, AND ASUKA ARE LEFT!! BASZLER PUTS NOX ON THE APRON AND DANA BROOKE PULLS HER OFF. Apparently, Dana is still in. HIP ATTACK BY ASUKA AND DANA IS OUT!! DOWN TO TWO!! ASUKA and BASZLER!! Baszler knocks Asuka to the apron. BANKS AND BAYLEY TRY TO ATTACK ASUKA BUT SHE FIGHTS THEM OFF. Asuka saves herself by stepping on Banks and Bayley! BASZLER HAS ASUKA IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH BUT ASUKA FLIPS BASZLER OVER THE TOP AND WINS @ 8:06!! Asuka will face Bayley for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship!! Asuka has two title shots at SummerSlam!!

Commentary shows us highlights of Sonya Deville attacking Mandy Rose two weeks ago. Mandy Rose is up next to address it.

Backstage, Banks and Bayley complain how unfair it is when ASUKA ATTACKS THEM BOTH!!

Mandy Rose is backstage to talk. Mandy says she has been hearing criticism her whole life. She says that stuff hurts. Mandy talks about how hard she has worked to get where she's at. She thanks Sonya for reminding her that she's more than a pretty face. MANDY CHALLENGES SONYA DEVILLE TO A HAIR VS. HAIR MATCH AT SUMMERSLAM! Mandy says she will prove Sonya wrong and it will get ugly.

Sheamus walks backstage and relieves security of their duties and says he will take care of Retribution if they show up. Sheamus is heading to the ring next!

SHAWN MICHAELS WILL BE ON RAW TO ADDRESS RANDY ORTON!! They tease whether Rey Mysterio will come back after what happened to Dominik last week.

Nikki Cross is backstage and she runs up to Alexa Bliss to give her a hug. Cross apologizes and asks if she is alright. Bliss says she is good. Nikki tries to get her to leave but Bliss says she needs to stay and get some answer from Braun Strowman.

Sheamus vs. Shorty G

Shorty G goes on the attack right away but Sheamus quickly turns the tide. Sheamus pounds on his chest while he's on the apron and Shorty G falls to the outside. Sheamus puts him back in the ring and hits an uppercut before Shorty G takes Sheamus out at the knee. Shorty G hits Sheamus with a series of cross faces while mounting him. Shorty G goes off the ropes but runs in axe handle. IRISH CURSE back breaker by Sheamus but Shorty G keeps fighting back. Shorty G G hits a missile drop kick from the top for a near fall. Shorty G locks in an ankle lock but Sheamus escapes. WHITE NOISE BY SHEAMUS! BROGUE KICK BY SHEAMUS AND IT'S OVER @ 3:35!! Some brief offense by Shorty G but Sheamus has his way with him for the most part.

AJ Styles is backstage talking to Joseph Park (Abyss) backstage. Corey Graves says we are going to have the debut of the Phenomenal Intercontinental Statistics System next?!? I guess Styles is tired of defending his title against unworthy competitors.

WWE Intercontinental champion AJ Styles is here now with Park (who is playing Styles statistician). He says no one cares about the hooligans destroying the ring. Everyone wants to know who is facing AJ Styles next. AJ blames Daniel Bryan. AJ says he has beaten everyone so far. Styles plugs his Twitch account. Styles claims lots of nerds are bringing up statistics and trying to decide his next opponent for him. Styles says he's been looking at statistics himself. Styles says he has hired a team for statistics. He's not going to hand out anything. He reveals a white board that has AJ STYLES as # 1! He goes to reveal #2-4 and it's........NO ONE!! HAHA! He says no one has earned it!! Styles says if you work hard, you can get on the board. HERE COMES JEFF HARDY!!! Hardy says he has a ton of respect for Styles. Hardy talks about being taken out in the tournament by Sheamus. Hardy says he could of faced Styles in the finals. Hardy says that was his first singles title and it means a lot to him. Hardy says the WWE Universe thinks the idea of Hardy vs. Styles is mega cool so he's throwing down the challenge. Styles says he respects Hardy as well and says he gets it. Styles says Hardy was part of the best tag team in WWE and he deserves to be on the board. Styles says if you're asking if Styles wants to face Hardy, the answer is.....HELL NO!! Styles says he must earn it and HARDY ATTACKS!!! HARDY THEN PUTS HIS NAME ON THE BOARD!!

WWE Smackdown Tag Team champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura are talking about Nakamura's match tonight with Gran Metalik. When they turn around, Lucha House Party is stealing their titles.

Kayla Braxton tries to get a word with AJ Styles backstage. Styles says Hardy doesn't respect him. Styles says when you mess with him, you get erased!! He tries to erase Hardy's name from the white board but it's in permanent marker.

In an interview before the match, Cesaro calls the Lucha House Party annoying pests. Cesaro says they will crush them.

Gran Metalik w/ Lince Dorado vs. Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Cesaro (WWE Smackdown Tag Team champs)

Nakamura attacks right away and beats down Metalik in the corner. Nakamura gets an early near fall. Metalik picks up the pace and hits a hurricanrana then sends Nakamura out of the ring. (Side note: Michael Cole says Smackdown won't be at the PC next week and there will be fan interaction) Nakamura stops him in his tracks though and delivers some kicks. Metalik hits a spring board cross body and starts building some offense. A spring board back elbow by Metalik gets a near fall. Metalik counters an exploder. Metalik runs the ropes but is distracted by Cesaro! A kick by Nakamura gets a near fall. Reverse explode by Nakamura and he sets up for the Kinshasha! KALISTO IS HERE!! KALISTO AND LINCE DORADO TAKE OUT CESARO. Metalik takes advantage!! METALIK HITS AN ELBOW FROM THE TOP ROPE FOR THE WIN @ 4:12!! Metalik puts the Lucha House Party in the win column against the tag champs. Probably leading to a future title match,

Commentary officially says the PAYBACK PAY-PER-VIEW WILL BE AUGUST 30th!! A week at SummerSlam!

The interview with Alexa Bliss is next!

Kayla Braxton interviews Matt Riddle and asks about King Corbin's ransom. Riddle says no one like a bounty on their head. Riddle says he came here to compete. Riddle says Corbin is just a royal pain. Riddle says he has called him out but Corbin won't answer. SHORTY G is here! He tries to explain his actions and he's embarrassed. Shorty G apologizes. Riddle says he is down for a match anytime. KING CORBIN ATTACKS RIDDLE FROM BEHIND!! Shorty G looks surprised as Corbin thanks him and leaves.

Alexa Bliss interview now. She is asked how she's feeling and says she has felt better. She is asked about her history with Braun Strowman. We see Team Little Big highlights. They ask Bliss if she ever thought it would be romantic. She says maybe because they both cared about each other a lot. She is asked if she thinks that is why the Fiend attacked her. She says only the Fiend can answer that. She is asked about interacting with the Fiend. She says he is scary, terrifying, but also compelling. Alexa is asked about Braun's comments last week. She chokes up and looks around and we go to a commercial.

Commentary says AJ Styles will defend the WWE Intercontinental Championship next week against Jeff Hardy!

Sonya Deville is backstage and she thinks Mandy Rose will look great bald. Sonya says everyone says all those things about Mandy because they are true. SONYA ACCEPTS THE CHALLENGE!!

John Morrison vs. Big E

The Miz is on commentary. Morrison tries to target the injured knee early (it's taped up). Big E over powers him for a minute but Morrison goes back to the knee. Morrison uses his speed but Big E over powers him again. Morrison tries a springboard but Big E pushes him off the top and to the outside!! Back in the ring, Big E is in control. He pulls Morrison to the apron and clubs his chest. SPLASH ON THE APRON BY BIG E!! Big E breaks the count. Miz tries to play cheerleader and distracts Big E allowing Morrison to chop block the knee and take advantage. In the ring, Morrison targets the injured knee. Near fall for Morrison. OTIS IS HERE!! HE CONFRONTS MIZ!! THE LIGHTS START FLICKERING AGAIN AS WE GO TO COMMERCIAL. Michael Cole is panicking haha.

Back from the break, the whole Smackdown locker room is surrounding the ring in preparation for Retribution. The lights flicker again!! RETRIBUTION IS BACKSTAGE DESTROYING THINGS AND BEATING UP REFEREES!! The wrestlers at ringside have no idea what's going on backstage. COLE AND GRAVES TELL EVERYONE AROUND THE RING WHAT'S GOING ON BACKSTAGE. They all head to the back. Commentary gives Miz a hard time for staying ringside. The roster gets back stage but Retribution is gone! The match is still going. Morrison runs into a uranage by Big E! Near fall! Big E sets up the Big Ending but Morrison escapes. BIG E GOES FOR A ROLL UP ON MORRISON BUT TURNS IT INTO THE STRETCH MUFFLER AND MORRISON TAPS @ 11:48!! Good match from what we got to see. I feel like the Retribution stuff took up over half of it and that's what commentary talked about most of the time. SHEAMUS IS HERE AND BROGUE KICKS BIG E!! BRAUN STROWMAN IS HERE NOW!! STROWMAN IS BALD!! (He does have the beard still though) We go to a commercial.

We're back and Braun Strowman is in the ring. Strowman has a mic and says they say you'll never see it coming at SummerSlam. Strowman promises The Fiend that he will see it coming. STROWMAN CALLS OUT THE FIEND!! Strowman promises to destroy him. HERE COMES ALEXA BLISS!! Bliss doesn't want to make him angry but she wants to have a conversation about their friendship. She doesn't believe that he doesn't care. Strowman confirms that he doesn't care. Braun says everyone that comes in contact with the Fiend changes including Bliss. Braun tells her to leave the ring. She says she guesses she has to slap some sense into him. BLISS SLAPS STROWMAN MULTIPLE TIMES!! Strowman goes to military press Bliss and THROWS BLISS IN THE AIR WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT!!! THEY COME BACK ON AND THE FIEND IS IN THE RING WITH BLISS ON THE MAT BUT BRAUN IS GONE!! BRAUN IS ON THE TRON LAUGHING!! Looks like they're building towards a double switch for Braun and the Fiend. Soon we will have heel Braun and face Fiend. They have a stare down to end the show!!

Next week:

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles (champ)

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