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Smackdown 8/13/2021: New IC Champ; MITB Briefcase Stolen; Banks one ups Belair; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Smackdown:

  • WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and John Cena meet face-to-face

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Rick Boogs vs. Apollo Crews (champ) w/ Commander Azeez

  • Contract Signing: WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks make their SummerSlam match official

We're in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the BOK Center for Smackdown tonight! We're kicking things off with JOHN CENA!!! Commentary hypes Cena vs. Reigns at SummerSlam. We get highlights of the contract signing where Finn Balor got hosed because of Baron Corbin. Cena swooped in and signed. Cena says school is about to be in session so it's time for Reigns report card. Cena gives him a "D". Cena says the WWE has been selling Reigns for the past 10 years but Reigns is the only one buying. Cena says he'll give Reigns a "F" at SummerSlam. Cena wants to know what Tulsa feels about it. He has a pop quiz. Big "Cena" chants. Cena asks the crowd is Reigns will beat the hell out of him at SummerSlam and they boo. He asks again and they boo louder. As a Dr. in Thuganomics, he says Reigns will beat the hell out of him but he'll also lose and there's not a damn thing he can do about it!! CUE ROMAN REIGNS!! He's accompanied by Paul Heyman. As Reigns takes his time getting to the ring, Cole and McAfee hypes the contract signing and IC title match for tonight. We go to a break. They'll be face to face next!

We come back from the break and Reigns is just now getting in the ring. Cena says ladies and gentlemen, Reigns is here with fireworks and all. Cena thanks Reigns for joining him. Heyman gives Reigns a mic and Reigns says not to waste his time. Cena won't waste his time but he's waiting until a week from tomorrow to embarrass Reigns at SummerSlam. Reigns asks if that's all Cena has and Cena says that's all he needs. Cena says Reigns walks around thinking this is his show and we all have to play by his rules. Cena says Reigns thinks this is his company but everyone knows it belongs to the fans. Cena says he's back because he's the only one who can shut Reigns up. Cena says Reigns has been pushed for a decade and he's had failure after failure. Cena says we was asked to come back and serve Reigns a big ass piece of humble pie! Cena says the fans know they have a week left to choose between Team Reigns and Team Cena. Cena says SummerSlam will be historic. Reigns says he thought we were going to get something fresh tonight. Reigns begs Cena to cut him with something new. Cena says Reigns will kick his ass with spear after spear and DC super hero punch after DC super hero punch. Cena says all he has to do is pin Reigns 1..2..3 to become the 17-time champion. That would make Cena the most decorated champion of all time!! Cena says that would be fun but he's actually here to help Reigns. Reigns says that's how good Cena is that he's here to help him. Reigns says he's sophisticated. He respects Cena and calls him arguably the greatest. Reigns puts over Cena and says Cena's career speaks for itself. Reigns says Cena is good enough to be the WWE Champion but NOT the Universal Champion. Reigns says 20+ years of missionary may be good for Cena but NOT FOR NIKKI BELLA!! Reigns plans to smash Cena and send him back to Hollywood. Reigns tells Cena to take us home. Cena says Reigns hasn't been embarrassed because he's been protected. Cena says Reigns almost ruined Seth Rollins and ran Ambrose out of WWE. Cena says we want a compelling story at SummerSlam. Cena says Reigns has to smash and bash Cena but Cena just needs a 1...2....3. If that happens, all Reigns will be is a trivia answer to who did Cena beat to become a 17-time champ!! Cena says he may run out of Allegiant Stadium and blow Reigns a kiss goodbye (CM Punk reference there)!!! This started slow but picked up some passionate promos!

Commentary hypes the contact signing and IC title match. The IC title match is next!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Apollo Crews (champ) w/ Commander Azeez vs. Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Rick Boogs

Crews goes on the attack to start. Suplex by Crews. Nakamura takes down Crews with a kick off the ropes. Boots by Nakamura in the corner now. Knee drop by Nakamura for a near fall. Azeez distracts and Crews hits a drop kick followed by a high elbow. Crews misses a charge in the corner. Nakamura puts Crews on the top turnbuckle and hits a running knee. Nakamura goes up to the top with Crews but Crews knocks him off. Boogs gets on the apron with the guitar to play and distract Crews. THE REF EJECTS BOOGS!! AZEEZ TRIES TO GET IN THE RING ON THE OTHER SIDE AND HE GETS EJECTED AS WELL. We go to a commercial.

We're back with Nakamura getting a near fall. Nakamura goes to the top rope but Crews hits a jumping enziguri! Crews climbs to the top as well. CREWS HITS A SUPERPLEX!! 1....2.....NO!!! CREWS HITS A POWER BOMB!! Crews holds on but gets a near fall. SIT OUT POWER BOMB BY CREWS NOW FOR ANOTHER NEAR FALL!!! A frustrated Crews goes to the top. Crews wants a frog splash but Nakamura gets the knees up. Nakamura wants the Kinshasa but Crews with another enziguri. Crews stacks up Nakamura for a pin and uses the ropes for leverage but the ref sees it. Crews hits a German!! 1.....2.....NO!! Crews with an Olympic Slam but Nakamura counters with a kick! MICHINOKU DRIVER BY NAKAMURA!! 1.....2......NO!!! Reverse suplex by Nakamura!! NAKAMURA HITS THE KINSHASA AND WE GOT A NEW CHAMP!!!! The commercial didn't help his. Hopefully Nakamura can elevate the title now.

W: Shinsuke Nakamura via pin @ 10:06

Rick Boogs comes back to celebrate!! HE PLAYS GUITAR WITH PAY MCAFEE ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!

Up next is the Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy. We see highlight of their rivalry which feels like it's gone on forever. Kayla Braxton interviews the Profits and asks if they concerned about Otis hurting them again. They're excited and hope the Academy enjoyed their time because now the street profits are up......they want the smoke!!!

The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy

Ford and Gable are starting. Lock up and chain wrestling to begin. Gable gets control and works on an arm. Ford fights to his feet and goes up and over in the corner. Arm drags now. Ford rolls up Gable but he kicks out. Gable targets an ankle but Ford escapes. Otis tags himself in. Ford drop kicks him but Otis doesn't go down. Dawkins with a blind tag. Otis tosses Ford and catches him to slam him. Dawkins hits a couple moves but can't take Otis off his feet. Otis hits a fall away slam on Dawkins. Dawkins gets isolated in the corner and Gable gets a tag. Quick tags by the Academy. Gable eventually argues with the ref and DAWKINS SHOVES GABLE INTO OTIS KNOCKING HIM OFF THE APRON!! FORD DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE ON OTIS!! DAWKINS FINISHES GABLE WITH A DOUBLE UNDERHOOK CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER!! Got the Profits back on track.

W: The Street Profits via pin @ 3:37

Seth Rollins is in the productions truck talking about some footage that he needs. He's next!

Highlights of Sasha Banks return two weeks ago and attack on Bianca Belair.

Seth Rollins make his way to the ring. He gets a mic and says things are on fire tonight. He hates to be the party pooper but his sources say Edge won't be here tonight. The crowd boos and he says he's disappointed too. Rollins says Edge spread lies about him last week, "We want Edge" chants and Rollins claims he wants him too. According to Edge, Rollins is the next best thing because Edge said Rollins is "Edgelike". Rollins says it actually makes sense. Edge has done everything but Rollins has also done it all but only better. Rollins has video proof. He's put together career video packages for both men. Roll the footage. The video basically hypes everything Rollins has done while undermining Edge's accomplishments. More "We want Edge" chants. Rollins says as he was watching the video, he had a bit of a revelation. Rollins says Edge should be thanking him. Not just Edge but all of us too. Hear him out. If Rollins had stomped Edge in 2014, we wouldn't be having this dream match at SummerSlam. Edge would of never had a comeback. Edge wouldn't have been able to push his girls on the swing set because they would be pushing him in a damn wheelchair. Rollins says Edge is making Rollins be a person that he doesn't want to be. Rollins says Edge is getting in the way of him and the Universal Championship. Rollins says times have changed and he won't hold back now. Rollins vows to stomp Edge's head into the mat at SummerSlam. If that puts Edge out for good, so be it!

The Mysterios are in gorilla talking about having the Usos number. Rey says they have to stay hungry and not be overconfident. They need to take care of business.

Dominik & Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

Rey and Roode are starting. Roode in control until he runs into a kick in the corner. Rey picks up the pace but Ziggler distracts which allows Roode to hit Rey with a back breaker. Rey is sent into the corner and Ziggler tags in. Double team by Ziggler/Roode gets a near fall. Chin lock by Ziggler. Roode puts Rey on the top turnbuckle and Ziggler comes back in. Rey fights back and hits Ziggler with seated senton off the top. Dominik tags in and hits Ziggler with a crossbody off the top. Dominik takes out Roode on the apron. Ziggler catches Dominik with a Fameasser for a near fall. Dominik fights back to hit Ziggler with an enziguri. Ziggler falls into 619 position. THE USOS APPEAR ON THE TRON. Roode makes a blind tag. Rey tries to get Dominik to pay attention. DOMINIK PINS ROODE WITH A CRADLE! More of an angle than a match.

W: Dominik & Rey Mysterio via pin @ 3:25

Post match, The Usos say the Mysterios can't be the 7-time tag champs at SummerSlam.

Highlights of Reigns/Cena from earlier in the night.

Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring. Up next is Corbin's last plea before having to file for bankruptcy!

Cardi B's "Up" is the official theme song for SummerSlam.

Corbin is in the ring with a mic and says as we all may know, he's been down on his luck lately. He will have to file for bankruptcy if things don't turn around quickly. He says when someone like him falls, we want to keep him down. Corbin says this is the last time he will publicly ask for help from us. He's used to a certain way of life so he needs us all to contribute a minimum of $1.000. He has a credit card scanner on his phone. HERE COMES KEVIN OWENS!!! Corbin knows Owens is out here for the right reason but Corbin doesn't know if it accepts Canadian credit cards. Owens says he's not here to help. Owens thought Corbin wanted to help himself but that wasn't the case. Owens brings up Corbin ruining Balor's contract signing and asking McIntyre for $100,000 on Raw. Corbin asks Owens for spare change before saying he won't leave tonight until Owens gives him $1,000. Owens offers to give Corbin $1,000 if Corbin can beat Owens. If Owens wins, Corbin must stop begging for money! Corbin accepts! CORBIN TELLS OWENS HE WOULDN'T BE IN THIS POSITION IF OWEN WASN'T A PIECE OF..........OWENS STUNS CORBIN!!!

More highlights of Sasha Banks return and attack on Bianca Belair. Commentary hypes the contract signing for later.

If Corbin wins, Owens pays him $1,000. If Owens wins, Corbin can't beg for money anymore

Baron Corbin vs. Kevin Owens

Corbin complains about his neck to begin and then tries a cheap roll up with no luck. Another roll up by Corbin with no luck. Owens with a couple strikes followed by a clothesline and senton. Chops by Owens in the corner. Corbin whips Owens into the corner and then goes under the ropes. Corbin comes back into a super kick by Owens!! Cannonball by Owens!! Owens goes up to the top rope but Corbin cuts him off. Owens tries a spring board from the apron but Corbin hits him with a right and Owens falls to the floor. Back in the ring, rights by Corbin. Cole says Corbin is now on his mom's cell phone plan. Owens with a chop but Corbin answers with a right. They go to the apron where CORBIN BACK DROPS OWENS ON THE APRON! We go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Owens is going up to the top and Corbin cuts him off. Corbin tries a superplex but Owens headbutts him off the top. SWANTON BY OWENS! 1....2.....NO!!! Owens wants the Pop Up Powerbomb but Corbin avoids it and HITS A CHOKESLAM!! 1........2.....NO!!! Corbin wants the End of Days but Owens fights free. Owens charges into DEEP SIX BY CORBIN!!! 1.......2........NO!!!! Another cover and kick out. Corbin charges but Owens moves out of the corner. Corbin rolls up Owens and uses the ropes for leverage but still only gets a near fall. CORBIN BLOCKS A STUNNER!!! OWEN USES A SUNSET FLIP TO BEAT CORBIN!!! Post match, OWENS STUNS CORBIN!!! Where does the Corbin story go now?

W: Kevin Owens via pin @ 9:47

Backstage, Big E is helping Bianca Belair with her penmanship. The contract signing is next!

Backstage, Kayla Braxton catches up to Baron Corbin and asks what now? Corbin runs over and STEALS BIG E'S MONEY IN THE BANK CONTRACT AND RUNS AWAY!!!

Sonya Deville is in the ring. Deville hypes their match from WrestleMania and says it'll happen again at SummerSlam once the contract is signed. Deville introduces Sasha Banks first. WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Bianca Belair is out next. Banks doesn't look impressed. Belair asks Banks if she's ready or if she should turn her back so Banks can attack from behind. Belair tells Banks that all Banks had to do was ask. Banks tells Belair that she used her stank braid against her at Mania. Banks says she wasn't going to be Belair's friend and calls her a bitch. They argue and scream and Deville regains control. Deville says this won't be a brawl. Banks says before she signs, she needs some witnesses. CARMELLA AND ZELINA VEGA COME TO THE RING. Banks says she always two steps ahead of Belair and Banks signs. Belair signs. BELAIR HITS ZELINA AND CARMELLA THEN TRIES TO ATTACK BANKS. BELAIR FIGHTS OFF CARMELLA AND ZELINA AGAIN! BANKS ATTACKS FROM BEHIND! It's a three on one beat down now!! Banks throws Belair across the table and slams her face first into it multiple times. Banks stands over Belair while holding the the championship. BANK STATEMENT ON THE TABLE USING THE BRAID!!! End show.

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