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Smackdown 7/31/2020: Two Titles on the Line!

I apologize for missing Smackdown the past two weeks as I was on vacation. Let's see what this week has in store for us...

Here's what's going down:

  • Naomi vs. Lacey Evans

  • The Mandy Rose and Otis love story continues

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Gran Metalik vs. AJ Styles (champ)

  • WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match: Nikki Cross vs. Bayley (champ; also WWE Women's Tag Team champ)

We kick off tonight's show with Bayley and Nikki Cross backstage each talking about their championship match tonight. Big E promises that The Miz will feel the power tonight. Miz and John Morrison laugh at him and don't believe Big E can be successful as a singles competitor. Lacey Evans says Naomi will get what she deserves tonight. Naomi says Lacey will feel the glow. Gran Metalik says he'll be the new Intercontinental champ. AJ Styles says Metalik isn't phenomenal and this is the house that AJ Styles built.

Firefly Fun House time!! Bray is sorry for being late because he was searching for Braun Strowman. He says Strowman must still be trapped in the swamp. Bray says he only wanted to help Strowman. He (THE FIEND) wants something that Strowman has. Bray says until he gets what he wants, no one is safe! LET ME IN!!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

AJ Styles (champ) vs. Gran Metalik w/ Lince Dorado

Dorado's win in the fatal four way last week got him this opportunity. They lock up early and we get a clean break. They tease a test of strength and Styles pounds Metalik and takes advantage. Styles beats on Metalik in the corner and delivers a nice back breaker. Styles gets a near fall after a vertical suplex. Styles beats Metalik from corner to corner. The pace quickens and Metalik uses a head scissors to send Styles out of the ring. Metalik leaps to the outside but Styles gets in the ring as he does it. Styles tries a dive but Metalik avoids it and takes Styles to the outside floor with a hurricanrana as we head to commercial.

Back from the break, Styles and Metalik are battling on the top turnbuckle. Metalik knocks him off and hits a cross body for a near fall. Metalik tries to monkey flip Styles out of the corner but Styles blocks it and delivers a series of kicks. Styles targets the left leg of Metalik to ground him and set up for the Calf Crusher. Styles locks in a single leg crab but Metalik makes it to the ropes. Metalik catches Styles off guard with a near fall roll up. Metalik hits a DDT. 1...2...NO!! Missile drop kick from the middle rope gets a near fall for Metalik!! Metalik's knee give out and Styles takes him out with a series of strikes. Metalik avoids the Phenomenal Forearm and hits an enziguri! Metalik leaps off the top and Styles chop blocks him in mid air!! CALF CRUSHER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! METALIK TAPS @ 14:24!! STYLES RETAINS!! Good match where Styles had a great game plan. I'm not sure the winner was ever in doubt here. STYLES ATTACKS DORADO AFTER THE MATCH!! STYLES CLASH!!

Shorty G watches from backstage. King Corbin appraoches him and says that could of been him in that match. Corbin says they've always been friends. Shorty G thinks Corbin is just being his buddy so Shorty G will take out Matt Riddle for him. Corbin says his ransom is open for anybody who takes out Riddle.

Commentary talks about the bar fight from last week between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. Highlights are shown.

Jeff Hardy is walking backstage and is congratulated by most of the faces. He's coming out next.

Jeff Hardy is out now and he's got a mic. Hardy says he hasn't felt this good in a long time. Sheamus was a reminder of how dangerous his demons can be. Sobriety will be a never ending challenge for him but he's on the right path. Hardy is a WWE superstar and he loves performing for the fans. The love of his family, friends, and fans keeps him going and he doesn't want to let us down again. KING CORBIN interrupts!! Corbin says his head will explode if he hears any more about Hardy's sobriety. Corbin says Hardy is whining and crying about recovery. Corbin says Hardy's life sucks and he has enough to going on with Riddle and having a match with Drew Gulak later. Corbin says his kingdom is falling apart. Corbin would of offered Hardy the King's ransom but he doesn't even think Hardy would of taken it. DREW GULAK ATTACKS CORBIN FROM BEHIND!!

King Corbin vs. Drew Gulak

Back from a commercial and the match is already started. Gulak works on Corbin's arm. All Gulak in the early going. Corbin turns the tide in the corner and takes out Gulak with a right hand. Corbin locks in a chin lock but Gulak fights back. Corbin hits a spine buster and follows through with a single leg crab. Gulak escapes and locks in a cross face. Corbin gets to the ropes. Three drops kicks takes Corbin down and Gulak heads to the top. Flying clothesline by Gulak gets a near fall. GULAK RUNS INTO DEEP SIX BY CORBIN!! BRO!!! HERE COMES RIDDLE!!! Gulak rolls up Corbin but only gets 2!! END OF DAYS BY CORBIN AND IT'S OVER @ 5:10!! RIDDLE ATTACKS CORBIN!! SHORTY G IS HERE!! HE ATTACKS RIDDLE!! Shorty G looks at Corbin and rubs his fingers as if he wants the money. Shorty G and King Corbin leave together.

Big E vs. The Miz w/ John Morrison

Big E backs Miz into the corner and we have a clean break. Lock up again and another clean break. Big E gets Miz in a fireman's carry and just back drops it. Miz comes off the ropes and Big E locks him in the abdominal stretch. Big E is having some fun with it. Near fall for Big E. MIZ SLAPS BIG E!! Big E is pissed and tosses Miz out of the ring! Big E bounces Miz off the announcer's table before sending him into the ring post and the barricade. Big E throws Miz in the ring and Morrison takes Big E down with a kick behind the refs back! Miz is in control now. Big E back drops Miz to the apron and then clotheslines him. Big E beats on Miz and goes for splash on the apron but misses as we head to a commercial.

We're back and Miz is wearing down Big E with a chin lock. Miz delivers a kick to the face for a near fall. Big E fires back with three belly to belly suplexes! Splash by Big E. Miz tries to bail. Big E pulls him back. Miz goes for Skull Crushing Finale but Big E counters looking for the Big Ending. Miz avoids and spikes Big E with a DDT! Near fall! Miz hits the "It" kicks but Big E blocks the last one. Miz takes him out at the knee though. Miz targets the knee in the corner. Uranage by Big E!! Big E goes to spear Miz off the apron but eats a knee to the face. MORRISON INTERFERES AND SKULL CRUSHING FINALE BY MIZ!! BIG E KICKS OUT!! Miz locks in the figure four!! Big E makes it the ropes. Miz rakes the eyes across the ropes. Morrison goes for another cheap shot on Big E but THE REF CATCHES HIM AND EJECTS HIM!! Miz complains to the ref. Big E rolls him up for 2! BIG E LIFTS MIZ WITH THE STRETCH MUFFLER AND MIZ TAPS @ 13:59!! A good singles win for Big E.

Backstage, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura toast to each other when they are interrupted by Lucha House Party. Cesaro says it's a champions only party.

Sheamus says he gave Jeff Hardy home field advantage last week. Sheamus knew when he smashed Hardy with beer bottles and he kept getting up, Sheamus was facing a greater power. Sheamus says he was in a handicap match against Hardy and alcohol. Sheamus says Hardy isn't his problem any more but he's going to be a problem for the rest of the Smackdown locker room.

Lacey Evans vs. Naomi

Lacey charges Naomi and backs her into the corner. Naomi comes out looking for a head scissors but Lacey catches her and power bombs her! Lacey talks trash as she beats on Naomi. Lacey plants her and gator rolls taking her to the corner. Lacey wraps Naomi around the ring post and then throws her face first into the ring post on the outside. Lacey puts Naomi's hair under the steps and goes in the ring and calls for a count out but Naomi makes it back in. Naomi fights back with some kicks and slides out of the ring and sunset flips Lacey on the outside! Near fall back in the ring. Naomi looks for a bulldog but Lacey sends her into the turnbuckle. LACEY EVANS GOES FOR THE WOMAN'S RIGHT BUT NAOMI COUNTERS WITH A BACK SLIDE FOR THE WIN @ 3:15!! Short match with Lacey dominating pretty much the whole thing until Naomi counters the Women's Right.

Mandy Rose and Otis are backstage and Mandy says it's been a while since their last date. Mandy is taking Otis to his favorite BBQ place. Mandy says Otis may get a nice peach dessert! They walk off and Sonya Deville shows up in the background.

Back from commercial and Mandy is putting on make up when Sonya Deville attacks her!! Deville puts make up on her and CUTS MANDY'S HAIR!! Referees and management finally show up to stop Deville.

Kayla Braxton is backstage at the scene when Otis and Tucker show up to check on her. The Miz and John Morrison are here to talk and they basically make fun of Mandy's hair cut until Tucker runs them off.

A video package about how tonight's Bayley vs. Nikki Cross match came about.

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match

Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley (champ; also WWE Women's Tag Team champ) w/ Sasha Banks (WWE Raw Women's champ and WWE Women's Tag Team champ)

Nikki charges right away but Bayley avoids her. Bayley delivers strikes but misses two clothesline and Nikki goes on the attack! Nikki looked for the Purge but Bayley avoided it and Nikki took Bayley down with a Lou Thesz press. Bayley rolls to the outside but Nikki follows and bounces Bayley's head off the apron. Back in the ring, Bayley gets in some offense but it doesn't last long. Nikki sends Bayley into the ring post and the action goes to the outside as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Bayley is in control in the ring. Bayley works on Nikki in the corner and then hits a back suplex for a near fall. Bayley continues the beat down until she charges Nikki in the corner but misses. Nikki builds some momentum and gets a cross body for a near fall. Tornado DDT out of the corner by Nikki for a 2 count! They roll to the apron where Nikki plants Bayley with a reverse DDT on the apron. In the ring, neck breaker by Nikki. Sasha puts the Boss knuckles in the ring and Nikki gets them and is pissed. Nikki throws them at Sasha! Bayley takes advantage of the situation and hangs Nikki on the ropes. Bayley show boats on the announcer's table when Nikki takes her out and throws her into the barricade. Sasha gets on the apron but Alexa knocks her off! Nikki and Bayley exchange near falls until NIKKI TRIES A BACK SLIDE BUT BAYLEY COUNTERS AND PLANTS NIKKI WITH THE ROSE PLANT @ 10:30!! Nikki stepped up her game but it wasn't to be as the Golden Role Models keep all the gold.


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