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Smackdown 7/2/2021: Edge takes out Jimmy Uso; Last Man Standing; SURPRISE RETURN!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Smackdown:

  • Edge to address Roman Reigns

  • Last Man Standing Men's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

We're in the ThunderDome and we open with highlights of Edge's return and attack on WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. EDGE HEADS TO THE RING TO BEGIN!!!

Edge grabs a mic and says WrestleMania was suppose to be the culmination of a 10 year story. He was suppose to win the Universal Championship on the 10 year anniversary of being forced to retire. Edge envisioned it and knew it would happen......then it didn't. Edge didn't see it coming and that wasn't in his plans. Edge says that rocked him and he had to take some time. He played the match back in his brain and he even watched it which he never does. Edge says Reigns brought up some key points about the match. Edge feared Daniel Bryan would cost him the match and he did. Edge brings up examples. Edge says he could complain about Jey Uso and other things and he's be justified. Edge says in 2006, he would of complained. In 2021, he knows there will always be obstacles. He keeps knocking down obstacles because if he didn't, he wouldn't be here. Edge knows he can beat Reigns one-on-one! Edge shows a photo of Reigns in the crossface. Edge says Reigns eyes show fear. Edge says he's in Reigns' head for life!! Edge says the look of Reigns face last week when Edge's music hit proved it. Edge claims he's the guy that has Reigns' number. Edge says it's just a matter of when because it's inevitable that he will be Universal Champion!

Paul Heyman is shown watching Edge speak on the tron. Jimmy Uso is here to talk to Heyman. He can't believe what Edge was saying. Jimmy Uso says he has Reigns back and they plan to take care of Edge tonight.

Rick Boogs plays Shinsuke Nakamura to the ring! McAfee goes crazy for it per usual. Highlights of Nakamura beating Corbin for the crown are shown as well as Nakamura's coronation. Nakamura/Big E will face Corbin/Crews next!

Shinsuke Nakamura & Big E w/ Rick Boogs vs. Apollo Crews (WWE Intercontinental Champion) w/ Commander Azeez & Baron Corbin

Greg Hamilton accidentally calls Corbin "king" during intros and then takes it back hahah. Corbin mopes out to the ring all disappointed. Crews and Nakamura start it off. Side head lock by Nakamura to begin. Off the ropes they go and collide with neither man moving. One more time and Crews takes down Nakamura with a shoulder tackle. Nakamura comes back with a kick and an elbow in the corner. Nakamura puts Crews on the top and hits a knee to the midsection. Stomps by Nakamura in the corner before tagging Big E. Boogs plays guitar for us! Big E with an abdominal stretch on Crews. Crews gets out but Big E hits an elbow for a near fall. Big E decks Corbin in the corner. Corbin gets a tag and the action goes to the outside. Corbin clotheslines Big E on the floor before sending him into the time keepers area as we go to a break.

Back from the break, Corbin is hammering Big E with elbows to the face. Big E fights to his feet but runs into a back elbow. Near fall for Corbin. Crews tags in and hits a nice drop kick. Front face lock by Crews on Big E. Big E escapes but Crews with an enziguri. Corbin with a blind tag and he slams Big E for a near fall. Nakamura breaks it up but Crews comes in and hits him with a German! Crews and Nakamura battle on the outside. Corbin works over Big E with a submission. BOOGS ANNOUNCES A MERCEDES IS BEING TOWED IN THE PARKING LOT! IT'S CORBIN'S G-WAGON!!! BIG E USES THE DISTRACTION TO HIT CORBIN WITH THE BIG ENDING TO WIN!!! Commentary says Corbin can't make the payments now. Post match, Corbin sits in the ring disappointed.

W: Shinsuke Nakamura & Big E via pin @ 8:58

Highlights of last week's mixed tag where Bayley/Rollins defeated Belair/Cesaro.

Bayley heads to the ring. She'll go face-to-face with Bianca Belair next! Haven't we seen this before recently? Just saying. We come back from a commercial and Bayley has a mic. Bayley says she's not the type to brag but she told us so! Bayley says Belair's win at Hell in a Cell was a fluke and Bayley proved it last week when she beat her. Bayley says the best part was the look in Belair's eyes when she realized she lost. Bayley says Belair is mentally weak. Bayley says that loss isn't a good sign for Belair's title reign. Bayley says in just two weeks, we'll have live fans. Bayley would be sad to Belair fall apart in front of all the little kids that worship her. Bayley says Bianca is nothing to Bayley! HERE COMES BELAIR!! Belair gets a mic and says what Bayley needs is a crack in the mouth. Belair says she keeps beating Bayley but Bayley can't move on. Belair suggests Bayley is obsessed with her. They argue until Belair says Bayley is in her head. Belair says Bayley keeps making excuses. Belair says there's only way one to end it and that's Belair embarrassing Bayley to the point of no return. Belair says she's so over Bayley. BELAIR SAYS SHE'LL PUT THE TITLE ON THE LINE AGAINST BAYLEY IN AN "I QUIT" MATCH. Bayley laughs and then realizes Belair is serious. Bayley says she's never quit anything in her life. Bayley claims she's already accomplished more than Belair in her whole life. Bayley laughs and jokingly says she'd quit WWE if she ever quit. BAYLEY ACCEPTS!! Belair laughs and says she's excited to her Bayley say "I quit".

Paul Heyman is pacing backstage. Jimmy Uso comes in and asks if Roman Reigns is here. Uso says he knows Edge is ready to jump on him. Jimmy has the idea to call out Edge at the end of the show. Jimmy vows to beat Edge all over the place. Heyman hasn't said a word yet tonight.

Last Man Standing Men's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Owens immediately tackles Zayn. Owen stomps him in the corner and cannon ball!! Zayn falls to the outside. Owens goes out after him and sends Zayn into the barricade. One more time! All Owens in the early going. Owens tries another Irish whip but Zayn counters and Owens goes into the barricade. Zayn with punches until Owen back drops him over the barricade. Owens follows and sends Zayn into the LED screens multiple times. "Say hi to Steve." Back in the ringside area, OWENS WITH A SWANTON OFF THE BARRICADE!! Zayn is up at 6. Owens throws Zayn on the announce table and delivers right hands. Owens gets on the barricade but Zayn is up. Zayn throws Owens on the announce table and it doesn't break. Owens up at 7 as we go to a break.

We're back and Owens is hitting Zayn with shoulders to the midsection in the corner. Owens kicks the middle rope into Zayn's neck and slaps the hell out of Zayn. Owens unloads with a series of rights now that floors Zayn. Zayn rolls outside. Owens sends Zayn spine first into the ring post and then front first! The count begins and Zayn is up at 7. They trade punches now with Owens getting the better. Owens gets a table from under the ring and sets it up on the outside. Owens gets another and stacks it on the other. Owens pulls Zayn up to the top rope. OWENS WANTS A SUPERPLEX THROUGH THE TABLES BUT ZAYN IS ABLE TO SAVE HIMSELF!! Zayn flips over the top rope to take out Owens on the outside. Back in the ring, Zayn with forearms and punches to Owens. Owens grabs Zayn's nose! EXPLODER BY ZAYN SENDS OWENS TO THE CORNER!! Both men make it to their feet. Zayn puts Owens on the top turnbuckle. OWENS COUNTERS ZAYN AND HITS A TWISTING FISHERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE TOP!! Both men up at 8. Owens with two super kicks to the face of Zayn. A third! Owens puts Zayn on the top turnbuckle near the tables. ZAYN SLIPS UNDERNEATH OWENS AND PUSHES OWENS OFF THROUGH THE TABLES!!! OWENS IS UP AT 9!!! We go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Zayn is setting up another table on the outside. Zayn and Owens battle on the steps. Zayn wants a suplex through the table but Owens blocks. Zayn goes face first into the ring post. Owens sends Zayn into the barricade again but Zayn fights back as they go to the apron. Zayn blocks a stunner and HALF NELSON SUPLEXES OWENS ON THE APRON!!! HOLY SHIT!! THAT WAS NUTS!! Owens is up at 7. ZAYN HITS A HELLUVA KICK IN THE CORNER!!! Owens up at 7 again! ANOTHER HELLUVA KICK!!! ZAYN TELLS OWENS HITS IS KARMA AND HITS A THIRD HELLUVA KICK!!!!! OWENS ROLLS OUT OF THE RING ONTO HIS FEET!! It counts as being up but then Owens falls. Zayn wants his tornado DDT through the ropes but OWENS SUPER KICKS HIM!! Back in the ring, OWENS WITH A POP UP POWER BOMB!!! ZAYN IS UP AT 8! OWENS STUNS ZAYN!!! ZAYN FALLS OUT OF THE RING! Owens follows him out. OWENS POWER BOMBS ZAYN THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! ANOTHER POWER BOMB THROUGH THE OTHER TABLE!!! OWENS POWER BOMBS ZAYN THE APRON!!! SHADES OF NXT!!!! ZAYN CAN'T ANSWER THE COUNT!!!! Owens qualifies for MITB! Really good match here but no surprise given who's involved. The chemistry between these two is always great.

W: Kevin Owens via Sami Zayn not answering the 10 count @ 23:31

Edge is walking backstage when Megan Morant asks him about Jimmy Uso calling him out. Edge knows it's a trap and knows what's coming. However, Edge doesn't care because he's tired of them and excuses. Edge calls them a son of a bitch.

Sonya Deville heads to the ring, She'll name another woman for the women's Money in the Bank match next!

Commentary says the "I Quit" match is official.

Corbin is backstage when Rick Boogs approaches him. He talked to Nakamura and the others, they want Corbin to join them for chicken on the King. Boogs with more "king" references. Corbin asks if this is funny to him. Kicking a guy while he's down. Corbin says "screw you".

We come back to Sonya in the ring with a mic. Deville announces the second Smackdown woman for Money in the Bank.......IT'S ZELINA VEGA!!!! Vega tells Deville that it must be nice to see her. Vega says it'll be her pleasure to grab the contract and wait for the right moment to become the next women's champion!! HERE COMES LIV MORGAN!!! She's pissed that it wasn't her!! Liv says Zelina has done nothing to earn a spot. Zelina claims she can run circles around Liv and embarrass her. LIV SLAPS ZELINA!! Liv wants a match against Zelina! It's next!

Zelina Vega vs. Liv Morgan

The match is already in progress when we return and Zelina has an octopus stretch on Liv. Zelina chokes Liv in the ropes. Carmella is watching from the back. Zelina with a near fall. All Zelina since we came back. Zelina hits Liv in the face with a pump kick and then a running knee strike. 1.....2....NO!! Liv gets a near fall with a crucifix. They trade near falls. Zelina gets caught using the tights!! LIV THEN BEATS ZELINA USING THE TIGHTS BUT DOESN'T GET CAUGHT!! Alright then.

W: Liv Morgan via pin @ 1:55

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are shown talking. SETH ROLLINS is here to interrupt. He goes over his accolades. They say they know who Rollins is. Well, Rollins says they must of forgot since they gave Edge the title match. Pearce tries to calm down Rollins. Pearce says Edge deserves it. Rollins argues. Pearce says Edge won the Royal Rumble and never got a one-on-one match. Rollins says that's their fault because they added Daniel Bryan to Edge's match. Hell of a point there. Deville gives Rollins a consolation prize of a Money in the Bank qualifier next week against Cesaro. Rollins laughs and leaves.

Up next is Otis vs. Angelo Dawkins. We get highlights of the damage that Otis has done lately.

Otis w/ Chad Gable vs. Angelo Dawkins

Dawkins takes the fight to Otis right away. Spinning elbow by Dawkins. Gable distracts and Otis takes advantage. Otis sends Dawkins shoulder first into the ring post. Belly to belly suplex by Otis. Dawkins gets send hard into the corner and Otis follows with a clothesline. Otis goes to the second rope and SPLASHES DAWKINS!! OTIS DRAGS DAWKINS TO THE CORNER AND VADER BOMBS HIM!!! IT'S OVER! Squash.

W: Otis via pin @ 2:00

Heyman is pacing in gorilla. Jimmy is here to talk. Heyman finally speaks and says they both know Reigns. They know Reigns does things on his own time. Heyman says Reigns always has the back of family. Heyman says all Jimmy has to do is go out there and be "Main Event" Jimmy Uso!

Jimmy Uso heads to the ring. He'll call out Edge after a commercial.

Next week Baron Corbin will face Shinsuke Nakamura in a Money in the Bank qualifying match.

We come back to Uso in the ring with a mic. Uso calls out Edge! Where you at? Uso says Roman Reigns isn't here and Uso doesn't need him because Uso can handle Edge all by himself. Uso says Edge isn't man enough to face him. Uso promises it isn't a trap and tells Edge to bring his ass out here right now. EDGE'S MUSIC HITS!!! Edge comes out with a mic. Edge asks Uso is he thinks he's smart? Edge says Reigns uses Uso like he uses the whole family. Edge brings up Reigns beating the hell out of Jey Uso until Jey became a follower. Edge asks Jimmy what happen to "Nobody's bitch" because now Jimmy is a bitch. Edge says Reigns laid the perfect trap but it's a trap for Jimmy; not Edge! Edge hits the ring and sends Jimmy shoulder first into the ring post. Now into the opposite ring post. Edge sets up the steps but Jimmy hits him with a super kick! Jimmy sends Edge into the steps. Back in the ring, Jimmy mounts and punches Edge. Jimmy looks around and runs into a boot from Edge. Edge now turns the tide and mounts Jimmy. EDGE LOCKS IN A CROSSFACE!!! JIMMY TAPS OUT!!! Edge releases the hold. EDGE SPEARS JIMMY!!! Still no Reigns. Edge gets a chair and breaks a bar off of it. EDGE USES THE BAR OF THE CHAIR TO DO A CROSSFACE ON JIMMY!!!! JIMMY TAPS!!! EDGE TELLS REIGNS TO LOOK INTO JIMMY'S EYES!!! Edge looks into the camera and says he's not going to stop!! End Show.

Next Week:

  • Men's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro

  • Men's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin

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