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Smackdown 7/10/2020: Jeff Hardy on Miz TV and the Smackdown Tag Titles will be defended

Here's what to expect tonight on Smackdown:

  • Jeff Hardy is the guest on Miz TV

  • WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day (champs) vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

  • WWE Women's Tag Team champions Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross in a non-title tag team match

  • Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman from Money in the Bank will be shown

  • Karaoke showdown between Lacey Evans, Naomi, Tamina, and Dana Brooke

We are kicking off with Miz TV! Miz and John Morrison run down Jeff Hardy before introducing him. Miz and Morrison apologize to Hardy on behalf of each other. Miz/Morrison roll footage of the Sheamus/Hardy rivalry. Miz and Morrison make fun of Hardy for being a loser. Miz says his daughter's favorite is Hardy and he would hate to see him go back to a dark place. They bring up Hardy's Backlash loss to Sheamus. Hardy says he would be lying if he said it didn't bother him. Hardy says he needs to destroy Sheamus to put his past behind him. Miz thinks Hardy needs a rematch against Sheamus and recommends he face Sheamus in a bar fight to make fun of Hardy more. They say Hardy will have home field advantage. Hardy asks if it's a handicap match then with him facing Sheamus and his addictions? Hardy thinks Sheamus put them up to this but Hardy is willing to do it and prove once and for all that those demons are in his past. Hardy then challenges either Miz or Morrison. HARDY ATTACKS!!! HARDY CLEANS HOUSE!!!

Back from a commercial break and we got Hardy vs. Miz. Morrison is at ringside. The match was all Miz in the beginning. Commercial break...

During a commercial break, it was announced that this Monday's Raw will be night of grudge matches as Randy Orton vs. R-Truth, Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins, The Viking Raiders vs. Andrade & Angel Garza, and WWE Women's Tag Team champions Sasha Banks & Bayley defend against Asuka & Kairi Sane.

After the commercial break, Miz is still in control. Hardy finally connects with a jaw breaker to stop Miz's momentum. Jeff Hardy builds momentum of his own when Sheamus appears on the tron to distract Hardy!! MIZ TRIES A ROLL UP BUT HARDY COUNTERS AND JEFF HARDY DEFEATS MIZ WITH A ROLL UP @ 13:50!! This felt longer than it was mainly because of Miz's offense.

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura are interviewed backstage and are asked if they will upset the New Day. Cesaro is offended that she would consider that an upset. Cesaro is sick of New Day. Cesaro says you'll still have your New Day after tonight but you'll also have new tag champs!

Boss time!! Sasha Banks and Bayley make their way to the ring for their tag match with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross and CROSS ATTACKS BAYLEY ON THE ENTRANCE RAMP!! BIG BRAWL AS WE HEAD TO COMMERCIAL!! Back from commercial and the match starts with Banks and Cross. Cross is isolated by the tag champs in the early going. Cross regains control by trapping Bayley in the apron. Frequent tags by Bliss and Cross to isolate Banks but Bayley pulls Banks out of the ring. Cross taunts Bayley with the Smackdown Women's championship and takes out the champs as we head to a commercial. Back from the break, Bayley is in control of Bliss. The tag champs trade tags in and out to keep isolating Bliss. Bliss finally gets a hot tag to Cross!! Banks took out Bliss on the outside and BAYLEY STACKED UP CROSS FOR THE PIN AND WIN USING THE ROPES FOR LEVERAGE @ 12:19!! Solid back and forth match with a good closing stretch and the heels getting the cheap win.

Commentary talks about the rivalry between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. They air the match from Money in the Bank. You can read my review for that event here! In my opinion, that match wasn't that great but they told a pretty good story with the match. BRAUN STROWMAN DEFEATED BRAY WYATT WITH A POWER SLAM @ 10:44!

WWE Smackdown Tag Team champions the New Day are interviewed backstage. They're asked if they are underestimating Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. They talk about Cesaro and Nakamura's credentials. "They are who we thought they were!" "We won't let them off the hook!" The New Day claim they will remain tag team champions.

Lacey Evans is singing backstage to prepare for the karaoke showdown when Naomi comes in to the screen. That's next! KARAOKE TIME!! JEY USO is hosting. Lacey Evans sang Jeff Jarrett's "With My Baby Tonight" and Dana Brooke sang the Honky Tonk Man's theme song. Everyone is terrible. Tamina sings Triple H's theme. Naomi sings Dusty Rhodes' "Common Man" theme. NAOMI IS THE WINNER! LACEY EVANS ATTACKS HER!!

We are back from commercial and we have a match between Naomi and Lacey Evans. Dana Brooke and Tamina are ringside. Lacey is wrestling in her dress. Lacey controls the early going until Naomi kicks her in the face multiple times. Lacey rolls to the outside and argues with Tamina and Dana. LACEY PUSHES THEM BOTH! Lacey rolls back in the ring. DANA AND TAMINA FOLLOW HER AND ATTACK CAUSING A DQ @ 1:47!! NOT SURE ANYONE WON THIS AS IT WAS ALL TRASH!!

WWE Intercontinental champion AJ Styles is interviewed. He talks about his title defense over Drew Gulak. Styles says no one is worry of stepping in the ring with him and he'll keep the title for a long time. Styles is informed that he'll defend his title next week against MATT RIDDLE!! Styles is pissed!!

Time for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team championship match! New Day control the early going until Kofi tried to dive out onto Cesaro but jumped right into an uppercut leading to a commercial break. Back from the break, commentary says it's been all Cesaro and Nakamura since the break. Nakamura works on Kofi but Kofi connects with the SOS. Kofi makes it to Big E and Cesaro tags in on the other side. Big E runs wild! All four men brawl down the stretch as things break down. THINGS GET OUT OF HAND AND THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL @ 10:38!! However, the brawl continues!! CESARO SETS UP A TABLE AND THEY PUT BIG E ON IT. THEY TAKE KOFI TO THE TOP AND POWER BOMB HIM FROM THE TOP THROUGH BIG E THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Cesaro and Nakamura admire their handy work and hold up the titles. As I said last week, we're definitely heading towards a tables match. End Show.

I think it's bad booking to end a show with two DQ finishes in a row. I'd like to know what others think.

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Next week:

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Matt Riddle vs. AJ Styles (champ)

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