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Smackdown 6/11/2021: Rey Confronts Reigns; Jey Walks Out on Reigns & Jimmy; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Smackdown:

  • The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy

  • Kevin Owens & Big E vs. Sami Zayn & Apollo Crews (WWE Intercontinental Champion) w/ Commander Azeez

  • "Ding Dong, Hello!": Bayley welcomes Seth Rollins to her show

  • Will there be hell to pay for WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns?

It's Friday so we're in the ThunderDome for Smackdown! We get a quick recap of what happened last week. Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and Jey Uso are shown backstage watching the recap as we are. Reigns tells Jey that he saved him last week so Jey owes him. Reigns asks Jey what the one thing is that he won't stand for. Jey says embarrassing the family to which Reigns nods. Reigns knows Jey understand that but does Jimmy? Speaking of Jimmy, he's heading to the ring. Jimmy says last week was suppose to be a celebration. They should be 7-time tag champs but they got robbed. He says he's not making excuses. Just spitting facts. First, the ref missed the call because he kicked out. Then there was round two. Then the "Head of the Table" sticks his nose in their business because he has to make it about him. Jimmy suggests that Reigns got them DQed on purpose. Reigns, Heyman, and Jey are still watching backstage. Jimmy asks what the point of being up Rey and choking out Dom? Jimmy knows what it is......Reigns is jealous! Jimmy claims Reigns is jealous that Jimmy is back. Jealous that he wants his brother with him and they want to wear gold just like him. Jimmy accuses Reigns of trying to take Jey away from him. Jimmy says he's his brother's keeper and not Reigns. Jimmy promises to do something tonight that he WON'T regret! Reigns looks to Jey and says they aren't brothers or twins so no one will confuse them. Reigns tells Jey to take care of this.

Kevin Owens and Big E head to the ring for their tag match which is next.

A vignette hypes NXT Takeover: In Your House for this Sunday!

Jey goes to talk to Jimmy backstage. Jimmy asks Jey if he really thinks they could of won the tag titles? Jey doesn't answer and Jimmy demands it. Jey says yes so Jimmy says then Jey should of been upset by the DQ too. Jimmy tells Jey it can't be like this anymore. Jimmy says he needed Jey and Jey froze on him. Jimmy says he needs his twin. Jey asks Jimmy what he wants him to do because he's stuck in the middle? Jey says he's loyal to the Tribal Chief and he can't get out of it. Jimmy tells Jey that if Reigns wants to see him, he can come see him in the Usos locker room!

Kevin Owen & Big E vs. Sami Zayn & Apollo Crews (WWE Intercontinental Champion) w/ Commander Azeez

Owens attacks Zayn to start even though Crews is the legal man! Owens with an elbow to Crews before going to the outside to get Zayn. Owens sends Zayn into the barricade and then runs into a boot from Crews when he gets back in. Owens hits a clothesline and senton to Crews and then knocks Zayn off the apron. Owens goes out to send Zayn into the barricade again. Crews jumps Owens when he gets back in and takes control. Zayn demands a tag and gets it. Zayn beats on Owens in the corner. Crews tags back in and Owens tries to fight out of the corner with no luck. Crews suplexes Owens and covers but Owens is out at 1. Zayn tags in and keeps Owens isolated in the corner. Crews tags back in and eats a kick when he lowers his head. Owens is able to tag Big E. Big E with a belly to belly on Crews and a shot to Zayn as well. Another belly to belly to Crews. A third one! Big E goes for a splash but Crews gets the knees up! Crews tries lift Big E but no luck. Crews charges in the corner but Big E hits a uranage!! Near fall for Big E. Big E wants the Big Ending but Crews slides off his back and hits a step up enziguri. Crews hits Big E with a delayed German for a near fall. Crews tries to send Big E to the outside but Big E sends him to the apron. Big E wants the spear through the ropes but Crews moves out of the way and Big E goes out to the floor. We go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Crews and Zayn are stomping Big E in the corner. Quick tags by Zayn and Crews to keep isolating Big E in the corner. Big E fights back against Crews but Crews prevents the tag. Zayn tags back in and delivers an elbow drop to the back of Big E's head. Chin lock by Zayn. Big E fights to his feet but a drop toe hold by Zayn prevents Big E from making the tag. Crews tags back in. Crews with an elbow drop for a near fall. Crews with a splash in the corner but misses a cross body from the middle rope. Zayn and Owens both make tags! Owens tackles Zayn and unloads on him with right hands. Zayn bails to the outside and Owens takes him out with a cannon ball off the apron. Senton by Owens on the floor! Owens throws Zayn back in the ring and clotheslines him in the corner before hitting another cannon ball! OWENS HITS A SWANTON FROM THE TOP!!! 1...2....NO!! Owens puts Zayn on the top turnbuckle and goes up with him. Zayn fights Owens off and leap frogs over him to tag Crews. Crews runs into a super kick from Owens. OWENS HITS THE POP UP POWER BOMB ON CREWS!!! 1....2....Zayn breaks it up! Crews crawls to tag Zayn. Zayn wants a half nelson but Owens blocks. Zayn pulls him back and hits a half nelson suplex! 1....2.....NO!! BLUE THUNDER BOMB BY ZAYN ON OWENS!!! 1......2......Big E breaks it up! Crews goes after Big E and Big E clotheslines Crews out of the ring. ZAYN MISSES A HELLUVA KICK AND OWENS STUNS ZAYN FOR THE WIN!!! Pretty good stuff here.

W: Kevin Owens & Big E via pin @ 12:50

Post match, Crews grabs a mic and says Owens/Big E shouldn't be celebrating. Crews says he only lost because he was partners with Zayn. Crews wants to do it again next week. Crews wants Owens/Big E against Crews/Commander Azeez! Owens and Big E accept. Zayn grabs a mic and accuses Crews of working with Owens to prevent Zayn from getting the WWE Intercontinental Championship. AZEEZ HITS ZAYN WITH THE NIGERIAN NAIL!!

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is talking to Adam Pearce but we can't hear what's being said.

Commentary puts over that WWE is going back on tour.

Highlights of what went down last week between the Street Profits and Alpha Academy.

The Street Profits when Chad Gable shows up to apologize for Otis last week. He didn't want an apology last week and Otis was just being protective. Gable says he got the tag match cancelled to smooth things over. The Profits know Gable can't control Otis but they can. If Otis messes with them again, they'll send him back to the Jurassic Era. Gable says they are always clowning around. Gable challenges one of them for a one-on-one match tonight. They both want it and they settle for Ford. Gable says Otis won't be at ringside and he wants Dawkins to not be at ringside. As Gable goes to leave, he tells the Profits that Otis is still angry. Great. That means that match will end up in a DQ more than likely.

Reigns and Heyman are in their locker room when Jey comes back. Reigns wants to know where Jimmy is? Jey says he's angry and Reigns again ask where he is? Jey tells Reigns that Jimmy said Reigns has to go to their locker room. Reigns chuckles. Really?! Now Reigns is laughing. Reigns asks why Jimmy is putting Jey in the middle and making Jey the bad guy? Reigns laughs some more as he jokes about their locker room being "Roman's Cousins" locker room. Reigns tells Jey to go tell his brother (as Reigns face changes to serious). Reigns is awesome here.

Carmella vs. Liv Morgan

This is a rematch from last week. Carmella gets the "Most Beautiful Woman in WWE" entrance from Greg Hamilton. Liv goes right after Carmella and takes her to the corner. Kicks by Liv as she stomps Carmella in the corner. Liv charges but Carmella moves and Liv goes into the ropes. That allows Carmella to pull Liv to the outside where she throws Liv into the barricade. Carmella makes Michael Cole tell everyone how beautiful she is. Carmella puts Liv back in the ring and trash talks her in the corner. Elbows by Carmella in the corner. Liv fights back but Carmella stops her with a shot to the back. Carmella mounts and punches Liv. Near fall for Carmella. Carmella sends Liv into the corner but misses the charge. Liv uses her legs to launch Carmella into the middle turnbuckle. Liv charges into a kick by Carmella. Carmella slaps Liv multiple times but misses a super kick and gets caught up in the second rope. LIV HITS CARMELLA WITH OBLIVION TO WIN!! For those that don't know, Oblivion is a flatline from the middle rope. Post match, Carmella still demands to be announced as "Most Beautiful Woman in WWE".

W: Liv Morgan via pin @ 3:00

Bayley is backstage getting ready for "Ding Dong, Hello!" and throws away her talking points. Seth Rollins is her guest next! Commercial time.

We're back with "Ding Dong, Hello!" as the door bell rings and Bayley comes through the door. THE GRAPHIC FOR BAYLEY IS SERIOUSLY BOTCHED AS IT SAYS SHE'S BROCK LESNAR!! Bayley is surrounded by pictures of her being champion. She says she's upgraded the set for all of us. Enough about her though. It's time to get to her guest. He's a grand slam champion like "muah" and a drip god! SETH FREAKING ROLLINS!! Rollins actually rings the door bell and comes through the door haha. Bayley offers Rollins the "good" chair. Rollins loves the set. Bayley tells Rollins to let Cole know if he needs a drink. Rollins thanks Bayley for having him on a proper show for a proper interview. Before we talk though, Rollins says he's a huge fan and Bayley is next level. Rollins loves how Bayley has put Bianca Belair in her place. Rollins doesn't care if Belair is a top athlete, she needs to have respect. Rollins says Bayley will wipe the floor with "Belanca" at Hell in a Cell. Rollins wants to roll a clip he wants to play. It's a thousand Bayleys laughing at Belair last week. They both laugh about it. Bayley has clip she wants to share. It's Rollins beating the hell out of Cesaro. More laughter from both of them as the crowd boos. THE DOOR BELL RINGS!! Rollins asks if Bayley ordered food. Rollins says he'll be the gentlemen and get it. IT'S CESARO!! HE ATTACKS ROLLINS!!! Cesaro destroys the set and sends Rolls into the door multiple times. Rollins "drip" gets ripped. Cesaro tosses pieces of the set at Rollins as he bails. Bayley looks on in disbelief because of what's happened to her set. BIANCA BELAIR'S MUSIC HITS!! Belair laughs at Bayley and that's it. Alright then.

Commentary sends us to more replays of Reigns destroying the Mysterios last week.

Megan Morant is backstage with Rey Mysterio. Rey says Dominik is hurt and Reigns hurt his son. Rey doesn't care who you are or how big you are. If you hurt his son, he's coming after you. Rey says it's the worst kind of torture. Rey vowed on the day he was born to protect Dominik. He failed last week. Those injuries weren't an accident. They were done by a man who claims to be all about family. Rey says Reigns can do whatever he wants to his family but now he's messing with Rey's. By the end of the night, Rey says he's calling out Reigns. Rey will show Reigns what a family is suppose to look like.

A video promo hypes Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles for Raw.

Montez Ford vs. Chad Gable

They lock up and arm drag by Gable. Lock up again and arm drag by Ford. Gable with a go behind and takes down Ford. Front face lock by Gable and they jockey for position. Ford works the arm of Gable but Gable counters with a nice take down of Ford. Dawkins is watching backstage. Gable works the arm until Ford fights to his feet. Head lock by Ford and they trade counters and arm drags. Ford has a hold of Gable's arm now. Gable gets back up and beats on Ford in the corner. Ford fights out of the corner and hits another arm drag. Both men run the ropes and near fall for Ford. More rope running and then Gable picks Ford out of the arm and locks in the ankle lock! Gable grapevines the leg but Ford is able to bridge into a pin which forces a break. Both men go to the apron where Ford is able to dive onto Gable on the outside as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Gable hitting Ford with a back suplex. Ford rolls to the apron and hits Gable with a shoulder. Ford tries a sunset flip but Gable counters with a Northern Lights suplex! Awesome! Near fall for Gable. Ford avoids a back suplex and then run the ropes. Ford hits a jumping back elbow and both men are down. OTIS ATTACK DAWKINS BACKSTAGE! Ford and Gable trade punches and then FORD PLANTS GABLE WITH A SPINE BUSTER!! Standing moonsault by Ford gets a near fall. FORD GOES TO THE TOP AND HITS FROM THE HEAVENS!!! 1....2.....NO!! OTIS IS HERE NOW TO ATTACK FORD FOR THE DQ!! OTIS SHAVED HIS BEARD!! I feel like Otis was late making the save so Gable had to kick out.

W: Montez Ford via DQ @ 9:52

Post match, Otis beats the hell out of Ford all around ringside. Back in the ring, Otis splashes Ford from the second rope. Dawkins finally makes his way out and gets thrown back out of the ring. Otis hits Ford with a Vader Bomb. Dawkins crawls over Ford to protect him.

We see highlights of the Nakamura/Corbin rivalry.

Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Rick Boogs vs. King Corbin

Rick Boogs starts playing music as soon as the bell rings. That distracts Corbin which allows Nakamura to take advantage wit h a kick. Nakamura with more kicks in the corner and flying knee off the second rope for a near fall. Nakamura sets up for the Kinshasa but DEEP SIX BY CORBIN!! 1...2....NO!! Corbin sends Nakamura shoulder first into the ring post and attacks in the corner. German by Corbin for a near fall. Right hand by Corbin. Nakamura avoids a slam but misses a kick. NAKAMURA ROLLS UP CORBIN WITH A VICTORY ROLL TO WIN IT!! I got nothing for this.

W: Shinsuke Nakamura via pin @ 1:51

Post match, Corbin knocks down Nakamura and races Boogs to the crown. Corbin sends Boogs into the announce table and gets the crown. NAKAMURA STEALS THE CROWN BACK AND BOOGS SENDS CORBIN INTO THE TABLE!

Roman Reigns is backstage on his phone. He's finally ready to go confront Jimmy in HIS locker room. Jey and Heyman go with him as we go to a commercial.

We come back to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville talking. Corbin interrupts them and demands that Nakamura return his crown. They joke about it and Corbin gets more pissed. They book a match for next week as the battle for the crown. Corbin just stares.

Roman Reigns confront Jimmy Uso as he's pacing. Jey and Heyman are there also. Reigns asks if Jimmy sees the Universal Championship and Jimmy says he doesn't care about it. Jimmy cares about what's in the heart. Jimmy says Reigns has been doing this since they were kids. Jimmy says he has watched Reigns abuse Jey for a whole year while he couldn't do anything. Jimmy says Reigns will be in the Hall of Fame one day. But he won't be inducted as Roman Reigns. He'll be inducted as a spoiler bitch! Reigns talks to Jey and says see what he's doing. Reigns and Jimmy both argue until Jey yells that he's tired of both of them! Jey says he's out of here and leaves!! Jimmy gets in Reigns face and says he doesn't care anymore and offers to fight Reigns. Reigns looks at him with a confused look. Reigns asks for what? Reigns asks what he's done? They aren't kids anymore. Reigns says this is a family business and their livelihood. Reigns says this is how we represent the family. Why would Jimmy do this to Jey? Reigns says they're twins. Who came out first? Jimmy's the older one and should be looking out for Jey. Reigns says he should rely on Jimmy to help and not need Jey to reign him in. Reigns says all he's ever known is this, to be the best, to write their tickets like this. How could Jimmy treat his brother like that? Since day one right? You just let him go. Jey busts his ass for a whole year and you just let him go? Reigns tells Jimmy to make it right. Jimmy heads out as Reigns picks up the championship. Damn man. Reigns was great here.

Rey Mysterio heads to the ring and we go to a commercial. We're back and Rey has a mic. Rey says Reigns disrespected his family and he's here waiting for him. Reigns doesn't come out and Rey calls him out again. HERE COME REIGNS! Heyman is with him. Reigns takes his time. Rey asks if this is what Reigns wanted to hear and acknowledges him! Reigns nods in approval. Rey acknowledges that Reigns is a rat bastard, and a rat bastard that put his hands on Rey's son. Rey also acknowledges Reigns as a man he's willing to fight, even if he loses. Rey acknowledges Reigns as a man he wants to fight inside hell in a cell!! Reigns face is priceless. Rey says he's laid out his challenge so it's Reigns turn to acknowledge. Heyman hands Reigns a mic. Reigns acknowledges Rey as a father and REY ATTACKS WITH A KENDO STICK!! Reigns catches a swing and head butts Rey down to the mat. Reigns wants a power bomb but Rey fights out with more kendo stick shots. Reigns throws Rey out of the ring. Rey gets back in and SUPERMAN PUNCH TO REY!! Reigns sets up for a spear and HERE'S DOMINIK WITH A KENDO STICK!! DOMINIK ATTACKS REIGNS!! Reigns fights him off and LAUNCHES DOMINIK OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A POWER BOMB!!! Rey is back with another kendo stick. REY CHECKS ON DOMINIK AND REIGNS KICKS REY IN THE HEAD! Reigns stares them both down to end the show!

Next Week:

  • Kevin Owens & Big E vs. Apollo Crews (WWE Intercontinental Champion) & Commander Azeez

  • Battle for the Crown: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. King Corbin

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