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Smackdown 5/28/2021: Usos vs. Profits; Smackdown Tag Titles Defended in Main Event; Plus More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Smackdown:

  • The Usos vs. The Street Profits

  • WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode vs. Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio (champs)

We're in the ThunderDome for Smackdown tonight and kicking off the show with the Usos in the locker room getting hyped for their tag match. Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman approach them. Reigns asks if they feel good. Jimmy says he feel great and he's ready. Reigns wants to know their intentions and game plan. Jimmy says they intend to win and then win the tag titles so they all have gold. Reigns says sounds like he has it figured out and good luck. Jimmy walks off and Reigns tells Jey that they're going to need luck. Reigns asks Jey if Jimmy talks for him now (Jimmy did all the talking for the Usos). Jey tells Reigns that even though he's with Jimmy tonight, he's with Reigns. He'll always be with Reigns.

The Street Profits make their way to the ring. We're kicking off with the tag match. Ford says it's Friday night in the ThunderDome. Ford has had a pep in his step all week because tonight is a clash of the titans. Profits vs. Usos. Ford says they had some fun at the Usos expense last week. All jokes aside, when they find out they were being challenged by the Usos, they start mocking them some more. They says it's not the same Usos. They says Reigns lives in Jey's head rent free. HERE COMES THE USOS!! They grab mics. Ford says Uso crazy. Jimmy says the Profits got jokes. Jimmy says it doesn't matter how long he's been on the shelf, they're the best damn tag team. The Usos hype their tag team accomplishments. Jey tells them not to talk about Reigns or he'll drop them. Jey talks about this being a dream match, welcome to the nightmare! Jimmy says after they win, they'll be a step closer to being 7-time champs. Dawkins takes offense and says they run the division now. Jey takes offense and ends with "Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary". The match will begin after a commercial.

The Street Profits vs. The Usos

We start with Dawkins and Jimmy. They lock up and Dawkins powers Jimmy to the corner. Dawkins with a shoulder tackle and then a leap frog. Another shoulder tackle by Dawkins and tag to Ford. Dawkins back flips Ford onto Jimmy. Jimmy retreats to his corner and tags Jey. They go to lock up and Jey with a boot to the midsection of Ford to gain the upper hand. Jey beats on Ford in the corner. Jey sends Ford into the corner but Ford goes up and over. Arm drag by Ford and he works the arm of Jey. Dawkins gets a tag and they double back suplex Jey for a near fall. Dawkins goes back to the arm of Jey that Ford was working on. Jey fights to his feet and backs Dawkins into the corner. Jimmy gets a tag and they double team Dawkins in the corner. Head butt by Jimmy followed by a chop. Dawkins turns it around and arm drags Jimmy. Jimmy is up and backs Dawkins to the Uso corner. Jey gets a tag and slaps Dawkins. Stomps by Jey and a tag to Jimmy. Dawkins sends Jimmy into the ropes and hits a deep arm drag. Ford tags in. Drop kicks for both Jimmy and Jey!! They clothesline the Usos out of the ring!! JEY IS CLOTHESLINED OVER THE BARRICADE AND JIMMY IS SENT OVER THE ANNOUNCE TABLE AS WE GO TO A BREAK.

We're back with Dawkins working on Jimmy. Ford gets a tag and hits a double axe from the tag. Jey makes a blind tag and pulls Ford out of the ring. Ford gets sent into the barricade. Jey breaks the count and comes back out to send Ford into the barricade again. Jey throws Ford back in the ring and hits a back suplex. Jimmy gets a tag. Jey holds Ford in a back breaker and Jimmy with a double axe for a near fall. Reigns and Heyman are shown watching backstage. Jimmy with a chin lock to Ford. "We want the smoke" chant from the crowd. Jimmy prevents Ford from tagging and suplexes him for a near fall. Jey tags in and they split the legs of Ford. Ford tries to fight back but Jey keeps control and sends Ford back to the mat. Jey is aggressive with a chin lock but Ford gets to his feet. Ford is sent into the Uso corner but he battles back. Ford hits Jey with a step up enziguri. Jimmy holds the leg to prevent a tag. Ford escapes and hits him with a step up enziguri as well. Ford gets close to making a tag but Jey pulls Dawkins off the apron. Jimmy hits a SAMOAN DROP!! 1...2...NO!! We go to a break.

Back from the break, Jey wants to superplex Ford from the top but Ford blocks. Jey knocks Ford down to the apron but Ford answers with a kick to the face. Ford leaps from the top but Jey moves. Both men take each other down with a clothesline. Dawkins gets the tag! Jey cuts him off with a kick but Dawkins fires up. Corkscrew elbow by Dawkins. Jimmy stops his momentum with a kick. Jimmy looks to go the top but Dawkins stops that. Ford dives over the turnbuckle to the outside to take out Jey. JIMMY LAYS OUT DAWKINS WITH A SUPER KICK!! 1...2...NO!! Jimmy charges towards Dawkins but Dawkins pounces him!! DAWKINS HITS A UNDERHOOK TWISTING NECK BREAKER!! 1...2...NO!! Dawkins can't believe it! Dawkins with a double underhook by Jimmy blocks. Dawkins blocks a super kick. Enziguri by Jimmy. Blind tag by Ford. Dawkins spine busters Jimmy. Ford wants the splash but Jey pulls Jimmy out of the ring. Dawkins takes out Jey outside. JIMMY SUPER KICKS A KNEELING FORD IN THE JAW FOR THE WIN!! Great stuff by both teams but they may have tried too hard.

W: The Usos via pin @ 21:34

Megan Morant is backstage with Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. Megan asks them why tonight's results will be different than WrestleMania Backlash. Ziggler admits they had a bad strategy. Roode says tonight will be different because they're pros and aces. They claim they will be champs after tonight.

We have women's tag team action next!

Non-Title Match

Natalya & Tamina (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions) vs. The Riott Squad

The match is already in progress when we come back with Natalya and Ruby. Liv gets a tag and stomps the back of Natalya who is draped across the middle rope. Frequent tags by the Riott Squad. Natalya tries to fight out of the corner but Ruby buries her shoulder into Natalya. Liv comes back in and she's able to send Natalya face first into the middle turnbuckle for a near fall. Not sure what happened but Tamina is not on the apron for a tag. Ruby tags in and works a chin lock. Michael Cole says Tamina was attacked before the match started. Ruby picks up a near fall on Natalya. Ruby slams Natalya into the middle turnbuckle again and tags Liv. Liv misses Natalya. NATALYA STACKS THEM FOR A DOUBLE SHARPSHOOTER but the Riott Squad avoids it. Tamina is back now and tags in. Ruby tries a head scissors but Tamina is too powerful. Tamina with a hard shot to the back of Ruby's neck. Liv distracts and Natalya takes Liv off the apron. Ruby wants an arm drag to pull Tamina off the top but Tamina head butts her off. Natalya wants a discus clothesline on the outside but Liv ducks it and hits knees to the face. MEANWHILE IN THE RING, TAMINA SPLASHES RUBY FOR THE WIN!! Thankfully, this was kept short. Why does Tamina keep getting taken out for the majority of the matches?

W: Natalya & Tamina via pin @ 3:58

Backstage, the Usos go to talk to Adam Pearce. Pearce is impressed. Jimmy wants whoever wins the tag title match tonight in a match next week. PEARCE GRANTS IT!! Jimmy leaves and Jey doesn't look thrilled.

Bianca Belair heads to the ring for singles action against Carmella next!

Carmella cuts a promo and says good for Belair and what she's done lately. Carmella puts over his career accomplishments and talks about ending Belair's fairy tale.

Non-Title Match

Bianca Belair (WWE Smackdown Women's Champion) vs. Carmella

Before the match can begin, Bayley has a mic and joins commentary. Belair backs Carmella into the corner and delivers shoulders to the midsection. Bayley introduces to McAfee and makes fun of Cole. Head scissors by Carmella sends Belair out of the ring. Carmella goes out after Belair but runs into a shoulder tackle. Belair military presses Carmella back in the ring. Carmella tries to escape out the other side and then cheap shots Belair. CARMELLA PLANTS BELAIR FACE FIRST ON THE APRON!! 1...2...NO!! Bayley is annoyed with Cole praising Belair. Carmella grabs a handful of braid in the corner to maintain control. Elbows by Carmella. Bayley says she wants a rematch as Carmella gets a near fall on Belair. Chin lock by Carmella. Belair fights to her feet and hits Carmella with a back breaker. Shoulder tackle by Belair and she follows up with a shoulders in the corner. Carmella blocks in the corner and hits a couple elbows. Carmella with a cross body from the top but Belair rolls through and hits a fall away slam!! Belair kips up and hits a moonsault for a near fall. Belair charges in the corner but Carmella moves and Belair hits the ring post shoulder first. Carmella chokes Belair with her legs in the corner. Carmella pulls Belair to the apron and pounds her back. Near fall for Carmella back in the ring. Belair tries a jackknife cover but Carmella counters. Carmella tries a Code of Silence but Belair avoids. COLE CALLS BELAIR "BELANCA" AND BAYLEY GIVES HIM A HARD TIME AND CALLS HIM AN IDIOT!! BELAIR HITS CARMELLA WITH THE KOD TO WIN!! Post match, Bayley and Belair stare each other down and Bayley laughs.

W: Bianca Belair via pin @ 5:47

Mysterio interview time. They say they have a plan tonight. They both say when one of them is hurt, they are both hurt. Dominik says no way they lose tonight and there isn't a team that can beat them.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. He'll speak next!

SummerSlam vignette. It's August 21st! Cardi B's "Up" appears to be the theme song.

Rollins is in the ring with a mic. He says he's not here to talk but here to fight. Rollins calls out Cesaro right now! Cesaro doesn't show. Rollins laughs and says of course Cesaro isn't here to swing or disrespect him. Rollins says Cesaro isn't here to ruin the greatest day....ROLLINS BIRTHDAY!! Rollins knows Cesaro is celebrating it somewhere but Rollins wants to remind him and us why Cesaro isn't here. Highlights of Rollins attacking Cesaro last week are shown. "You suck" chants by the crowd. Rollins says that's hard to watch but it's not the worst of it. Rollins has audio footage from Cesaro's hospital room he wants to play. It's our secret he says. The sound is Cesaro on the toilet. Rollins cracks himself up and Cole says it's a HIPAA violation. Never thought I'd hear that on Smackdown. Rollins says in all seriousness, he blacked out and when he came to he was standing over Cesaro. Rollins says he's a man of responsibility and integrity. The truth is, we have to put some on the blame on us!! You watching it at home right now! We are the ones who brainwashed Cesaro into thinking he could look past Rollins. For thinking Cesaro deserved an opportunity he didn't earn. So if Cesaro never steps in the ring again, blame Cesaro and us because Rollins hands are clean! ROLLINS SINGS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIMSELF! He's 35 today in case you were wondering.

Apollo Crews vs. Kevin Owens is next!

Non-Title Match

Kevin Owens vs. Apollo Crews (WWE Intercontinental Champion) w/ Commander Azeez

Owens charges right away in the corner with a clothesline. Owens with a cannon ball!! Owens goes to the top and hits a Swanton!! 1...2...NO!! Crews rolls to the apron. Owens tries to suplex Crews back in but Crews blocks and hangs up Owens. Crews goes to the top and leaps off. Owens isn't here and Crews rolls through. SUPER KICK BY OWENS!! Crews avoids the Pop Up Power Bomb but OWENS HITS THE STUNNER!! 1...2...COMMANDER AZEEZ ATTACKS OWENS FORCING A DQ!! Post match, Azeez hits Owens with the Nigerian Nail. Officials check on Owens. Props to Owens on his selling here.

W: Kevin Owens via DQ @ 1:13

Backstage, Heyman tells Reigns that Jey Uso is here to see him. Reigns heard about the match for next week and asks if that's what Jey wanted. Reigns says why did Jey say he was with Reigns. What happened to we? What about everything they've been through the past months. Reigns has only wanted what's best for Jey and the family. Reigns says it's main event Jey Uso now. Reigns says Jey was main event when he was with Reigns. Jimmy comes back and he's in the opening match. Reigns doesn't want Jey to go back to where people look at him and ask which one he is. Jey finally speaks and says he never thought about it like that. Reigns says he should because Jimmy isn't.

Rick Boogs is out to perform on the guitar. He introduces himself and says he came to rock with the King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura!! Boogs plays Nakamura to the ring! Nakamura is in action next! We get highlights of Nakamura taking King Corbin's crown.

Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Rick Boogs vs. Chad Gable w/ Otis

OTIS ATTACKS NAKAMURA BEFORE THE BELL!! Nakamura says he's good so we start. Gable with a belly to belly and roll through to hit another one! Near fall for Gable. Nakamura ducks a clothesline and hits Gable with a jumping kick to the face. Strikes by Nakamura and a kick takes down Gable. Nakamura hits Otis with a shot. Nakamura charges the corner but Gable locks him in an arm bar over the top rope. Gabel drives Nakamura into the corner. Gable looks for a moonsault but lands on his feet. Nakamura takes him down. KING CORBIN IS HERE TO TAKE HIS CROWN BACK. Gable avoids the Kinshasa and they trade near falls. NAKAMURA HITS THE KINSHASA THIS TIME FOR THE WIN!! Post match, Corbin and Nakamura trade words and Boogs hits Corbin from behind and Nakamura gets the crown back.

W: Shinsuke Nakamura via pin @ 1:55

Highlights are shown of Azeez hitting Owens with the Nigerian Nail. Owens is still selling it backstage like a champ while Pearce is there with him. Owens wants Crews for the IC title next week. Pearce says he can have it with no Azeez at ringside! Pearce is generous tonight.

We see Rey Mysterio praying backstage. Dominik tells him they're next as we go to a break.

We come back to officials attending to Rey Mysterio who was attacked backstage.

Ziggler and Roode head to the ring. They say they had nothing to do with that attack and they want to win fair and square. Then they say it's a forfeit if Rey can't compete and they want the titles. Ziggler says it's heartbreaking that Rey is hurt but that's on them. Roode says Dominik will face them two-on-one like his old man did. Backstage, Dominik tells Rey he's stepping up tonight like Rey did at WrestleMania Backlash. Ziggler and Roode can't believe it and says just count him out. THEY SAY IT'S CHILD ABUSE!! Dominik heads to the ring and we go to a break.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode vs. Dominik Mysterio & Rey Mysterio

This is starting as a handicap match with no Rey. Dominik is starting with Ziggler. Dominik charges right away and knocks Roode off the apron. Ziggler quickly takes control after a drop kick and gets a near fall. Tag to Roode who suplexes Dominik for a near fall. Roode with kicks to Dominik in the corner. Ziggler tags in as they double team Dominik in the corner. All challengers at the moment. Near fall for Ziggler. Ziggler stomps the hand of Dominik and rakes his own knee across Dominik's face. Tag to Roode and he pushes Dominik to the mat and follows with a chop. Dominik is sent into the rope and is able to hit a kick when Roode lowers his head but Roode takes him right back down. Scoop slam by Roode but Roode misses a knee drop. Ziggler tags in and mocks Dominik but grabbing Rey's tag rope. Ziggler rakes Dominik's face across the top rope and then hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Dominik is put in the challenger's corner but he fights out of it. Dominik takes Roode out with a drop kick and back drops Ziggler to the outside. Dominik takes them both out with a dive to the outside. Dominik throws Ziggler back in the ring. Dominik goes to the top and Ziggler ducks him. Drop toe hold by Dominik. Dominik wants the 619 but Roode trips him. Dominik takes care of Roode and gets Ziggler back in position. Ziggler ducks the 619 and HITS DOMINIK WITH THE FAMEASSER!! 1...2...NO!! Roode gets a tag. Ziggler and Roode with a slam/neck breaker combo for a near fall. Roode gets Dominik in an electric chair and REY'S MUSIC HITS!! DOMINIK USES THE DISTRACTION TO PIN ROODE!! Not near as good as the WrestleMania Backlash match and the ending was predictable.

W: Dominik Mysterio & Rey Mysterio via pin @ 6:58

Post match, The Usos comes out to confront the Mysterios. They have a stare down in the ring. Meanwhile, we see Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman watching on a monitor. Reigns looks pissed off as the show ends.

Next Week:

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Kevin Owens vs. Apollo Crews (champ)

  • WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos vs. Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio (champs)

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