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Smackdown 4/30/2021: Reigns vs. Bryan for Universal Title; Apollo vs. Big E for IC Title; Plus More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Smackdown:

  • WWE Universal Championship Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns (champ)

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Big E vs. Apollo Crews (champ)

  • Six Person Mixed Tag Team Match: Bianca Belair (WWE Smackdown Women's Champion) & The Street Profits vs. Bayley, Dolph Ziggler, & Robert Roode (WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions)

We're in the ThunderDome for a big Smackdown with two championship matches. We open with a video package that hypes the WWE Universal Championship match for tonight. Cole and McAfee welcome us to the show and hype tonight's championship matches. We're starting six person mixed tag action.

A vignette hypes Bianca Belair. Belair makes her way to the ring. She grabs a mic and hypes herself as the EST of WWE and the WWE Smackdown Women's Champion. She welcomes us to the hottest show on Fox! She's about to introduce the Street Profits BUT ZIGGLER AND ROODE COME OUT! Ziggler says they're kicking off the show right. Roode says they're taking it from here. Ziggler says they're the best as what they do when THE STREET PROFITS INTERRUPT!! They don't much time to talk before BAYLEY INTERRUPTS! Bayley takes Belair's mic from her and laughs at her and the Profits. BELAIR SLAPS BAYLEY!! BAYLEY TACKLES BELAIR AND THEY ALL BRAWL!! We go to a commercial.


Six Person Mixed Tag Team Match

Bianca Belair (WWE Smackdown Women's Champion) & The Street Profits vs. Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode (WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions), & Bayley

The match is already started when we return with Belair and Bayley starting. They trade counters and Bayley takes down Belair with a clotheslines. Belair with a crucifix pin for a near fall. Bayley swats Belair when she tries a drop kick and takes control. Belair avoids Bayley in the corner and hits the drop kick this time. Ziggler tags in and Dawkins runs in to hit Ziggler with a pounce. Ford gets a tag and hits Ziggler with a drop kick. Roode runs only to be sent outside. Bayley is also sent outside. Ford flips over the top to take out the tag champs. Ford throws Ziggler back in the ring and Bayley sends Belair into the steps. Ziggler hits Ford with a super kick and Ford rolls out of the ring. Ziggler puts him back in and tags Roode. Ford is sent hard into the corner and Ziggler splashes him. Roode plants Ford with a slam for a near fall. Roode chokes Ford across the middle rope and Bayley gets a cheap shot in. Roode stomps on Ford before tagging Ziggler. They double suplex Ford for a near fall. Ziggler locks a sleeper on Ford. Ford fights to his feet but Ziggler splashes him again in the corner. Ziggler looks for a super kick but Ford kicks him in the mouth! Dawkins and Roode both tag in! Back elbow by Dawkins and a belly to belly throw. Splash in the corner and running bulldog by Dawkins. He follows that with a neck breaker! 1...2...Ziggler saves it. Belair comes in and lofts Ziggler. Bayley comes in and runs into a right hand. KOD TO BAYLEY!! Dawkins charges into a boot by Roode. Roode rolls up Dawkins and uses the tights but Belair whips him with the hair. DAWKINS WITH THE ANNOINTMENT TO ROODE! TAG TO FORD AND HE HITS FROM THE HEAVENS ON ROODE FOR THE WIN!! Lots of fast paced action. Should set set up the Profits for a tag title shot.

W: Bianca Belair & The Street Profits via pin @ 6:46

Commentary hypes the WWE Intercontinental Championship match for later tonight.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Daniel Bryan. Kayla says he's taking a risk in tonight's main event. Bryan says she should be asking Reigns the same question. Bryan is excited to get a fair fight tonight. Bryan is confident he can tap out Reigns again. Bryan says when he wins, his first title defense won't be against Reigns but against Cesaro!

Seth Rollins is backstage and laughs at the fact that Bryan thinks he'll beat Reigns and then give Cesaro a title match. Rollins says his prediction for the match is simple. Then Rollins says he does have history with Reigns. Rollins says if Bryan wins, it'll be a big upset. As far as Cesaro, he won't get a crack at the title because he won't make it past next week. Rollins challenges Cesaro to a match next week!

Highlights of Tamina defeating Nia Jax last week including the drama with Nia, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald.

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald are walking backstage when Megan Morant tries to get a word with them. Megan says Tamina and Natalya have singles wins over them. Baszler stresses that those were singles matches and not a tag match. TAMINA AND NATALYA ARE HERE TO ATTACK NIA AND SHAYNA!

Non-Title Match

Natalya & Tamina vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions) w/ Reginald

Tamina and Nia start. Tamina throws Nia in the corner right away and takes her down with as super kick to the back of the neck. Tamina looks to go to the top but Shayna tries to interfere. Tamina takes care of her and tries a splash on Nia but Nia gets her knees up! Shayna tags in. Shayna with a knee to the head of Tamina. Shayna beats down Tamina and takes her to the champs corner. Running knee by Shayna to the chin of Tamina. Nia tags back in and squashes Tamina in the corner for a near fall. Nia beats on Tamina but Tamina fires back with rights. Tamina tries to lift Nia but Nia falls on her for a near fall. Shayna tags back in but Tamina fights off both Shayna and Nia. Shayna goes after the left arm of Tamina but Tamina stops that and slams Shayna. Natalya gets a tag but Nia isn't there for Shayna. Shayna tries the Kirifuda Clutch but Natalya avoids it and hits a discus clothesline. Release German by Natalya for a near fall. Natalya looks for a Sharpshooter but Shayna hits a combination of strikes. Nia tags in and hits an elbow drop for near fall. Nia charges in the corner but Natalya moves so Nia post herself. Tamina tags in and goes to the top turnbuckle. Reginald tries to interfere by Natalya takes him out. Shayna grabs Natalya and throws her across the announce table. Shayna distracts Tamina allowing Nia to get up and head butt Tamina. Shayna tags in and goes up top with Tamina. Tamina blocks and HEAD BUTTS SHAYNA OFF THE TOP! SPLASH BY TAMINA OFF THE TOP ENDS IT!! Not as bad as some of their other matches but I just can't get into it.

W: Natalya & Tamina via pin @ 4:50

Booker T predicts Roman Reigns to retain.

Smackdown Throwback Edition is next week!

Shinsuke Nakamura predicts Daniel Bryan will win tonight! He also says he'll be ready for Reigns should he win.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Rey and Dominik Mysterio. They talk about a potential tag team championship opportunity. Dominik says fighting along side Rey is like being in a comic book. Rey talks about his accomplishments but says nothing compares to being the first ever father/son tag team champions.

Aleister Black promo time. He says we're looking at him and judging him because that is the nature of man. We go to the animations again with Black saying in high school people like us walked the halls and all they cared about was building their life on a foundation of lies. Imagine thinking all of that was real or falling for it. His father never fed him those dreams because the truth is there is something horribly wrong with all of that and all of us. Black says he could give us the keys to escape but he won't!

Up next is the WWE Intercontinental Championship match. A video package shows the build up.

Megan Morant is backstage with Big E in gorilla. Big E says he's been around the world and people are asking what he's going to do to overcome Commander Azeez. Big E says he's getting his baby back and he's going to put her in the passenger seat with the buckle fastened.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods weigh in on the main event. Woods is going with Bryan and Kofi says Reigns.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Big E vs. Apollo Crews (champ) w/ Commander Azeez

They lock up and Crews backs Big E to the corner. Clean break. Lock up again and waste lock by Apollo but Big E throws him to the mat. Then Big E hip tosses Apollo. Off the ropes they go and Big E locks in an abdominal stretch. Big E clubs the ribs of Apollo before hitting him with an elbow. Big E drags Apollo the apron and beats on his chest. Big E goes to the apron and SPLASHES CREWS ON THE APRON!! Cover and near fall for Big E. Big E looks for an Irish whip but Apollo counters and stun guns Big E! Clothesline by Apollo. Apollo goes to the outside and pulls Big E to the apron. Apollo suplexes Big E onto the floor as we go to a break.

We're back and Crews is mounting Big E and hitting punches. Big E reverses and sends Apollo the corner. Apollo jumps and Big E catches him. Belly to belly suplexes by Big E. Apollo turns it around and sends Big E to the outside. Apollo with a moonsault from the apron. Back in the ring, Apollo goes to the top and jumps but Big E rolls of the way. Belly to belly by Big E followed by a splash! 1...2...NO!! BIG E looks for the Big Ending but Apollo avoids it and hits Big E with a pump kick to the face! Crews with a splash in the corner. He sends Big E to the opposite corner. Apollos charges into a uranage!! 1...2...NO!! Apollo goes to the apron. Big E looks for a spear through the ropes but Apollo hits him with a knee. APOLLO WITH A DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ON THE APRON!! Back in the ring, APOLLO THIS A SPLASH FROM THE TOP!! 1...2...NO!! Big E counters Apollo and rolls him up for a near fall. BIG E HITS THE BIG ENDING!!! 1...2...COMMANDER AZEEZ PULLS BIG E OUT OF THE RING AND ATTACKS HIM FOR THE DQ!!! I'm beginning to think Big E won't be getting the championship back. Solid match but it was obvious Azeez was getting involved.

W: Big E via DQ @ 10:04

Post match, HERE COMES KEVIN OWENS TO MAKE THE SAVE!! Owens beats down Azeez. Crews is back up and they double team Owens. Big E comes back to help out Owens. SAMI ZAYN IS HERE TO HELLUVA KICK OWENS!! Zayn lets Azeez beat down Big E. SAMI ZAYN PICKS UP THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Crews and Azeez take offense. Zayn tells them to calm down and hands Apollo the title. ZAYN HOLDS UP APOLLO'S HAND AND AZEEZ HITS ZAYN WITH THE NIGERIAN NAIL!

The Miz predicts Reigns to win the main event.

Commentary says the WWE Universal Championship match is next!

Kayla Braxton is outside Roman Reigns locker room. Paul Heyman comes out. We'll here from him next.

Cesaro accepts Rollins challenge for next week. Cesaro predicts Bryan will beat Reigns tonight and then Cesaro will beat Bryan at WrestleMania Backlash.

Reigns is calm and collected in his locker room.

We see highlights of last week showing how tonight's main event came about.

Heyman is with Kayla Braxton. Heyman is tired of hearing the name Daniel Bryan. Heyman says Bryan should of never broke into the sports entertainment business. Has Bryan has a Hall of Fame career? Yes yes. Is he the ultimate underdog? Yes yes. Did dominate the peewee league? Yes yes. Did graduate to the big leagues and win the main event of WrestleMania?? Yes yes. Can he defy everyone's expectations and come back from injury? Yes! Yes! Does everyone believe Bryan can do it one more time? Yes! Yes! Will he do it??? NO!! He will not beat Reigns! Heyman is great here!

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring. Highlights of Daniel Bryan beating Triple H at WrestleMania XXX and then beating Batista and Randy Orton in the main event to win the championship.

King Corbin weighs in. He doesn't like either but will go with Reigns so Bryan will be gone.

WWE Universal Championship Match

Daniel Bryan is banned from Smackdown if he loses

Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns (champ) w/ Paul Heyman

New theme music for Reigns! Not sure how I feel about it yet but I think it fits his character. The "yes" chants are off the charts! Running kick by Bryan right away. Kicks by Bryan and Reigns stops the rally right away. Shoulder tackle by Reigns. Off the ropes they go and Reigns catches Bryan. Reigns tries a bear hug but Bryan takes him down. Reigns goes to the outside and Bryan goes right out after him. Bryan hits a jumping knee from the apron and Reigns is down as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Bryan delivers knees to the back of Reigns in the ring. Bryan works on the left arm and shoulder of Reigns. Kicks to Reigns in the corner by Bryan. Two running kicks by Bryan and he goes for a third but eats a clothesline from Reigns. Reigns gets a near fall. Reigns stomps the back of Bryan and takes control. Snap suplex by Reigns and a near fall. Chin lock by Reigns. Loud "Daniel Bryan" chants from the crowd. Bryan fights to his feet and hits some right hands but Reigns knees him in the mouth to stop the momentum. Reigns hammers Bryan in the corner and sends Bryan to the opposite corner but he back flips over Reigns but runs into an elbow. Near fall for Reigns. Reigns with a big right hand and another. Bryan fires back with uppercuts. Reigns shoves him to the corner but drop toe hold by Bryan sends Reigns into the second turnbuckle. "Yes" kicks by Bryan in the corner. Bryan puts Reigns on the top turnbuckle and tries a rana but Reigns blocks. REIGNS POWER BOMBS BRYAN OFF THE SECOND ROPE!! 1...2...NO!! We go to a commercial.

We're back with Reigns beating the hell out of Bryan on the outside. Reigns sends him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Reigns gets a near fall. Reigns hits Bryan with a knee to the face and more knees to Bryan in the corner. Reigns intimidates the official as the crowd chants "you suck". Reigns puts Bryan on the top turnbuckle. Bryan escapes and racks Reigns on the top. Bryan goes back up with him and BACK SUPLEXES REIGNS OFF THE TOP!! Both men are down. Bryan shoots the half and covers Reigns for a near fall. Both men are on the knees and uppercuts by Bryan. They're up and kicks by Bryan. Reigns ducks a kick and hits Bryan with a Samoan drop! 1...2...NO!! Reigns goes for a Superman Punch but Bryan kicks his arm! Bryan with a running kick to the right arm of Reigns. Arm breaker by Reigns but Reigns pushes him away. Reigns charges and Bryan low bridges him. Reigns goes to the outside. Bryan with a dive but Reigns catches him! Reigns suplexes Bryan on the floor! REIGNS LOOKS FOR A SPEAR BUT BRYAN MOVES AND REIGNS GOES THROUGH THE BARRICADE! Another commercial,

Back again and BRYAN HITS A DIVING HEAD BUTT FROM THE TOP!! 1...2...NO!! Bryan goes for a running knee but REIGNS WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH!! 1...2...NO!! Reigns sets up for a spear but Bryan cradles him for a near fall. BRYAN HITS THE RUNNING KNEE!!! 1...2...Reigns gets his foot on the rope!! Bryan grabs the arms of Reigns and viciously stomps the face of Reigns!! Bryan looks for the Yes Lock and he has it locked in!! Reigns rolls over to cover Bryan for a near fall. SPEAR BY REIGNS!!! 1...2...NO!! Reigns can't believe it! REIGNS LOCKS IN THE GUILLONTINE BUT BRYAN SLIPS OUT! Reigns was using the bad arm. BRYAN LOCKS IN AN ARM BAR!! BRYAN TRANSITIONS TO THE YES LOCK!! Reigns almost escapes but BRYAN ROLLS TO THE CENTER OF THE RING!! REIGNS POWERS OUT!! Reigns ground and pounds Bryan as he pummels Bryan with punches. REIGNS LIFTS AND POWER BOMBS BRYAN!! Reigns mounts and hits him with forearms! ANOTHER POWER BOMB BY REIGNS!!! REIGNS TRIES THE GUILLOTINE BUT SWITCHES TO HIS GOOD ARM!! REIGNS GRAPE VINES WITH THE LEGS!! BRYAN IS OUT!!! Absolutely amazing!! The best TV match I've seen in a long ass time!!

W: Roman Reigns vis submission @ 27:15

Post match, Reigns grabs two chairs and brings them in the ring. Reigns sets Bryan up for a Con-chair-to. HERE COMES CESARO!! Cesaro knocks Reigns out of the ring and hits him with an uppercut that sends Reigns into the barricade. JEY USO IS HERE TO ATTACK CESARO!! Super kick to Cesaro! JEY USO TIES UP CESARO IN THE ROPES!! REIGNS CON-CHAIR-TOS DANIEL BRYAN TO END THE SHOW!!

Next week:

  • It's Smackdown: Throwback Edition

  • Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

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