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Smackdown 3/5/2021: Steel Cage Match Main Events; Belair vs. Baszler; Plus More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Smackdown:

  • Steel Cage Match - If Bryan Wins, he faces Roman Reigns at Fast Lane for the WWE Universal Championship. If Bryan loses, he must acknowledge Reigns as the Head of the Table: Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso

  • Bianca Belair vs. Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion)

We're in the ThunderDome and kicking off the show with highlights of Edge's Royal Rumble win and the lead up to Edge choosing Roman Reigns as his WrestleMania opponent.

Michael Cole is in the ring and talks about how Roman Reigns and Edge could be the main event of WrestleMania. However, his guest may have something to say about that tonight. He then introduces DANIEL BRYAN. Cole says Bryan has the quite the night tonight and talks about tonight's steel cage match. Cole talks about the potential tag match of Bryan/Edge vs. Reigns/Uso at Fast Lane. Cole asks Bryan why he is going after the title instead of the tag. Bryan says no one approached him about a tag match. He says he just rolls with the punches and does what is asked of him. Bryan says he knows Reigns doesn't want to defend the title at Fast Lane. Bryan says they have this idea of Edge vs. Reigns at WrestleMania. Bryan claims he's the only one that doesn't want to see that and will do his best to make sure it doesn't happen. Bryan has his own video package he wants to air. It's highlights of him winning the chamber match and then losing to Reigns. We then see Edge spearing Reigns after that match. Bryan says he has lost a lot in his career and he's been beaten up a lot. You would think after winning his third chamber and fighting valiantly, it wouldn't be a big deal. However, after Edge speared Reigns and pointed to the WrestleMania sign, Bryan never felt like more of a failure. Bryan talks about a personality test from years ago where he got the lowest ambition score. He could only explain by saying he loves wrestling. In the last year, he's become more of a full time dad instead of full time wrestler. He put himself on the back burner to allow other wrestlers to have more of a chance. Bryan says he failed himself and realized he has ambition. He says he should be in the main event of WrestleMania instead of Edge and Reigns because he loves it. Bryan says he has wrestled more in the last 3 weeks than Edge/Reigns have in 3 months. Bryan says he can be the absolute best. Bryan says if he beats Uso tonight, he'll face Reigns at Fast Lane. That could be his last chance to get to WrestleMania. HERE COMES ROMAN REIGNS WITH JEY USO AND PAUL HEYMAN. We're going to commercial. Great stuff by Bryan. We'll see what Reigns has to say after the break.

We're back with Reigns, Uso, and Heyman in the ring now. Heyman hands Reigns a mic. Reigns says he's looking at the same guy but it doesn't sound like the same guy. Reigns is confused so he knows the audience is confused. Reigns says Bryan is an underdog. A little guy. Reigns says Bryan waits for opportunity and sometimes it works out. Reigns says Bryan isn't ambitious but he is. Reigns says Bryan doesn't love wrestling....he needs it. Reigns claims he loves it but doesn't need it. Reigns does it because everyone needs him. Reigns says Bryan needs him and he'll understand it after Jey whoops his ass. Once Bryan understands, he'll acknowledge Reigns. Jey Uso grabs a mic and says this is as close as Bryan will get to the title. Uso tries a cheap shot but Bryan is ready for it and tosses Uso out of the ring. Bryan and Reigns have a stare down.

Commentary hypes Bianca Belair vs. Shayna Baszler tonight and hypes the tag match at Fast Lane. They transition to talking about the Street Profits. We see highlights of them beating Sami Zayn and King Corbin. They'll have a rematch next!

Back from the break, Sami is out to say the the Profits win last week was fluke. Sami claims they'll prove it. Corbin is out and he doesn't like Sami so he's refusing to tag with him. Corbin challenges one of the Profits to a singles match. The Profits are up for it. Zayn asks if this is a set up because he didn't agree to single matches. The Profits want the smoke.

Montez Ford w/ Angelo Dawkins vs. King Corbin w/ Sami Zayn

Corbin with a knee strike to start but then Ford picks up the pace and hits two drop kicks to slow Corbin. Ford comes off the ropes and runs into a spine buster by Corbin for a near fall. Corbin wears down Ford in the corner and then slams him. Ford with a sleeper. Corbin flips him over but Ford lands on his feet. Ford picks up the pace and hits another drop kick. Corbin shoots Ford in the air but FORD WITH A DDT!! STANDING MOONSAULT BY FORD!! 1...2...NO!! Ford hits a step up enziguri but ZAYN DISTRACTS ALLOWING CORBIN TO HIT THE END OF DAYS TO WIN!! Short match. More of an angle.

W: King Corbin via pin @ 2:40

Post match, Zayn tells Corbin he helped him so he wants Corbin's help. Dawkins shoves Sami off the apron into Corbin. Corbin leaves Sami high and dry. Zayn vs. Dawkins after the break.

Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford vs. Sami Zayn

The match is in progress when we return. Dawkins is beating Zayn around the ring. Dawkins with a shoulder tackle. Off the ropes and Dawkins with a nice drop kick for a near fall. Zayn immediately crawls to the ropes and rolls outside. Zayn catches Dawkins with a keep and bounces Dawkins face first off the barricade. Zayn is now in control in the ring. Zayn with right hands and chokes Dawkins across the middle rope. Zayn talks trash to Ford in the process. Zayn with a clothesline for a near fall. Another near fall then a third. More trash talk by Zayn. Straight right by Zayn. Dawkins comes off the ropes with a clothesline and a spinning back elbow. Dawkins follows up with a splash in the corner and a bulldog! 1...2...NO!! Zayn blocks a suplex with back elbows. Dawkins with a spinning neck breaker!! 1...2...NO!! Corey Graves says Dawkins calls it the Silencer. Zayn hangs Dawkins on the top rope and tries a Blue Thunder Bomb unsuccessfully. ZAYN WITH AN EXPLODER ON DAWKINS INTO THE CORNER. ZAYN SETS UP FOR THE HELLUVA KICK. FORD DISTRACTS ZAYN AND DAWKINS ROLLS ZAYN UP FOR THE WIN! Turn about is fair play. Post match, Zayn wants answers from his camera crew. He doesn't recognize one of his camera and asks who hired him before a knee to the gut.

W: Angelo Dawkins via pin @ 4:23

Reginald is backstage when Carmella confronts him about Sasha Banks. Carmella knocks his champagne serving tray out of his hand. CARMELLA FIRES REGINALD!!

The Mysterios make their way to the ring. Dominik is in singles action next!

We see a video package for Big E. He returns next week!

Dominik Mysterio w/ Rey Mysterio vs. Chad Gable w/ Otis

They lock up and Gable takes Dominik to the mat. Dominik gets to his feet and dumps Gable to the outside. Gable rushes into an arm drag by Dominik. Chain wrestling by the two with Gable getting the upper hand. Gable with a dragon screw and he works on the left knee of Dominik. Near fall for Gable. Gable isolates the knee. Dominik kicks him away. Enziguri by Dominik. Dominik with a rana from the second rope. They trade counters and Gable with a tiger suplex for a near fall. Gable goes to the top and tries a moonsault. Dominik moves and Gable lands on his feet. Dominik gets a near fall on a roll up BUT A SECOND ROLL UP GETS THE WIN FOR DOMINIK!! Post match, Rey attacks Otis from behind and hits senton for some revenge from the past couple weeks.

W: Dominik Mysterio via pin @ 3:03

We see highlights of recent evens between Seth Rollins and Cesaro. Kayla Braxton is backstage with Rollins. Kayla asks Rollins about the swing last week. Rollins wants to know why? Rollins says it's because Cesaro is afraid to embrace the vision. Rollins claims Cesaro tried to humiliate him and Rollins says he won't forget it. MURPHY is here and claims he can assist Rollins with the Cesaro situation. Rollins tells Murphy to get out of his sight.

Shayna Baszler vs. Bianca Belair will happen after the break.

This Monday there will be an "Almighty" celebration for new WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley.

Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions) vs. Bianca Belair w/ Sasha Banks (WWE Smackdown Women's Champion)

Reginald follows Banks out to the ring. They lock up and Baszler avoids a slam. Side head lock by Belair. Belair gets the upper hand with a knock down. Belair goes for a drop kick but Baszler catches the leg. They trade counters and Baszler works on an arm. Belair lifts Baszler but Baszler escapes. Into the corner they go and Baszler hits a kick to the arm of Belair. Baszler with a running knee strike in the corner for a near fall. More arm work by Baszler. Arm breaker by Baszler. Belair side steps Baszler's running attempt. Belair with a slam followed by shoulders to the midsection of Baszler in the corner. Suplex by Belair and a kip up. Belair with a back body drop. Double chicken wing by Belair but Baszler counters and sends Belair to the outside. Reginald distracts and Belair shoves him down. Belair gets back in the ring and eats a kick. Reginald tries to get Banks's attention. NIA CHARGES REGINALD BUT HE MOVES AND NIA TAKES OUT BANKS!! IN THE RING, BELAIR COUNTERS THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH AND HITS BASZLER WITH THE KOD FOR THE WIN!! Post match, Belair tells Banks to deal with Reginald and walks off as Reginald helps Banks up. BANKS SLAPS THE HELL OUT OF REGINALD. Once again more of an angle than a match.

W: Bianca Belair via pin @ 4:33

Backstage, Jey Uso is getting ready as Roman Reigns gives him a pep talk. Reigns says if Uso wins, the title is safe until WrestleMania. Reigns says if Uso loses, he not only embarrasses himself but he'll embarrass the family. Reigns tells Uso not to embarrass the family.

Murphy vs. Cesaro

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring as we're about to begin. Cesaro takes Murphy to the mat right away. Cesaro with a throw as Rollins joins commentary. Cesaro with a tilt a whirl back breaker for a near fall. Murphy pulls Cesaro through the middle rope to the outside. Murphy flips over the top to take Cesaro out on the outside. Murphy comes off the top rope with a Meteora!! 1...2...NO!! Cesaro shoves Murphy to the corner but eats a boot upon charging. Big uppercut by Cesaro! Cesaro with uppercuts from corner to corner!! Cesaro follows with a big boot to floor Murphy. CESARO WITH THE SWING!!! Rollins claims Cesaro is mocking him. This is a long swing! SHARPSHOOTER BY CESARO!! MURPHY TAPS!! Rollins claps at ringside as Cesaro stares him down.

W: Cesaro via submission @ 3:07

Backstage, Reginald has his bags packed and comes across Sasha's dressing room. Reginald knocks. Banks opens the door and simply says no. Reginald walks in Nia and Shayna. Baszler asks if he wants to fight and Nia cuts her off and says Reginald is kind of cute.

Another video package hypes Big E's return next week!

Commentary hypes two documentaries coming to WWE Network Sunday. One is Heaven and the other is Goldberg 54.

Apollo Crews makes his way to the ring with two men dressed in army camo. Crews grabs a mic and says everyone is telling him they don't like the new Apollo. He says this is the real Apollo. He talks with his accent here. He's a true African American from Nigeria. Crews tells stories of his heritage. Crews says even close friends mocked him and asks ridiculous questions. Crews talks more about his roots. Crews says Big E disrespect me and all he could hear was his ancestors telling him to claim his birth right. Crews says he's happy Big E is coming back next week. Crews says he no longer has to fit in before demanding a rematch for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Crews says Big E will bow at his feet and he plans to humble Big E.

Backstage, Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are with Natalya and Tamina. Natalya wants to know why they're not getting a tag title shot at Fast Lane. Pearce says that the match is already made and Deville agrees.

Kayla is with Jey Uso when Daniel Bryan attacks him from behind. The cage match is next!

Another video package hypes Bobby Lashley's celebration for this Monday's Raw.

Backstage, it's Ding Dong, Hello!! Bayley welcomes us! She reads fan mail that praises her. One says the Ding Dong, Hello show should main event WrestleMania. She starts to read another but then stops and gets up and goes through the door.

We see highlights of the Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso match from last week. Corey Graves is in the ring with the cage surrounding the ring. Graves talks about the match rules. We know Corey no offense.

Before the match begins, Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman gets Reigns a chair and he sits at the bottom of the ramp. We go to a commercial.

Steel Cage Match

If Bryan Wins, he faces Roman Reigns at Fast Lane for the WWE Universal Championship.

If Bryan loses, he must acknowledge Reigns as the Head of the Table

Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso

Bryan goes on the attack right away. Bryan looks to send Uso into the cage but Uso counters and introduces Bryan into the cage. Uso pushes Bryan's face into the cage as Reigns stands up and tells Uso "more". Uso lifts and sends Bryan head first into the steel. Uso calls for the door to open but Bryan grabs a leg to stop him. Right hands by Uso. Uso begins climbing but Bryan stops him. They trade blows while standing on the top rope until Uso racks Bryan and hits him with a hard right. Uso sends Bryan into the corner. They go to the other corner but Bryan blocks and sends Uso face first into the steel. Bryan climbs to the top and hits a missile drop kick! Bryan with a running kick to the left arm of Uso. Bryan follows with an arm breaker before sending Uso shoulder first into the cage. Again on the other side of the ring. They trade counters and Bryan climbs but Uso stops that. Uso stomps Bryan in the corner and Bryan falls into a tree of woe. Bryan stomps the knees of Bryan. Uso climbs to the top of the cage but Bryan stops him. Bryan brings Uso back to the top rope. USO WITH A SAMOAN DROP FROM THE TOP ROPE!! We go to a commerical.

We're back with both men fighting at the top of the cage. They both come back in and Bryan with Yes Kicks on the top rope kicking Uso into the cage. USO WITH A SUPER KICK AND BRYAN FALLS TO THE FLOOR! USO SPLASH FROM THE TOP ROPE!! 1...2...NO!! Uso calls for the door and tries to crawl out. Bryan grabs an ankle. Bryan pulls Uso in and Uso with an enziguri. Bryan holds on until USO HITS A SUPER KICK!! 1....2...NO!! Uso crawls and Bryan gets a near fall off a crucifix pin. Bryan tries to wrestle Uso down and Uso mounts him and delivers multiple punches. Uso sling shots Bryan into the cage! Uso glances at Reigns before starting to climb. Uso is at the top when Bryan gets to his feet. Bryan attempts to pull Uso back in. Bryan is up with him and delivers head butts to Uso. Bryan has his feet over as Uso is on the top turnbuckle. Uso pulls Bryan back in. Bryan slams Uso against the cage. BRYAN WITH A BUTTERFLY SUPLEX FROM THE TOP!! BRYAN LOCKS IN THE YES LOCK!! Uso gets to the ropes but there's no rope breaks!! USO TAPS OUT!! Bryan celebrates as Reigns watches!

W: Daniel Bryan via submission @ 13:14

Bryan celebrates from the top of the cage as Reigns watches to end the show.

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