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Smackdown 3/26/2021: Edge takes out Reigns & Bryan; Sami on KO Show; Banks one ups Belair; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Smackdown:

  • The KO Show: Sami Zayn joins in his search for the truth

  • What's next for Roman Reigns, Edge, and Daniel Bryan after the wild Fast Lane finish?

In the midst of the main event controversy of Fast Lane, we're in the ThunderDome for Smackdown tonight.

We begin with commentary showing us highlights of the Fast Lane main event.

DANIEL BRYAN MAKES HIS WAY TO THE RING TO KICK OFF THE SHOW! Bryan is dressed to compete and carrying a chair. He grabs a mic and says everyone saw the truth. We all saw something that Roman Reigns said would never happen.....he tapped out. Bryan says Reigns has never tapped and last week Reigns said he would rather die than tap out. Well, Reigns is alive and well but he did in fact tap out to Bryan. In a perfect world, that means Bryan would be Universal Champion and knowing he was heading to the main event of WrestleMania. However, neither of those are true. Why? Because Edge hit him in the back with a chair. Edge has been telling everyone that Bryan isn't do this the right way and that Bryan should step aside for the Edge/Reigns dream match. Well Bryan has had enough. Bryan is done with people having dream matches that they didn't earn. Bryan says he earn his title match, the championship, and the main event of WrestleMania. Bryan is willing to earn it all again. BRYAN WANTS A REMATCH AGAINST REIGNS FOR THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP TONIGHT!! The crowd with loud "YES" chants. Bryan is leaving the ring until he gets it. Bryan sits in the chair as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Bryan is still sitting in the ring. Adam Pearce eventually shows up and says he can't give Bryan the match. Pearce says the ref's decision is final and Reigns doesn't have another scheduled defense until WrestleMania against Edge. Bryan has a solution. Bryan can face the winner immediately after Reigns vs. Edge. Pearce says that's unfair and Bryan should understand that. Bryan brings up winning the Elimination Chamber and then immediately fighting Reigns. Bryan calls it a double standard. Bryan proposes Reigns vs. Edge on night one of WrestleMania with Bryan facing the winner on night two. "YES" chants from the crowd. HERE COMES EDGE!!! Edge knocks the mic out of Pearce's hands on the way to the ring. Bryan grabs his chair and stares Edge down. Edge gets a mic. Edge says for the last month he's watched Bryan act like a knight in shining armor saying this could be his last WrestleMania. Edge says every match could be his last. Edge says night two of WrestleMania is the ten year anniversary of his retirement. This is Edge's dream. Edge says he won the Royal Rumble from #1 which included Bryan and Bryan lost to Reigns twice. Edge tells Bryan he doesn't deserve anything before calling him a son of a bitch!! BRYAN AND EDGE START BRAWLING!! EDGE SPEARS BRYAN!! EDGE GRABS THE CHAIR AND HITS BRYAN IN THE BACK!! Edge stares down Bryan as he leaves the ring. We go to a commercial.

Commentary recaps what just happened. Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and Jey Uso are watching on a TV in the back. Reigns tells Heyman to bring him Adam Pearce. Heyman leaves and Reigns tells Uso to go with him as back up.

Highlights of Cesaro swinging Seth Rollins a few weeks ago.

Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Rollins is pissed they showed highlights of the swing. They lock up to begin and trade counters. Nakamura lands a knee to the gut before taking Rollins to the corner. Rollins goes to the apron and hangs up Nakamura on the top rope. Rollins climbs to the top but Nakamura takes him down and delivers another knee to the body. Both men go to the outside where Nakamura hits more knee strikes before jumping off the apron to deliver a knee strike to the back of Rollins' head as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Rollins working on the arm of Nakamura. Nakamura fights free but ROLLINS WITH A SLING BLADE! Two near fall for Rollins. Rollins talks trash and lands a couple blows to the face of Nakamura. Rollins sends Nakamura to the corner but Nakamura comes back with a drop kick to the face. A series of kicks by Nakamura! Nakamura front face suplexes Rollins onto the top rope. Nakamura with an ax kick to the back of Rollins head and then a Shining Wizard type kick! NAKAMURA WITH THE SLIDING GERMAN!! 1...2...NO!! Nakamura puts Rollins on the top rope. Rollins avoids a running knee and HITS A FLYING KNEE OF HIS OWN FROM THE TOP!! FALCON ARROW BY ROLLINS!! 1...2...NO!! Rollins talks trash and eats a kick for it. Nakamura uses a back slide for a near fall. Rollins avoids the Kinshasa and hits an elbow strike! Nakamura is able to lock in an arm bar and transitions that to a triangle! ROLLINS IS ABLE TO LIFT NAKAMURA FOR A ONE ARMED POWER BOMB!! ROLLINS FOLLOWS WITH THE STOMP AND IT'S OVER!! Not quite as good as their Fast Lane match but a quicker pace.

W: Seth Rollins via pin @ 9:12

Post match, Rollins attacks Nakamura!! HERE COMES CESARO!! Gut wrench suplex by Cesaro and Cesaro pounds on Rollins! Cesaro shoots Rollins into the air and hits an uppercut! CESARO GOES FOR THE SWING AND ROLLINS ESCAPES!!

Heyman talks to Reigns as Jey walks in with Pearce. Heyman says the same Pearce that was pressured to make a bad decision tonight. Reigns stands up and gets in Pearce's face! Reigns tells Pearce that he only gets Reigns for one night at WrestleMania and one title defense. Reigns says Pearce should thank them. Pearce claims to understand and is inclined to agree but there's other considerations. Pearce will have a decision by the end of the night. Pearce leaves and Reigns looks disgusted.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E heads to the ring for a six man tag. It appears his partners are the Street Profits! It's next!

Kayla Braxton is in the back with Seth Rollins. Rollins is sick of being disrespected and embarrassed. Rollins says he told Cesaro bad things would happen and he's a man of his word. ROLLINS CHARGES CESARO TO A MATCH AT WRESTLEMANIA!! Rollins promises to not be disrespected or swung again. CESARO ATTACKS AND SWINGS ROLLINS IN THE BACK!!! CESARO ACCEPTS!! Please let them tear the house down!

Commentary tells us that Big E will defend the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Apollo Crews on night two of WrestleMania.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Big E (WWE Intercontinental Champion) & The Street Profits vs. Otis, Chad Gable, & Apollo Crews

Otis and Dawkins are starting. Big E already wants a piece of Apollo. Otis over powers Dawkins early on. Dawkins is able to land a drop kick and tag Ford. Double drop kick by the Profits but Otis stays on his feet. Ford tries some fancy stuff and Otis catches him off the ropes and power slams him. Gable tags in and takes Ford down with a dragon screw. Gable works the knee. Ford battles back and tries a dive but Gable hits him with a northern lights suplex! Apollo tags in now but Ford hits him with an enziguri. Now Big E and Gable tag in. BIG E GOES CRAZY WITH SUPLEXES FOR EVERYONE! BIG E SPLASHES GABLE!! Big E sets up for the Big Ending but Gable counters into an arm bar. Gable charges into a uranage by Big E!! Apollo breaks up the cover. Things are breaking down now! Alpha Academy with an assisted discus German to Dawkins!! Nice! Blind tag by Apollo. FORD TAKES OUT EVERYONE WITH A DIVE AND THAT ALLOWS APOLLO TO HIT BIG E WITH AN OLYMPIC SLAM FOR THE WIN!! Really fast paced action with Apollo getting the upper hand on Big E.

W: Otis, Chad Gable, & Apollo Crews via pin @ 3:54

Highlights of what went down with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens last week. The KO Show is next!

Pearce is walking backstage when Edge approaches him. Edge wants to know if Pearce is really going to reward Bryan for his failures. Pearce says he has to consider everyone as his responsibility is the WWE, not Edge, Reigns, or Bryan. Edge tells him to make the right decision or else!

Kevin Owens is in the ring ready for the KO Show. Owens says over the past few weeks he has tried to show Sami that even he doesn't believe the conspiracies. Despite that, he had Sami's back. Owens says last week he got kicked in the head and now he has question for Sami and calls him out. Owens isn't in the mood to wait. SAMI IS OUT NOW!! Sami knows the question and yes, he's sorry for the kick! Sami says the conspiracy stuff has effected his mental state. Owens says that's not the question. Sami knows and he says yes, Owens is allowed to still to be part of the documentary. Sami cuts Owens off. NEXT WEEK SAMI IS HAVING A RED CARPET RELEASE FOR THE TRAILER OF HIS DOCUMENTARY. Sami talks about his talks with Logan Paul. Sami says Logan is into the documentary. SAMI SAYS LOGAN PAUL WILL BE ON SMACKDOWN NEXT WEEK! Owens says he doesn't care about the documentary or Logan Paul. Sami cuts him off again! Sami says Owens owes him an apology. OWENS TELLS SAMI TO SHUT HIS MOUTH AND LISTEN!! Owens only let Sami stay this long because Owens wants an answer to his question. OWENS CHALLENGES SAMI TO A MATCH AT MANIA!! Sami says there's been a mistake and tries to calm down Owens. OWENS DEMANDS A YES OR NO!! SAMI SAYS YES!! Owens says that wasn't hard. Now that he has his answer, OWENS BEATS THE HELL OUT OF SAMI!! OWENS STUNS SAMI!!

Pearce is backstage with Daniel Bryan. Bryan knows Pearce is being pressure by Edge and Reigns. Bryan says deep down Pearce knows what the right thing is. Commercial time.

Commentary recaps the women's tag match from Fast Lane. Bianca Belair is warming up in gorilla. Belair claims she's bigger and stronger than Sasha Banks. Belair says she could of slapped Banks back at Fast Lane but she chose to be the bigger person. Belair says Banks may be the Boss and the Blueprint but she's just enough better to beat Banks at Mania. Belair has a match with Natalya.

Bianca Belair vs. Natalya w/ Tamina

Belair hits a drop kick immediately. Belair goes on the attack in the corner. Shoulder tackle by Belair. Natalya rolls out to regroup. Belair chases Natalya and back in the ring they go. Boots by Belair. Natalya drops Belair seated in the ring but misses a senton. Belair gets a couple near falls and then scoop slams Natalya. Belair heads to the top turnbuckle. SASHA BANKS MUSIC HITS!! The distraction allows Tamina to get involved and she super kicks Belair as we go to a commercial.

Asuka and Rhea Ripley will

Back from the break, Banks has joined commentary. Natalya has Belair in a Mexican surfboard submission. Belair fights back but Natalya hits a rana. Near fall for Natalya. Natalya pounds on Belair in the corner. Belair blocks a tornado DDT and suplexes Natalya. Both ladies are down. Belair builds some momentum and plants Natalya with a spine buster! 1...2...NO!! Belair goes for a hand spring moonsault but doesn't get all of it. 1...2...NO!! Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter but Belair rolls her up for a near fall. Natalya hits a discus clothesline for a near fall. Belair tries a Glam Slam but Natalya covers for a near fall. Both ladies take each other down with a double face plant. Belair rolls out of the ring and Banks talks trash to her. BELAIR SLAPS BANKS!! Belair gets back in the ring and FINISHES NATALYA WITH THE KOD!!

W: Bianca Belair via pin @ 9:48


Reigns, Heyman, and Uso are in their locker room when Edge walks in. Uso stands to get in his face and tells Edge he must be lost. Reigns says he almost respects Edge for having the balls to come in there. Reigns gets up now. Reigns says if Edge doesn't get to the point, he's going to let Uso have him. Edge says Bryan is trying to steal their spotlight and if Reigns has the stroke he claims he does, he'll make sure this doesn't happen. If Bryan is involved, Edge says he can take the title by beating Bryan instead of Reigns. Edge tells him to think about that and leaves.

WrestleMania is in 15 days!

Commentary runs down the WrestleMania card so far. They let us know which matches are on which nights. I'll have an updated card posted after Smackdown.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Robert Roode (WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions) vs. Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik

I swear the Mysterios shouldn't get the tag match over the Profits at Mania. Dominik is wearing an Eddie Guerrero shirt. They lock up and Ziggler backs Rey into the corner. Ziggler with a cheap kick followed by a splash. Ziggler misses a second splash and Rey hits a head scissor take down. Rey speeds things up with a kick and tries a 619 but Ziggler catches him with an elbow. Ziggler tries a power bomb but Rey counters sending Ziggler over the top to the floor. On the outside, Rey tries a dive but ZIGGLER CATCHES HIM AND TOSS POWER BOMBS REY INTO THE CROWD!! Damn! He launched him!! Dominik goes to check on Rey and Ziggler super kicks him for his troubles! We go to a commercial.

We're back with Ziggler in control. Rey tries to fight back but Ziggler isn't having it as he pounds on Rey in the corner. Ziggler trash talks and puts Rey on the top turnbuckle. Ziggler wants a superplex but Rey blocks and head butts Ziggler down to the mat. Rey with a senton! Rey counters a sunset flip and kicks Ziggler in the head! 1...2...NO!! Rey catches Ziggler with a boot and goes for a wheelbarrow but Ziggler plants him face first. FAME ASSER BY ZIGGLER!! 1...2...NO!! Rey sets up for 619 again but Roode gets in the ring. That brings Dominik in as well. Roode tosses Dominik out. Rey drop kicks Roode to the outside as well. REY LOOKS FOR A DIVE BUT ZIGGLER HITS THE ZIG ZAG IN MID AIR!! 1...2...NO!! How the hell did that not finish it?? Anyways, Ziggler trash talks and goes for a power bomb but Rey counters and HITS A 619!! REY FOLLOWS WITH A SPLASH FOR THE WIN!!! So will the Mysterios get the show at Mania? I'd rather have a multi-team match.

W: Rey Mysterio via pin @ 9:17

Adam Pearce makes his way to the ring, HERE COMES ROMAN REIGNS AND HIS ENTOURAGE!!

Commentary congratulates The Great Khali and Kane on becoming members of the Hall of Fame class of 2021.

Reigns gets in the ring to "You tapped out!" chants. Pearce's WrestleMania decision is next following a break.

We're back and Reigns is staring down Pearce. "You tapped out" chants are still going. HERE COMES EDGE!! Only a matter of time until Bryan comes then. Edge is pacing back and forth like a wild man as Reigns stares at him. HERE COMES DANIEL BRYAN!! "Yes" chants! Pearce thanks them all for coming out and says all arguments make sense. Pearce understand Reigns and Edge not wanting to compete twice. Pearce also says Bryan is right saying there is a double standard and Pearce agrees Bryan deserves another shot, Pearce says Reigns was right when he said he would only defend the title once. PEARCE SAYS AT WRESTLEMANIA THERE WILL BE A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH FOR THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! "Yes" chants from the crowd. BRYAN AND EDGE BRAWL NOW!! Reigns hits Bryan with a Superman punch!! Reigns mounts and beats down Bryan. Reigns tells Uso to grab a chair. Reigns has the chair and EDGE SPEARS REIGNS!! EDGE SPEARS USO!! EDGE GRABS THE CHAIR AND WEARS OUT REIGNS AND BRYAN!! Edge puts a chair under the heads of both Reigns and Bryan. Edge grabs another chair from the outside. EDGE WEARS OUT USO WITH THE THIRD CHAIR. Bryan tries to brawl away but Edge pulls him back in the ring. Reigns has escaped. Officials come down to stop Edge and EDGE HITS THE OFFICIALS WITH THE CHAIR! Bryan is able to roll out of the ring. The show ends with Edge sitting on a chair staring into the camera.

Next week:

  • Sami Zayn's Red Carpet Premiere featuring Logan Paul

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