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Smackdown 3/19/2021: Edge vs. Uso main events; Banks vs Jax; Plus More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Smackdown:

  • WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match: Nia Jax (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion) vs. Sasha Banks (champ)

  • Winner will be Special Guest Enforcer for WWE Universal Championship Match at Fast Lane: Edge vs. Jey Uso

  • WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E and Apollo Crews sit down for exclusive interview before Fast Lane

  • Seth Rollins promises big news

We're in the ThunderDome on the road to WrestleMania with Fast Lane this Sunday. Commentary hypes Edge vs. Jey Uso as the main event tonight.

We start with WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair arguing backstage. Belair doesn't understand why Banks accepted this match against Nia Jax. Banks brings up Reginald. Belair tells Banks to not expect her to save Banks from a beat down.

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match

Sasha Banks (champ) vs. Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions)

Reginald isn't here because Nia is giving him a spa day. Alright then. They talk trash to begin and Nia shoves Banks. Banks nails Baszler and sends Jax into the middle turnbuckle in the corner. Double knees by Banks! Banks with a bulldog and tries the Bank Statement but Jax avoids it. Jax with an elbow drop and she takes control. Jax with a military press and drops Banks for a near fall. A scoop slam by Jax and an elbow drop for another near fall. Jax flattens Banks off the ropes. SAMOAN DROP BY JAX!! 1...2...NO!! HERE COMES BIANCA BELAIR!! Banks rolls out of the ring. Bianca talks her up as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Nia wearing down Banks. Nia plants Banks with a side walk slam for a near fall. Nia targets the leg of Banks and puts her in a stretch muffler. Nia sends Banks face first into the corner for a near fall. Nia continues to work on the leg and back to the stretch muffler. Banks tries a sunset flip but Nia tries to sit on her with no luck. REVERSE METEORA by Banks for a near fall. Nia throws Banks out of the ring with one arm. Banks with a kick gets on the back of Nia. Nia tries another Samoan drop with no luck. Banks counters and plants Jax and LOCKS IN THE BANK STATEMENT!! Belair and Baszler fight and get into the ring! BASZLER INADVERTENTLY HITS JAX AND BANKS BEATS JAX WITH A JACKKNIFE COVER FOR THE WIN!! Banks and Belair celebrate. Thankful for no injuries here.

W: Sasha Banks via pin @ 9:31

A video package shows the build up for Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan and how Edge vs. Jey Uso came to be.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Edge. Kayla asks Edge how it feels to have his first match on Smackdown in a decade. Edge talks about Smackdown moments like beating Undertaker and retiring. Edge says it feels right and he wants Daniel Bryan to get a fair shake at Fast Lane. Edge feels if he doesn't win tonight, Bryan doesn't get a fair chance. Edge puts over Jey Uso as a great talent but is stuck in Roman Reigns' shadow.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. He'll speak next!

We see highlights of Edge winning tag gold with Hulk Hogan on Smackdown 19 years ago. Commentary hypes Hogan and Titus O'Neil hosting WrestleMania.

Backstage, Nia Jax blames Shayna Baszler for losing and not being a double champion. Baszler apologizes but Jax isn't buying it. Baszler wants a match with Bianca Belair tonight.

Rollins is in the ring now. He says he recently made his return and the locker room greeted him like a king because they respect him. Rollins claims he respected their decision to walk out because they're idiots. Rollins says Cesaro took it too far and humiliated him. Rollins says he's jealous of Rollins. Rollins claims to be a WrestleMania eventer and a fighter where Cesaro is a failure. We see highlights of Rollins attack Cesaro last week. Rollins mocks Cesaro reaching for the brass ring. Rollins says Cesaro swung him 22 times and Rollins says Cesaro will never disrespect him again. Rollins calls Cesaro the biggest waste of potential in WWE history. HERE COMES SHINSUKE NAKAMURA!! Rollins says talk about disrespect. Rollins tries to talk down Nakamura and NAKAMURA DECKS HIM!! KINSHASA BY NAKAMURA!!

Commentary talks about Eric Bischoff getting inducted into the hall of fame.

The Street Profits make their way to the ring. They're in action next!

The Street Profits vs. Dominik & Rey Mysterio

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are on commentary. Ford and Dominik start with a lock up and Ford takes Dominik to the mat. Both men trade counters in the early going before a stand off. Ford with a boot and Dominik counters a back suplex. Rey tags in as they double team Ford for a near fall. Rey builds momentum but runs into a shoulder block by Ford. Dawkins tags in and splashes Rey in the corner. Ford back in. Rey sends Ford into the ropes for a potential 619. Dominik tags in, They send Dawkins out of the ring. Ford plants Dominik for a near fall. Dawkins tags in. They set up Dominik for a Doomsday Device. Rey comes in to stop that! DOMINIK ROLLS UP DAWKINS FOR THE WIN!! Super short and I'm not a fan of the result. What is going on with the Smackdown tag team scene?

W: Dominik & Rey Mysterio via pin @ 2:53

Here comes Otis an Chad Gable. Gable hopes that victory doesn't make Rey and Dominik the number one contenders. Gable reminds them that Otis squashed them like a pancake. The Mysterios attack as we go to a break!

Dominik & Rey Mysterio vs. Otis & Chad Gable

The match started during the break. Ziggler/Roode and the Profits are on commentary. Rey and Gable battle in the corner where Rey knocks Gable off the top. Seated senton y Rey. REY SETS UP AND HITS A 619!! Dominik knocks Otis off the apron. Rey goes for a splash but Otis racks him! Gable tags Otis but suplexes Rey before he leaves. Diving head butt by Otis. Otis slams Rey. All Otis at the moment. Ziggler/Roode trade jabs with the Profits on commentary. Otis with a bear hug on Rey. Rey creates separation but Otis with a big slam. Rey avoids Otis and hits basement drop kick. Dominik and Gable tag in. Dominik builds momentum and hits a rana. Near fall for Dominik. TORNADO DDT BY DOMINIK!! 1...2...Otis beaks it up! Rey sends Otis to the outside but Otis sends Rey into the barricade. Dominik tries a 619 to Gable but Gable catches him. Tag to Otis. GABLE GERMAN SUPLEXES DOMINIK!! OTIS WITH A SPLASH ON DOMINIK FROM THE SECOND ROPE FOR THE WIN!! Better than match before but that's not saying much. Are we heading towards a fatal four way for the gold?

W: Otis & Chad Gable via pin @ 4:50

Post match, Otis/Gable talk trash to Ziggler/Roode and the Profits.

Sami Zayn is backstage talking to the documentary crew with Kevin Owens walks by. Zayn asks Owens if he has given thought to being part of the documentary. Owens asks Zayn if he's twisting reality to make to seem this way. Zayn takes offense. Zayn can't believe Owens can't see it. Zayn welcomes Owens to watch his match with King Corbin tonight. If Owens sees nothing, Zayn will drop it.

Daniel Bryan make his way to the ring. We go to a break.

Highlights of Edge cashing in his money in the bank contract against the Undertaker 14 years ago. Commentary hypes Edge vs. Jey Uso tonight.

Daniel Bryan has a mic in the ring. Bryan hypes tonight's main event. Bryan says if Uso wins, he'll do everything in his power to make sure Reigns wins. Bryan claims Reigns shouldn't need help if he's the champ he claims to be. Bryan calls Edge the ultimate opportunist and says Edge wants to face Reigns at WrestleMania. Bryan says it's because Edge doesn't want to face Bryan. Bryan says the difference is Edge thinks he can beat Reigns where Bryan knows he can make Reigns tap out! HERE COMES ROMAN REIGNS AND PAUL HEYMAN!! They stop at the top of the ramp and Heyman hands Reigns a mic. Reigns says he can deal with Bryan's white lies but he won't tolerate Bryan comments. Reigns says Bryan "has a better chance of shooting lightning out of his ass than tapping Reigns out". Haha! Reigns says he would rather die in the ring than tap out to someone like Bryan. Bryan says that's a strong statement. Bryan says everyone thinks their invincible until they're not. Bryan says everyone is "un-tap out-able" until they tap! Bryan promises to beat Reigns whether he taps out or not.

A vignette hypes Zayn vs. Corbin at the match nobody asked for. Isn't that the truth? Regardless, it's next!

King Corbin vs. Sami Zayn

This is seriously being billed as the least anticipated match in Smackdown history. Kevin Owens is on commentary. Zayn attacks right away. Corbin turns it around until Zayn rakes his face across the top rope. Corbin takes out Zayn with a clothesline before mounting him with punches. Corbin misses a charge in the corner and hits the ring post shoulder first. Zayn rolls Corbin up and uses the ropes for leverage. The ref sees it and calls off the pin. Zayn tries to pull the turnbuckle pad off but the ref won't let him. ZAYN ARGUES WITH THE REF AND CORBIN HITS THE END OF DAYS TO WIN!! Zayn argues with the ref post match. Zayn asks Owens if he saw that and Owens says the ref made the right call. Zayn leaves and Owens talks with Graves. ZAYN COMES BACK AND HELLUVA KICKS OWENS!!

W: King Corbin via pin @ 2:03

Commentary hypes Big E vs. Apollo Crews at Fast Lane. Their exclusive interview is next!

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Seth Rollins is added to Fast Lane!

Commentary walks us through footage of Apollo Crews assaulting Big E last week.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E and Apollo Crews joins us now. Michael Cole says this is bigger than the IC title now and asks if they will ever be able to settle their differences. Big E says Apollo has 2 days until Fast Lane now and he should appreciate it and enjoy the normal function. Big E says Apollo's near future is dark and he will retain no question. Big E says Apollo will get everything he deserves. Apollo says Big E should think twice before disrespecting him. Apollo talks about a Nigerian proverb. Apollo is working full accent here. Apollo claims he will crack Big E's face and finally get what he deserves. Apollo says his ancestors will watch as he stands over Big E's body as the new IC champ. Big E rips off his mic and goes to get on a golf cart. Big E drives around looking for Apollo. Big E finds Apollo and THEY BRAWL!! Big E wears Apollo out with a trash can and stomps the hell out of him. Adam Pearce and officials finally show up to break them up. Apollo gets on the golf cart and speeds away.

Commentary says Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus at Fast Lane is no holds barred!

Bianca Belair vs. Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions)

Banks comes out but stops on the ramp. Banks then says she's not staying and walks to the back. Baszler takes control off the distraction of Banks. Baszler throws Belair to the outside. NIA WALKS OUT OF SHAYNA!! Belair with a spine buster to Baszler!! NATALYA AND TAMINA ARE HERE TO ATTACK BOTH LADIES!! FORCING A DQ!! Ok then....

W: No Contest @ 1:05

Highlights of Edge's retirement 10 years ago.

It's time for the main event! It's up next!

Winner is the Special Guest Enforce for the WWE Universal Championship Match at Fast Lane

Edge vs. Jey Uso

Daniel Bryan is on commentary. New blue gear for Edge. They lock up and Edge takes Uso down right away. Edge goes for a submission right away but Uso scrambles to the ropes. Edge with knees to the midsection. Edge ties up Uso's arm in the ropes and delivers a knee. Uso with a shot to the ribs and Edge rolls out of the ring. Uso follows and sends Edge into the announce table before sending him rib first into the steps. Uso goes back in the ring only to a suicide dive to the outside taking out Edge as we head to a commercial.

We're back with Uso in control of Edge in the ring. Edge tries to battle back but Uso front face suplexes Edge across the top rope. Uso knocks Edge to the floor. Uso goes to the outside and sends Edge back into the ring. Uso focuses on the ribs of Edge. Uso sends Edge into the turnbuckle ribs first into the ring post. More rib work by Uso. Edge fights back with right hands but Uso hits a kick to the ribs. Uso goes to the top but Edge avoids and hits a running cross body. Both men were thinking the same thing and are down. Edge hits a big boot and sends Uso shoulder first into the top turnbuckle. Edge hits a jumping knee strike to the shoulder from the second rope. Near fall for Edge. Edge runs into a SAMOAN DROP BY USO!! 1...2...NO!! Uso goes to the top rope but Edge is up to cut him off. TOP ROPE RANA BY EDGE!! 1...2...NO!! Edge blocks a super kick and PLANTS USO WITH EDGECUTION!! Edge sets up for a spear and USO SUPER KICKS HIM!! USO WITH A SPLASH FROM THE TOP!!! 1...2...NO!! Edge snaps Uso down by the arm and HITS A SPEAR TO WIN!! The ending was kind of sudden and anti-climatic.

W: Edge via pin @ 12:05

Post match, Edge stares down Daniel Bryan. REIGNS SHOWS UP OUT OF NO WHERE TO SPEAR EDGE!! Bryan goes to confront Reigns and Uso attacks Bryan!! BRYAN GETS IN THE RING AND REIGNS SPEARS HIM!! Reigns stands tall over Bryan to end the show.

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