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Smackdown 12/4/2020: Corbin vs. Murphy; Pat Patterson Memorial Tag; Owens/Otis vs. Reigns/Uso!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Smackdown will open with a Pat Patterson tribute

  • Pat Patterson Memorial Six Man Tag Team Match: Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, & Big E vs. Sami Zayn (WWE Intercontinental Champion), Shinsuke Nakamura, & Dolph Ziggler

  • Interview with Sasha Banks and Carmella

  • Exclusive Roman Reigns interview

  • King Corbin vs. Murphy

  • Otis & Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Champion) & Jey Uso

We're in the ThunderDome and kicking off the show with a tribute to Pat Patterson. The Smackdown locker room is on the entrance ramp along with Vince McMahon. Michael Cole says tonight be pay tribute to a man who touched our hearts. They do a ten bell salute. "Thank you Pat" chants from the crowd.

The Smackdown intro video plays and Kayla Braxton is in the ring to get us started. She welcomes Roman Reigns for his exclusive interview. She goes over all of his accolades during the introduction. Reigns is joined by Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. Reigns tells Kayla she messed up the introduction. Paul Heyman does it to show her how it's done. Kayla apologizes. Kayla says Reigns has become a commanding figure on Smackdown so she asks what happened last week? We see highlights of everything that happened last week. Kayla says Kevin Owens made it clear that he doesn't feat Reigns before asking Reigns if he fears Owens? Reigns says this interview is the biggest thing Kayla has done in her career and she asks a stupid question. Reigns says Cole could of done this interview but Kayla blows it with a stupid question. Reigns refuses to answer. Kayla asks Reigns is Uso is a pawn and if Reigns is manipulating him? Reigns is offended by the question. He would never manipulate. Heyman vouched for Kayla after Talking Smack. Reigns is done with Kayla and tells her to interview Heyman instead of him. Heyman starts talking about ratings being up for Smackdown. HERE COMES KEVIN OWENS!! Owens says if they don't fear each other, they can settle it now! Uso cuts off Reigns and Heyman and accepts! Owens says he wasn't talking to the bus boy, he was talking to the head of the table! OWENS CHALLENGES REIGNS TO A TLC MATCH FOR THE TITLE AT TLC!! Reigns says nothing and Owens says they could do it now. Reigns says Owens wants to be the island of relevancy. REIGNS ACCEPTS!! Reigns says the old Reigns would whoop his ass now but the time isn't right. Reigns says he's a gentleman and there's a lady in the ring. Reigns tells Owens to grow up and drops his mic before leaving. Owens tells Reigns that Owens will grow up when Reigns grows some balls. Owens says we all know Reigns is just a bitch.

Bayley makes her way to the ring. She's in action next against Natalya!

Backstage, Uso tells Reigns he had to overstep this time because of Owens actions. Reigns threatens consequences for failure.

Bayley vs. Natalya

This match is happening because of what happened last week. Bianca Belair is on commentary for this. Natalya takes Bayley down but Bayley gets right up. Bayley ties up Natalya in the ropes and delivers some strikes before hanging her up across the middle rope. Natalya falls out to the floor. BAYLEY HITS HER DROP KICK UNDER THE TURNBUCKLE! Bayley breaks the count and talks smack to Belair. Natalya throws Bayley in the steps as we go to a commercial.

We're back and Bayley hits a back suplex on Natalya for a near fall. Bayley tries a Sharpshooter but Natalya blocks it. Bayley hits a running knee followed by a clothesline. Natalya avoids a charge by Bayley and rolls Bayley up for a near fall. Each lady counters the other and NATALYA LOCKS BAYLEY IN THE SHARPSHOOTER!! BAYLEY TAPS OUT!! Belair talks trash to Bayley after the match. Not sure I agree with the match outcome.

W: Natalya via submission @ 6:02

Commentary talks about tonight's main event. Next we celebrate the life of Pat Patterson.

A video tribute for Pat Patterson is shown which also features a bunch of tweets from current and past superstars as well as Vince McMahon. Following the video, they have the original Intercontinental Championship sitting next to Cole and Graves. Another tribute video is shown following that. This is the same one from Wednesday during NXT. It's well done! RIP Pat 1941-2020.

Pat Patterson Memorial Six Man Tag Team Match

Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Big E vs. Dolph Ziggler, Shinsuke Nakamura, & Sami Zayn (WWE Intercontinental Champion)

All six of these men have been Intercontinental Champion. Big E has new theme music. The match starts with Rey and Nakamura. Rey uses his speed but Nakamura takes him down with a shoulder tackle. A head scissor by Rey takes down Nakamura. Big E and Ziggler tag in. Big E over powers Ziggler and slams him. Big E tags Bryan and Bryan delivers a double axe off the top to Ziggler. Upper cuts by Bryan to Ziggler and Bryan hits a shoulder tackle before Zayn trips him allowing Ziggler to take advantage. Bryan avoids Ziggler and HITS A SUICIDE DIVE TO ZAYN OUTSIDE. Bryan takes out Nakamura before going to the top turnbuckle. ZIGGLER DROP KICKS BRYAN WHILE HE'S ON THE TOP AND BRYAN FALLS TO THE FLOOR AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

Back from the break, Ziggler is beating down Bryan in the corner. Bryan fights back but Ziggler delivers a kick to stop the rally. Both men take each other out with simultaneous clothesline. Big E and Nakamura tag in. Belly to belly throws by Big E. Another belly to belly suplex by Big E followed by a splash to Nakamura! Nakamura catches Big E with a kick but Nakamura runs into a uranage!! 1...2....NO!! Ziggler breaks it up! Big E throws Ziggler to the apron but Ziggler hits a knee. Big E goes for the Big End on Nakamura but it's interrupted. Zayn tags in and takes out Big E. Rey tags in. Rey picks up the pace but ZAYN HITS REY WITH A BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! 1...2...NO!! Zayn tags Ziggler who misses corner splash. Bryan tags in and delivers a running kick in the corner. "Yes" kicks by Bryan to Ziggler in the corner. Bryan puts Ziggler on the top and TRIES A RANA BUT ZIGGLER ROLLS THROUGH FOR A SUNSET FLIP!! Both men trade near multiple near falls! More kicks by Bryan to Ziggler! Bryan misses another kick and ZIGGLER HITS A FAMEASSER!! 1...2...Big E breaks it up. Thing are breaking down. Zayn makes a blind tag. Bryan hits Ziggler with a running knee! ZAYN ROLLS UP BRYAN FOR A NEAR FALL BUT BRYAN COUNTERS AND GETS ZAYN IN THE YES LOCK!! Zayn gets to the ropes!!! Zayn fires back and HITS BRYAN WITH A BRAIN BUSTER!! Near fall for Zayn! BOTH MEN TRADE PINNING COMBINATIONS BEFORE BRYAN CRADLES ZAYN FOR THE WIN!! Lots of really good action here. After the match, the teams square off and Ziggler tricks his teammates into charging. Zayn and Nakamura get thrown out of the ring. Rey hits Ziggler with a 619 and Big E follows up with a Big Ending!

W: Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, & Big E via pin @ 11:21

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Kevin Owens. Kayla asks about Reigns and the TLC title match. Owens says he used to respect Reigns but claims Reigns has changed since he came back. He used to be "one of the boys" but now he has his own locker room. Kalisto stumbles through a door interrupting. He's sorry and keeps going. Owens has some words for Reigns but he can't piss of Fox. OTIS IS HERE! Kayla gets dismissed and Owens talks about the match with Otis. Otis says they bulldoze right through them.

The Carmella and Sasha Banks interview is next!

More tribute tweets for Pat Patterson are shown.

We see highlights of the Carmella/Banks attacks over the last month.

Carmella and WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks are in separate locations for this interview because of their attacks. Cole says Carmella can go first but Banks interrupts and she claims she's first since she's champ and Carmella has done enough talking. Cole asks Banks if they are more alike than we think? Banks laughs. Banks has known Carmella for a long time. Banks gives Carmella props. Banks claims Carmella has needed help her whole career. Banks says they've never faced one-on-one because Carmella isn't in Banks' league. Carmella says Banks is jealous of her. Carmella says Banks worked her whole life for this and Carmella was able to just show up and take the spotlight. Carmella claims she's better than Banks in everyway and claims she'll take her title. Banks tells her she can have a shot at TLC!!

We see highlights of what happened last week during Murphy vs. King Corbin.

Murphy w/ The Mysterio Family vs. King Corbin

Corbin has two guys in hoodies come to the ring with him. I nor commentary is sure who they are. Corbin backs Murphy into the corner and delivers shoulders. Murphy charges and Corbin sends him back into the corner. All Corbin in the early going. Murphy stops the momentum with a jaw breaker and some right hands. Murphy goes to the top and tries a sunset flip but Corbin blocks it. Knees to the gut of Murphy by Corbin. Murphy uses a rana to send Corbin outside the ring and into the announce table. Corbin's guys check on him and make sure the Mysterios don't attack. Murphy goes to the outside and he gets distracted by Corbin's men. This allows Corbin to take advantage and he launches Murphy into the time keeper area as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Corbin is pounding Murphy. Graves says the two men are Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake from the Forgotten Sons! All Corbin in the ring as Cutler/Blake have a stand off with the Mysterios on the outside. Corbin hits Murphy with a big right hand followed by another. Murphy avoids a third and takes out Corbin's knee. Murphy tries a sleeper but Corbin backs him into the corner. Murphy breaks before a five count and Corbin cheap shots him. MURPHY HITS A MISSILE DROP KICK! Both men trade strikes and Murphy gets the upper hand with kicks. Corbin charges Murphy in the corner and goes under the ropes and comes back into the ring but Murphy hits a kick sending Corbin to the outside. MURPHY GOES TO THE TOP AND CORBIN CALLS FOR CUTLER/BLAKETO ATTACK MYSTERIOS!! THEY ATTACK AND MURPHY GOES TO THE OUTSIDE TO HELP!! CUTLER/BLAKE COME BACK IN THE RING AND MURPHY FOLLOWS. MURPHY RUNS INTO AN END OF DAYS. 1...2...3!! Glad Corbin got some payback for last week.

W: King Corbin via pin @ 10:04

The Street Profits are backstage and they talk about the main event. Robert Roode interrupts. He and Dolph Ziggler want a title shot. Cesaro is here now and he wants a title shot for he and Shinsuke Nakamura. They all argue.

More tweet tributes for Pat Patterson.

Otis & Kevin Owens vs. Jey Uso & Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Champion) w/ Paul Heyman

Reigns doesn't come out at the beginning. This could be the consequences Reigns was talking about earlier. Jey is going to alone against Otis to start. They lock up and Otis over powers Jey into the corner. Otis pounds on Jey in the corner before launching him across the ring. Jey tries to fight back but Otis levels him with a hellacious clothesline. Otis charges in the corner but Jey moves and Otis goes shoulder first into the post. Owens tags in and pounds on Jey in the corner. Jey counters and Irish whips Owens into the corner and lays out Owens with a Samoan drop. HERE COMES ROMAN REIGNS NOW! Jey seems happy now but Owens hits him with an enziguri. REIGNS COMES IN AND SUPERMAN PUNCHES OTIS OFF THE APRON!! REIGNS DESTROYS OTIS ON THE OUTSIDE!! Reigns bounces Otis off the announce table. REIGNS HITS OTIS WITH THE STEPS MULTIPLE TIMES!! How is this not a DQ?!?!?!?!? OWENS ATTACKS REIGNS!! JEY USO TAKES OUT OWENS WITH A SUICIDE DIVE AND WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!!

We're back with Owens and Reigns duking it out in the ring. Reigns backs Owens into the corner and tags Jey. Otis appears to have been taken out. Jey delivers a series of punches to Owens in the corner while talking trash. Jey takes too much time and Owens avoids his charge to the corner. CANNON BALL BY OWENS TO JEY IN THE CORNER! They trade strikes. Big clothesline by Owens followed by a senton! OWENS SPIKES JEY WITH A DDT!! 1...2...NO!! Reigns tells Jey to get up and Owens tells Reigns to get in and do something about it. OWENS SAMOAN DROPS JEY AND REIGNS IS PISSED!! Owens taunts Reigns!! Owens nails Jey again but Reigns cheap shots Owens. SUPER KICK BY JEY! JEY GOES UP TOP FOR A SPLASH BUT REIGNS TELLS HIM NO!! REIGNS WANTS THE TAG TO FINISH IT. Owens fights back and knocks Reigns off the apron. OWENS STUNS JEY!! 1...2...NO!! REIGNS BREAKS IT UP AND LOCKS OWENS IN THE GUILLOTINE!! THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL!! I'm not sure how this match wasn't over a long time ago when Reigns beat the hell out of Otis with the steps. There was still no definitive finish or announcement but Reigns wasn't the legal man. I'm assuming he was disqualified.

W: Kevin Owens & Otis via DQ @ 11:24

Post match, Reigns runs the ref off while Jey grabs two chairs. REIGNS AND USO WEAR OUT OWENS IN THE RING WITH THE CHAIRS!! USO PUTS A CHAIR ACROSS OWENS AND SPLASHES HIM FROM THE TOP!! REIGNS ATTACKS USO WITH THE CHAIR!! REIGNS TELLS USO HE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO REPEAT HIMSELF!! Reigns tells Owens that he wanted his attention. Now he has the whole world's attention. Reigns tells Owens he will take his manhood and livelihood. Reigns says Owens and his family will fear Reigns! End Show.

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