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Smackdown 10/30/2020: Two Men's Survivor Series Qualifiers; One Women's Survivor Series Qualifier

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Jey Uso faces the consequences of his Hell in a Cell loss

  • Survivor Series Qualifying Match (Winner will be on Team Smackdown): Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso

  • Survivor Series Qualifying Match (Winner will be on Team Smackdown): Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler

We're in the ThunderDome and kicking off the show with the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns!!! Paul Heyman accompanies Reigns to the ring. JEY USO is already in the ring waiting for Reigns. Commentary shows us highlights of their hell in a cell match. Heyman has a mic but Uso immediately snatches it out of his hand. Uso says Reigns didn't beat him. Uso says he was never going to say he quits and Reigns knows that. Uso claims Reigns didn't beat him. Reigns says he can make all the excuses but Reigns made him quit just like he said he would. Reigns tells him to fall in line. Uso says Reigns is always one upping. Uso says he can't respect Reigns. Uso says Reigns used Jimmy Uso because that's the only person he would quit for. Reigns says Uso still doesn't understand. Reigns did what he must to keep the title. Reigns says Uso doesn't understand that burden. Reigns says the consequences are real. Reigns says he saw his father and Uso's uncle. They're all behind Reigns. Uso must fall in line or be out of the family. Reigns asks Uso what he's going to do now. Uso says he hates Reigns and asks why he has to do him like that? Uso says he hates Reigns again and Reigns is sure he does but Reigns loves him and always will. Reigns says by the end of the night, Uso must fall in line and mic drop. Uso is upset and crying as Reigns and Heyman leave.

Commentary talks about tonight's Survivor Series qualifiers. Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler is next!

Survivor Series Qualifying Match

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Robert Roode

Owens is going with pants instead of his shorts. Ziggler tries to pick a leg right away but Owens doesn't allow it. Owens takes control with a side head lock. Ziggler sends Owens into the ropes but Owens takes him down with a shoulder block. Ziggler bails out of the ring. Owens chases Ziggler back into the ring where Ziggler gets the upper hand. Owens battles back and connects with a back elbow taking down Ziggler. Owens keeps his eye on Roode but that allows Ziggler to take advantage. Ziggler sends Owens to the outside. Ziggler distracts the ref and Roode takes out Owens!! Roode throws Owens back in the ring but the ref sees this and ejects Roode as we go to a commercial.

We're back and Ziggler is wearing down Owens in the ring. Owens battles to his feet but Ziggler takes him down with a neck breaker. Near fall for Ziggler. Ziggler remains in control. Ziggler tries another neck breaker but Owens escapes it and begins building momentum. Clothesline and a running senton by Owens. Ziggler tries a cross body but Owens catches him and spikes him!! 1...2...NO!! Owens goes to the top and tries a senton but Ziggler gets the knees up!! Ziggler covers for a near fall. Ziggler sets up for a super kick but Owens hits a super kick of his own! OWENS TRIES A POP UP POWERBOMB BUT ZIGGLER COUNTERS INTO A FAME ASSER!! 1...2...NO!!! Ziggler tries another super kick but Owens avoids and tries a stunner. Ziggler avoids it. Both guys trade multiple near falls. OWENS BLOCKS ANOTHER SUPER KICK BY ZIGGLER AND HITS A STUNNER TO WIN @ 10:28!! Owens claims the first spot on the Smackdown men's Survivor Series team. The right guy won here in my opinion.

A video package for Daniel Bryan airs.

Natalya is backstage with Adam Pearce and she wants to the captain of the women's Survivor Series team. Billie Kay interrupts and they argue over who should be captain. Bianca Belair is here and also wants it. Natalya says she is the BOAT (Best of all time). Pearce says arguing won't get them anything.

Corey Graves sat down with Lars Sullivan earlier today. Graves asks if he can call him Lars and Lars talks about people calling him "The Freak". Graves says he can't do the physical freakish things that Lars can. Lars says he will play along. Lars tell the story of the first time he was called "The Freak". He cried and the kids laughed at him. Lars says 20 minutes later the laughter stopped and the screaming started. He wasn't allowed back in school after that. Graves asks what he hopes to accomplish in WWE. He plans to make the world his personal playground and hell on Earth.

Commentary shows us highlights of Seth Rollins vs. Murphy last week including the Mysterios coming down to the ring. Aalyah and Murphy are backstage. Aalyah says her mom just wants her to be happy but Rey and Dominik won't talk to her. Murphy says he wants to go out there tonight and publicly apologize to Rey and Dominik in front of the world.

Triple Threat Survivor Series Qualifying Match

Bianca Belair vs. Billie Kay vs. Natalya

Billie Kay pie faces both Natalya and Bianca to start before bailing. Natalya and Bianca go at it with Bianca taking her down. Billie Kay comes back in for a minute. Natalya takes down Bianca with a clothesline. Billie throws Natalya out of the ring and overs Bianca for a near fall. Billie Kay takes down Bianca with a rana. Natalya suplexes Billie Kay. Bianca hits a moonsault on Billie Kay but Natalya breaks up the cover. Natalya is in control of Bianca and hits a basement drop kick. Natalya tries a Sharpshooter on Bianca and gets it!! Billie Kay locks in a cross face types maneuver at the same time. Natalya breaks the hold and stops Billie Kay. Billie Kay takes out Natalya and gets multiple near falls on both ladies. Billie kay is frustrated. NATALYA LOCKS BILLIE KAY IN THE SHARPSHOOTER BUT BIANCA BREAKS IT UP!! Billie Kay rolls up Bianca for a near fall. BIANCA HITS BILLIE KAY WITH THE KOD FOR THE WIN @ 4:14!! Thank goodness the right woman won. Belair is the first woman to qualify for the women's Smackdown team.

Carmella is backstage and says there is a difference between who you are and who the world wants you to be. She calls the shots and will do whatever it takes to get ahead. She claims she will always win. She says next week the entire world will know why she's untouchable.

Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio make their way to the ring for his apology as we go to a commerical. After the break, Murphy says he has something to get off his chest. He understands why Rey and Dominik hate him but he's not the same person now. He needs to apologize to them face to face. They don't come out and then he begs them to come out so he can apologize. Aalyah tells him it's ok and he tells her he needs to do this. HERE COMES THE MESSIAH!! Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. He hates to interrupt but he says Rey and Dominik will never forgive him. He also says they will never accept whatever is going on with him and Aalyah. Rollins came out here because even though they won't accept him, Rollins will!! Rollins says he will forgive Murphy for what he's done and embrace this relationship. He'll even marry them if that's what they want. He will also accept Aalyah. There's a place for everyone in the greater good. Rollins says he's not a bad guy and Rey just forced his hand. Rollins tells Aalyah that Rey is controlling and Dominik is a coward. DOMINIK IS HERE TO ATTACK ROLLINS!! Murphy pulls Dominik off and MURPHY ATTACKS ROLLINS!! Dominik pulls Murphy off Rollins. MURPHY AND DOMINIK BRAWL!! REY IS HERE TO BRAWL AS WELL!! Aalyah calls for them all to stop!! AALYAH TELLS REY THAT SHE LOVES MURPHY!!! Rey seems upset as he leaves with Dominik. In the ring, AALYAH KISSES MURPHY!! Rollins watches from the top of the ramp with a smile on his face!!

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is warming up. Kayla Braxton asks him about his match with Jey Uso. Bryan says Uso has taken Roman Reigns to the limit so he's expecting the best version of Uso. Bryan says the best man must win for Team Smackdown.

AC/DC's "Shot in the Dark" is the official theme song for Survivor Series.

The Street Profits are in the ring and they appreciate the New Day imitating them on Raw. At Survivor Series, they are showing up for pancakes or Booty O's. They're serving L's at Survivor Series because the street profits are up and they want the smoke!!

Non-Title Match

The Street Profits (WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions) vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

Dawkins starts the match with Cesaro. Cesaro takes advantage early but Dawkins takes him down with a shoulder block. Ford tags in and hits a beautiful drop kick followed by an assisted moonsault for a near fall. All Ford as he dives to the outside to take out Nakamura. CESARO THEN SENDS FORD FLYING INTO THE CROWD AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!! HE LAUNCHED HIM!!

We're back from the break and Cesaro is wearing down Ford in the ring. Ford battles to his feet with some strikes but Cesaro cuts him off and tags Nakamura. A suplex by Nakamura gets a near fall. Nakamura tries another suplex but Ford lands on his feet and hits a kick to Nakamura before tagging Dawkins. Dawkins takes it to both men and goes crazy on them. Dawkins splashes Nakamura in the corner and then plants Cesaro face first with a bulldog. Cesaro fires back with an uppercut before tagging Nakamura. Dawkins avoids the double team before launching Cesaro. Dawkins looks for a tag but Ford isn't there. Nakamura lands a kick but Dawkins tries to fight back. Dawkins misses the corner splash. Nakamura puts him on top and hits the running knee for a near fall. Cesaro tags back in and hits Dawkins with a gutwrench power bomb!! 1...2...Ford makes the save. Cesaro and Nakamura double team Ford outside. In the ring, Cesaro hits a huge clothesline on Dawkins! 1...2...NO!! Nakamura is on top but gets taken out. DAWKINS HITS THE ANNOINTMENT ON CESARO!! DAWKINS SUPERPLEXES NAKAMURA!! TAG TO FORD AND HE HITS NAKAMURA WITH A FROG SPLASH TO WIN IT @ 9:18!! Ford gets serious height on his frog splashes. Good match here with the right team winning heading into Survivor Series.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn talks about his match against WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley at Survivor Series. Zayn says there is no one else more worthy to represent Smackdown at Survivor Series. He's the great liberator and Intercontinental champion. He represents the people on every continent. He names a bunch of countries and says he represents them all. At Survivor Series he'll prove the Intercontinental champion is better than the United States champion.

It's Boss time!! The new WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring with chair in hand. She'll speak after a commercial break. Back from the break, Banks has a mic. Banks says you know what they. Don't talk to talk if you can't walk the walk. Banks says she told Bayley this was going to happen. Banks says she has to thank Bayley for stabbing her in the back because that ended something. Banks thought they would take over the company together. When Bayley hit Banks with the chair, Banks realized it wasn't their friendship that was unstoppable but it was Banks that was unstoppable. Banks then says she's the new champion now. With Bayley in her past, she turns her attention to Asuka now and Banks will prove she's the best of the best. BAYLEY IS HERE TO INTERRUPT!! Bayley says we know Banks can win a championship but she never successfully defend one!! Bayley says it's her chair and title. Banks forced her to sign the contract under distress. Bayley says we all know Banks can't beat Asuka without her help. Therefore, Bayley is challenging Banks for the title next week!! Bayley says Banks will have a predictable short title reign. Banks tells Bayley to bring it because back stabbing bitches never win!

Commentary hypes the 30 days of the Undertaker on the WWE Network! A video package hypes some of the shows that will be taking place. Some of them will be great!

Survivor Series Qualifying Match

Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso

They lock up and Uso backs Bryan into the ropes. The ref calls for a break and Uso delivers a punch. Uso is aggressive in the early going. Uso in control early. Bryan fires back with an uppercut and a knee to the midsection. Bryan targets the left arm of Uso. Uso sends Bryan into the ropes and hits a Samoan drop on him. Uso is conflicted as he stomps Bryan in the corner. Bryan picks up the pace and takes down Uso with a running clothesline. Bryan delivers the "Yes" kicks and Uso bails out of the ring. ROMAN REIGNS MUSIC HITS!! REIGNS AND HEYMAN MAKE THEIR WAY TO THE RING AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

We're back and Uso pounds on Bryan on the top turnbuckle. Bryan escapes and hands Uso in the tree of woe. Bryan delivers a series of kicks. BRYAN TRIES A BACK SUPLEX FROM THE TOP BUT USO TURNS IT INTO A CROSS BODY IN MID AIR. Near fall for Uso followed by a near fall for Bryan. Both men trade strikes. Enziguri by Uso but Bryan back drops Uso to the floor. Bryan goes to dive outside but Uso connects with a kick. Uso goes to the top and jumps but Bryan counters into the Yes Lock!! Uso makes it to the ropes. Reigns and Heyman watch on from ringside. Bryan delivers kicks in the corner. Bryan tries a running kick but Uso connects with super kick!! USO GOES TO THE TOP AND HITS A SPLASH FOR THE WIN @ 9:40!! Reigns gets in the ring and stares down Uso. Uso tells Reigns that "He's with him. You're the head of the table". Uso says he'll listen. Reigns stares at Bryan and USO HITS BRYAN WITH ANOTHER SUPER KICK!! ANOTHER USO SPLASH TO BRYAN!! Uso says he understands now and he's with Reigns. He says he loves him. The crowd boos. Reigns tells Uso to make Bryan understand how much Uso loves Reigns. Uso pulls Bryan to the outside and continues kicking his ass. Uso sends Bryan into the steps and clears the announce table. USO PUTS BRYAN ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE AND GOES TO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE AND SPLASHES BRYAN THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! Uso then mounts Bryan and continues the beat down as Reigns looks on in approval. Uso says he understands again and Reigns leaves the ring with a smirk on his face to end the show.

Next week:

  • WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks (champ)

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