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Samoa Joe Returns to NXT!

Samoa Joe made his return to NXT tonight in the opening segment. William Regal offered Samoa Joe the General Manager position but Joe would respectfully decline. Joe would say that Regal's shoes are too big to fill. Regal then had an idea for Joe to be his enforcer. Joe won't be an active competitor and he can't lay a hand on anyone........unless he's provoked! Joe accepts the offer. Joe would then say there's only one question to ask, he asks NXT Champion Karrion Kross why he's still in the ring? Kross would slowly back down as the crowd chanted "Joe's going to kill you". Joe and Regal would shake hands.

Joe would waste no time getting involved as he helped break up a backstage brawl between Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole. Cole would shove Joe and Joe would proceed to put Cole in the Coquina Clutch and make him go to sleep!

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