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Royal Rumble 2021


St. Petersburg, Florida

WWE ThunderDome (Tropicana Field)

Announcers: Michael Cole (Smackdown), Corey Graves (Smackdown), Byron Saxton (Raw), Tom Phillips (Raw), Samoa Joe (Raw)

Ring Announcers: Greg Hamilton (Smackdown), Mike Rome (Raw)

Charly Caruso welcomes us to the kickoff show. Joining Charly on the panel is Jerry "The King" Lawler, Booker T, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, and Peter Rosenburg. The panel runs down the card and breaks down each match. Drew McIntyre vs. Goldberg will be the first match on the main card.

Carmella and Reginald are backstage and talk about her match against Sasha Banks.

Sonya Deville joins the panel to discuss Banks vs. Carmella. Deville appreciates what they are doing but says Banks isn't the only boss in town. Deville is putting her money on Carmella. Booker is taking Banks. Lawler and JBL say Reginald will be the difference.

The panel talks about how only 13 women have declared for the rumble so we could have lots of surprises.

We see the video package for the Reigns/Owens match. The panel breaks it down. R-Truth joins the panel and talks about Bad Bunny and calls him Bugs Bunny. Truth is disguised to hunt rabbits. Truth is worried about Bugs Bunny trying to take his baby from him. Truth leaves with a "That's all folks!". The panel hypes Bad Bunny.

Up next is some action!

Asuka and Charlotte promo. Charlotte says no one can beat her straight up and Asuka chimes in saying no one is ready for them. Asuka leaves and Charlotte stares off into space.

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs. Asuka (WWE Raw Women's Champion) & Charlotte Flair (champs)

Charlotte and Shayna start it off. They lock up and trade grapples jockeying for position. Neither woman gets an advantage early. Charlotte comes off the ropes with a shoulder block to take down Shayna. Tag to Asuka. Kicks by Asuka and chops by Charlotte. Snap mare by Asuka. Shayna blocks a kick and delivers one of her own. Nia tags in now and taunts Asuka. Asuka avoids a strike and locks in an Octopus but Nia powers out. Charlotte tags back in but Nia sends her into the corner. Charlotte lands on the apron and fights off Shayna. Charlotte with a unique pin but Nia kicks out with ease. Nia is taken to the champs corner where Asuka tags back in. Nia over powers Asuka and drags her to the opposite corner. Shayna back in and gets a near fall. Shayna works on the left arm of Asuka. Near fall for Shayna before Nia is tagged back in. Nia stomps the arm and locks in a Cobra Clutch. Asuka elbows her way out. Nia wipes out Charlotte to prevent a tag. Nia blocks a missile drop kick by Asuka. Asuka with a kick and a Codebreaker!! 1...2...NO!! Asuka goes back to the top but Nia head butts her. Nia goes up with her. NIA GOES FOR A SAMOAN DROP BY ASUKA ESCAPES AND POWER BOMBS NIA!!! 1...2...Shayna breaks it up!! A kick to the head of Shayna! NIA WITH A POWER BOMB TO ASUKA!! 1...2...Charlotte breaks it up! Charlotte wants a tag and gets it! Shayna tags in too! Chops by Charlotte and a suplex to follow! Kip up by Charlotte and she hits a back breaker before sending Shayna to the corner. Charlotte takes out Nia!! DOUBLE NATRUAL SELECTION BY CHARLOTTE!!! 1...2...SHAYNA KICKS OUT!! Charlotte goes to the top but Nia distracts and Shayna knocks her off the top. NIA WITH A SAMOAN DROP!! Shayna tags in and hits a knee strike to the face of Charlotte! 1...2...NO!! Charlotte is sent face first into the the turnbuckle. Asuka comes around outside to help but is sent over the announce table. CHARLOTTE WITH A MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE TO TAKE OUT NIA AND SHAYNA!! Charlotte throws Shayna back in the ring. WOOOO!! HERE COMES RIC FLAIR!! Shayna tries a roll up but only gets a near fall. LACEY TRIES TO DISTRACT. CHARLOTTE WITH A FIGURE 8 ON BASZLER!! LACEY PULLS CHARLOTTE OFF!! Charlotte goes for a Figure 8 again!! NIA DISTRACTS AND LACEY HITS CHARLOTTE WITH A WOMAN'S RIGHT!! Nia tags in and HITS CHARLOTTE WITH A LEG DROP FOR THE WIN!! We have new champs!!

W: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler via pin @ 10:34 (**)

We get the yearly Royal Rumble by the numbers video to hype the Royal Rumble match to end the kickoff show. McIntyre vs. Goldberg kicks things off!

We open the show with a video package mixing past rumble highlights with tonight's rumble participants. It also hypes the title matches.

A video package shows the build up for Drew McIntyre vs. Goldberg.

WWE Championship Match

Goldberg vs. Drew McIntyre (champ)

McIntyre with a Glasgow Kiss!! MCINTYRE SPEARS GOLDBERG!! The bell hasn't rung yet!! They go to the outside. Goldberg sends McIntyre into the steps. GOLDBERG SPEARS MCINTYRE THROUGH THE BARRICADE!! Back in the ring, we officially start. GOLDBERG CHARGES INTO A CLAYMORE!!! 1...2...NO!!! Goldberg ducks another Claymore. SPEAR BY GOLDBERG!! ANOTHE SPEAR!! 1...2...NO!! GOLDBERG WITH A JACKHAMMER!!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre avoids another spear and ANOTHER CLAYMORE!! THAT DOES IT!!! Exactly what it needed to be! Thank god McIntyre retains! I think Goldberg lost a tooth!

W: Drew McIntyre via pin @ 2:32 (**1/2)

Post match, they shake hands!

Up next is Sasha Banks vs. Carmella!

Kayla Braxton is with Sasha Banks. Kayla asks if the odds are against Banks and Banks laughs. Banks claims she'll be the one celebrating with champagne after she wins. Then she'll watch the women's rumble to see who will face her at WrestleMania.

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match

Carmella w/ Reginald vs. Sasha Banks (champ)

Banks takes Carmella down quickly and looks for the Bank Statement. Carmella avoids it and rolls out of the ring. Carmella gets back in the ring and Banks takes her to the mat again. Carmella with a body shot and a handful of hair. Arm drag by Banks followed by a slap. Banks goes up to the top and Carmella stops that. Reginald gets on the apron and Banks drops him face first. Carmella takes advantage of the distraction and slams Banks into the announce table outside. Back in the ring, near fall for Carmella. Carmella hits Banks with elbows in the corner. Carmella throws Banks into her boot in the corner. Head scissors by Carmella on Banks in the ropes. Carmella breaks before five and taunts as the crowd boos. Carmella slams Banks hard on the back of her neck and then goes to a rear chin lock. Banks is sent into the corner but hits Carmella with an elbow. Forearm by Carmella. BANKS WITH A METEORA FROM THE SECOND ROPE!! Carmella regains control and ties Banks up in the bottom rope by her hair!! Stomps by Carmella as she talks trash!! "You suck" chants by the crowd. Banks fights back with a kick and an elbow. Carmella is sent face first into the second turnbuckle and then into the other corner. Double knees by Banks to Carmella in the corner. 1...2...NO!! Banks with a vertical suplex! Banks goes for the THREE AMIGOS!! Carmella blocks the third. Carmella sends Banks to the outside but REGINALD CATCHES HER!! Banks sends Reginald to the floor. THE REF EJECTS REGINALD!! CARMELLA WITH AN AWESOME SUICIDE DIVE!! Near fall for Carmella back in the ring. Carmella complains to the ref. Banks with a roll up for a near fall. Another near fall. Back slide by Banks for a third near fall. Suplex by Banks and she goes out to the top turnbuckle. BANKS GOES FOR A FROG SPLASH BUT CARMELLA GETS THE KNEES UP!! CARMELLA LOCKS IN CODE OF SILENCE!! Banks counters and hits a sliding knee! Carmella avoids the Back Stabber and sends Banks to the apron. Knee by Banks! Banks comes off the top and CARMELLA HITS A SUPER KICK!! ANOTHER SUPER KICK!! 1...2...NO!! Carmella looks frustrated. Carmella pulls Banks to the center of the ring BUT BANKS CATCHES HER IN THE BANK STATEMENT!!! CARMELLA TAPS!! Banks celebrates as Carmella looks on pissed.

W: Sasha Banks via submission @ 10:22 (***)

The New Day is backstage. Kofi still isn't cleared but he's there to support Big E. He claims when one of them wins the rumble, they all win the rumble!

Bad Bunny is here to perform his hit song "Booker T".

Our first rumble match is up next! They air the rumble by the numbers video package.

30 Woman Royal Rumble Match

Natalya will be #30

#1 is BAYLEY!! # 2 is NAOMI!! Bayley talks trash and Naomi blocks a kick. They run the ropes and Naomi takes Bayley down with a rana! Naomi mounts Bayley in the corner and tries punches but Bayley escapes. Rear View by Naomi!! Bayley turns the tide and tries to eliminate Naomi with no luck. #3 is BIANCA BELAIR!! Belair goes right after Bayley!! Belair tries to eliminate Bayley but Bayley holds on. Belair with a spine buster to Bayley and a standing moonsault! Belair tries to gutwrench Naomi but Naomi blocks. Awesome cartwheel counters by Belair and Naomi! Bayley tries to eliminate them both but can't. #4 is BILLIE KAY!! Bayley is getting double teamed by Belair and Naomi. Billie Kay joins commentary! Naomi hits Belair with a spring board kick. Bayley tries to eliminate Belair again but no luck. Belair hangs on. Bayley misses a cross body from the middle rope. #5 is SHOTZI BLACKHEART!! Billie Kay goes to greet her but Shotzi shoots her with the tank!

Shotzi with a missile drop kick to Bayley! Shotzi unloads on everyone! Senton on Belair. Shotzi tries to eliminate Belair with no luck. Shotzi fights off Bayley. #6 is SHAYNA BASZLER! Billie goes to greet her too. Baszler throws her into the barricade! Baszler gets in the ring and a knee strike to Shotzi. One for Bayley too. Shayna with a spine buster to Naomi! No eliminations yet. Belair paired off with Shayna and Bayley with Shotzi. #7 is TONI STORM!! Billie over to greet haha. Storm ignores her! Storm delivers Germans! Storm pairs off with Naomi. Naomi hits a Rear View! Shotzi takes down Shayna but then Shayna eliminates her! Shotzi is gone! #8 is JILLIAN HALL!! She sings on the way to the ring and it's bad!! Billie greets! Jillian loves her! They enter the ring together! Double suplex by them to Naomi! They try to eliminate Naomi but no luck. #9 is RUBY RIOTT!! Riott clothesline Bayley and Belair. Riott targets Storm. German by Storm! Billie helps Ruby. The ring is filling it up. #10 is VICTORIA!!

Victoria has right hands for everyone and takes down Billie and Jillian with a double clothesline. Side slam by Victoria on Ruby. A slam for Bayley as well. Naomi drop kicks Victoria. Victoria falls through the ropes to the outside. #11 is PEYTON ROYCE!! Peyton goes after Ruby. Ruby is thrown over but hangs on. The IIconics reunite to go after Victoria. Victoria hits Peyton with the Widow's Peak. #12 is SANTANA GARRETT!! Garrett goes after Storm. Shotzi is still the only one gone. Victoria tries to get Belair out with no luck, #13 is LIV MORGAN!! Liv saves Ruby from elimination. Liv hits Bayley with Oblivion. The Riott Squad teams up on Shayna. Billie and Jillian turn on each other. Billie eliminates Jillian! The Riott Squad eliminates Billie! Belair tries to dump Peyton but can't. #14 is RHEA RIPLEY!! Ripley wipes out the Riott Squad and slams Belair. Ripley throws Storm out! Shayna locks in the Kirifuda Clutch on Victoria and eliminates her! Ripley eliminates Garrett! #15 is CHARLOTTE FLAIR!!

Charlotte takes her time getting to the ring. Charlotte goes after Ripley first and then Liv. Chops by Charlotte to Ripley followed by a suplex. Bayley eliminates Ruby with a sunset bomb! #16 is DANA BROOKE! She hits a missile drop kick to Shayna. Dana goes back up top and flips onto a bunch of people. Charlotte is squared off with Shayna. Dana with a hand spring elbow to Belair. Bayley eliminates Liv! #17 is TORRIE WILSON!! Neck breaker by Torrie to Naomi then she targets Dana and Bayley. Torrie with a terrible clothesline on Charlotte. Ripley power bombs Dana on the apron and Dana is gone! #18 is LACEY EVANS!! She came out to Flair's music! Lacey is wearing Charlotte's robe! Charlotte waits for her to get to the ring and attacks! Charlotte is going crazy on her. Lacey goes under the bottom rope and Charlotte follows. They brawl on the outside. Charlotte eliminates Peyton! Shayna eliminates Torrie! #19 is MICKIE JAMES!! Mickie nails Lacey. We missed Belair eliminating Bayley during Mickie's entrance!!Mickie squares off with Charlotte. Mickie with a head scissor on Charlotte. Charlotte stomps Mickie. #20 is NIKKI CROSS!!

Cross takes down Shayna and Belair. Cross has clotheslines for everyone! Cross with a bulldog to Belair and a cross body to Shayna. Cross with a tornado DDT on Ripley. Cross hits jaw breaker to Charlotte. #21 is ALICIA FOX!! R-TRUTH'S MUSC HITS!! He dances to the ring. Truth says his bad as the 24/7 jobbers are here. ALICIA FOX PINS TRUTH TO WIN THE 24/7 TITLE!! #22 is MANDY ROSE!! Mandy goes after Alicia with a pump knee. Mandy throws Alicia out. TRUTH WINS THE TITLE BACK!! Mandy with a Fairy Tale Ending to Mickie. Mandy and Nikki go at it. #23 is DAKOTA KAI!! Kai nails Cross and goes after Ripley. Kia with kicks to Ripley. Lots of people in the ring still. Mickie with a big knee to Lacey but then Lacey with a Woman's Right to eliminate Mickie! Belair almost eliminates Naomi but Naomi hangs on. #24 is CARMELLA!! Reginald gives her bottled water to hydrate her first. Ripley throws out Kai! Ripley throws out Mandy! Carmella takes her time getting in the ring. Reginald helps her in. Cross tries to throw out Carmella but Reginald saves her. Carmella eliminates Cross with a super kick! #25 is TAMINA!!

Naomi throws Carmella out but Reginald catches. Tamina super kicks Reginald and Carmella is gone. Tamina squares off with Ripley. Belair tries to eliminate Naomi again but can't get her. Naomi finally falls back first but her feet don't touch. NAOMI GRABS BELAIR'S HAIR TO HOLD ON. They both hold on! #26 is LANA!! Lana seems to be in a trance. Lana goes after Ripley but Tamina wipes out Lana. Belair and Naomi are still going at it. #27 is ALEXA BLISS!! Bliss takes down Naomi and hits double knees! Drop kick to Ripley! Everyone goes after Bliss!! THE LIGHTS START GOING OUT!! RIPLEY THROWS OUT BLISS!! #28 is EMBER MOON!! ECLIPSE TO SHAYNA!! Moon goes after Lacey. Tamina stops that but Moon takes her down. Moon takes down Tamina and Charlotte! #29 is NIA JAX!! Jax helps Shayna up who fell outside after the Eclipse. Shayna eliminates Lacey! Nia eliminates Ember! Nia and Shayna team up to eliminate Naomi!! Nia turns on Shayna to team up with Tamina. Tamina then super kicks Nia!! Shayna stops Tamina from eliminating Nia and they eliminate Tamina!! Now Shayna and Nia slug it out!! NIA TURNS ON AND THROWS OUT SHAYNA!! Nia says sorry! Lana jumps on Nia's back but is thrown off. Lana gets out of the ring and runs. Nia chases. Lana slaps her.. NIA CHARGES AND LANA LOW BRIDGES HER!! NIA IS GONE!! #30 is Natalya.

Shayna and Nia attack Natalya on the ramp. Nia and Shayna get back in the ring and beat down everyone before leaving. Nia throws Natalya in the ring. Natalya helps Lana up and hugs her. Natalya turns on Lana and throws her out! FINAL FOUR IS NATALYA, CHARLOTTE, RIPLEY, AND BELAIR!! Natalya goes after Belair. Ripley intervenes and Natalya German suplexes her. Natalya tries to eliminate Ripley and BELAIR DUMPS NATALYA!! Down to three now. Charlotte with punches to both Ripley and Belair. Belair and Ripley double team Charlotte! Charlotte fights back and suplexes Belair. Charlotte points to the WrestleMania sign and goes after Ripley. Charlotte and Ripley jockey for position. Charlotte gets sent to the apron. RIPLEY AND BELAIR BOTH KNOCK HER OFF!! DOWN TO RIPLEY AND BELAIR!! Belair taunts Charlotte. Ripley tries to dump her and BOTH RIPLEY AND BELAIR FALL TO THE APRON. Ripley tells her not to do anything stupid and they both get back in the ring. Belair with shoulders to Ripley in the corner. Belair puts Ripley on the top. Ripley falls to the apron but makes it back in. Back in the ring, both ladies take each other down face first! Both ladies slug it out. Belair goes for Glam Slam but it's countered. Riptide is countered and so is the KOD!! They go into the ropes and BELAIR CLOTHESLINES RIPLEY OVER!!

W: Bianca Belair via last eliminating Rhea Ripley @ 58:51 (****)

Kayla Braxton gets in the ring to interview Belair. Belair says she's been telling everyone she is the best but tonight she showed everyone. Belair cries with emotion. Belair gets on the top turnbuckle and points at the WrestleMania sign!

A video package hypes the new WWE Icons show. The first episode features Yokozuna.

The Miz and John Morrison go knocking on the locker room door of Bad Bunny. They congratulate Bad Bunny on his performance and they have a proposal. Bunny turns them down as they're offended. Miz and Morrison run down Booker T and he of course shows up behind them. Morrison bails and Booker tells Miz "Tell me you didn't just say that". Booker wishes Miz good luck in the rumble. Booker is probably in it.

The panel with Sonya Deville talks about the women's rumble. Deville says she can get behind Belair.

Highlights of the kickoff show showing how Nia and Shayna won the tag titles back. Truth interrupts them. Peter Rosenberg says John Cena is here! ROSENBERG HITS TRUTH WITH A LOW BLOW AND WINS THE 24/7 TITLE!! Truth chases him!! JBL is disgusted!

Zayde Wolf's "Rumble" is the official theme for the Royal Rumble.

A video package airs for Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens. It's next!

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Universal Championship

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns (champ) w/ Paul Heyman

They immediately start brawling and throwing punches! Reigns misses a Superman Punch and Owens goes for a stunner! Reigns avoids it and HITS A SUPERMAN PUNCH! Owens is up at 4! OWENS HITS A POP UP POWER BOMB!! Reigns is also up at 4 and bails out of the ring. Owens charges and Reigns lifts him for Samoan drop but Owens escapes and sends Reigns into the ring post. Reigns answers by sending Owens into the steps. SPEAR BY REIGNS!! Owens up at 7. Reigns grabs the steps and hits Owens in the face with them. Another shot to the head. One more! The ref starts counting. Reigns picks up the steps and Owens super kicks him! Owens sends Reigns face first into the steps multiple times. Reigns is sent into the LED screens. Owens with a boot and then he grabs the steps. Owens hits Reigns in the face with them and Reigns lands on a table. Owens climbs the set but Reigns rolls off. Owens swings with a chair but Reigns avoids it and thumbs Owens in the eye. They fight up on the set now. Reigns with a chair shot to the midsection and across the back. Both men trade punches. Owens is sent face first into the LED screen but Owens continues to brawl as they go higher. Owens with a super kick to the face! The ref counts as Owens grabs a chair. Owens hits Reigns in the knee with it and a shot to the spine. The ref counts but Reigns is up at 7. More chair shots by Owens. Reigns battles back and delivers chair shots of his own. Owens is up at 6. Reigns looks to throw Owens off the set but OWENS HITS A STUNNER!! Owens looks to throw Reigns off but REIGNS WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH!! REIGNS THROWS OWENS OFF THE SET THROUGH A TABLE!! The ref starts counting. OWENS IS UP AT 9!! Reigns is shocked! Owens is heading backstage. Owens heads towards one of the workout rings. A ref checks on him. REIGNS HITS OWENS WITH A GOLF CART THAT CRACKS THE WINDSHIELD!! The ref begins counting and Owens is up at 9. Reigns is pissed and goes on the attack! Owens is up at 8. Reigns taunts Owens about his grandfather. Owens tackles Reigns and goes on the attack. Owens sends Reigns into the road cases multiple times. POP UP POWER BOMB ONTO A TABLE!! It doesn't break. OWENS SPLASHES REIGNS THROUGH THE TABLE!! The ref counts. Owens is up at by 6. Reigns is up at 9. Reigns is barely moving. Owens sends Reigns into a standing ladder. Owens has a mini ladder and hits Reigns in the face with it. Reigns is laid across another table. Owens gets in a forklift and raises it! OWENS GETS ON TOP OF THE FORKLIFT AND DOES A SWANTON OFF OF IT ONTO REIGNS THROUGH THE TABLE!!! The ref counts. Owens is up at 7 and Reigns up at 9. Reigns crawls away from Owens. The Money in the Bank briefcase is just sitting near by on a table. Odd but ok. They battle towards the gorilla position and start coming back out onto the entrance ramp. Owens talks trash to a fallen Reigns. Reigns is up at 9 and HITS A SUPERMAN PUNCH!! REIGNS SPEARS OWENS THROUGH THE LED SCREEN!! The count begins. Owens rolls off the stage onto his feet at 9! Reigns stalks Owens and Reigns has handcuffs. Both men trade punches with Reigns getting the upper hand. Reigns stomps Owens and tries to handcuff him but Owens fights back and HITS A STUNNER!! Owens has the handcuffs as he mounts and punches Reigns. OWENS HANDCUFFS REIGNS TO THE SET!! REIGNS IS TRAPPED!! AT A COUNT OF 9, REIGNS GRABS THE OFFICIAL AND RUNS HIM INTO THE STEEL!! Owens is pissed a punches the hell out of Reigns! LOW BLOW BY REIGNS!! HEYMAN HAS A KEY AND UNLOCKS REIGNS!! A new official is here and starts counting. The ref stops counting because it appears Heyman can't get Reigns free. Reigns gets to his feet but is still handcuffed. HEYMAN FINALLY GETS HIM FREE. REIGNS WITH A GUILLOTINE ON OWENS!!! OWENS IS OUT!! The ref starts counting. REIGNS MAKES IT TO HIS FEET BUT OWENS DOESN'T!! Good match but a bad finish.

W: Roman Reigns via Kevin Owens not beating the 10 count @ 24:53 (****)

WrestleMania 37 is in 69 days!

30 Man Royal Rumble

#1 is EDGE! I thought it was suppose to be Randy Orton then Edge. Anyways...#2 is RANDY ORTON. Edge goes to meet him on the ramp! Back to the ring and the bell rings. They roll out of the ring and continue to brawl. Orton is sent into the barricade and into the steps. It's all Edge on the outside. Edge sends Orton into the announce table. #3 is SAMI ZAYN!! Complete with his documentary team. Sami and Orton team up on Edge. Orton focuses on Edge's surgically repaired arm. #4 is MUSTAFA ALI!! Ali targets Edge too! All three men team up on Edge. Orton and Sami hold Edge for Ali to beat him down. They drag Edge to the ropes. #5 is JEFF HARDY!!

Hardy hits Orton with a jaw breaker. Ali and Sami turn to Jeff. Jeff fights them off! WHISPER IN THE WIND!! Hardy tries Twist of Fate on Sami but he's pushed into a RKO!! Sami loves it and RKO TO SAMI!! RKO TO ALI!! EDGE SPEARS ORTON!! Orton rolls out of the ring and Edge follows. Edge sends Orton into the ring post and bounces him off the announce table. Edge gets on the announce table with Orton. EDGE WITH AN IMPALER DDT TO ORTON ON THE TABLE!! #6 is DOLPH ZIGGLER!! Edge with a chair shot to Orton! Another one to Orton's leg. Referees are here to separate them. Why?!?! Orton is bloody. Ziggler eliminates Hardy! Edge is back in the ring. He tries to dump Sami but can't. Ziggler with a Zig Zag to Edge! Referees check on Orton. Sami, Dolph, and Ali target Edge. #7 is SHINSUKE NAKAMURA!! He goes right for Ziggler. Sami misses a Helluva Kick on Nakamura. Referees help Orton to the back. Nakamura takes out Ali before going back to Sami. #8 is CARLITO!! Apple in hand!! First appearance in a decade! Nakamura steals the apple!! Carlito with a back stabber to Nakamura!! Back stabber to Ali. Orton is still limping around ringside. Carlito tries to eliminate Sami but can't. Orton looks back at the ring as he leaves. #9 is XAVIER WOODS!! He goes right for Ali. Sami attacks Woods from behind. Edge and Nakamura are paired off. #10 is BIG E!! He goes right for Sami.

Big E with a uranage on Ali! New Day reunite to to beat on Sami. Big E splashes Sami. Midnight Hour on Sami and Sami is eliminated!! They turn their attention to Ali. #11 is JOHN MORRISON!! He hits Nakamura with a kick. Woods with a jumping DDT to Ali!! Woods tries to get Ali. Ziggler tries to get Woods. They both hang on then Ali eliminates Woods!! Big E is pissed! Big E eliminates Ali!! #12 is RICOCHET!! He waives bye to Ali. Ricochet runs into Edge. Ricochet looks good early on. The ring is filling up. #13 is ELIAS!! He targets Ricochet. Drift Away to Morrison. Carlito with a drop kick to Elias. Elias eliminates Carlito to boos. Nakamura works on Ziggler and hits a nice throw. #14 is DAMIAN PRIEST!! Priest hits Reckoning on Elias and turns Ricochet inside out. Priest squares off with Morrison. Priest eliminates Elias! Orton is being checked on by the trainer's backstage. Priest squares up against Edge. Edge lands a boot but Priest tries to toss him. #15 is THE MIZ!! He brings the damn briefcase with him.

Miz destroys Bad Bunny's DJ setup. Skull Crushing Finale to Big E! Miz and Morrison team up on Priest and Ricochet. Double DDT to Ricochet. Double team to Ziggler too. BAD BUNNY COMES OUT TO CONFRONT THEM!! Officials hold him back. Priest eliminates Miz and Morrison!! Bad Bunny goes to the top turnbuckle and dives onto them! #16 is RIDDLE!! Riddle and Priest go at it. Forearms by Riddle and he turns to Nakamura as they trade strikes. Priest is back as he and Riddle beat on Nakamura. Priest then decks Riddle. #17 is DANIEL BRYAN!! Running kicks to Nakamura and Priest. Bryan with kicks to Ricochet. Ricochet back flips over Bryan and German suplexes him. Priest tries to eliminate Edge again but can't. #18 is KANE!! Kane decks Ricochet and Riddle. Choke slam to Edge! Choke slam to Nakamura! Kane eliminates Ziggler! Kane eliminates Ricochet with a choke slam! TEAM HELL NO REUNION!! Bryan wants to hug it out!! Dr. SHELBY IS LOVING IT! Kane choke slams Bryan!! Big E tries to eliminate Riddle as Priest steps up to Kane. Priest eliminates Kane! Riddle attacks Priest from behind. #19 is KING CORBIN!! He goes right for Riddle. Corbin slams Bryan. Nakamura hits Corbin with a kick. Corbin with Deep Six to Nakamura and Nakamura is gone!! Corbin goes after Bryan. #20 is OTIS!!

Otis with a clothesline to Corbin and slams Big E! Otis throws Priest and suplexes Riddle! Caterpillar to Priest!! Otis goes for a Vader Bomb to Priest but Corbin eliminates Otis! Bryan goes after Corbin with kicks. #21 is DOMINIK MYSTERIO!! Corbin waits on him. Corbin hits him with a spine buster and right hands. Corbin gets Dominik on his shoulders and Dominik eliminates Corbin!! Dominik targets Big E now. Riddle squares off with Bryan as they trade bombs. Priest cuts in on that and launches Riddle across the ring. Priest sends Bryan to the corner. Riddle fires back on Priest. #22 is BOBBY LASHLEY!! This is Samoa Joe's pick! Riddle waits for him. Lashley launches Dominik! He's gone. Priest steps to Lashley and Lashley spine busters him before eliminating Priest. Big E and Lashley have a stare down. They trade haymakers! Lashley tries a suplex but Big E lands on his feet. #23 is THE HURRICANE!! He looks out of shape. Graves said he hasn't done any hurritraining. Hurricane tries to choke slam Lashley and Big E at the same time. They launch him! Lashley turns hit attention to Bryan and delivers boots in the corner. Riddle comes back to Lashley. #24 is CHRISTIAN!! The people in the ring are shocked as am I!! Edge smiles. Everyone gangs up on Lashley. Lashley is gone!! Christian hits the Unprettier on Big E! Christian with an elbow on Bryan. Edge and Christian hug! Riddle thinks it's awesome! They turn to Riddle and double team him. #25 is AJ STYLES!!

Omos accompanies Styles. Styles goes after Christian. Pele kick! Over 40 minutes for Edge. Styles misses Phenomenal Forearm and Edge spears him!! Riddle and Christian go at it. Bryan is fighting Edge. #26 is REY MYSTERIO!! Rey is wearing a mask for Victoria Beer! Rey nails Styles but Omos saves him! Rey goes after Edge while Big E decks Styles with a bot. Omos reaches over and eliminates Big E!! Omos sends Big E flying over the announce table! Riddle targets Styles now. Bryan with Christian and Rey with Edge. #27 is SHEAMUS!! Sheamus clubs the chest of Riddle then Edge after that. Sheamus goes to the top and clothesline Riddle and Edge. Irish Curse back breaker to Styles. Christian tees off on Sheamus. Sheamus hits Brogue Kick! Bryan goes after Sheamus but gets his clock cleaned. Riddle tries to eliminate Sheamus with no luck. Omos helps Styles eliminate Rey! #28 is CESARO!! He goes right after Edge then Riddle. Cesaro nails Styles and turns to Sheamus. They fist bump and then CESARO SWING FOR SHEAMUS!! Cesaro swings Bryan too!! #29 is SETH ROLLINS!! He still has the Messiah gimmick. Cesaro greets Rollins with an uppercut. Cesaro and Rollins brawl. #30 is BRAUN STROWMAN!!

Strowman slams Riddle and hits everyone with rights hands. Strowman launches Styles but Omos catches Styles and saves him. Cesaro lifts Strowman but Strowman eliminates Cesaro! Strowman eliminates Sheamus. Strowman goes to toss Styles and stops because Omos is there. Strowman launches Styles on the other side. We're down to six guys. Rollins, Riddle, Bryan, Strowman, Christian, and Edge. Orton is also technically still in. Bryan with a running knee to Edge. Bryan throws Edge over but he hangs on. Bryan avoids an Unprettier and hits a running kick to Christian. Bryan is building momentum. Bryan and Riddle square off and trade blows. Rollins is watching from outside. Riddle tries a knee bar and Bryan goes for a triangle. Riddle tries to dump Bryan but Bryan falls to the apron. Bryan goes up to and hits a missile drop kick to Riddle. Rollins slides in the ring and attacks Bryan. Stomp to Bryan and Rollins eliminates Bryan!! Riddle and Rollins go at it. Flash knee by Riddle to Rollins but he can't dump him. Strowman decks Riddle and Rollins stomps Riddle on the apron. Riddle is gone! Strowman, Rollins, Christian, and Edge are left (plus Orton). Rollins tells Strowman they are the future and not Edge and Christian. Strowman slams Rollins and runs through Edge and Christian! Strowman squashes Edge and Christian in opposite corners. Edge tries to pull Strowman over the top. Christian helps Edge. Rollins dumps Christian. Strowman falls over. EDGE ELIMINATES ROLLINS!! ORTON IS HERE AND RKOS EDGE!! ORTON GOES TO ELIMINATE EDGE BUT EDGE REVERSES AND SEND ORTON OVER THE TOP TO WIN!!

W: Edge via last eliminating Randy Orton @ 58:29 (****)

Edge celebrates and points to the WrestleMania sign!!

Overall Rating: 8/10

In my opinion, this was an overall great event. The kickoff show tag match was easily the worst match which is how it should be in my opinion. At least now Asuka and Charlotte are freed up. I hope they don't immediately feud with each other. Drew McIntyre vs. Goldberg was exactly what it needed to be! I'm just glad WWE got to right this time and McIntyre went over. Banks vs. Carmella delivered another good match. Banks is amazing but for some reason Carmella doesn't get the props she deserves. This wasn't quite as good as their TLC match but still solid. Reigns and Owens was great but the finish hurt the match. It was a bad timing issue with the cuffs but I'm not going to hold that against the talent involved. Reigns puts on another banger and is untouchable right now it all aspects. I think both rumbles delivered. It's debatable which was better depending on personal preference. The men's gives us the feel good story with Edge and we got a few surprise entries. The women's cements Belair as the next big star in the women's division. The rumbles and last man standing matches should be seen for sure.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!! If you enjoy what you've read, don't hesitate to follow our Facebook page and get updates when new content is posted! Also, any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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