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Raw "In Your Face" 9/14/2020: McIntyre vs. Lee; Dominik vs. Rollins in Cage; Champs vs. Champs; More

Here's what's scheduled for tonight:

  • Champions vs. Champions: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Smackdown Tag Team champs) vs. The Street Profits (WWE Raw Tag Team champs)

  • WWE Raw Women's Championship Match: Mickie James vs. Asuka (champ)

  • Non-Title Match: Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre (WWE champ)

  • Steel Cage Match: Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

We're in the ThunderDome and Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and DOLPH ZIGGLER are on commentary! They run down what's going down tonight.

We kick off the show with WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. Highlights of last week when McIntyre gave Randy Orton three Claymores. McIntyre says Orton broke his jaw but he's back. He considers himself lucky that he only suffered a fractured jaw, but Orton is lucky that he only got three Claymores. He says he has a non displaced fracture and was advised to give up the title and take some time off. However, he's not going to do that as he would rather show up every week and leave in an ambulance than give up the title. McIntyre proposes that their match at Clash of Champions be an ambulance match!! McIntyre says Orton may not make it to Clash of Champions. McIntyre talks about how the Claymore came about. McIntyre mocks Orton's photo from last week and posts his own photo shopped picture of everyone he has Claymored recently. ADAM PEARCE IS OUT NOW. He says Orton may not make it to Clash of Champions. If he doesn't and Keith Lee beats McIntyre tonight, then Lee will face McIntyre at Clash of Champions. HERE COMES KEITH LEE!! Lee and McIntyre shake hands. McIntyre goes to pull away and Lee hangs on. They both smirk as we go to a commercial.

Champions vs. Champions Match

The Street Profits (WWE Raw Tag Team champs) vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Smackdown Tag Team champs)

Cesaro and Shinsuke were interviewed pre-match and basically said they will win tonight. Cesaro goes right after Dawkins early with a big uppercut. Tag in Nakamura and they hit a nice double team. Near fall. Nakamura runs into a big boot in the corner and Dawkins is able to tag Ford. Double team by the Profits but Cesaro breaks up a cover. More double team to both by the Profits. FORD FLIPS OVER THE TOP ROPE BUT CESARO AND NAKAMURA CATCH HIM!! THEY SLAM FORD BACK FIRST ON THE BARRICADE AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

We're back and Cesaro is wearing down Ford in the ring. Ford side steps Cesaro and sends him into the ring post shoulder first. Dawkins and Nakamura both tag in. Dawkins picks up the pace and takes Nakamura down with an elbow and then a suplex. Near fall. Dawkins misses a splash in the corner. Nakamura lands a kick and slams him. NAKAMURA GOES FOR THE KINSHASA BUT DAWKINS HITS A CASH OUT!! FORD GOES TO THE TOP FOR A SPLASH BUT NAKAMURA GETS THE KNEES UP!! Cesaro is in now. CESARO SWING TO FORD AND NAKAMURA HITS HIM WITH THE KNEES AS WELL!! 1...2...DAWKINS MAKES SAVE!! Nakamura and Dawkins battle on the outside. Nakamura goes knees first into the steps. CESARO SENDS FORD INTO THE AIR AND DELIVERS A HELLACIOUS UPPERCUT!! 1...2...NO!! Cesaro delivers a series of uppercuts to Ford in the corner. CESARO HITS A SUPERPLEX ON FORD BUT DAWKINS MADE A BLIND TAG! DAWKINS HITS A CASH OUT SPLASH ON CESARO FOR THE WIN @ 9:24!! The Profits celebrate while Nakamura and Cesaro are pissed ringside.

Highlight video package for Mickie James.

Angel Garza talks to Lana backstage. Lana can't believe Mickie James has a title shot. Lana claims it should be Natalya. Garza talks about passion when Zelina Vega and Andrade interrupt. Garza is tired of being blamed for every loss. Garza says Andrade lost last week. Garza and Andrade argue until Zelina breaks them up. Zelina says she can't do this anymore and walks off. ANDRADE AND GARZA START FIGHTING AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

Dominik Mysterio talks with his family backstage.

The Hurt Business is out now. MVP says this is an official announcement from The Hurt Business. "Business is booming!" He talks about all their recent success. Cedric says his social media has been blowing up this last week. He talks about us not understanding his situation. He tries to keep talking but RICOCHET AND APOLLO CREWS INTERRUPT!! They claim Cedric turned his back on them. Cedric must now live with the consequences. They say the always had Cedric's back and he says wrong! Benjamin tries to talk but gets told to shut up. Ricochet says Cedric turning on them was worse than any beating. Crews and Ricochet say the beating they give Cedric will be worse than any Hurt Business beating.

Cedric Alexander w/ The Hurt Business vs. Ricochet w/ Apollo Crews

Ricochet immediately attacks. Ricochet throws Cedric to the outside. Ricochet goes to the apron and delivers a kick and then hits a moonsault from the second rope! Crews takes out Benjamin on the outside. LASHLEY GOES TO GET INVOLVED AND ERIK IS HERE TO STOP HIM. THEY BRAWL IN THE AISLE WAY AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

Back from the break, Cedric is wearing down Ricochet. (Side note: Bobby Lashley vs. Erik later tonight) Ricochet tries to build momentum but Cedric stops him and stomps him on the mat. Lashley and Erik have brawled to the locker room area. All Cedric until Ricochet catches him with a drop kick. Strikes by Ricochet and he hits a nice super kick! Full nelson suplex with a bridge by Ricochet and he gets a near fall. Ricochet goes to the top. He goes for a shooting star but Cedric rolls out of the way. CEDRIC HITS A MICHINOKU DRIVER!! CEDRIC FOLLOWS UP WITH THE LUMBAR CHECK AND IT'S OVER @ 8:21!! The lights go out after the match!! IT'S RETRIBUTION!! They claim they see what everyone is. They say we are all corrupt. They refuse to suck up to an entitled regime. Enjoy the final days of oblivion and they will show us exactly who they are. The Hurt Business is left waiting in the ring afterward.

Sara is backstage with Mickie James. Mickie says she loves the business and it drives her to be the best she can possibly be. Mickie says with experience comes wisdom and clarity comes with wisdom. It's clear to her she still has what it takes to become champion. She says this may be her last chance.

Security is getting chewed out by Adam Pearce. The Hurt Business interrupts and says Pearce better figure out a solution for Retribution. MVP offers Pearce to let them help. Pearce says thanks for volunteering. MVP says they don't volunteer; it's business!

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match

Asuka (champ) vs. Mickie James

They lock up early and jockey for position before having a stand off. Both ladies get pinning combinations. Asuka gains control with a head lock and then takes Mickie down with a shoulder block. Mickie comes back with a neck breaker. Near fall for Mickie. Asuka fights back with a knee strike and an elbow. A big knee strike to the face of Mickie gets a near fall for Asuka. ASUKA MISSES A HIP ATTACK AND MICKIE HITS A MICK KICK BUT IT SENDS ASUKA OUT OF THE RING AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!

We're back and both ladies are down in the ring. Trish Stratus tweeted out support for Mickie. Mickie avoids an Asuka charge in the corner. Mickie uses a head scissors to send Asuka out of the corner. ASUKA CONNECTS WITH A HIP ATTACK!! Asuka goes for another but Mickie counters with a flap jack! Mickie goes to the top rope but Asuka stops her. Mickie pushes Asuka off. Mickie hits a Lou Thesz press from the top for a near fall and Asuka counters with a near fall of her own, They trade strikes and Asuka takes her down with a back fist. Kicks by Asuka! Asuka misses another kick and Mickie locks in a single leg crab! Mickie pulls her away from the ropes and Asuka gets a roll up near fall. MICKIE HITS THE MICK KICK BUT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE SHE GOT IT ALL! 1...2...ASUKA GETS THE ROPES! Asuka tries to lock in an arm bar. Mickie tries to stack her up. Mickie avoids the Asuka lock and gets a roll up for a near fall. ASUKA LOCKS IN THE ASUKA LOCK!! IT APPEARS MICKIE ROLLS THROUGH BUT THEN THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL @ 11:49!! THE REF CLAIMS MICKIE CAN NO LONGER CONTINUE!! Weird because Mickie looked close to escaping. Something happened as the ref talked with Mickie before announcing the decision. HERE COMES ZELINA VEGA!! SHE'S CONFRONTING ASUKA! Zelina says she has been thinking about her future. She claims she has wasted the best years of her career managing people. Zelina claims Asuka is reckless with the championship. Instead of facing people from the past, she could be looking at the talent of the future. ZELINA CLAIMS SHE'S READY FOR ASUKA AND SLAPS HER!!

Charly Caruso is backstage with Keith Lee. Lee claims he's ready for the opportunity. He says the goal is to be WWE Champion. He knows Drew McIntyre will do what it takes to keep it but Lee must do what it takes to get there. Lee says McIntyre is a friend and he doesn't want to take advantage of an injury but will do what he must.

Non-Title Match

Bobby Lashley (WWE United States champ) w/ MVP vs. Erik

MVP joins commentary. Lashley goes on the attack right away as he beats down Erik in the corner. Erik turns the tide and hits a big knee strike for a near fall. Erik delivers a few more strikes but then runs into a spine buster!! Dominator by Lashley but Erik kicks out at 2! LASHLEY LOCKS IN THE HURT LOCK (FULL NELSON) AND WRAPS THE LEGS AROUND ERIK!! ERIK HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP @ 2:08!! Dominant squash for Lashley.

Sara catches up with Kevin Owens backstage and asks about Aleister Black. Owens doesn't know why Black is upset with him. Maybe it's something he said on the KO Show or they didn't have a sale at Hot Topic. Maybe it's because no one picked a fight with him in a year. Owens wants to inflict enough punishment on Black tonight to remind him what happens when you pick a fight with KO. KO walks away and Black appears.

The steel cage match is next!

Shane McMahon and the security guard are chatting before Raw Underground. Kevin Owens vs. Aleister Black will happen in Raw Underground again. BRAUN STROWMAN SHOWS UP TO TALK TO THEM!! HE'S PISSED OFF AND WANTS TO COMPETE IN RAW UNDERGROUND TONIGHT!!

Highlights of the Dominik/Rollins saga.

Rollins is backstage when Murphy comes in his dressing room. Rollins claims he has been waiting of him. Rollins understands Murphy got beat senseless last week. Tonight, they must look to the future. Rollins says tonight they have the perfect opportunity and he needs Murphy to be ready for his role. ROLLINS SLAPS MURPHY! Rollins grabs Murphy by the face and tells him that his role to stay backstage so he doesn't have to deal with his mistakes.

24/7 Champion, R-Truth, is backstage talking to a Kit Kat! No joke! Liv Morgan is here to help him break it. Shake my head.

MVP is still on commentary and will be for the cage match.

Commentary talks about Mandy Rose being traded to Raw. So who did Smackdown get?? We don't know. That's the one thing I hate about WWE "trades". When someone randomly shows up on Smackdown in a month, they'll say that was the person that was traded for Mandy.

Charly Caruso interviews the Mysterio family. Dominik says to follow in Rey's foot steps, he can't turn down any challenge. Rey says him and Angie are more concerned than Dominik. Rey says they will be out there to support him. Rey says Rollins should be concerned about Dominik.

Steel Cage Match

Seth Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio w/ The Mysterio Family

Rollins laughs as the match starts and he goes on the attack early. Dominik comes back with a Russian leg sweep. Dominik tries to climb but Rollins stops him. DOMINIK HITS A NICE TORNADO DDT!! 1...2...NO!! Dominik tries to climb and MURPHY IS HERE TO GIVE ROLLINS A KENDO STICK!! ROLLINS STARTS BEATING ON DOMINIK WITH IT AND SENDS HIM INTO THE CAGE AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!

Back from the break, Rollins is cheese grating Dominik's face on the cage. The Mysterio family looks concerned. Rollins tries to send Dominik into the cage but Dominik reverses and sends Rollins into the cage. Rollins gets Dominik up for a power bomb but Dominik uses a rana to send Rollins into the cage. REY GIVES DOMINIK A KENDO STICK!! Dominik uses it on Rollins!! Dominik sends Rollins into the cage multiple times and then hits a power bomb!! 1...2...NO!! Rollins avoids a kendo stick shot and sling shots Dominik into the cage but Dominik grabs on to the cage and starts climbing! Rollins goes up to meet him. Both men fall and crotch themselves on the top rope. REY TRIES TO HELP DOMINIK THROUGH THE DOOR WHEN MURPHY ATTACKS REY!! MURPHY ACCIDENTALLY SLAMS THE DOOR ON ROLLINS! Dominik starts climbing. Murphy climbs to stop him. DOMINIK HITS A FROG SPLASH ON ROLLINS!! 1...2...NO!! Dominik climbs again and gets to the top but Rollins is climbing too. Dominik knocks Rollins off but Rollins comes right back up. ROLLINS SUPERPLEXES DOMINIK FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE AND FALCON ARROW!!! 1...2...NO!! Rollins taunts Rey. Dominik rolls Rollins up for a near fall. STOMP BY ROLLINS ON DOMINIK!! ANOTHER STOMP BY ROLLINS!!! IT'S OVER @ 11:56!! Rollins stares down the Mysterio family. Rollins grabs the kendo stick and walks out of the cage. Rollins confronts Murphy while Rey checks on Dominik. Rollins puts the kendo stick down but THEN BEATS THE HELL OUT OF MURPHY!! SLAMMING THE CAGE DOOR IN HIS FACE!! Rollins stares down Angie and tells her that I hope their daughter turns out better than Dominik! Rey calls for medical attention for Dominik. MVP is questioning Rey's wisdom.

Shane welcomes us to Raw Underground. Dolph Ziggler is beating down some guy and knocks him out with an elbow. Riddick Moss wants a piece of Ziggler now. They battle back and forth until Moss takes him down. They wrestle on the mat and Ziggler gets the upper hand. Strikes by both men. STROWMAN COMES IN AND CLEANS HOUSE!! Strowman wants to know who wants some and no one is volunteering haha. Can you blame them??

Connor's Cure video package.

Charly Caruso is with Drew McIntyre. He is asked about Keith Lee's comments. McIntyre says he walked around last week but didn't get in the ring until Orton hit Lee with a RKO. He's not saying Lee wouldn't of kicked out but...HERE IS KEITH LEE!! Lee brings up that the only match that McIntyre hasn't interfered in, he beat Orton! McIntyre warns Lee and THEY START BRAWLING!! LEE SENDS MCINTYRE INTO A STORAGE CASE!! Officials show up to break them up.

Back to Raw Underground, Titus O'Neil wants into the party. Strowman is still destroying people. STROWMAN DESTROYS MOSS!! O'NEIL GETS IN AND TAKES DOWN STROWMAN! It doesn't last as STROWMAN PUMMELS HIM! Shane gets in to pull him off.

Kevin Owens vs. Aleister Black

I guess this isn't in Raw Underground. They made it sound like it was again. BLACK ATTACKS OWENS BEFORE THE MATCH STARTS! We go to a commercial.

We're back and the match started during the break. Owens is in control now and hits a senton, Owens takes Black to the corner and then goes for a super kick but Black catches his leg. Black targets the knee of Owens now. Owens fights back with kicks. Black charges Owens in the corner but Owens back drops Black to the outside. Black takes advantage of the injured leg and works over the leg on the apron. Black continues to work on the leg in the corner. Owens tries to fight back but Black locks in a knee bar. Owens makes it to the ropes. Black continues to stomp Owens. The ref backs Black up and then Black walks into a super kick by Owens!! OWENS LEG GIVES OUT ON HIM! BLACK SETS UP FOR BLACK MASS AND THE LIGHTS FLICKER!! OWENS HITS A STUNNER FOR THE WIN @ 4:43!! Owens rolls out of the ring holding his knee. MVP complains about the lights flickering. Cole tells him that he thought the Hurt Business was going to do something about it.

McIntyre is taping up backstage and Lee is here to brawl some more. Pearce breaks it up and tells them to save it for the ring or he'll cancel the match right now.

The Riott Squad vs. Natalya & Lana

WWE Women's Tag Team champs, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, are on commentary. Nia tells Byron to stop looking at her or she'll call security. The match starts with Liv and Natalya. Natalya attacks in the early going as Natalya and Lana isolate Liv in their corner. Lana gets a near fall early on. Liv fights back and is able to tag Ruby. The Riott Squad hit a nice double team that ends with RUBY HITTING THE RIOTT KICK ON LANA FOR THE WIN @ 1:14! The champs get in the ring after the match and destroy Natalya and Lana to prove a point as the Riott Squad heads up the ramp. NIA SAMOAN DROPS LANA THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE!! I'm good with that!

Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre are each walking backstage pissed off. Main event is next!

Braun Strowman continues to kick ass in Raw Underground. Riddick Moss wants some more. So does Dolph Ziggler. They try to double team Strowman but he kicks their asses! DABBA-KATO STEPS IN THE RING NOW! Shane McMahon calls it off and says next week!!

Non-Title Match

If Keith Lee wins, he gets title shot at Clash of Champions if Orton can't compete

Drew McIntyre (WWE champ) vs. Keith Lee

Commentary says the match at Clash of Champions is an ambulance match whether McIntyre's opponent is Keith Lee or Randy Orton. The bell rings and Lee powers McIntyre into the corner. McIntyre fights back but Lee hits him in the jaw. LEE HITS A POUNCE SENDING MCINTYRE TO THE OUTSIDE AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

We're back and Lee is beating on McIntyre in the ring. McIntyre fires back with some chops as they trade strikes. McIntyre takes Lee down with a clothesline but then tries to lift Lee unsuccessfully. McIntyre hits a head butt and then a throw from the corner! Impressive! McIntyre goes to the top and takes Lee down with a clothesline from the top. McIntyre kips up! McIntyre goes for the Future Shock DDT but Lee avoids. McIntyre plants Lee with a spine buster! 1...2...NO!! Lee blocks a suplex and hits a big double chop. Big clothesline by Lee! 1...2...NO! McIntyre hits a jaw breaker. Ironic there. McIntyre goes to the top but Lee cuts him off. Both men battle on the turnbuckle. LEE SUPERPLEXES MCINTYRE!! 1...2...NO!! MCINTYRE GOES FOR CLAYMORE BUT NO. LEE LOOKS FOR A SPIRIT BOMB BUT MCINTYRE AVOIDS IT. Both men hit a cross body simultaneously!! RETRIBUTION IS HERE!! THEY SURROUND LEE AND MCINTYRE!! RETRIBUTION ATTACKS THEM BOTH ENDING THE MATCH AT 10:05!! HEAVY CROWD BOOS!! LEE AND MCINTYRE GETS DESTROYED!! HERE COMES THE HURT BUSINESS!!! THE HURT BUSINESS AND RETRIBUTION BRAWL AT RINGSIDE!!! LEE AND MCINTYRE DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE TO TAKE OUT EVERYONE!! MCINTYRE AND LEE STAND TALL TO END THE SHOW!!

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