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Raw 9/7/2020: Lee vs. Orton; Dominik vs. Murphy in a Street Fight; New Member of Hurt Business!!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Dominik Mysterio vs. Murphy

  • Raw Underground: Aleister Black vs. Kevin Owens

  • Payback Rematch: Keith Lee vs. Randy Orton

We're back in the ThunderDome and kicking off the Labor Day edition of Raw with Randy Orton!! Michael Cole is filling in for Tom Phillips on commentary this week. Commentary hypes Orton's match at Clash of Champions with Drew McIntyre if McIntyre is cleared. Orton talks about earning a rematch last week. Orton finds himself on Raw facing Lee again even though he beat him last week. Orton says Lee is bound to get kicked in the head if they keep crossing paths. Orton now talks about his match against McIntyre if McIntyre is cleared. Orton says McIntyre may not make it to Clash because Orton kicked him in the head and broke his jaw. We see highlights of it. Orton expects McIntyre to hand him the championship if he is unable to defend. WE SEE AN AMBULANCE DRIVE INTO THE ARENA!! IT'S MCINTYRE!! CLAYMORE TO ORTON!! McIntyre attacks Orton! Referees check on Orton as McIntyre leaves.

We see the Hurt Business arriving to the building earlier tonight. They confront a janitor who supposedly said something about Shelton Benjamin's mother. Benjamin beats up the janitor.

Drew McIntyre walks backstage when he is confronted by Adam Pearce. McIntyre guarantees he will be at Clash of Champions. Pearce says he isn't cleared so McIntyre needs to leave the premises.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Apollo Crews, Ricochet, & Cedric Alexander vs. The Hurt Business (Bobby Lashley is WWE United States champ)

Cedric Alexander is attacked by the Hurt Business during his entrance!! Crews and Ricochet make the save. Crews starts with Lashley when it officially begins and Crews immediately goes on the offense. Benjamin hits Crews with a kick to stop his momentum and the Hurt Business takes over on Crews. Crews is beat down in the corner by all three men. MVP makes a cover but Ricochet breaks it up. MVP hits a nice german suplex on Crews and tags Lashley back in. Lashley continues to wear down Crews. Benjamin comes back in and he knocks Alexander off the apron but that allows Crews to hit Benjamin with an enziguri!! CREWS GOES TO TAG RICOCHET BUT ALEXANDER ATTACKS RICOCHET!!! ALEXANDER HITS THE LUMBAR CHECK ON CREWS!! BOOS FROM THE CROWD!! MVP IS PUMPED AND CELEBRATING!! BENJAMIN HITS PAYDIRT ON CREWS FOR THE WIN @ 4:29!! Samoa Joe says Alexander has finally done the right thing. Alexander looks at the Hurt Business, smiles, and nods his head. What's with people turning on their partners this week?

Non-Title Match

The Street Profits (WWE Raw Tag Team champs) vs. Angel Garza & Andrade w/ Zelina Vega

Commentary talks about how Retribution interrupted the match last week. Andrade and Zelina walked right past Garza during their entrances. Andrade seems pissed at Garza before we even start and they argue on the outside. Garza and Ford start. Neither man gets an advantage early and Garza gives Andrade a hard tag. Andrade takes offense. Dawkins comes in as well and hits a nice drop kick on Andrade. Now Garza argues with Zelina on the outside which has Andrade distracted. DAWKINS HITS A CASH OUT ON ANDRADE!! GARZA STARTS LEAVING RINGSIDE!! SPLASH BY FORD AND IT'S OVER @ 1:58!! Garza smiles while walking back up the ramp and Zelina is pissed as the Profits celebrate. Again, a partner hanging the other out to dry. Something must be in the water in WWE.

WWE SMACKDOWN TAG TEAM CHAMPS, CESARO AND SHINSUKE NAKAMURA, ARE HERE!! Nakamura picks up a red solo cup on the ramp and looks at it while they stare down the Profits.

Back from a commercial, Cesaro and Nakamura confront the Profits in the ring. Cesaro and Nakamura run down the Profits for rarely defending their titles. Thanks to the brand invitational. Cesaro wants to challenge them to a champions vs. champions next week. Nakamura wants the smoke!! The Profits make fun of them and say Cesaro should be checked for the STDs because he's had so many partners. The Profits accept the challenge because they want the smoke!!

R-Truth is backstage and says how he almost lost his 24/7 Championship on the golf course. Truth is sitting down ordering food when Akira Tozawa, his ninjas, and a referee show up. TRUTH ESCAPES!

Now that they've split, Peyton Royce will face Billie Kay next!

Peyton Royce vs. Billie Kay

It's kind of soon to pull the trigger on this match in my opinion but here we go. They lock up and Peyton takes down Billie before they have a stand off. They trade slaps. No one has an advantage yet. Peyton hits a big spin kick for a near fall. Peyton delivers knees to Billie Kay's back before working a chin lock. Billie escapes and takes Peyton to the corner. Billie fights back and gets a roll up for a near fall. PEYTON HITS A KICK FOLLOWED BY A NICE NECK BREAKER (DEJA VU I BELIEVE) AND THAT'S ENOUGH TO DO IT @ 2:42!! After the match, Peyton helps Billie to her feet and hugs her! Too quick to mean much but it appears Peyton is going to be the one getting pushed.

Commentary talks about Dominik Mysterio vs. Murphy later tonight. Murphy is referred to as a FORMER DISCIPLE of Seth Rollins. We see highlights of the tag match at Payback followed by Rollins yelling at Murphy last week, Then also highlights of Dominik vs. Rollins from last week.

The entire Mysterio family will join us next for an interview.

Highlights of Orton and McIntyre segment from earlier tonight.

Charly Caruso is in the ring and welcomes the Mysterio family complete with Angie and Aliyah also. Charly welcomes them and she asks Rey about his recovery for his triceps. Rey doesn't have an exact time table yet but he can't wait to put an end to Rollins. Charly asks Rey if he gave him advice for Murphy tonight. Rey is confident in Dominik. Charly asks Dominik what he needs to do to represent his family. MURPHY INTERRUPTS ON THE TRON! Murphy blames Dominik for Rollins turning on him! Rey says it isn't their fault that he pledged to Rollins. Murphy says the ultimate sacrifice will be to end Dominik's career before it starts. MURPHY CHALLENGES DOMINIK TO A STREET FIGHT! DOMINIK ACCEPTS! Murphy tells Dominik to bring his family to ringside because it'll be his last match. Dominik tells Murphy that if he touches his family, it'll be the last breath he takes.

There will be two 2-on-1 handicap matches tonight. Shayna Baszler will face the Riott Squad and then Nia Jax will face the Riott Squad. Adam Pearce talks to the champs backstage about it and then he sees Drew McIntyre. McIntyre says he forgot his phone but promises he's leaving.

Asuka (WWE Raw Women's champ) & Mickie James vs. Natalya & Lana

Asuka will defend her title against Mickie James next week! Mickie and Asuka over who will start. It'll be Mickie and Natalya. Commentary says Natalya is going through a mid career crisis with her relationship to Lana. Neither Mickie or Natalya really got an advantage so Lana and Asuka come in. Lana avoids a hip attack from Asuka and Mickie tags herself in. Natalya comes in and hits a basement kick to Mickie. Lana tags and they double team Mickie in the corner. Natalya is back in and she continues the beat down on Mickie. Mickie rolls up Natalya for a near fall. Lana tags back in as they keep isolating Mickie. Lana sends Mickie face first into the mat but Asuka breaks up the cover. Asuka and Natalya fight to the outside. Mickie hits a neck breaker on Lana and looks for a tag but Asuka isn't there. MICKIE GOES TO THE TOP BUT ASUKA TAGS HERSELF IN AND LOCKS IN THE ASUKA LOCK ON LANA!! MICKIE PULLS NATALYA THE OUTSIDE TO STOP HER FROM INTERFERING! LANA TAPS TO ASUKA @ 4:51!! Mickie and Asuka stare each other down.

Cedric Alexander will be on the VIP Lounge tonight. We see highlights of him turning on Apollo Crews and Ricochet.

The Hurt Business is backstage with Cedric Alexander. MVP asks if Alexander is ready to make it official. Alexander says hell yes. MVP and Lashley walk off. Benjamin tells Alexander that he better be serious about joining or he will find out why they're called the Hurt Business. It's up next!

The Hurt Business is out now including Cedric Alexander for the VIP Lounge. MVP welcomes us and says this is a special edition. MVP says Cedric has made a career changing decision. He introduces Cedric as the newest member of the Hurt Business. Cedric holds up one of their t-shirts. MVP asks what made him change his mind. Benjamin wants to know too. Cedric says he wants to learn and earn. Cedric says it's hard to be partners with Ricochet when he calls himself the one and only. As for Apollo Crews, Cedric was tired of sacrificing himself for Apollo's championship opportunities. THE VIKING RAIDERS ARE HERE!! SO ARE RICOCHET AND APOLLO!! WE GOT A BIG BRAWL!! The Raiders, Ricochet, and Crews stand tall as we go to a commercial.

Eight Man Tag Team Match

The Hurt Business vs. The Viking Raiders, Ricochet, & Apollo Crews

Ricochet and Benjamin start. Benjamin takes control and gets an early near fall after a suplex. Apollo in now and hits a standing moonsault and a splash to Benjamin. Benjamin takes him down and backs him into the corner where he tags MVP. Crews tags Ivar and he works over MVP in his corner. Erik in now and hits a big knee to MVP's face. Raiders double team MVP and Ivar gets a near fall after a splash. Crews comes back in but he gets isolated in the Hurt Business corner. Crews avoids a Dominator by Lashley and tags Erik. Big knee to Lashley and Benjamin tags himself in. Benjamin hits a series of power slams on Erik followed by a suplex. Near fall. Benjamin delivers a running knee in the corner to Erik. Lashley comes in to deliver a shoulder to Erik followed by MVP coming in to deliver a big boot to Erik! 1...2...NO!! Cedric tags in for the first time to a chorus of boos!! He continues the beat down on Erik before tagging Benjamin. Erik hits Benjamin with a big knee and both men are down. MVP and Ricochet both tag in. Ricochet picks up the pace and takes out all members of the Hurt Business. Moonsault to MVP but Cedric breaks up the cover!! Ricochet goes after Cedric but MVP takes out Ricochet from behind. SPRINGBOARD KICK BY CEDRIC TO RICOCHET!! 1...2...NO!! Ricochet blocks the Lumbar Check and they trade blows! Nice full nelson slam by Ricochet! EVERYTHING BREAKS DOWN AS EVERYONE COMES IN!! BIG BRAWL!! IVAR TAKES OUT EVERYONE OUTSIDE WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!! CEDRIC AVOIDS THE 630 RICOCHET!! CEDRIC HITS RICOCHET WITH A MICHINOKU DRIVER FOR THE WIN @ 10:13!! Kind of a shady pin. It appears Ricochet kicked out at 2! The Hurt Business celebrates.

Drew McIntyre is walking and texting someone backstage. Charly Caruso stops him and asks what he is still doing here. He says believe it or not, he grabbed the wrong phone and can't find the exit haha. He says don't worry, he'll find it.

Connor's Cure video for pediatric cancer.

Commentary talks about what's going on with Aleister Black and Kevin Owens. Highlights are shown.

Backstage, Shane McMahon is getting pumped up for Raw Underground. In walks Kevin Owens. Shane welcomes him. Owens says "I wish I could say it was nice to see you but you're still a jackass!" Owens walks in.

Another highlight of McIntyre returning earlier in the ambulance. How many times do they need to show this? We've seen it like four times now.

Randy Orton vs. Keith Lee

Guarantee that McIntyre interferes here. Orton bails early and complains about his jaw. Orton gets back in and Lee wants a test of strength. Orton bails out of the ring again! Lee lifts Orton but the ear onto the apron but Orton hangs him across the top rope. Orton gets back in the ring but Lee was ready for him. Orton thumbs Lee in the eye and takes advantage in the corner now. ORTON TRIES A RKO BUT LEE DOESN'T GO DOWN!! Lee overpowers Orton and Orton goes to the outside again. Lee follows and charges Orton but Orton side steps him and Lee goes into the barricade. Lee beats the count back in. Orton stomps the limbs! Orton goes to a chin lock to wear down Lee. Orton applies a body scissors to Lee to try to wear him down. Lee fights back to his feet with Orton on his back. LEE AVOIDS ANOTHER RKO BY PUSHING ORTON AWAY!! Lee splashes Orton in the corner and hits a big power slam! 1...2...NO!! LEE GOES FOR A SPIRIT BOMB BUT ORTON SLIDES DOWN HIS BACK AND HITS A RKO!!! MCINTYRE IS HERE AND HITS A CLAYMORE ON ORTON TO FORCE A DQ @ 6:19!! I called that. This was easily the best thing on the show so far. Adam Pearce confronts McIntyre on the ramp and asks what else he forgot and reminds McIntyre that he's not cleared to compete. Officials check on Orton.

Time for Raw Underground!! Aleister Black destroys some random guy as a warm up I guess. Black doesn't have his eye covered. Kevin Owens is here now and he tackles Black!! They trade strikes before Owens takes him down with a spine buster. They roll out of the ring and keep fighting. Owens sends Black into the apron and then back body drops him on the floor. Shane says we will be right back with more!

Commercial hypes Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole for the NXT Championship tomorrow night!!

Adam Pearce talks with Randy Orton backstage. Pearce apologizes to Orton for what happened. Pearce says he walked McIntyre out of the building personally. Orton says Pearce's word means nothing.

2-0n-1 Handicap Match

Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team champ) w/ Nia Jax (WWE Women's Tag Team champ) vs. The Riott Squad

Baszler and Ruby start. Baszler tries some mat work early and goes after an arm. Baszler looks for a chicken wing and Nia is outside claiming she could do it too. Ruby tags Liv but Baszler knocks Liv off the apron. The numbers game catches up to Baszler and Liv gets back in. Baszler slams Liv face first into the mat. Nia tells Shayna she has seen better, LIV ROLLS SHAYNA UP AND BEATS HER @ 2:31!! The Riott Squad celebrates while Shayna and Nia have words. We go to a commercial.

Back to Raw Underground where Owens and Black are still going at it in the ring. You can't tell me they've been fighting this whole time. Black looks for a triangle but Owens is able to get out of the ring and sends Black into the wall. Owens and Black start beating other people's asses. We head back to the ring for the other handicap match now.

2-0n-1 Handicap Match

Nia Jax (WWE Women's Tag Team champ) w/ Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team champ) vs. The Riott Squad

Nia starts with Ruby. Nia overpowers Ruby early on but misses a splash in the corner allowing Ruby to tag Liv. Liv goes for a knee. Liv and Ruby double team Nia in the corner. Shayna asks Nia what's going on. Ruby hits a cross body in the corner for a near fall. Nia takes out Ruby with a big clothesline for a near fall. Nia locks in a submission but Ruby escapes with a jaw breaker. Nia knocks her back down though. Nia tries to stomp Ruby's arm Shayna styles but Ruby avoids it. Nia looks for a Samoan drop but Liv tags in and the lights start flickering!! Liv covers Nia and the lights go out!! I guess the match is over around 3:20. WE SEE THE WORD RETRIBUTION ON THE TRON!!! THEY ARE ON THE TRON AND ACTUALLY TALK!! TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE DO THE TALKING. THEY CLAIMS THE THUNDERDOME IS A FACADE AND THE WWE LEFT THEM TO SURVIVE IN AN UNFAIR WORLD. THEY'VE BEEN LEFT NOTHING BUT SCRAPS AND THEY WILL DESTROY EVERY SUPERSTAR AND WWE FAN. THEY CLAIM THE DARKNESS OF RETRIBUTION WILL SEEP INTO THE PORES OF THE WWE SUPERSTARS AND WWE UNIVERSE.

Commentary talks about Retribution.

The Mysterio family is interviewed backstage about Murphy's comments. Rey says they will be in Dominik's corner and if Murphy tries anything, he will be handled.

Back to Raw Underground for more Owens vs. Black. Owens takes him down and Black goes for the arm. Owens double stomps him! Owens hits him with a head butt but Black nails Owens with a kick. They fight outside the ring. DABBA-KATO STARTS DESTROYING BOTH MEN!!

Randy Orton has his bag packed and is holding jaw while trying to leave. Charly Caruso tries to interview him but MCINTYRE ATTACKS ORTON AGAIN!! MCINTYRE THROWS ORTON IN A RING BACKSTAGE. CLAYMORE AGAIN!! THE THIRD ONE OF THE NIGHT!! I guess it's three punts for three Claymores! I'll tell you, McIntyre isn't acting like a man with a broken jaw. Just saying.

Commentary gives us highlights of the whole McIntyre/Orton saga from tonight. Orton is getting stretchered into an ambulance.

Street Fight

Dominik Mysterio w/ The Mysterio Family vs. Murphy

The entire Mysterio family comes to the ring with kendo sticks. Dominik & Rey wait for Murphy in the ring. Murphy goes right after Dominik and attacks! They fight to the outside where Murphy sends Dominik right over the announcer's table. Murphy stalks the Mysterio family now and Dominik fights back. Dominik throws Murphy across the table now and into the barricade. They fight up the ramp now and over in the crowd area. DOMINIK CLIMBS TO THE TOP OF THE SCREENS AND HITS A CROSS BODY ON MURPHY AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!!

We're back and Dominik is beating on Murphy on the ramp. Dominik sends Murphy into the tron. Murphy fights back and throws Dominik to the ground and Dominik's head bounces off the ramp!! Murphy takes control now. Murphy drags Dominik over to the steps but Dominik fights back. Murphy drops Dominik across the barricade with a front face suplex. Murphy eyes Rey who still has a kendo stick protecting Angie and Aliyah. Murphy brings Dominik back over the barricade the hard way and back into the ring. Murphy grabs a chair and Dominik rolls back out of the ring. Murphy goes to the outside and hits Dominik with the chair!! Back in the ring, Murphy covers Dominik. 1..2...NO!! Murphy locks in an abdominal stretch. Dominik tries to reverse into one of his own but Murphy blocks it. Dominik is able to escape and sends Murphy to the outside. Murphy is quickly back in and sends Dominik shoulder first into the ring post three times! Murphy ties Dominik up in the ropes!! Murphy gets a kendo stick and charges but Dominik kicks him in the face. Rey steals the kendo stick! Angie and Aliyah free Dominik!! DOMINIK DOES SUNSET FLIP BOMB TO MURPHY ON THE OUTSIDE THROUGH A TABLE!! Back in the ring, FROG SPLASH BY DOMINIK!! 1...2...NO!!! DOMINIK TIES MURPHY UP IN THE ROPES!! DOMINIK AND REY TAKE TURNS HITTING MURPHY WITH THE KENDO STICK!! REY LOOKS INTO THE CAMERA AND TELLS ROLLINS HE HOPES HE IS WATCHING!! Dominik removes Murphy's shirt. ANGIE AND ALIYAH GET IN THE RING!! THEY HIT MURPHY WITH A KENDO STICK AS WELL!! MURPHY QUITS AND THE MATCH IS AWARDED TO DOMINIK @ 14:12!! THE WHOLE MYSTERIO CONTINUE TO BEAT MURPHY LIKE A PINATA!! End Show.

Next Week:

  • Champions vs. Champions: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Smackdown Tag Team champs) vs. The Street Profits (WWE Raw Tag Team champs)

  • WWE Raw Women's Championship Match: Mickie James vs. Asuka (champ)

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