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Raw 9/28/2020: McIntyre Defends Championship Against Returning Superstar!!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's show:

  • Drew McIntyre and legends will kick off the show

  • Kevin Owens and Aleister Black renew their rivalry

  • WWE Raw Women's Championship Match: Zelina Vega vs. Asuka (champ)

  • The Mysterio family appears on "The King's Court"

We're in the ThunderDome for the fallout of Clash of Champions. We kick off the show with WOOOOO!!! HERE COMES RIC FLAIR!!! BIG SHOW IS OUT NEXT!! This is apparently a celebration for WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. CHRISTIAN COMES OUT NEXT FOLLOWED BY SHAWN MICHAELS!! We see highlights of last night's ambulance match. Michaels has the mic and welcomes us to Raw. He introduces Drew McIntyre. MCINTYRE DOES A FLAIR STRUT DOWN THE RAMP!! HAHA GREAT STUFF!! All of the legends shake hands with and hug McIntyre. McIntyre gets a mic and says this is pretty cool. McIntyre says he has known these guys a long time. He travelled with Christian and Big Show. McIntyre calls Big Show a big brother. McIntyre calls Michaels a mentor especially during his NXT time. McIntyre loves Flair's stories. McIntyre talks about joining the roster and not believing he was on the same roster as Ric freaking Flair. McIntyre talks about last night and how he's still the champ. Michaels say they collectively came out to thank McIntyre for whooping Orton's ass. Michaels says they came back last night for payback. Michaels hopes McIntyre isn't upset they interfered. If he is, then it's Flair's fault. RANDY ORTON INTERRUPTS ON THE TRON!! He tells McIntyre this moment won't last and it's not over until Orton says it is. Orton says he's not done with McIntyre until Orton is champ. Orton hints that they will go to hell. Possibly face at Hell in a Cell??? Orton says there is a price to be paid for crossing the legend killer. Orton grabs his bags and leaves the building. McIntyre says he is putting his title on the line tonight in an open challenge. He'll defend against anyone he hasn't already faced for the title. McIntyre begs someone to step up tonight!!

Highlights of Asuka vs. Zelina Vega last night.

Kayla Braxton interviews Zelina backstage and asks her about being a poor sport last night. Zelina says she's ready for Asuka but Asuka isn't ready for her. ASUKA INTERRUPTS AND SAYS SHE WILL BEAT ZELINA AGAIN. The match is next!

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match

Zelina Vega vs. Asuka (champ)

Zelina goes on the attack right away. They roll around the mat and Asuka goes for an arm bar but Zelina gets to the ropes. Zelina targets Asuka's arm just like last night. Zelina locks Asuka in a grounded octopus stretch. Asuka turns it into a pin for a near fall. They fight to the outside where Zelina dives but Asuka catches her with a punch as we go to a commercial.

We're back and Zelina delivers a series of kicks to Asuka in the ring. Zelina slaps Asuka which pisses her off. Asuka goes crazy on Zelina and hits a big knee strike!! HIP ATTACK BY ASUKA FOLLOWED BY A RELEASE GERMAN!! Asuka connects with a kick to the face and gets a near fall. Zelina goes back to working on Asuka's arm. Asuka fights back and hits a vertical suplex. The damage is done as Asuka holds the arm. Kicks by Asuka to Zelina. Zelina avoids the Asuka lock and gets to the ropes. BACK STABBER BY ZELINA!! 1...2...ASUKA GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPE!! Zelina stomps Asuka. ZELINA GOES TO THE TOP AND TRIES A MOONSAULT BUT ASUKA GETS HER KNEES UP!! ASUKA LOCKS ZELINA IN THE ASUKA LOCK!! ZELINA TAPS @ 8:43!! Solid match again with Zelina holds her own much like at Clash of Champions.

Ric Flair, Big Show, Christian, and Shawn Michaels are backstage playing a poker game!

ANDRADE is out to confront Zelina!! Andrade says Zelina is nothing without him because Asuka beat her twice. Andrade says Garza got hurt last night. Andrade claims he is the greatest in WWE. He asks who wants to face him? HERE COMES KEITH LEE!!

Andrade vs. Keith Lee

Lee over powers Andrade early on and takes down Andrade. Lee continues to over power Andrade. Lee charges the corner but Andrade avoids it and sends Lee into the turnbuckle. Andrade briefly has control. They run the ropes and Lee takes out Andrade with a cross body!! Lee squashes Andrade in the corner with a splash twice. Andrade comes back with a drop kick to the knee. Andrade beats on Lee in the corner. Andrade comes off the top but Lee catches him! Andrade targets the knee of Lee. DOUBLE KNEES IN THE CORNER BY ANDRADE ON LEE!! Andrade picks Lee up and looks for the Hammerlock DDT but LEE COUNTERS AND HITS A SPIRIT BOMB!! THAT WILL DO IT @ 2:52!! This could of been really good but was more like an extended squash.

We see earlier today where MVP and Shelton Benjamin are eating lunch. Some random guy sits in Bobby Lashley's seat. Lashley confronts the guy. The guy gets up and leaves. The Hurt Business laughs and eats the guys food.

Commentary hypes NXT Takeover 31. It takes place this Sunday, October 4th.

Commentary talks about the 24/7 Championship. We get highlights of Akira Tozawa getting eaten by a shark last week. Earlier today, R-Truth played chess with Little Jimmy. A ninja comes and brings R-Truth a piece of paper. There's a Japanese and English version. "If you're reading this than I was eaten by a shark." He is presented with Tozawa's black belt. IT WAS A SETUP AS TOZAWA ROLLS UP TRUTH TO WIN THE TITLE!! THE NINJAS THEN HITS TOZAWA WITH A BRIEFCASE AND WINS THE TITLE!! THE NINJA WAS DREW GULAK!! THEN R-TRUTH WINS IT BACK FROM GULAK WITH A ROLL UP!! All three men will compete in a triple threat match tonight for the 24/7 Championship!

Highlights of last week when Seth Rollins told Rey Mysterio that Aalyah wasn't his daughter and Aalyah getting upset. Rollins finds Murphy backstage and hugs him. Rollins asks Murphy what's wrong. Rollins says it's a huge night because the Mysterio family is on "The King's Court". Rollins asks Murphy why he's wearing his gear because he doesn't have a match. Rollins tells Murphy to go put on the suit he got him. MURPHY LEAVES HIS CELL PHONE. ROLLINS PICKS IT UP AND PUTS IT IN HIS JACKET!

A video package hypes the 2020 WWE Draft! It begins on Friday October 9th Smackdown and continues on Monday October 12th Raw.

Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomes us to The King's Court. He says Rollins has been playing mind games with the Mysterio family and then he introduces the Mysterio family. King thanks them for joining and asks Rey his comments on last week. Rey says Rollins is trying to disrupt his family. Rey says it's obvious Dominik and Aalyah are his kids. Rey calls Rollins evil for fabricating those lies. Dominik says this has gone too far for too long. King claims he understands the frustrations. King brings up Aalyah being upset and being approached by Murphy. King asks Aalyah how she's feeling. She says she is still a little upset and and she doesn't know why Murphy approached him. She didn't go looking for Murphy. Aalyah says no one should associate with Rollins because he is a terrible person. ROLLINS IS ON THE TRON! He has something important to say. He says one of them isn't being honest with the family. Rollins claims Aalyah isn't telling the truth about Murphy. Rollins says why would you believe him? Rollins says you don't have to believe him and then he shows a screen shot of a text conversation between Aalyah and Murphy!! Aalyah gets upset and walks out on the family!! Murphy confronts Rollins backstage. Rollins asks Murphy if he's hiding things. DOMINIK ATTACKS MURPHY BACKSTAGE!! Officials have to pull Dominik off of Murphy.

Natalya and Lana make there way to the ring. We will hear from them next.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Murphy is official for later tonight.

Natalya and Lana are in the ring. Natalya claims they will stay out here all night until Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are stripped of the tag team titles. Natalya and Lana claim the tag titles were made for them. ADAM PEARCE IS OUT NOW! Nia Jax and Natalya won't be stripped but he'll give them match,

Natalya & Lana vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

They claim Brooke is an early draft pick. Lazy booking if you ask me. Brooke and Natalya start. Brooke gets the early advantage and hits a hand spring elbow in the corner on Natalya. Early near fall for Brooke. Lana makes a blind tag and takes advantage on Brooke. Quick tags by Natalya and Lana as they beat on Brooke in the corner. Double team by Natalya and Lana leading to Lana getting a near fall. Lana remains in control and takes a cheap shot at Mandy. Dana hits a kick on Lana before tagging Mandy. Mandy takes out both Natalya and Lana before hitting a wicked possibly botched suplex on Lana. Near fall off that for Mandy. MANDY HITS A PUMP KICK ON LANA TO PICK UP THE WIN @ 3:08!! I can't say anything of that was very good but I guess they're trying to build more women's tag teams.

Commentary talks about Kevin Owens and Aleister Black's issues. Backstage, Aleister Black talks about KO claiming to be a good man. Black says KO has a knack for betraying people. Black wants to know if KO has talked to his son about KO's betrayals. Black takes off his eye cover and he clearly has a colored contact in his right eye. He will never forgive KO.

The legends poker game is still going on. THE STREET PROFITS JOIN THE GAME!!

Kevin Owens vs. Aleister Black

New theme music of Black. KO goes on the attack right away. They brawl on the outside. Back in the ring, Black sends KO into the corner and takes control. KO turns the tide backing Black into the corner for a moment. Black delivers a couple kicks until KO sends him hard into the corner. KO talks trash and both men trade strikes. Black chokes KO across the middle rope. Black beats on KO in the corner but eats an elbow from KO. More strikes by both men. KO rolls Black for a near fall. KO takes Black down with a hard clothesline and follows with a senton. KO suplexes Black and Black rolls out of the ring. KO FLIPS OFF THE APRON ONTO BLACK ON THE FLOOR AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

We're back and KO gets a near fall in the ring. KO had just spiked Black with a DDT as we we're coming back, Black targets KO's knee and takes him down. KO kicks out of a cover at one and pie faces Black haha. Black delivers kicks to KO backing him into the corner. Black knees KO in the face. Black argues with the ref allowing KO to fight back. Black hits running kick to the chest for a near fall. Black grounds KO with a front face lock but KO fights back to his feet. Black lands a kick to the back of KO's neck! Near fall. Black tries a pump kick but KO side steps it and hits a super kick of his own!! KO mounts Black and delivers punches. KO goes to the top turnbuckle but Black cuts him off. KO knocks Black off. KO TRIES A SWANTON BUT BLACK GETS HITS KNEES UP!! PUMP KNEE STRIKE BY BLACK!! Black gets three near falls as KO keeps kicking out! Black stomps KO! The ref pulls Black off KO. They trade strikes and BLACK ELBOWS THE REF!! THE REF CALLS FOR A DQ @ 13:19!! KO WINS VIA DQ! Black argues with the ref saying he didn't realize he hit him. KO STUNS BLACK AFTER THE MATCH!! A hard hitting match but the finish was stupid. KO says "I'll keep fighting. You keep being a bitch!"

The Hurt Business walks backstage and runs into Mustafa Ali. Ali gets decked but Ricochet and Apollo Crews come to his aide. They all claim this isn't over.

Triple Threat Match for the 24/7 Championship

Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa vs. R-Truth (champ)

Gulak and Tozawa attack Truth right away and beat him down in the corner. Tozawa goes for a cover but Gulak breaks it up. Gulak tries to win but Tozawa returns the favor. Truth tries to cover both men but gets a near fall on both. Truth beats on Gulak in the corner. Tozawa attacks Truth from behind. Tozawa and Gulak team up again but it's short lived. Gulak and Tozawa lock Truth in a submission simultaneously. Both men continue to beat up Truth. Gulak turns on Tozawa and throws him out of the ring. GULAK LOCKS IN THE GULOCK!! TOZAWA GOES TO THE TOP AND HITS A SENTON ON GULAK AS TRUTH MOVES!! Truth sends Tozawa face first into the mat. TRUTH HITS AN AA TO GULAK ONTO TOZAWA!! TRUTH WINS @ 4:12!! Truth celebrates before grabbing the title and running.

Charly Caruso is backstage and likes when R-Truth is 24/7 Champion since he is her co-host on Raw Talk. Her guests are Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. Mandy claims Dana has always had her back and Dana says Mandy is an inspiration. They know the Riott Squad is next in line for the women's tag titles but they'll be watching closely.

Murphy vs. Dominik Mysterio

Dominik attacks Murphy right away in the corner. Murphy cuts him off but Dominik tackles him to the mat!! Dominik sends Murphy to the outside. Dominik throws Murphy into the barricade and then back in the ring. Dominik goes to the top but Murphy rolls out of the ring. Dominik goes out and sends Murphy face first into the announcer's table. Murphy sends Dominik across the table to stop his momentum. Murphy resets the count and goes back out to beat on him. Murphy misses a stomp on the apron and Dominik has the upper hand again. Dominik hits a cross body from the top but Murphy rolls through for a near fall. Dominik bounces Murphy's face off the turnbuckle. Dominik lays out Murphy with a punch and continues to pound on him with punches. Murphy catches Dominik with a pump knee strike. Murphy stomps Dominik now continually. Dominik is able to hit a jaw breaker but Murphy hits more kicks. Murphy misses a knee strike allowing DOMINIK TO SPIKE MURPHY WITH A TORNADO DDT!! Dominik stomps Murphy in the corner repeatedly. Murphy rolls outside. Dominik follows and sends Murphy into the apron and barricade. Dominik throws Murphy back in the ring and then reaches under the ring for a kendo stick. AALYAH COMES DOWN TO RINGSIDE AND BEGS DOMINIK NOT TO USE THE KENDO STICK!! DOMINIK IS DISTRACTED BY AALYAH AND MURPHY ROLLS UP DOMINIK FOR THE WIN @ 7:16!! DOMINIK IS PISSED AND HITS MURPHY WITH THE KENDO STICK MULTIPLE TIMES! Aalyah yells at Dominik to stop. Dominik argues with Aalyah and then says Rey was right for calling her naïve. AALYAH SLAPS DOMINIK BEFORE WALKING TO THE BACK!!

The Hurt Business is up next!

Dolph Ziggler talks to Adam Pearce about the open challenge for the WWE Championship. Pearce says Ziggler can't challenge and Ziggler claims he wasn't talking about himself. I'm think it will be a returning Robert Roode.

MVP has a mic before the match and says Apollo Crews keeps making dumb mistakes. Since Cedric Alexander lost last week to Crews, they sent him to Hurt Business boot camp. I'm personally thinking Cedric possibly has COVID since he wasn't on last night or tonight. MVP discusses Crews failures. MVP says the same results will happen tonight

Six Man Tag Team Match

The Hurt Business vs. Ricochet, Apollo Crews, & Mustafa Ali

All men brawl before the match even starts. IT'S COMPLETE CHAOS AND THEN THE LIGHTS FLICKER!! We go to a commerical.

Back from the break, the match has started and Benjamin is wearing down Crews. MVP tags and continues the beat down in the corner. MVP misses a kick. Lashley runs over to take out Ali and Ricochet to prevent a tag. Crews hits a German on Lashley! Crews takes down MVP with a cross body. Crews tags Ricochet and Benjamin tags in as well. Ricochet picks up the pace and hits a moonsault followed by a standing shooting star press!! Near fall for Ricochet!! Benjamin stops Ricochet with a vicious knee!! MVP tags back in and gets a near fall. MVP tries Playmaker but Ricochet avoids it and connects with a kick. Ricochet tags Ali who takes down MVP with a spring board. Ali is taking the fight to MVP. Ali sends MVP sternum first into the corner before hitting a neck breaker. 1...2...Lashley pulls Ali out of the ring. All men brawl now! Ali and MVP are still legal. Both men gets near fall roll ups. ALI HITS THE SATELLITE DDT BUT NOT SURE HE GOT ALL OF IT!! ALI FOLLOWS UP WITH THE 450 ON MVP FOR THE WIN @ 5:09!! Would of been better for the Hurt Business to get the win in my opinion. They have had the momentum and Ali hasn't been on Raw regularly.


Bianca Belair video where she's on the track and she destroys a bunch of guys in a race. Then she does it again but gives them a head start and still wins. Belair then wins the hurdles. This woman should be doing so much more. It's a shame really.

A Retribution promo video airs that shows highlights of everything they have done so far.

The open challenge for the WWE Championship is next!

Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring and introduces ROBERT ROODE!!

WWE Championship Match

Drew McIntyre (champ) vs. Robert Roode w/ Dolph Ziggler

Roode goes right after the left leg of McIntyre early. McIntyre fights him off but Roode rakes the injured back of McIntyre. Roode works on McIntyre in the corner continuing to target the leg. McIntyre turns the tide and lights up Roode with chops. McIntyre takes control and they fight to the outside. MCINTYRE PICKS UP ROODE AND DELIVERS A REVERSE ALABAMA SLAM SENDING ROODE INTO THE APRON AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!!

We're back and both men are on the top turnbuckle. McIntyre falls into the tree of woe. McIntyre lifts himself up and pulls Roode down to the mat. Ziggler pulls Roode out of the ring to save him. McIntyre pulls Ziggler into the ring but Roode chop blocks McIntyre from behind and continues to work on the leg. Roode goes to the outside and wraps McIntyre's leg around the ring post. Both legs around the ring post. Roode resets the count. Roode tries it again but McIntyre kicks him away. ROODE DROPS MCINTYRE KNEE FIRST ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Roode resets the count again. Back in the ring, Roode goes to the top and connects with a clothesline. Near fall for Roode. Roode locks in a figure four leg lock! McIntyre fights it and reverses the pressure. Roode gets to the ropes. GLASGOW KISS BY MCINTYRE!! McIntyre builds momentum! Multiple belly to belly throws by McIntyre. McIntyre tries to kip up but cant' allowing Roode to hit a spine buster for a near fall. McIntyre kicks Roode into the corner but Roode catches him with a boot. Roode avoids it at first but then MCINTYRE HITS THE FUTURE SHOCK DDT!! 1...2...NO!! MCINTYRE SETS UP FOR A CLAYMORE BUT ROODE MOVES! MCINTYRE CLAYMORES ZIGGLER!! ROODE HITS THE GLORIOUS DDT!! 1...2...NO!! ROODE SETS UP FOR ANOTHER BUT MCINTYRE AVOIDS IT AND DESTROYS ROODE WITH A CLAYMORE!! IT'S OVER @ 12:42!! McIntyre celebrates and we're taking backstage where someone in all black is pushing a janitor cart. THIS PERSON GRABS A CHAIR AND HEADS TO THE LEGENDS LOUNGE!! IT'S RANDY ORTON!! HE PUTS ON NIGHT VISION GOGGLES AND ENTERS THE ROOM AND TURNS OUT THE LIGHTS!! THE LIGHTS COME BACK ON AND ORTON HAS LAID THEM ALL OUT!! Orton leaves and covers his head with a hood as officials run in to check on the legends. End Show.

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