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Raw 9/21/2020: Three #1 Contenders Decided; Retribution has first match!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • #1 Contenders Triple Threat Tag Team Match - Winners face the Street Profits at Clash of Champions for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships: Dominik Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy vs. Andrade & Angel Garza

  • Raw Underground: Braun Strowman vs. Dabba-Kato

  • If Keith Lee wins, he'll face Drew McIntyre at Clash of Champions for the WWE Championship if Randy Orton is unable to compete: Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre (WWE champ)

The opening video for Raw gets hacked by RETRIBUTION!! THEY COME TO THE RING!! The girl with the blue hair who I think is Mia Yim talks about how WWE and superstars are motivated by money. They're done trying to get an imaginary brass ring. They are officially signed to the Raw roster. Then a bald man, I think Dominik Dijakovic, talks about how we will all pay for our sins because they are our judge, jury, and executioner!! HERE COMES THE HURT BUSINESS!! The Hurt Business gets in the ring and Retribution bails. MVP gets on the mic says they ain't so tough tonight. MVP and Lashley talks about them getting the opportunity to get hurt. More Retribution members show up and the Hurt Business is outnumbered. There's about a dozen of them and they take out the Hurt Business!! We go to a commercial.

The King and Tom Phillips are back on commentary. Joined by Byron Saxton.

Sara Schreiber is backstage with the Mysterio family. Rey says family is everything. Rey first made his mark as a tag team wrestler and now Dominik can follow in his foot steps.

Here come, the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits!

#1 Contenders Triple Threat Tag Team Match - Winners face the Street Profits at Clash of Champions for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

Andrade & Angel Garza vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy vs. Humberto Carrillo & Dominik Mysterio

The Street Profits are on commentary. Rollins chuckles on his way to the ring when he sees the red solo cups in the entry way haha. Murphy, Garza, and Carrillo start. THERE GO THE PANTS RIGHT AWAY!! Good chain wrestling by Murphy and Carrillo. Carrillo gets the upper hand and sends Murphy out of the ring with an arm drag. Then Andrade and Garza isolate Carrillo. Carrillo throws Andrade into the ropes and he botches his Tranquilo pose. Carrillo is back in and sends both Murphy and Andrade to the outside. Dominik tags and takes out Murphy on the outside with a splash and Carrillo dives out on Andrade. Near fall for Dominik back in the ring. Dominik and Andrade go at it now. Sunset Bomb by Dominik gets a near fall as Garza breaks it up. Murphy sends Garza into Dominik and both Garza and Dominik go to the outside. Andrade and Murphy in the ring now. Strikes by both men including a nice knee strike by Murphy. Both men down. Rollins just watches everything and doesn't seem interested in getting in. ROLLINS GRABS HIS JACKET AND LEAVES!! Rollins says he has better things to do. Murphy is all alone. Andrade takes out Murphy with a sick back elbow strike. GARZA TAGS IN AND TAKES OUT MURPHY WITH THE WING CLIPPER. THAT WINS IT @ 5:25!! Andrade and Garza will face the Street Profits at Clash of Champions! Dominik and Humberto really didn't do much here.

Highlights of Braun Strowman in Raw Underground last week. Strowman vs. Dabba-Kato later tonight. Shane McMahon talks to the security guard. Shane says he's going out for the KO Show next!

Retribution is backstage and says the Hurt Business could of been part of the solution but instead have become part of the problem. They claim the Hurt Business is only interested in taking WWE money to line their pockets and buy suits. They claim they will have a match soon against the Hurt Business.

Kevin Owens is here and welcomes us to the KO Show. He says he was attack on the last KO Show we had but it's time to move on tonight. He can't believe he has invited tonight's guest but it's Shane McMahon!! Here comes Shane! KO can't believe Shane is on the show. They talk about their history. KO says tonight is about what Shane does best which is promoting. He says Shane has a big match to promote tonight. Promote away! Shane talks about Dabba-Kato and Braun Strowman. Shane talks about KO being familiar with Raw Underground. SHANE BRINGS OUT DABBA-KATO!! KO says this is why he invited Shane because he knew Dabba-Kato wouldn't be far behind. KO doesn't care about Raw Underground tonight. He only cares about Raw Underground from a couple weeks ago when Dabba-Kato took him out. KO SLAPS DABBA-KATO!! KO CALLS OUT BRAUN STROWMAN!! HERE COMES STROWMAN!!! Shane tries to get them to calm down. Shane says it can only take place in Raw Underground. ALEISTER BLACK ATTACKS KO IN THE CORNER!! Black crotches KO using the ring post three times!!

Commentary talks about Retribution. Highlights of last week's Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee match where Retribution interfered.

Charly Caruso stops WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, backstage. he talks about Keith Lee and Lee wanting to be WWE Champion. He says they are going to fight next!

Backstage, Retribution beats the hell out of people including Humberto Carrillo.

The Hurt Business vs. Retribution is official for tonight!!

If Keith Lee wins, he'll face Drew McIntyre at Clash of Champions for the WWE Championship if Randy Orton is unable to compete

Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre (WWE Champ)

There's an ambulance in the entry way. McIntyre goes for a Claymore right away but is unsuccessful. Lee gains control with a head lock. McIntyre turns the tide with a head lock of his own. Lee sends McIntyre into the corner. Both men hit the ropes for a series of counters before Lee hits a cross body sending McIntyre over the top rope and to the floor. Lee goes after him but McIntyre gains the advantage. Both men beat the count. They fight back to the outside where they each deliver chops. MCINTYRE DROPS LEE BACK FIRST ON THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

We're back and McIntyre delivers some strikes to Lee. Lee fires back with punches before hitting big clothesline. Lee hits two big splashes in the corner! McIntyre tries to lift Lee but can't quite do it. Lee smashes McIntyre with a big forearm. Near fall by Lee. Lee took a stiff kick to the nose by McIntyre. LEE GOES FOR THE SPIRIT BOMB BUT MCINTYRE COUNTERS WITH A RANA SENDING LEE TO THE CORNER! MCINTYRE HITS A BIG SPINE BUSTER!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre hits a nice neck breaker and gets a near fall. McIntyre gets frustrated. Lee forces McIntyre into the corner. McIntyre stops a charging Lee but then runs into a spine buster!! 1...2...NO!! Near fall for Lee. Big strikes by Lee to the face and he hits McIntyre with another big clothesline! 1...2...NO!! LEE LIFTS MCINTYRE FOR HTE SPIRIT BOMB BUT MCINTYRE SLIDES OUT OF IT!! CLAYMORE TO LEE!! RANDY ORTON IS HERE AND HITS MCINTYRE WITH A CHAIR FOR THE DQ @ 11:45!! MCINTYRE WINS BY DQ!! Orton attacks McIntyre with a chair and drives the chair into McIntyre's jaw repeatedly!! ORTON PUNTS LEE IN THE HEAD!! Orton admires his handy work! Commercial break.

Back from the break, Orton says shame on all of us for doubting if he would be at Clash of Champions. His track record speaks for itself. Orton is the constant and he'll never miss a world title match. Orton says the match at Clash of Champions isn't a normal title match as he stares at the ambulance. Orton gets out of the ring and walks towards the ambulance. Orton opens the the ambulance doors and says he took a ride on one a few weeks ago because of the three Claymores that McIntyre gave him. Orton talks about his ride in the ambulance and all he could think was this is the feeling of being taken out by the legend killer. He says this is what all those people felt like when he kicked them in the skull. He came to and smiled because he remembered what he is capable of. He remembered what it takes to become champion. He sends the ambulance represents different thing to different people. To him, it means a 14th world title. Orton says at Clash of Champions, McIntyre will take one more ride and his title reign will flatline thanks to the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment.....RKO!!!

Sara Schreiber is backstage with, WWE Raw Women's Champion, Asuka. Sara asks if Mickie James or Zelina Vega is a bigger threat. BILLIE KAY INTERRUPTS AND MOCKS ASUKA!! Billie Kay talks about Asuka giving everyone opportunities. PEYTON ROYCE INTERRUPTS!! She wants a shot. The IIconics argue but agree to support each other. Peyton gets in Asuka's face and Asuka says she is ready for Peyton tonight.

More highlights of the Hurt Business and Retribution brawl earlier.

Highlights of last week's match between Asuka and Mickie James.

Winner faces Asuka at Clash of Champions for the WWE Raw Women's Championship

Zelina Vega vs. Mickie James

Zeina goes right after Mickie and takes her down with a kick. Zelina beats on Mickie in the corner. Zelina talks trash but Mickie has heard enough and throws Zelina around by her hair. Mickie takes down Zelina with a snap mare. Mickie gets a near fall after a kick to the face. Zelina gets a near fall with a cradle. Zelina does a head scissors and locks Mickie in an octopus!! Nice! Mickie fights out of it and backs Zelina into the corner. Zelina avoids a charge and delivers a kick to the face. Zelina gets a rana into a pin but Mickie counters into a pin of her own. Zelina ties Mickie's arms up in the ropes with a crucifix like move. Kind of botched but still effective. Mickie blocks a tornado DDT and starts to build offense. Mickie goes to the top and HITS A SEATED SENTON!! 1...2...NO!! Zelina sends Mickie into the ropes. ZELINA HITS A BACK STABBER ON MICKIE!! 1...2...3 @ 4:13!! Zelina will face Asuka at Clash of Champions.

Backstage, the Hurt Business is kicking some Retribution ass!! Apollo Crews vs. Cedric Alexander is next!

Video of Bianca Belair training and making some dude look weak!

Akira Tozawa and a referee ninja are on the beach looking for R-Truth. They find Truth. Truth sees a shark fin and yells "shark" sending Tozawa and the referee packing. Truth sees another shark and then a wave takes him out. Truth loses the 24/7 title briefly in the water but then finds it.

MVP and Cedric Alexander come out and say they will be in a six man tag later tonight against the Hurt Business. Retribution will find out why they are the Hurt Business and MVP claims they are the executioners. Cedric tells Apollo this is about Cedric getting even with Apollo. Cedric doesn't give a damn about Apollo. Apollo and Ricochet come out. All Apollo cares about is punching Cedric in the face. Apollo challenges, WWE United States Champion, Bobby Lashley for Clash of Champions on Sunday

Cedric Alexander w/ MVP vs. Apollo Crews w/ Ricochet

All Crews early on and he hits an enziguri. Cedric bails to the outside and talks with MVP. Apollo hits Cedric with a baseball slide as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Cedric is in control and gets a near fall. Apollo fights back but Cedric takes him down with a knee to the gut and a basement drop kick, Near fall for Cedric. Cedric wears down Apollo. CEDRIC HITS APOLLO WITH A MICHINOKU DRIVER!! 1...2...NO!! Cedric charges but Apollo hits an enziguri. Apollo hits a frog cross body from the second rope! Apollo gets fired up and takes Cedric to the corner. Splash by Apollo! Toss Samoan drop by Apollo!! 1...2...NO!! Apollo tries a moonsault from the apron to the outside but Cedric moves. CEDRIC DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE TO TAKE OUT APOLLO!! RICOCHET PROVIDES A DISTRACTION AND APOLLO ROLLS UP CEDRIC FOR THE WIN @ 8:00!! HERE COME SHELTON BENJAMIN AND BOBBY LASHLEY!! They beat down Apollo and Ricochet!! LASHLEY LOCKS APOLLO IN THE HURT LOCK!! Lots of commercial time in this match.

We're in Raw Underground now. Dolph Ziggler vs. Arturo Ruas first. Feeling out process to start with Ziggler avoiding kicks. Arturo takes Ziggler down and goes for an arm bar. Ziggler escapes and locks in a sleeper. Arturo escapes. Arturo tries a knee bar but Dolph hits him in the mouth. Dolph goes back to the sleeper with a body scissors. Dolph makes him pass out!! Shane tries to interview Braun. Braun doesn't want to talk. So some girl interviews Braun and Braun says he is kicking everyone's ass tonight!

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Rollins claps on his way to the ring as he carries a folder. I guess this is the better thing Rollins has to do. Rollins says it is no secret that he has the Mysterio's number. He thought he was done with them after last week's cage match. Rollins says something is bothering him about the Mysterio family. He was inspired to look into the Mysterio family deeper. He says posted a series of pictures this week and a light bulb went off. He shows a photo of the Mysterio family on the tron. He says looking at Rey and Dominik, it just doesn't seem possible. In his folder, he has the results of his investigation. He invites the Mysterio family to the ring. They come out and Rey says this must be important. Rey says they are tired of the mind games. Rollins says he has grown to respect the Mysterio family which is why they deserve the truth. HE HAS THE RESULTS OF A DNA TEST!! Rollins wants to know if Rey is really Dominik's father. He says he knows we have done this before but technology has changed haha. Rollins pulls a paper out of the envelope and says the results are conclusive. REY MYSTERIO.....YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!!! Rey laughs!! Rey says we've been down this road and it didn't work then. It won't work now. Rollins says he may have made a mistake. ROLLINS SAYS MAYBE AALYAH ISN'T REY'S DAUGHTER!! He shows the footage of Aalyah reaching out to Murphy. Rollins asks what was going on there? Rey tells Rollins to talk to him and not his daughter. Rey raised his daughter to be compassionate and they already talked about that. Rey says she is naïve and knows nothing about their world. Aalyah takes offense and walks to the back! The Mysterio family follows her to the back and Rollins says it wasn't his intentions to drive a wedge in the family. He's sorry. Rollins walks back up the ramp and smirks.

Non-Title Match

Natalya & Lana vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champs)

The Riott Squad is on commentary. Nia and Natalya start. Natalya quickly tags Lana. Lana tries some offense but has no luck. Nia slams her and tags Shayna. Shayna nails Natalya off the apron. Gut wrench to Lana! SHAYNA LOCKS LANA IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH AND LANA TAPS @ 0:58!! Short and sweet! The champs dominate! Nia and Shayna go over to commentary and push the Riott Squad before clearing the table. The Riott Squad fight back and we have a stand off. NIA PICKS UP LANA AND SAMOAN DROPS HER THROUGH THE TABLE WHILE THE RIOTT SQUAD WATCHES!!

Highlights of McIntyre vs. Lee earlier and Orton's attack.

McIntyre has an ice pack against his jaw when Charly Caruso asks how he's doing. He's pissed but says he will be at Clash of Champions. He throws the ice down and says he's going to beat the piss out of Orton. McIntyre storms off.

Rey argues with Aalyah backstage. She says she just came to support Dominik and Rey called her naïve.

Back to Raw Underground. Riddick Moss vs, Erik now. Moss takes him down but Erik gets right back up and takes Moss down. Stand off now. Both men throws punches wildly. Erik hits a big forearm and a suplex. MOSS CATCHES HIM WITH A SHOT AND KNOCKS HIM OUT! Shane interviews Dabba-Kato. He says Strowman will see what Dabba-Kato is all about. That's coming up.

Commentary hypes Mandy Rose coming to Raw soon.

Non-Title Match

Asuka (WWE Raw Women's Champ) vs. Peyton Royce

They lock up and Peyton takes Asuka to the corner but runs into a kick. Asuka gets a one count. Asuka hits Peyton with a knee strike! All Asuka early on. Asuka goes for big kick but Peyton catches the leg. Peyton misses a kick but hits a Gory bomb type neck breaker. Asuka sets up for the Asuka lock but Peyton rolls her up for two. Peyton hits a big kick! 1...2...NO! Peyton goes to the top but Asuka cuts her off. Spin kick by Asuka!! ASUKA LOCKS IN THE ASUKA LOCK!! ZELINA VEGA IS HERE TO ATTACK ASUKA!! THAT FORCES A DQ @ 2:24!! Asuka gains the upper hand and Zelina bails.

Aalyah is backstage when Murphy approaches her. Murphy tells her that if he has done anything to hurt her, he's sorry and walks off.

Back to Raw Underground. Time for Braun Strowman vs. Dabba-Kato!! They try some strikes before locking up. Dabba-Kato tries an upper cut. Strowman takes Dabba-Kato down. They fight to the outside. They throw some guy at each other before getting back in the ring. STROWMAN HITS A HUGE PUNCH!! STROWMAN MOUNTS DABBA-KATO AND DELIVERS PUNCHES!! THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL!! STROWMAN STANDS TALL!!

Commentary runs down the Clash of Champions card.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Retribution vs. The Hurt Business w/ MVP

The Retributions guys are Mace, T-Bar, and Slapjack. Lashley starts with one of them and suplexes the hell out of him. Mace tags in. Mace avoids a charging Lashley. T-Bar comes in and gets some offense in before the Hurt Business isolates him in the corner. Cedric comes in. T-Bar turns the tide and beats on Cedric. T-Bar tags Slapjack. Quick tags by Retribution as they isolate Cedric. T-Bar talks trash while he kicks Cedric's ass. Cedric finally tags Shelton and he goes crazy on them for a minute until T-Bar cuts him off. T-Bar and Mace double suplex Shelton. Near fall for Retribution. Shelton hits a back suplex on Mace. Shelton and Mace trade blows and Mace gets the upper hand. Slapjack tags back in. Shelton back body drops him and tags Lashley. Lashley hits an elevated flatline on Flapjack followed by a spine buster!! LASHLEY LOCKS IN THE HURT LOCK ON SLAPJACK! T-BAR INTERFERES AND THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL @ 6:15!! No contest I guess?!? THE REST OF THE RETRIBUTION GUYS ARE HERE TO BEAT DOWN THE HURT BUSINESS!! DREW MCINTYRE'S MUSIC HITS!! HE LEADS THE RAW ROSTER TO THE RING!! THE RAW ROSTER CLEANS HOUSE!! RANDY ORTON IS HERE!! RKO TO MCINTYRE!! End Show!

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