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Raw 8/31/2020: IIconics Break Up; Triple Threat Match Determines McIntyre's Next Challenger!

Here’s what’s on tap tonight:

  • Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

  • Who will step into Raw Underground?

  • What's next for Keith Lee?

  • The fall out from the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship match

In memory of "Bullet" Bob Armstrong 1939-2020. RIP and our condolences to the family.

We're in the ThunderDome once again and kicking off Raw with Randy Orton!! Commentary says there will be a heavy focus tonight on the WWE Championship. Commentary says Drew McIntyre isn't here tonight but he is hoping to be cleared for Clash of Champions. There will be three singles matches tonight with all the winners to face off in a triple threat match later to determine the number one contender. Here are the three singles matches:

  • Keith Lee vs. Dolph Ziggler

  • Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton

  • Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

Rey Mysterio is not medically cleared tonight after suffering a torn triceps last night. Orton says the only thing McIntyre deserves is the fractured skull that Orton gave him. Orton says he is the only one who dishes out kicks in the WWE. Orton brings up all the legends he has kicked. Orton talks about McIntyre calling him entitled. Orton says he shouldn't have to earn an opportunity because he believes he is already entitled. Orton says he'll earn it though and then beat McIntyre for the championship if McIntyre even makes it there. McIntyre shows us a photo shopped picture of all the guys he has kicked recovering haha. The photo is pretty good! KEITH LEE IS HERE TO INTERRUPT!! Lee has a mic and says Orton has done well for himself. Lee says Orton is busy talking about the havoc he has caused while trying to forget about the fact that Lee beat him at Payback. Lee argues that his victory last night over Orton should warrant him a chance to fight McIntyre. DOLPH ZIGGLER ATTACKS LEE FROM BEHIND!! BIG DDT BY ZIGGLER!! It appears there match is next as we go to a commercial.

Qualifying Match for the #1 Contenders Triple Threat Match

Keith Lee vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler tries to take down Lee but Lee isn't having it and easily over powers Ziggler. Ziggler tries again but again no luck. Lee sends Ziggler into the top turnbuckle with a sling shot and Ziggler falls to the outside. Ziggler gets back in and Lee forces him into the corner. Ziggler tries to build some offense and does take Lee down with a neck breaker. Ziggler covers and Lee powers out. Ziggler goes to a chin lock to slow down Lee. Lee makes it to his feet and escapes but Ziggler hits a nice drop kick before splashing Lee in the corner. LEE TURNS THE TIDE WITH A HUGE POUNCE TO ZIGGLER SENDING HIM OUT OF THE RING AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!!

We're back and Lee is beating on Ziggler in the corner. Lee goes for the Big Bang Catastrophe but Ziggler rakes his eyes and hits a Fameasser! 1...2...NO!! Ziggler goes back to raking the eyes. Ziggler hits the second neck breaker of the match for a near fall. Back to the chin lock by Ziggler. Come on man. Lee throws him out and Lee dishes out a series of punches! Lee is getting fired up!! Huge power slam by Lee!! ZIGGLER AVOIDS A CHARGING LEE AND HITS A ZIG ZAG!!! 1...2...NO!! ZIGGLER GOES FOR A SUPER KICK BUT LEE COUNTERS AND HITS A SPIRIT BOMB!!! 1...2...3 @ 10:55!! LEE ADVANCES!! Solid match but the winner was never in doubt.

Commentary talks about the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship match from last night at Payback. The Riott Squad vs. The IIconics is announced for later with the winners getting a future tag title shot but the losers will no longer be a team!

Sarah Schreiber is backstage with the new WWE Women's Tag Team champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. They argue over who is the reason that they won. ASUKA INTERRUPTS and wants to know who her next challenger is. They argue and Asuka shoves Baszler so Jax gets in Asuka's face! Asuka walks off and Baszler looks pissed.

Adam Pearce is backstage talking to security and he threatens to hire better security if they can't stop Retribution for interfering tonight.

WWE Raw Women's Champion, Asuka, is introduced by Charly Caruso and makes her way to the ring. She's got a mic and Charly asks her if she thinks anyone is deserving. Asuka names all the women she has beaten and she says it doesn't matter because Asuka is ready for anyone. MICKIE JAMES INTERRUPTS!! She reminds us she is a 6-time women's champ and she admits she recognizes Asuka's greatness. Mickie says she's coming for Asuka's title. CUE NATALYA AND LANA!! Natalya complains about Mickie jumping the line. Lana chimes in and she talks about her and Natalya's relationship. Asuka calls them out and basically says she could whoop all their asses! NATALYA AND LANA ATTACK ASUKA AND MICKIE!! It doesn't last as Asuka and Mickie make quick work of them! We go to a commercial.

Commentary does a plug for Connor's Cure. They show a touching video of some cool kids kicking cancer's ass!! Hell yeah man!!

Commentary talks about what the Hurt Business did on Raw Underground last week and we see highlights.

Backstage, the Viking Raiders and Cedric Alexander are talking. Demi Burnett is here to wish them luck. She gives props to Alexander for turning down the Hurt Business (which means he will join them soon) and then she kisses Ivar! The guys walk off and Angel Garza lurks in the background.

Mickie James vs. Lana w/ Natalya

I don't have a lot of words for this. Lana controlled the early going thanks to a distraction from Natalya. Asuka is on commentary. Lana is so damn bad. Both women trade slaps. Mickie takes Lana down with a Lou Thesz press. Mickie goes for her DDT but Lana stomps her foot to avoid it. LANA GOES FOR A X-FACTOR BUT MICKIE COUNTERS AND HITS A MICK KICK FOR THE WIN @ 2:39!! This was terrible and I'm just thankful that Mickie won!

Highlights of what happened between Aleister Black and Kevin Owens. Charly Caruso is waiting outside Black's locker room. RANDY ORTON COMES OUT OF ALEISTER'S LOCKER ROOM. Orton faces Kevin Owens next!

Sara Schreiber interviews the IIconics about their match tonight. They talk about their history together. They're not going to let some hooligans destroy it.

Qualifying Match for the #1 Contenders Triple Threat Match

Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens

ALEISTER BLACK ATTACKS KEVIN OWENS DURING HIS ENTRANCE! BLACK MASS TO OWENS!! Black throws Owens into the ring. The ref asks Owens if he can go and he says yes. The match starts and Owens delivers a few chops and then ORTON HITS A RKO!! IT'S OVER @ 0:16!! That was quick but I'm good with it as Orton advances and the Black/Owens feud is advanced.

Backstage, Charly Caruso interviews the whole Mysterio family. Rey's wife and daughter are there too. Rey says his loss is Dominik's gain. He would love to see Dominik win it all. Dominik says he knows he's the underdog but his confidence is on another level after Payback. Dominik says he has a 619 with the Monday Night Messiah's name on it.

Highlights of Bobby Lashley's victory over Apollo Crews at Payback. Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin in Raw Underground tonight.

MVP and Shelton Benjamin are here now for the VIP Lounge. MVP says this is the first edition in the ThunderDome! MVP gives an elaborate introduction for the new WWE United States Champion, Bobby Lashley!! MVP talks about Apollo Crews disrespecting them. Lashley talks about how he did exactly what he said he was going to do and then Apollo tried to attack him after. Lashley claims he will get Crews back. Benjamin says he will beat Crews like a punk in Raw Underground. MVP goes to talk about Cedric Alexander and CEDRIC INTERRUPTS!! MVP meets him on the entrance ramp to ask if he had a change of heart. He says hell no. Cedric and the Viking Raiders attack! Six man tag next!

Six Man Tag Team Match

MVP, Shelton Benjamin, & Bobby Lashley (WWE United States champ) vs. Cedric Alexander & The Viking Raiders

We start with Erik and Lashley. Both men trade blows in the corner early until Lashley gets the upper hand. MVP comes in to take over the corner beat down before he tags Benjamin to do the same. Near fall for Benjamin. Ivar makes a blind tag and the Raiders deliver a hellacious tag move to Benjamin as he takes a knee to the kisser!! Alexander comes in to get himself a piece of Benjamin. Erik back in to deliver another nasty knee to Benjamin but then he runs into a spine buster by Benjamin. MVP and Alexander tag in and MVP takes control. The Hurt Business isolates Alexander for a couple minutes and use frequent tags. MVP beats the hell out of Alexander while talking some trash. The crowd tries to will him back in but Lashley and Benjamin go around the ring and take out the Raiders. ALEXANDER GETS MVP WITH A ROLL UP AND USES THE TIGHTS TO WIN @ 6:19!! Post match, Lashley and Benjamin go to attack Alexander but MVP CALLS THEM OFF AND SMILES!! The Hurt Business leaves with MVP smiling.

Backstage, Titus O'Neil is warming up for Raw Underground.

Backstage, the Hurt Business is beating the hell out of Cedric Alexander until Apollo Crews and Ricochet come make the save.

Winners Earn WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match; Losers will no longer be a team

The IIconics vs. The Riott Squad

We start with Billie Kay and Ruby Riott. Billie Kay attacks immediately!! The IIconics isolate Ruby early on and get a near fall off a double team. Peyton works a chin lock. Ruby fights out of the IIconic corner and tags Liv Morgan. Liv picks up the pace and runs wild on Peyton inclduing a senton with Peyton draped across the rope. Billie Kay comes back in and gets a near fall off of a kick. Billie Kay gets a couple near falls and appears to be frustrated. Liv lands a kick to Billie's face and tags Ruby. Ruby beats on Billie and Peyton tries to save but Liv takes out Peyton. RUBY AND BILLIE KAY TRADE NEAR FALLS THREE OR FOUR TIMES WITH DIFFERENT PINNING COMBINATIONS UNTIL RUBY BEATS BILLIE KAY WITH A ROLL UP @ 3:28!! THE IICONICS ARE NO MORE!! Both IIconics cry in the ring!! Ruby and Liv earn a title shot!

Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins is next!

Shane McMahon talks to the usual big man security guard. Shane says we got a big night on Raw Underground!

Highlights of the Rollins/Mysterio feud. The same one they show every week pretty much plus the Payback match.

Before the next match, Murphy offers Seth Rollins a mic before the match. Rollins yells at him for losing the match for them last night. Rollins sends Murphy to the back because he can't have Murphy screw this up for him. Dominik takes out Murphy on the ramp!!

Qualifying Match for the #1 Contenders Triple Threat Match

Seth Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio

Dominik attacks to start the match and it's all Dominik in the early going as they go to the outside. Rollins bounces Dominik off the announcer's table before throwing him back in. Rollins goes on the attack with stomps. More fast pace by Dominik as he HITS A SPRING BOARD ARM DRAG!! Dominik tries a 619 but Rollins bails!! To the outside they go as Dominik slams Rollins into the announcer's table. Dominik gets on the table and flips off of it onto Rollins as we head to a commercial,

We're back and Rollins has Dominik in an abdominal stretch. Rollins then goes into a body scissors to wear down Dominik. Dominik eventually fights out of it with some back elbows. A charging Rollins misses and Dominik beats on Rollins in the corner. Rollins goes for the buckle bomb but Dominik counters with a rana send Rollins into the turnbuckle!! TORNADO DDT BY DOMINIK!! Standing moonsault by Dominik gets a near fall!! Rollins rolls outside. DOMINIK GOES TO THE TOP AND TAKES OUT ROLLINS ON THE OUTSIDE WITH A SPLASH FROM THE TOP!! Dominik goes to the top again but misses but SETS UP ROLLINS FOR A 619 AND HITS IT!! Dominik goes to the top but misses a frog splash! ROLLINS HITS DOMINIK WITH A STOMP AND THAT DOES IT @ 10:05!! Dominik continues to impress me but he couldn't pull off the upset. After the match, ROLLINS STOMPS DOMINIK AGAIN!!

Shane McMahon is with us at Raw Underground and Titus O'Neil destroys a couple guys!! Riddick Moss gets in with Titus now and Riddick takes him down. Titus battles back and throws Riddick out of the ring. They fight outside the ring. Titus takes out a random guy outside. Titus and Riddick keep battling in the ring and RIDDICK KNOCKS OUT TITUS WITH A PUNCH!! Jessamyn Duke will debut in Raw Underground tonight!

The Street Profits are backstage with their scouting report for Andrade, Angel Garza, and Zelina Vega, It was entertaining. The Street Profits are up and they want the smoke!! The Profits face Andrade and Garza in a tornado tag next!

24/7 Akira Tozawa arrived earlier today with his ninjas and had problems with the parking security. Tozawa gets out of his car to argue and it turns out to be a ref!! R-TRUTH SNEAKS UP ON TOZAWA AND WINS THE 24/7 CHAMPIONSHIP!! Truth is now a 39-time champ!

Tornado Tag Team Match (Non-Title)

The Street Profits (WWE Raw Tag Team champs) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega & Demi Burnett

There will no count outs or DQs in this match. Andrade and Garza attack right away! Dawkins is sent to the outside. The heels isolate Ford. Ford fights back and delivers kicks to both but is quickly stopped. With all four men in the corner, Andrade and Garza try to superplex Ford but Dawkins brings them all down when he power bombs both Andrade and Garza as they hit the superplex!! We go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Andrade and Garza are in control as they send both members of the Profits out of the ring. They isolate Dawkins. Demi Burnett makes a terrible cheerleader. Andrade hit a nice drop kick but Garza takes forever to cover so they only get a near fall. Andrade heads outside where he targets Ford's shoulder. Then Andrade locks Dawkins in an arm bar using the ropes to assist! The heels try a double team but Dawkins counters and starts kicking both their asses! Dawkins covers Andrade but it's broken up by Garza. Andrade and Garza put Dawkins on the top turnbuckle and hang him in the tree of woe. DOUBLE STOMP BY ANDRADE!! 1...2...FORD SAVES IT!! Back elbow by Andrade to Dawkins! Ford hits a block buster and enziguri on Andrade!! THE LIGHTS FLICKER!! GARZA LEAVES WITH DEMI BURNETT!! Ford covers Andrade AND RETRIBUTION IS HERE!! THEY BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THE PROFITS, ANDRADE, AND ZELINA!! The match stopped @ 9:02.

Highlights of what just happened with Retribution. Byron Saxton tells us he is sure the females where the ones attacking Zelina. Thanks Byron! Adam Pearce is pissed that security didn't do their job.

Shane is back in Raw Underground. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are there! Jessamyn Duke destroys some lady. Marina Shafir doesn't want to be outdone so she also destroys someone! PEYTON ROYCE THROWS BILLIE KAY TO JESSAMYN DUKE AND MARINA SHAFIR!! DUKE KNOCKS OUT KAY WITH A KICK!!

Apollo Crews, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander are interviewed. Crews says he won't stop until he beats Lashley to get his title back. Ricochet says their bond is stronger than any dollar amount. They all walk into Raw Underground. Benjamin vs. Crews is next!

More Raw Underground now as it's Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin. They lock up and trade strikes until Benjamin takes down Crews. All Shelton early. Crews goes for a Kimura and they fight to their feet and go out of the ring. The Hurt Business, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander all get involved now. The Hurt Business stands tall leaving them all laid out.

Angel Garza talks to Demi Burnett backstage. Retribution is destroying everything and finds them!! GARZA LEAVES BURNETT!! Retribution stalks her as she runs off!

Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match

Winner faces Drew McIntyre at Clash of Champions for the WWE Championship

Randy Orton vs. Keith Lee vs. Seth Rollins

Orton tries to talk Rollins into teaming up on Lee. Then Orton bails out of the ring and tells Rollins he's got it. Rollins rolls out too haha. Rollins and Orton argue outside. Lee pulls Rollins back in and runs right through him! Orton slides back in to attack Lee! Lee squashes Orton in the counter and Rollins attacks Lee from behind. Lee piles them in the corner and charges but they back drop him to the apron. LEE SLING SHOTS HIMSELF OVER THE ROPE AND HITS A CROSS BODY TAKING DOWN ORTON AND ROLLINS AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

We're back with Orton and Rollins double teaming Lee. Lee leaps over the top rope from the apron but eats a super kick by Rollins! Rollins hits Lee with a knee off the apron and then Orton drops Lee back first on the announcer's table! Orton and Rollins then send Lee into the steps. Rollins and Orton's commentary during the match is great. They both life Lee back into the ring. ORTON TURNS ON ROLLINS AND HITS A HANGING DDT ON HIM!!! 1...2...NO!! Orton sets up Rollins for a RKO but Rollins counters with a Falcon Arrow!! Near fall for Rollins! Rollins sets Orton up for the stomp but Lee reappears and he starts running through both men!! Lee tosses them like they're kids! Orton and Rollins bail out of the ring! LEE GOES TO THE OUTSIDE AND POUNCES ORTON!! LEE THROWS ROLLINS ACROSS THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE!! Back in the ring, Lee goes to power slam Rollins but Rollins gets a small package for a near fall. SUPER KICK BY ROLLINS!! ROLLINS GOES FOR THE STOMP BUT LEE CATCHES HIM!! SPIRIT BOMB TO ROLLINS!! ORTON SLIDES IN AND RKO TO LEE!! ORTON PINS ROLLINS @ 11:05!! Orton gets the sneaky win but Lee looked like a beast!! Orton will face McIntyre at Clash of Champions! End Show.

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