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Raw 8/30/2021 Quick Results: Two Championship Matches; Orton RKOs Lashley!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Raw:

  • Damian Priest hosts Open Challenge for WWE United States Championship

  • Doudrop vs. Eva Marie

We're in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Paycom Center. It appears they're not advertising John Morrison vs. The Miz now. We're starting with the WWE UNITED STATES CHAMPION!!!

WWE United States Champion Damian Priest makes his way to the ring for his open challenge. Priest addesses the crowd and says he feels alive. He's always wanted to do this and.....WELCOMES US TO MONDAY NIGHT RAW!! Last Saturday, he became the champ at SummerSlam. "You deserve it" chants. He says he appreciates the fans. Priest wants to show the title the respect and honor it deserves. He name drops Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, and John Cena. He runs down WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and calls him a coward for running away last week. Priest wants to know who's going to answer the open challenge!!! SHEAMUS COMES OUT!!! Sheamus says he actually agrees with Priest about Lashley. Sheamus says he plans to Brogue Kick Priest's smile off his face and take back his championship. DREW MCINTYRE IS OUT NOW!! As much as McIntyre would love to see Priest whoop Sheamus ass, he wants to see something fresh. You don't say? McIntyre says he's never been United States Champion. McIntyre proposes McIntyre vs. Priest for the US Championship tonight. Sheamus objects. Priest likes McIntyre's idea. HERE COMES LASHLEY AND MVP!!! MVP asks everyone to hold their applause. MVP says Lashley wanted to have an open challenge. "Goldberg" chants. MVP says that problem has already been dealt with. MVP says Lashley has already beaten everyone and that's why he doesn't have open challenges. MVP says Priest is admirable. MVP suggests Lashley face Priest and become a double champion! RK-BRO OUT NOW!!! Orton doesn't want to put words in Riddle's mouth but everything MVP said sucks. Riddle says but not like a Roomba which is suppose to. Orton calls Lashley a greedy son of a bitch. Lashley tells Orton he wants another championship but it doesn't have to the United States Championship. Lashley says he can take the tag titles. Riddle suggests an open challenge of RK-Bro vs. Lashley/MVP for the tag titles. Orton tells Riddle that's not how it works but MVP accepts it. McIntyre and Priest agree to a match. SONYA DEVILLE AND ADAM PEARCE ARE OUT NOW!! They make Priest vs. Sheamus vs. McIntyre in a triple threat and RK-BRO vs. Lashley/MVP for the tag titles!!! NOW RHEA RIPLEY IS COMING OUT!!! She's in singles action next! So many interruptions. This was all over the place.

Before the match, Ripley has a mic and introduces Nikki A.S.H. to be in her corner. Also, before the match, Nia says she can squash Ripley and Nikki. Nia says she'll squash WWE Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair later tonight.

Rhea Ripley w/ Nikki A.S.H. defeated Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax via pin @ 10:30. Ripley got the pin on Baszler with a cradle. During the match, Nia attacked Nikki on the outside and hit her with a Samoan drop on the floor outside. Post match, Nia laid out Ripley with a Samoan drop as well.

The Viking Raiders promo time. They talk about the raid starting back up tonight.

The Viking Raiders defeated Jinder Mahal & Veer w/ Shanky via pin @ 4:49. Erik pinned Mahal after he was hit with the Viking Experience.

McIntyre warms up backstage. The triple threat is next!

A vignette with the controversial new NXT logo is shown.

Damian Priest defeated Sheamus & Drew McIntyre via pin @ 21:29 in triple threat match to retain the WWE United States Championship. Priest got the pin on McIntyre after the Reckoning! McIntyre had taken Sheamus out with a Claymore just before that. Easily the best thing on this show!!! Post match, McIntyre offers Priest a handshake and Priest accepts.

We'll hear from Goldberg next!

They caught up with Goldberg for an interview earlier today for an injury update.

Highlights are shown of Lashley/Goldberg from SummerSlam. Cameras caught up to Goldberg for an exclusive interview earlier today. Goldberg says he has ligament damage in his knee. Goldberg said Gage's neck is all messed up. Goldberg says his objective has changed. He's no longer coming for the WWE Championship. He's coming for Lashley's soul!!

24/7 Champion Reggie was out and about today when R-Truth and Tozawa tried to sneak up on him. Reggie escaped again.

Highlights show the build for Doudrop vs. Eva Marie.

Before the match can begin, DOUDROP ATTACKS AND BEATS THE HELL OUT OF EVA MARIE!! Doudrop counts her own three count! Then of course, it's announced that Eva Marie is unable to compete tonight. Doudrop gets on the mic and announces herself as the winner.

WWE Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair is backstage heading to the ring when she's asked about Nia Jax comments. Charlotte calls Nia a monster but says she will slay her tonight. "Long live the Queen".

Helmet Kross defeated Humberto Carrillo via submission @ 4:16. Kross won with the Kross Jacket. Complete squash.

Highlights of Nia destroying Ripley and Nikki earlier. Backstage, Nia says she will whoop Charlotte's ass and shove her imaginary crown up her ass!

RK-Bro talk backstage about boosting their resumes with a win over Lashley/MVP. Riddle keeps talking and rambling until Orton walks off.

Nia Jax defeated WWE Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair via pin @ 13:47 in a non-title match. Jax pinned Flair after a power bomb. A hard hitting match. That's the most physical I've seen a Charlotte match in some time.

John Morrison is backstage and says he was suppose to face The Miz tonight. He says Miz isn't here but to prove he's a bigger man Miz, he requested a match against the biggest human being he knows.......OMOS!

Omos w/ AJ Styles defeated John Morrison via pin @ 2:02. Omos pinned Morrison after a two handed choke bomb. Squash. Post match, XAVIER WOODS comes to the ring. Apparently, he's going to have a match against Styles.

AJ Styles w/ Omos defeated Xavier Woods via submission @ 7:10. Styles won with the Calf Crusher. Woods was able to get a decent amount of offense in this match.

Post match, BRO!!! RKO-Bro make their way to the ring for the main event. It's next!

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro defeated WWE Champion Bobby Lashley & MVP via pin @ 11:55 to retain their titles. Omos and AJ Styles were on commentary during the match and tried to interfere multiple times. Riddle picked up the win by hitting MVP with a Floating Bro. Post match, LASHLEY ATTACKED RIDDLE ONLY FOR ORTON TO HIT LASHLEY WITH A RKO TO END THE SHOW!!

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