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Raw 8/23/2021 Quick Results: Tag Team Breaks Up; RK-Bro Celebration; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • John Morrison hosts "Moist TV" w/ Logan Paul as guest

  • Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. vs, Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

  • RK-Bro championship celebration

We're in San Diego, California at the Pechanga Arena coming off the heels of SummerSlam! We open with highlights from SummerSlam. WWE CHAMPION BOBBY LASHLEY and MVP are making their way to the ring to start the show. Highlights of Lashley/Goldberg are shown. For those that didn't see it, the ref stopped the match due to Goldberg's knee injury. Bad finish. After the match, Goldberg's son, Gage, came to help and Lashley put him in the Hurt Lock. MVP is on the mic and says he would like to address what happened at SummerSlam. MVP says he and Lashley were shocked when Goldberg showed up weeks ago to challenge him. They talk about Goldberg's history. MVP calls Goldberg a powerhouse so he's a worthy challenger but they didn't expect Gage to be there. MVP says Goldberg looked amazing at SummerSlam and even scored a couple near falls. MVP says all Goldberg did was make Lashley angry and Goldberg found out the hard way what happens when you do that. MVP claims Lashley is the only man to ever really stop Goldberg, MVP calls Goldberg a quitter and a coward. "Goldberg" chants now. MVP talks about a "fan" (Gage) jumping Lashley and Lashley putting him in the Hurt Lock. MVP claims Lashley didn't know it was Gage and he would of done it to anyone. MVP says it won't happen tonight because everyone in San Diego is a coward. MVP says if anyone thinks Lashley owes Goldberg or Gage an apology, Lashley says they can go to hell!!! HERE COMES DAMIAN PRIEST!!! Priest has a mic and says to let him get this straight and asks about them calling Goldberg a coward. Priest sticks up for the fans and insults Lashley in Spanish. Priest says he's here face-to-face to challenge Lashley to a match tonight! Lashley and MVP don't seem interested so Priest calls Lashley the coward. LASHLEY ATTACKS!! PPRIEST TURNS IT AROUND AND SENDS LASHLEY. MVP ACCEPTS ON LASHLEY'S BEHALF. Lashley is going to put his ring gear on and it's next!

WWE United States Champion Damian Priest defeated WWE Champion Bobby Lashley w/ MVP via DQ @ 1:24. Sheamus came out and attacked Priest causing the DQ. Lashley and Sheamus teamed up on Priest until DREW MCINTYRE made the save. A brawl breaks down between all four men! McIntyre would put Lashley through the announce table.

The brawl led to a tag match where Damian Priest & Drew McIntyre defeated Sheamus & Bobby Lashley via pin @ 14:15. McIntyre pinned Sheamus after a Claymore. Lashley would walk out on Sheamus towards the end of the match.

Highlights of what's going on with Eva Marie and Doudrop last week and at SummerSlam. Doudrop is interviewed backstage. Doudrop talks about "Dou-dropping" Eva Marie the next time she sees her. EVA MARIE ATTACKS DOUDROP WITH A TRAVEL CASE AND LEAVES HER LAYING.

Karrion Kross has a match next and they gave him new gear including helmet to wear during his entrance. I'm not a fan.

Helmet Kross defeated Ricochet via submission @ 1:31 with the Kross Jacket.

Highlights of Logan Paul stealing Baron Corbin's thunder at SummerSlam. Logan Paul is backstage with the Viking Raiders and they give him a shirt. "Moist TV" is next.

Backstage, Sheamus confronts Lashley. MVP separates them as they argue.

John Morrison is in the ring for "Moist TV". He introduces Logan Paul who gets booed. Graves puts him over a boxer and influencer. More boos for Paul. He can barely get a word in. MIZ INTERRUPTS! Miz says Morrison forgot to introduce him and he's Paul's favorite. Paul says he's a New Day fan. Paul talks about Mayweather and mentions his brother's fight in Cleveland this week. Miz wants the crowd to show Paul respect and it's not happening. Miz puts over the Paul brothers but has to ask a hard question. Miz asks what round Paul's brother is getting knocked out in? "Miz" chants now. Paul threatens to knock out Miz and gets in his face. Morrison separates them and says we would all love Paul to whoop Miz's ass. Morrison and Miz argue. Miz says "Moist TV" is a spinoff of "Miz TV", Paul says he's leaving because they're arguing. Miz blames Morrison for him leaving. More arguing. Morrison brings up the fake injury. More arguing from them until XAVIER WOODS INTERRUPTS! Paul was awful here. Go away heat.

Elias vignette talking about having number one records. He says it wasn't enough. WWE stood for Walk With Elias but Elias is dead now. I'm still intrigued.

Xavier Woods defeated The Miz via pin @ 11:40 with a small package. At one point, Miz had Woods beat but the ref was distracted by Morrison and the drip stick. Post match, THE MIZ ATTACKS MORRISON!!! MIZ LEAVES MORRISON LAID OUT WITH A SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!!!

Highlights of Charlotte Flair winning the WWE Raw Women's Championship at SummerSlam.

We see Rhea Ripley arriving earlier today and she's confronted by Nikki A.S.H. Nikki asks her to be her partner tag partner against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Ripley says she's in.

24/7 Champion Reginald was out today going to an ice cream truck. Truth and Tozawa are here to try to get his title but he's able to escape.

Highlights of RK-Bro winning the tag titles. Riddle rides his scooter backstage and finds Orton. Orton doesn't want to hug. Riddle has a surprise for Orton tonight. Orton isn't big on surprises and celebrations so he tells Riddle not to do anything stupid. Riddle asks Orton if he would really do something stupid and rides off.

Mansoor w/ Mustafa Ali defeated Jinder Mahal w/ Veer & Shanky via DQ @ 2:19. Mahal got DQed for refusing to stop kicking Mansoor's ass after a five count in the corner.

Backstage, Priest thanks McIntyre for having his back. They're going out to celebrate tonight with some pints.

WWE Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring. Charlotte rubs her win in our faces and says she told us. She doesn't have enough fingers to count her reigns now (12x). She continues to hype herself. Charlotte says she'll hold the title as long as she wants to. How's that worked in the past with all of her short reigns? She says she doesn't need the fans, family, or anyone because the championship is all she needs. She wants a statue of herself. Charlotte says she's here to restore order and have a real woman hold the title. She hopes everyone is listening. She claims to have started the first ever women's revolution and she is going to start another one. She tells us everyone to bow and long live the queen. ALEXA BLISS INTERRUPTS!!! Bliss congratulates Charlotte. Bliss and Lily just wanted to say "Hi". They have a stare down.

Highlights of Charlotte/Nia defeating Rhea/Nikki and then the Charlotte/Nia problems. Shayna and Nia talk about Nia teaming with Charlotte. Shayna says Nia should of known how Charlotte was. Shayna says they are unstoppable together. Tag match is next.

Another Elias vignette where he says he's here to win a championship. Opportunity will rise out of the ashes. Elias puts on a white hat and walks into the sunset.

Nikki A.S.H. & Rhea Ripley defeated Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax via pin @ 10:27. Ripley pinned Baszler after a Riptide. A miscommunication between Baszler/Jax led to their downfall.

Morrison is backstage and says that's it. No more Miz and Morrison. Morrison wants Miz next week!

Riddle heads to the ring on his scooter. We got balloons in the corners of the ring. Riddle says RK-Bro has been on a wild ride all the way to winning tag gold at SummerSlam. Now there's only one thing left to do. Riddle introduces Orton with an over the top intro. Riddle has Mike Rome introduce them again complete with pyro (lots of it!). Orton isn't impressed. "RK-BRO" chants from the crowd. Riddle says their friendship is just as important as the championship so Riddle got Orton something special. It's a personalized scooter for Orton! Riddle shows him how to use it and AJ STYLES INTERRUPTS!! Omos follows behind. Styles makes fun of Orton's scooter and points out that Orton didn't get Riddle anything. Styles makes a joke about how Orton should of gave Riddle a "plant". Styles wants to give Riddle a Phenomenal Forearm! Styles says he's going to keep whipping Riddle's ass until they get a rematch! Riddle says Styles beat him before RK-Bro was back, Riddle says he'll beat Styles with the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment....R-K-O!!! The match is next!

Three matches are announced for next week. They're listed below.

Riddle defeated AJ Styles via pin @ 13:28. Riddle pinned Styles after hitting a Bro Derek! Styles was distracted by Orton beating the hell out of Omos on the outside with scooter!!


Next Week:

  • Non-Title Match: Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) vs. Sheamus

  • Doudrop vs. Eva Marie

  • John Morrison vs. The Miz

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