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Raw 8/2/2021: Lashley Answers Goldberg's Challenge; No Holds Barred Match Main Events; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • Goldberg returns to Raw

  • Riddle vs. Omos w/ AJ Styles (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions)

  • Championship Contenders No Holds Barred Match: Nikki A.S.H. (WWE Raw Women's Champion) vs. Charlotte Flair

We're in Chicago, Illinois tonight at the Allstate Arena for Raw. We're kicking off the show with WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP!! MVP has a mic and welcomes Chi-town back to Raw. MVP says he knows everyone is excited to see Goldberg and THEY BOO!!! MVP wants to address some things before Goldberg shows up. First, Goldberg showed up two weeks ago uninvited. Lashley purposely didn't acknowledge the challenge. MVP brings up the Goldberg can still destroy any man on any given night but Lashley isn't a normal man. MVP puts over Lashley as an unstoppable monster. MVP would like to stop a tragedy from unfolding. "Goldberg" chants from the crowd now. MVP knows Goldberg is listening. MVP says this match won't end well and could be the last match of Goldberg's career. MVP calls him "Bill" and asks if he'd rather be remembered as a champion or casualty? CUE GOLDBERG!! He takes his sweet time getting to the ring. Goldberg wants to get something straight. If anyone is going to be worried about losing something, it should be Lashley worried about losing the championship. Goldberg says MVP is scared and Lashley looks scared. "Goldberg" chants from the crowd. Lashley takes the sunglasses off. Goldberg says Lashley is a high level athlete but questions himself. He's a gladiator but shows weakness. Goldberg asks if Lashley is up for the challenge? Goldberg says this isn't Lashley's coliseum, it's Chicago and they smell fear a mile away. Goldberg says something dumb about Lashley crapping his pants. We get some "We want Wyatt" chants!! Goldberg says he's always going to be Goldberg at any age. Goldberg says he lives by the spear and Lashley will die by the spear. Goldberg says Lashley is next at SummerSlam!! Goldberg leaves and Lashley says nothing. Lashley and MVP then get in the face of Goldberg's son at ringside. GOLDBERG COMES BACK TO SPEAR MVP AT RINGSIDE!! Goldberg threatens to kill them if they mess with his son while Lashley checks on MVP.

Sara Schreiber is backstage with Drew McIntyre. We see highlight of McIntyre's 34 chair shots to Shanky and Claymoring the attorney. He faces Veer and Shanky in a handicap match next!

Handicap Match

Veer & Shanky w/ Jinder Mahal vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre bring the sword to the ring to even the odds I guess. McIntyre is starting against Veer. McIntyre takes control early and backs Veer into the corner. Veer stops McIntyre's momentum with a throat shot. Shanky tags in and they double team McIntyre to send him shoulder first into the ring post. Shanky and McIntyre trade blows now. Clothesline by Shanky to take down McIntyre. Veer gets a tag and splashes McIntyre in the corner. Shanky misses an elbow drop and McIntyre gets fired up. Clotheslines by McIntyre followed by a back elbow. McIntyre with a belly to belly throw! Neck breaker by McIntyre and a kip up. McIntyre knocks Shanky off the apron and hits Veer with a spine buster!!! McIntyre wants the Claymore but Shanky grabs the his leg. MAHAL COMES IN AND ATTACKS MCINTYRE WITH A CHAIR FORCING A DQ!!! Plenty of CM Punk chants during this match.

W: Drew McIntyre via DQ @ 3:14

Post match, Mahal, Veer, and Shanky all get chairs. MCINTYRE GRABS THE SWORD and rids the ring of Mahal and Veer. McIntyre has a stand off with Shanky and Shanky backs down.

Backstage, Mahal claims McIntyre is madman for swinging a sword at them. Mahal says they're leaving the building. I guess we'll see about that.

Nia Jax is backstage with Shayna Baszler. Nia asks if we were surprised by what we just saw? No, not really! Anyways, she tells us to watch what she does to Rhea Ripley next as we go to a commercial.

Drew McIntyre is interviewed backstage. He says he didn't finish the job yet. McIntyre promises to get even with them.

Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler vs. Rhea Ripley

The crowd loves Ripley!! Lock up to begin and Jax over powers Ripley to the corner. Clean break. Jax charges into a boot. Head butt by Jax takes down Ripley and then Jax sends her into the ring post. Jax goes to the apron and then hip attacks Ripley's head into the ring post! Back in the ring, Ripley avoids a charge and tries a Riptide with no luck. Jax sends Ripley into another ring post shoulder first. Jax goes for a hip attack again but no one home! Jax goes hip first into the ring post. Ripley takes out Baszler with a flip off the apron. That allows Jax to pick up Ripley and SAMOAN DROP HER INTO THE BARRICADE as we go to a commercial.

We're back with and Jax has Ripley in a torture rack. Ripely fights free and hits Jax with short arm clotheslines. SPRING BOARD RANA BY RIPLEY!! Ripley hits a big kick and then climbs up to the top rope. MISSILE DROP KICK BY RIPLEY for a near fall. Jax battles back and wants a power bomb but Ripley escapes. Jax goes to sit on Ripley but Ripley avoids it. JAX GOT BUSTED OPEN GOOD!! JAX HITS A LEG DROP!!! 1......2......NO!!! Ripley avoids a Samoan drop but counters. RIPLEY WANTS RIPTIDE BUT BASZLER GETS ON THE APRON TO DISTRACT!! JAX MISSES A CHARGE AND RIPLEY ROLLS HER UP FOR THE WIN!!! The right person wins as Ripley heads to SummerSlam.

W: Rhea Ripley via pin @ 8:04

Post match, Baszler and Jax argue!! Baszler leaves. RIPLEY COMES BACK IN THE RING AND HITS JAX WITH RIPTIDE!!!

Highlights of Mansoor and Mustafa Ali defeating Mace and T-Bar last week. Rematch is next!

Mace & T-Bar vs. Mansoor & Mustafa Ali

Hometown pop for Ali!! "ALI" chants to start! Mansoor and Mace start it. Mace cheap shots Ali off the barricade. Mansoor tries to attack but it doesn't last. T-Bar gets a tag. T-BAR DESTROYS ALI ON THE OUTSIDE! T-BAR WITH A SPRING BOARD ELBOW DROP TO MANSOOR!! Near fall. Ali is back on the apron now and gets a tag. Ali knocks Mace off the apron with a kick. Ali picks up the pace and hits a rolling neck breaker on T-Bar. Ali and Mansoor take out T-Bar and Mace respectively with dives to the outside. T-Bar on the apron now and he gets spiked with a tornado DDT!! Mansoor gets a tag. Ali goes up to the top. T-Bar gets Mansoor into the ropes and that racks Ali. MACE DISTRACTS MANSOOR AND T-BAR PULLS GIM HARD OFF THE TOP. SPIN KICK BY T-BAR TO MANSOOR FINISHES IT!! Classic 50/50 booking.

W: Mace & T-Bar via pin @ 2:42


Highlights of last weeks match between Nikki A.S.H. and Charlotte Flair including Charlotte's post match attack. Nikki is backstage preparing for the match tonight.

Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring (not in ring gear). Graves puts her over as "The Opportunity" and saying there's gold is her blood. I still don't believe "The Opportunity" will ever catch on. Anyways, she grabs a mic and says a few days ago she woke up the headline of Simone Biles withdrawing from the Olympics due to mental health issues. Charlotte emphasizes with her. "BECKY" chants. Charlotte is pissed and says she sold out the Allstate Arena and not Becky. Charlotte says Nikki A.S.H. stole her championship and the crowd seems that they could careless. Charlotte says she's near her breaking point of having her own breakdown. She hypes herself and says she the most decorated woman in this business. Charlotte walks around ringside and says cashing in the briefcase is cowardly and calls is theft! She pulls a kendo stick from under the ring along with a broom. She complains she's been cashed in on three times! She says cashing in on her is the only way to make a name for yourself. Last week, Charlotte says she defeated Nikki to prove a point. Then, Nikki had the audacity to want a rematch. The crowd seriously doesn't care at all. The crowd finally starts cheering. OH WAIT!! NIKKI IS HERE TO HIT CHARLOTTE IN THE BACK WITH A CHAIR!! Charlotte bails and Nikki stands tall.

Highlights of last weeks match between Natalya/Tamina vs. Eva Marie/Doudrop including Alexa Bliss' distraction allowing Tamina to beat Eva Marie. Kevin Patrick is backstage in gorilla to interview Eva Marie and Doudrop. They're asked about Natalya. Eva Marie doesn't care about her and runs down Lily. They call Lily gross. They say Natalya paid the price last week and Tamina will tonight.

Doudrop w/ Eva Marie vs. Tamina (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion)

Tamina carries both tag titles and the crowd cares doesn't care twice as much. Natalya has torn ligament in her ankle according to commentary. The match begins and the lock up. Clean break. Side head lock by Doudrop. They trade shoulder tackles and down goes Doudrop. Tamina drops Doudrop with a clothesline in the corner. Hip attack by Tamina. Tamina goes up to the top and Eva Marie on the apron to distract. Doudrop from behind sends Tamina face first into the ring post! Doudrop hits an elbow drop from the bottom rope. Doudrop takes control and the "CM Punk" chants start. Senton by Doudrop gets a near fall. Doudrop attempts to wear down Tamina with a submission but Tamina fights to her feet. Doudrop charges into a boot. Both ladies are down. They trade rights now and running crossbody by Tamina. Doudrop blocks a super kick and Tamina falls somehow. DOUDROP MISSES A CROSSBODY AND TAMINA FINISHES HER WITH A SAMOAN DROP. Not good.

W: Tamina via pin @ 3:50

Post match, Alexa Bliss comes on the tron to say the loser of the match is Eva Marie!

Highlights of Damian Priest defeating Sheamus last week.

Backstage, Riddle zooms up to Priest on his scooter. It's a new one after Omos broke his other one. He had it in the stable. Priest asks if Riddle is concerned that Omos will do the same to him? Riddle says he has the power of Randy Orton going through his veins. Riddle puts over Priest win over Sheamus. Sounds like Priest will be on Miz TV. He says if John Morrison and The Miz try anything funny, he'll make it so Morrison needs a wheelchair as well.

John Morrison and The Miz make their way to the ring. Priest will be on Miz TV next! We come back to Miz and Morrison welcoming us to Miz TV! Their guest tonight has a long history with them. Miz has tried to let bygones be bygones but Miz still has hatred for him. Damian Priest makes his way out. Morrison pulls out a drip stick. Miz asks who was responsible for him being a wheelchair and some other questions. All answers are Priest. Priest finally says they are out of their mind. More "CM PUNK" chants. Priest says Sheamus was cleared to wrestle and actually calls Sheamus a badass unlike Miz. Priest asks Miz what's wrong with his knee and if he's going to wrestle again? Priest asks Miz if it's his leg or something in between them? MIZ OBJECTS!! Miz says if he wasn't in the chair, he'd slap the taste out of Miz. Priest gets in his face and says to do it. Morrison gets up and threatens to use the drip stick. Priest calls Morrison "Johnny Side Kick" and Miz a loud mouth jackass! Morrison says "The wet don't forget". More moist jokes. Priest says he was out to challenge Sheamus again but Morrison has pissed him off so Priest wants him now! Morrison takes a swing but Priest ducks a bell claps Morrison. Priest stalks Miz and picks up the drip stick. PRIEST SQUIRTS MIZ WITH THE DRIP STICK!!! We go to a commercial.

John Morrison w/ The Miz vs. Damian Priest

Morrison tries a single leg and Priest hobbles to the corner. Priest counters and hits a back elbow in the corner. Priest avoids a charge by Morrison and leaps off the ropes to hit a leg drop for a near fall. They trade blows but Morrison gets the upper hand with a kick and knee strike for a near fall. Front face lock by Morrison and he grounds Priest. Priest knees his way free. Morrison charges into an elbow. Kick by Priest now followed by a clothesline. Priest goes to the top rope and MIZ SQUIRTS HIM WITH THE DRIP STICK!! Morrison and Priest battle on the apron now. Morrison with a senton back into the ring. PRIEST COUNTERS STARSHIP PAIN and Morrison counters a choke slam. Morrison hits a running knee and STANDING MOONSAULT!!! 1.....2.......NO!! Morrison hits a kick. Morrison wants a spring board but Priest plants him face first! PREIST FINISHES MORRISON WITH A SIT OUT CHOKE SLAM!!!

W: Damian Priest via pin @ 4:03

Post match, SHEAMUS ATTACKS PRIEST!! RICOCHET MAKES THE SAVE!! We go to a commercial.

Sheamus (WWE United States Champion) & John Morrison w/ The Miz vs. Damian Priest & Ricochet

This started during the break to the surprise of no one. Ricochet is taking it to Sheamus when we come back. Ricochet with a crossbody to Sheamus and he knocks Morrison off the apron. Near fall for Ricochet. I just lost power so I'm not sure what happened next. I got power back and it's over! My apologies. It looks like PRIEST HIT MORRISON WITH THE RECKONING TO WIN!!

W: Damian Priest & Ricochet (timing issues)

Highlights of the Lashley/Goldberg confrontation from earlier. We see a pissed Lashley and a hurt MVP backstage. After a commerical , Lashley is suppose to respond to Goldberg's challenge.

We're back with Sara Schreiber asking Lashley his response to Goldberg's challenge. Lashley says Goldberg brought his son tonight. LASHLEY HOPES GOLDBERG BRINGS HIS SON WHEN LASHLEY ANNIHILATES HIM!! It's official!!

Riddle vs Omos (WWE Raw Tag Team Champion)

No AJ Styles with Omos. RIDDLE ATTACKS BEFORE THE BELL RINGS!! Omos tosses Riddle off of him and throws him in the corner. The ref backs Omos up. We officially start and Riddle avoids a charge. Running forearms by Riddle! Omos stops that and shoves Riddle over the top rope. Omos follows Riddle to the outside and launches him into the time keepers area. Riddle beats the count at 9. Omos head butts Riddle back to the apron and then launches him off the apron! Riddle makes it back in again at 9. Riddle flips back in and hits a couple knee strikes. SPRING BOARD KNEE BY RIDDLE!! Riddle runs into a clothesline by Omos. OMOS PULLS RIDDLE UP AND HITS THE TWO HANDED CHOKE SLAM BOMB FOR THE WIN!!! Riddle made Omos look great.

W: Omos via pin @ 2:35

Alexa Bliss is backstage with Lily at the playground. DOUDROP ATTACKS BLISS FROM BEHIND!! EVA MARIE picks up Lily and says how ugly she is in person before throwing her to the ground. They leave and Lily raises up!

Karrion Kross heads to the ring. He'll have a rematch against Keith Lee next!

Non-Title Match

Karrion Kross (NXT Champion) vs. Keith Lee

The crowd loves Lee! They lock up right away and jockey for position. Lee with body shots to Kross in the corner. Kross avoids the double chop and hits Lee with stomps. More strikes by Kross. Off the ropes and shoulder tackles by Lee. Lee takes down Kross with a spring board crossbody from the apron. Kross lands a boot and hits an exploder suplex! Kross goes to the outside and pulls Lee out. KROSS SUPLEXS LEE INTO THE STEPS!! We go to a commercial.

Back from the break, commentary says Kross controlled the whole break. Kross continues to control and hits a clothesline to take Lee off his feet. Near fall for Kross. The crowd is still behind Lee though. Kross runs into an elbow. Kross misses another charge and Lee with strikes. DOUBLE CHOP BY LEE!!! Lee mows over Kross with a pounce! Lee wants the Spirit Bomb but Kross blocks. Lee blocks a Saito suplex but KROSS HITS AN ELBOW TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!! KROSS LOCKS IN THE KROSS JACKET!!! LEE BREAKS IT!! LEE HITS KROSS WITH THE SPIRIT BOMB TO WIN IT!!! More 50/50 booking but I am happy to see Lee get a win.

W: Keith Lee via pin @ 9:25

Rhea Ripely is interviewed backstage. She says her match was brutal tonight but not as brutal as tonight's no holds barred match. Ripley will be watching and hopes Nikki beats the hell of Charlotte. No matter what happens tonight, she'll be the next champ at SummerSlam.

The 24/7 Championship will be on the line after a commercial.

24/7 Championship Match

Reggie (champ) vs. Akira Tozawa

They've officially shortened his name now. They show off dance moves and atheleticism to begin. Tozawa tries a right hand with Reggie on the apron and Reggie back flips off to avoid it. Tozawa catches his face on the bottom rope getting back in the ring. Geez. "Reggie" chants now. Tozawa says something about ninja power but runs into a hand spring elbow. REGGIE FLIPS ONTO TOZAWA AND SITS ON HIS CHEST TO GET THE PIN AND WIN!! Simply to showcase Reggie.

W: Reggie via pin @ 2:07

Nikki A.S.H. is interviewed. She doesn't know what to expect in this match and Charlotte didn't know what to expect earlier. Nikki wants to prove that if you believe in yourself, you too can be almost a superhero!

Championship Contenders No Holds Barred Match

Nikki A.S.H. (WWE Raw Women's Champion) vs. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte has brought back the Cruella gear. Charlotte trash talks to begin but then misses boot. Crossbody by Nikki early but Charlotte quickly takes control by hitting a back breaker and sending Nikki to the corner. Charlotte throws Nikki to the outside and follows her. Charlotte clears the announce table. "We want tables" chant now. Charlotte gets another table from under the ring and the crowd loves it. Charlotte continues to beat the hell out of Nikki. Nikki avoids a slam and sends Charlotte into the ring post. Charlotte no sells it and goes back to beating down Nikki. Rhea Ripley is watching backstage. "BECKY" chants now. Charlotte suplexes Nikki on the floor outside. CHARLOTTE SPEARS NIKKI THROUGH THE BARRICADE and we go to a commercial.

We're back with Charlotte beating on Nikki in the corner. The table is now leaning in the corner inside the ring. They battle to the top rope where Nikki fights back and shoves Charlotte of. Nikki misses a flying crossbody. Charlotte hits a boot for a near fall. Another big boot by Charlotte for another near fall. Charlotte picked Nikki up on the last two near falls. Trash talk by Charlotte. Charlotte goes outside to get a chair and NIKKI KICKS IT INTO HER FACE!! NIKKI HITS A TORNADO DDT FROM THE APRON TO THE OUTSIDE!!! Ripley is still watching. "CM PUNK" chants now. Chops by Charlotte now and she throws Nikki over the barricade into the crowd! Nikki is up and leaps off the barricade but Charlotte catches her! CHARLOTTE POWER BOMBS NIKKI THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! The ref checks on Nikki. Charlotte talks trash as she drags Nikki back to the ring. Charlotte puts Nikki in the ring and puts a boot over on her! 1......2.......NO!!! Charlotte is pissed! Charlotte sets up for a spear BUT NIKKI MOVES AND CHARLOTTE GOES THROUGH THE LEANING TABLE!!!! Nikki covers......1......2......NO!!!! Nikki pulls Charlotte in from the apron and HITS A HANGING SPINNING NECK BREAKER TO WIN!!! Wow!! I'm pleasantly surprised!

W: Nikki A.S.H. via pin @ 14:36

Nikki stands tall and goes to celebrate with the crowd to end the show!

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