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Raw 8/17/2020: HBK returns to confront Orton!

Here's what's schedule for tonight:

  • Shawn Michaels will confront Randy Orton after Orton's attack on Ric Flair

  • Will Rey Mysterio return after what happened to Dominik last Monday?

  • Raw Underground: Riddick Moss vs. Arturo Ruas

  • Raw Underground: Erik from the Viking Raiders will compete

WWE broke big news today that starting with this Friday's Smackdown, shows will take place at the "ThunderDome" which will be inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. It's suppose to provide a state-of-the-art viewing experience for fans. You can read about it on the WWE's website.

Tonight's show kicks off with the opening signature all messes up! I'm sure this has something to do with Retribution. Commentary apologizes for the technical difficulties and says they want to focus on SummerSlam. They talk about the rumors of Rey Mysterio being here. They talk about Asuka's win on Smackdown. Asuka and Shayna Baszler vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley tonight.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring. We see highlights of what Randy Orton did to Ric Flair last week. McIntyre says what Orton did last week is unforgivable. McIntyre says Orton brutalized a 71 year old hall of famer. McIntyre talks about the things Flair said to Orton and Orton punting Flair. McIntyre says at SummerSlam, he is going to severely hurt Orton for everyone he has ever wronged. The lights go black and we keep getting cuts to other stuff like Shawn Michaels, Dominik, etc. More Retribution crap. I'm still not sold on this faction or their purpose for all this. I can only hope for a legit explanation. WE CUT TO THE TV PRODUCTION TRUCK WHERE RETRIBUTION IS DESTROYING EVERYTHING!! The screen goes black and we go to a commercial.

We're back and commentary talks about what just happened. The Raw locker room is backstage talking about the incident when McIntyre shows up. McIntyre says Flair will be alright but Orton won't be. McIntyre talks about what Retribution is doing and he's had enough. He suggest they all band together to do something when SETH ROLLINS interrupts!! Rollins claims he is the one who leads the locker room. Rollins and McIntyre argue over who the leader is. Ricochet chimes in and says Rey Mysterio will be here to get revenge for Dominik. Humberto chimes in with the same thing. Rollins tells McIntyre to get his priorities straight or he will be leaving SummerSlam without the title. McIntyre challenges Rollins to step up. Rollins wants no part and leaves with Murphy.

MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin make their way to the ring now. MVP talks about McIntyre organizing a buddy group but the Hurt Business is open for business for Retribution! MVP says the rest of the locker room is worried but the Hurt Business is calling Retribution out! MVP says follow the money. Who benefits from what Retribution is doing? MVP twists it all around and says it's Apollo Crews who's behind it all. MVP talks about his match with Crews being interrupted by Retribution. HERE COMES APOLLO CREWS!! Crews says he's making excuses because MVP can't beat Crews without help. MVP claims he sees fear in Crews' eyes. Crews says he does fear losing the United States title which is why he won't. Crews says why don't they do business now. Crews proposes that if he beats Shelton Benjamin tonight, then Benjamin and Lashley are banned from ringside at SummerSlam. The match is next!

Non-Title Match

Shelton Benjamin w/ MVP & Bobby Lashley vs. Apollo Crews (WWE United States champ)

If Apollo wins, Benjamin & Lashley are banned from ringside at SummerSlam

The match is already started after we come back from commercial. Benjamin takes Crews down with a clothesline and beats on him in the corner. Benjamin gets a near fall. Benjamin goes for Pay Dirt but Crews counters with a spine buster for a near fall. Crews goes for his power bomb but Benjamin counters with a DDT and a near fall. Benjamin goes for something but R-TRUTH IS HERE AND TOZAWA CHASES!! BENJAMIN IS DISTRACTED AND CREWS PINS HIM WITH A JACKKNIFE COVER @ 2:09!! Too quick to mean much but at least we should get a relatively clean match at SummerSlam. Lashley attacks afterward!! Ricochet, Mustafa Ali, and Cedric Alexander are here for the save!! The faces stand tall! R-TRUTH IS BACK AT RINGSIDE AND BENJAMIN TAKES HIM OUT AND WINS THE 24/7 CHAMPIONSHIP!!! MVP gets a mic and challenges Crews to pick two partners for a six man tag team elimination match later tonight.

Angel Garza is backstage with Demi Burnett from the Bachelor. IVAR INTERRUPTS!! Ivar asks her to be his plus one for Raw Underground tonight and offers her a ham bone. Garza is pissed. They have a match next.

Angel Garza w/ Andrade & Zelina Vega vs. Ivar w/ Erik

Garza charges immediately but misses. However, Garza gets an early advantage. Off go the pants! Demi Burnett is watching backstage and is approached by Angelo Dawkins. Meanwhile, Ivar hits a big suplex on Garza and takes control. Ivar runs through him and follows with a slam and a splash. Ivar takes Garza from corner to corner. Garza runs into a senton by Ivar and Ivar gets a near fall. Ivar puts Garza on the top but Garza uses elbows to escape. Ivar knocks Garza off the apron and looks to dive to the outside but Zelina Vega steps in the way. Ivar still goes outside and throws him up against the barricade. Garza catches Ivar as he gets back in the ring and THEN DELIVERS THE DOUBLE DROP KICK TO THE SIDE OF THE FACE FOR THE WIN @ 3:52!! Garza getting the win was expected since they got a title match at SummerSlam. ANGELO DAWKINS AND THE BACHELOR GIRL ARE ON THE TRON. DAWKINS SAYS THEY GOT A VIDEO THEY NEED TO SHOW. Zelina Vega goes to Samoa Joe to ask what's going on. Joe says security is tighter because of Retribution so they were able to dig up some video footage. Joe says he thinks Zelina will be interested in it because it shows how far people will go when they think no one is watching!

Back from a break, commentary talks about Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio. They show the bruises on Dominik from last weeks attack.

Angel Dawkins and Demi Burnett are backstage when Zelina Vega, Andrade, and Angel Garza interrupt. Charly Caruso is here now and wants to know what the video is. THE VIDEO IS ZELINA VEGA POISONING MONTEZ FORD!!! Charly questions Zelina. Zelina accuses Charly of being jealous and setting her up. MONTEZ FORD IS HERE!! THEY ATTACK GARZA AND ANDRADE!!

Natalya w/ Lana vs. Mickie James

Lana distracts Mickie and Natalya attacks!! Lana tries to take pictures on her phone meanwhile. Mickie starts firing back and takes down Natalya but her offense is short lived. Natalya is back in control. Mickie delivers a shoulder block to take down Natalya. Mickie goes for a DDT but Natalya stops it and they both hit clotheslines to take each other down. SETH ROLLINS AND MURPHY ARE HERE TO TALK TO JOE!! They question how he knows Rey will be here. Mickie hits a hurricanrana and then a neck breaker but the focus is on Rollins and Joe. Mickie goes to the top but Lana distracts allowing Natalya to knock her off the the floor. MICKIE JAMES GETS COUNTED OUT SO NATALYA WINS @ 3:11! What the hell was this?!?!? Terrible match and it got no attention from commentary. Not to mention, the finish was stupid. I feel bad for Mickie. Lana tries to take a picture of Mickie after but Mickie decks her!!

Rollins and Murphy are still talking to Joe. Rollins says if Rey and Dominik show up tonight, it will be the last mistake they make and neither will make it to SummerSlam!

The women's tag team match is next. Commentary talks about their title defenses at SummerSlam and Payback. Banks gets on the mic before the match and complains about their matches with Asuka before saying they can't wait for SummerSlam. They talk about who should face Asuka first at SummerSlam. Bayley volunteers to go first to make it easier for Banks. Then they will celebrate before Payback. They talk about who will challenge them at Payback. They go to mention Asuka and Kairi Sane but they laugh about Kairi not being there. Shayna Baszler interrupts and says she's got next shot at the WWE Raw Women's Championship after SummerSlam. Asuka is out speaking Japanese. Asuka tells Shayna she has to fight with her before she fights against her.

Non-Title Match

Sasha Banks (WWE Raw Women's champ & WWE Women's Tag Team champ) & Bayley (WWE Smackdown Women's champ & WWE Women's Tag Team champ) vs. Shayna Baszler & Asuka

We start with Bayley and Asuka. Asuka gets cornered right away and the champions take turns tagging in and out working on Asuka. Banks delivers strikes to Asuka and knocks Shayna off the apron to prevent Asuka from tagging. NIA JAX PUNCHES SHAYNA BASZLER THROUGH THE PLEXIGLASS!! OFFICIALS COME OUT BUT BASZLER AND JAX BRAWL!! Asuka is left all alone but Asuka hits a Hip Attack on both Bayley and Banks when they're on the apron sending them to the outside as we go to a commercial.

We're back from the break and Bayley is wearing down Asuka. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are gone somewhere. Double suplex by the tag champs as Banks is now in to continue to beat down. Asuka begins building some momentum but Banks hits a meteora to stop her. Bayley comes back in and gets a near fall. Bayley taunts the crowd while she beats on Asuka. Banks is back in now and gets a near fall. The champs both slam Asuka and Bayley gets a near fall off of it. Bayley goes to the top and Asuka gets the feet up to avoid the elbow. Roll up by Asuka for 2! Bayley tags Banks. Back fist by Asuka to Bayley. SASHA LOCKS IN THE BANK STATEMENT ON ASUKA!! SHAYNA BASZLER IS BACK TO BREAK IT UP!! ASUKA MAKES THE TAG!! Baszler runs wild on Banks including two step up knees to the face! Blind tag by Bayley! BACK STABBER BY BANKS ON BASZLER!! BAYLEY TO BELLY ON BASZLER!! 1...2...NO!! BASZLER KICKS OUT!! Shayna is fighting back. Gut wrench suplex and a knee strike to Bayley and SHAYNA LOCKS IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH!! Banks breaks it up! Asuka is back in. Asuka and Banks go to the outside. ASUKA LOCK ON BANKS ON THE OUTSIDE AND SHE'S TAPPING!! IN THE RING, BASZLER LOCKS IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH ON BAYLEY AND BAYLEY TAPS @ 11:59!! Best thing so far tonight which isn't saying much unfortunately. The champs isolated Asuka for a while until Baszler came back. Interesting to see Baszler make Bayley tap out before SummerSlam when Baszler doesn't have a match Sunday (at least not as of now).

Commentary talks about last weeks contract signing between Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio. We see highlights of it.

Apollo Crews talks to Ricochet, Mustafa Ali, and Cedric Alexander. He picks Ricochet and Ali. Cedric questions the picks. Crews explains he thought Cedric might be too banged up. Cedric seems offended but Crews says he meant nothing by it. Could Cedric turn heel?? They walk off and then Randy Orton comes into the scene. We go to a commercial.

Drew McIntyre is approached by Shawn Michaels backstage. Michaels says Flair meant a lot to everyone. Michaels says Orton will use this frustration against McIntyre. Shawn tells Drew to refocus. McIntyre talks about how Michaels helped him in NXT when he came back. McIntyre feels like he has let Michaels down but Michaels says he hasn't. Michaels says being the champ is tough but McIntyre is tailor made for it. Michaels talk about McIntyre training harder when injured. Michaels says McIntyre has earned everything he has. Michaels says he will go out there to confront Orton. He asks McIntyre to give him his space.

Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott are backstage when they are interrupted by the IIconics. The IIconics insult them per usual. Ruby faces Peyton next. Ruby and Liv walk off and we see Shayna Baszler talking to MARINA SHAFIR and JESSAMYN DUKE!!

We see highlights of everything Retribution has done lately. Like we haven't seen it already.

Ruby Riott w/ Liv Morgan vs. Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay

Riott attacks right at the bell. All Ruby early on as she sends Royce outside with a baseball slide. Riott throws Royce into the barricade and breaks the count. Royce counters and sends Riott into the barricade. In the ring, Royce delivers a knee strike to the face for a near fall. Peyton pounds on Ruby in the corner until Ruby turns the tides and goes on the offensive. Ruby kicks Peyton right in the face forcing Peyton to roll outside. Ruby runs the apron and takes out Peyton with a cross body. Billie Kay and Liv Morgan exchange words. PEYTON PUSHES RUBY INTO LIV ON THE OUTSIDE!! IN THE RING, PEYTON HITS DEJA VU ON RUBY FOR THE WIN @ 2:53!! About on par with the other matches in this feud. Take that how you'd like.

Shane McMahon is here to talk to the security guard. They say it's time for Raw Underground. It's next! We got to a commercial.

We're back with Shane McMahon. Erik from the Viking Raiders is kicking some ass! Erik knocks the guy out with a knee strike to the head. Shane McMahon interviews Dolph Ziggler. Dolph says Erik did pretty good and gives him a 4/10 haha. ERIK CALLS FOR DOLPH TO GET IN THE RING! DOLPH ACCEPTS! Dolph tries to take Erik down and finally does but they are pretty evenly matched. DOLPH LOCKS IN A SLEEPER AND GAUGES ERIK'S EYE TO WIN IN ABOUT A MINUTE AND A HALF. IVAR IS PISSED AND COMES IN AN POUNCES DOLPH!!

Back in the PC, Rey and Dominik Mysterio are here! Dominik is still selling the ass whooping from last week. Rey has a mic. Rey says he felt pain at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules but he felt an even worse pain watching what Seth Rollins did to Dominik. Rey says he felt a rage that he has never felt before while watching it. Rey says he may not be fully recovered but no doctor can stop him from protecting his son. Rey says Rollins won't repeat what he did because Rey will be in Dominik's corner at SummerSlam. Dominik has the mic now and he appreciates it. He will defend the family and claims he will be ready. Rey says he is really proud of Dominik and he knows Dominik will be ready. Rey says if Rollins shows up, he won't be making it to SummerSlam. Rollins and Murphy are on the tron. Rollins says Rey has always been about Rey. Rollins says Rey keeps putting his family in these situations and it all could of been avoided. Rollins says they still haven't learned. Rollins says the Mysterio name is what will be the ultimate sacrifice. Rey challenges them to come to the ring. Rollins laughs and says don't forget they asked for this and tells them not to move. Rollins and Murphy head to the ring. Rollins and Murphy get in the ring but Rey and Dominik bail!! REY DISTRACTS THEM AND DOMINIK TAKES THEM OUT WITH A KENDO STICK!! DOMINIK AND REY BOTH WEAR OUT ROLLINS WITH A KENDO STICK!! THEY LOCK SETH IN THE ROPES BUT MURPHY SAVES HIM!! THEY GET MURPHY TOO WITH A COUPLE SHOTS! Rollins and Murphy both bail!

Cedric Alexander is backstage when approached by MVP. MVP says he knows what Cedric is thinking because he has been there. MVP says the offer to join the Hurt Business still stands and walks off. Cedric throws his water bottle.

Back to Raw Underground where Riddick Moss is facing Arturo Ruas. They both go right at each other. Moss hits a bunch of strikes but Ruas gets a knee bar locked in! They roll out of the ring and start beating up the other guys. Shane praises them and says it was awesome. Alright then.

Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match

Apollo Crews (WWE United States champ), Ricochet, & Mustafa Ali vs. Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin (24/7 champ), & MVP

Ali starts against Benjamin. Ali gets the upper hand early. Ali and Ricochet tag in and out. Benjamin is able to get a tag to Lashley who starts running wild. DOMINATOR TO ALI WHO IS GONE @ 1:40! Ricochet comes in now and delivers strikes, No effect! Spine buster by Lashley!! PAY DIRT BY BENJAMIN AND RICOCHET IS GONE @ 2:15! Apollo is all alone!! Apollo beats on Benjamin and hits the TOSS POWER BOMB TO ELIMINATE SHELTON AT AROUND 3:00! CEDRIC ALEXANDER IS HERE AND PINS SHELTON OUTSIDE WITH A ROLL UP TO WIN THE 24/7 CHAMPIONSHIP as we go to a commercial!!!

We're back and MVP is beating down Crews in the corner. MVP throws Crews to the outside and bounces his head off the apron. Back in the ring, near fall for MVP. Lashley comes in and continues the beat down. Lashley hits a big shoulder tackle in the corner . MVP in now and delivers a boot to the face of Crews in the corner. Near fall. MVP tries a second boot but misses this time. TOSS POWER BOMB BY CREWS AND MVP IS GONE @ 9:30!! Lashley immediately goes on the attack!! Crews build momentum and hits two enziguris! Another one hits and takes down Lashley! Standing moonsault! Lashley blocks the toss power bomb. Lashley goes for the full nelson but doesn't get it. A SPEAR BY LASHLEY THOUGH FINISHES IT @ 10:51!! The heels pick up the win ahead of SummerSlam giving MVP the momentum.

Commentary talks about the SummerSlam card.

Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke are seen talking to Shane McMahon about Raw Underground. Something is going to happen with that next!

24/7 Championship Match

Akira Tozawa vs. Cedric Alexander (champ)

They grapple early and Alexander takes him down with drop kick. Tozawa summons the ninjas but Alexander takes one out. Tozawa takes Alexander down with a kick but misses coming off the top. ALEXANDER WINS SHORTLY AFTER WITH THE LUMBAR CHECK @ 1:00ish!!! Too short to mean anything. MVP did watch on from the back. SHELTON BENJAMIN IS HERE AND HITS PAY DIRT TO WIN THE TITLE BACK!!

Highlights of Dolph Ziggler beating Erik earlier in Raw Underground. Next week, Ivar faces Dolph Ziggler in Raw Underground.

Marina Shafir is in Raw Underground and she destroys someone. NIA JAX ATTACKS SHAFIR!! NIA ATTACKS JESSAMYN DUKE! SHAYNA BASZLER GETS IN WITH NIA!! THE BELL RINGS AND NIA ROLLS OUT OF THE RING AND LEAVES!! Shane says the only rule is you have to fight but Nia isn't interested.

Andrade w/ Angel Garza & Zelina Vega vs. Montez Ford w/ Angelo Dawkins (WWE Raw Tag Team champs)

Montez Ford is fired up and goes right after Andrade. A drop kick sends Andrade out of the ring. Ford flips over the top to take out Andrade!! Ford goes to the top rope but Andrade racks him and superplexes Ford! Near fall. Andrade is in control now but Ford fires back with a clothesline and another. Standing moonsault by Ford for a near fall. Ford charges the corner but gets boots to the chest. Ford comes right back though and hits a hurricanrana! Zelina gets on the apron! BIANCA IS HERE TO TAKE HER OUT!! ANDRADE IS DISTRACTED AND FORD ROLLS HIM UP FOR THE WIN @ 3:04! Another short match tonight but it furthers the story I guess.

Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring and he's greeted by Titus O'Neil, Humberto Carrillo, and R-Truth.

Shawn Michaels is out now. Michaels wishes he was here on a more exciting note but he shows us the footage of Randy Orton's attack on Ric Flair. Michaels says he watched last week in tears as Flair talked about the worse 31 days of his life. Michaels says you have to understand how much Flair loved performing. Michaels list a bunch of people who wouldn't be here without Flair including Orton. Michaels says Orton isn't appreciative of having the greatest mentor ever. Michael says he doesn't know how it will happened, but Orton will meet his justice at SummerSlam whether it's Sweet Chin Music or a Claymore. Michaels says Orton will see it coming!! MICHAELS GOES TO LEAVE AND ORTON IS HERE!! RKO TO MICHAELS!!! ORTON PUNTS MICHAELS!!! DREW MCINTYRE RUNS OUT BUT ORTON BAILS!! McIntyre calls for some help for Michaels. ORTON TRIES TO ATTACK MCINTYRE BUT MCINTYRE TURNS THE TIDE!! MCINTYRE BEATS THE HELL OUT OF ORTON AROUND THE RING!! McIntyre goes back to check on Michaels. ORTON IS BACK AND RKOS MCINTYRE!!! Orton has a stare down with McIntyre as he walks back up the ramp! End Show.

Next Week:

  • Raw Underground: Ivar vs. Dolph Ziggler

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