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Raw 8/16/2021 Preview: Lashley & Goldberg Face-to-Face; Handicap Match; More!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • Randy Orton vs. Omos w/ AJ Styles (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions)

  • Handicap Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Veer & Shanky w/ Jinder Mahal

  • WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and Goldberg meet face-to-face

Randy Orton defeated AJ Styles in the main event of last week's Raw with an assist from Riddle. After that, Orton would hit Riddle with a RKO. This week, Orton faces Styles' teammate, Omos. Can Orton make it two-for-two against the tag champs?

Drew McIntyre faces Veer and Shanky in a handicap match with SummerSlam implications on the line. If McIntyre wins, Veer and Shanky are banned from ringside at SummerSlam. If Veer and Shanky win, McIntyre's sword, Angela, will be banned from the SummerSlam match. Will McIntyre overcome the odds to level the playing field at SummerSlam?

With SummerSlam this Saturday, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and Goldberg will go face-to-face one more time before their showdown in Las Vegas.

Tune in tonight to see what goes down!

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