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Raw 8/16/2021: Goldberg/Lashley Face-to-Face; RK-Bro Reunites; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • Handicap Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Veer & Shanky w/ Jinder Mahal

  • Randy Orton vs. Omos w/ AJ Styles (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions)

  • WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and Goldberg meet face-to-face

We're in San Antonio, Texas at the AT&T Center for Raw and we're just five days away from SummerSlam!!! We open the show with highlights of Randy Orton's return last week including Orton hitting Riddle with a RKO at the end of the show. We're kicking off the show with RANDY ORTON!!! Orton says people have been asking him all week why hit he Riddle with a RKO? People are saying Riddle just wanted to help and be Orton's friend. That's the problem....Orton says he doesn't need friends. Orton claims he would of beat Styles without Riddle's help. Orton reminds us that he's a 14-time champ and he did it by himself. Orton says he owes no one an explanation! Orton says Raw is still his territory and he proves it to Styles last week. He'll prove it to Omos tonight! Orton puts over Omos before calling him a jackass. Orton claims he'll hit Omos' big ass with a R-K-O!!! BRO!!! HERE COMES RIDDLE!! Complete with scooter. Riddle still looks happy! Orton doesn't look as pleased. Riddle grabs a mic and says Orton is right. No explanation is needed. Riddle claims he knows why Orton RKOed him. Riddle says Orton was just teaching him. Orton questions this. Riddle says he's been trying RKOs while Orton was gone. So, Orton taught him how to do a real one. Riddle says he learned his lesson and it's time to give the team another chance. Riddle claims Orton needs him tonight against Omos. HERE COMES STYLES AND OMOS!! Styles says how about RK-NO!! Styles says no one cares why Orton RKOed Riddle. Styles tells Orton to RKO himself if possible. Styles says Orton's win over him proved nothing. Styles says no one can save Orton from Omos tonight when he defangs the viper! Styles says Omos shouldn't have all the fun. Styles is sick of Riddle saying "bro". Now "Bro" chants from the crowd. Styles wants a match with Riddle now!!! Riddle accepts! Riddle claims Orton will be in his corner and Orton's facial expression is great. The match is next after a break.

Riddle w/ Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles w/ Omos (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions)

Before the bell rings, Orton leaves! Styles attacks right away. Back breaker by Styles and a quick cover. Slam by Styles and another quick cover. Orton watches from the top of the ramp. Riddle is sent to the corner but counters with a kick. BROTON BY RIDDLE!! Orton has gone to the back now. Gutwrench suplex by Riddle! Forearm by Riddle. Off the ropes and Styles gets Riddle in an abdominal stretch. Riddle elbows free and hip tosses Styles. Styles blocks a kick and dragon screws Riddle. Styles focuses on the leg now. Riddle counters and gets a near fall off of a cradle. They go into the corner where Riddle tries a triangle. He can't get it but Styles falls hard to the outside. On the outside, Riddle sends Styles into the apron. Riddle hits a PK kick from the apron. SPRING BOARD FLOATING BRO TO THE OUTSIDE TO TAKE OUT STYLES as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Styles in control in the ring. Styles sends Riddle to the corner but misses a splash. Riddle with forearms now. Styles blocks a suplex but then Riddle hits a German with a bridge! 1.....2......NO!!! Strikes by Riddle and Styles responds with some of his own. Fireman's carry into a neck breaker by Styles!!! 1.....2......NO!!! Styles sets up for the Styles Clash but Riddle counters with a kick to the chest. Another. Riddle wants a senton but STYLES COUNTERS WITH THE CALF CRUSHER!!! STYLES CRANKS BACK!! Riddle makes it to the ropes. Styles picks up the leg of Riddle but Riddle hits a knee strike. EXPLODER BY RIDDLE SENDS STYLES TO THE CORNER!! Riddle goes up to the top. Omos moves in his distract. Styles uses the distraction to take advantage and rack Riddle. STYLES PULLS RIDDLE OUT OF THE CORNER AND HITS THE STYLES CLASH FOR THE WIN!!! Good stuff from both men.

W: AJ Styles via pin @ 10:51

Highlights of Nikki A.S.H. facing Rhea Ripley last week where Charlotte Flair interfered. Nikki A.S.H. is warming up in gorilla. She has a rematch against Ripley. She's interviewed about her thoughts. She focuses on being an inspiration. She talks about being almost a superhero. She's confident she can beat Ripley and also retain her championship at SummerSlam.

Olympic Medalist Keldon Johnson is shown in the crowd.

Riddle is backstage looking like a sad puppy. He's interviewed. Riddle says he's never given up on RK-Bro even when Orton wasn't here. Tonight, Orton just left him all alone.

Non-Title Match

Nikki A.S.H. (WWE Raw Women's Champion) vs. Rhea Ripley

This is a rematch from last week. Wouldn't surprise me if Charlotte interferes again. Speaking of Charlotte, she makes her way to the ring for a closer look. Anyways, the bell rings as Charlotte joins commentary. Graves sucks up to her. Lock up in the ring and Ripley tosses Nikki across the ring. Ripley with a fireman's carry but Nikki counters to hit a bulldog. Ripley is knocked to the outside. Nikki with a crossbody off the apron to take down Ripley. Nikki poses while looking at Charlotte as we head to a break.

Back from the break, Nikki hits a kick and tries a pin with no luck. Ripley is up and hits a drop kick. Stalling vertical suplex by Ripley for a near fall. That was impressive. Ripley gets Nikki in a bear hug. Commentary is too focused on Charlotte to call the match. Ripley charges in the corner but goes shoulder first when Nikki moves. Nikki tries an Irish whip but it's blocked. Nikki gets a near fall off of a roll up. They trade counters and NIKKI HITS A TORNADO DDT OUT OF THE CORNER!!! 1.....2......NO!!! Nikki charges in the corner and tries a monkey flip but Ripley puts her on the top turnbuckle. Nikki fights her off and tries a crossbody. Ripley catches her and hits a Northern Lights Suplex!!! 1......2......NO!!! Nikki hits a jaw breaker for a near fall before running into a big boot from Ripley. RIPLEY HITS NIKKI WITH RIPTIDE TO GET THE WIN!!! Commentary hypes Ripley pinning Nikki just five days before SummerSlam but Charlotte is quick to say Ripley has never pinned her. Nikki looked better than usual but still weak for a champion.

W: Rhea Ripley via pin @ 8:24


Highlight of Drew McIntyre destroying Baron Corbin last week. Jinder Mahal is backstage with Veer and Shanky. Mahal tells them he has given the opportunity of a thousand lifetimes. Mahal says McIntyre is still standing. Mahal says this is there last chance to take away his precious sword. Mahal in convinced that with Angela (the sword), he will crumble at the feet of Mahal at SummerSlam.

A video package hypes WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. MVP is outside Lashley's locker room telling someone to bring Lashley a grilled chicken breast and purified water. Kevin Patrick then wants an interview. MVP is asks about tonight being a combustible situation. MVP got speared last time Goldberg is here. MVP promises that Lashley will repay Goldberg. Commentary hypes their confrontation for tonight.

Handicap Match

Drew McIntyre vs. Veer & Shanky w/ Jinder Mahal

Veer and McIntyre start. Veer goes on the attack with strikes but McIntyre quickly turns it around. Suplex by McIntyre on Veer and Shanky tags in. McIntyre with a jab but Shanky throws him into the corner. McIntyre fights out but eats a boot from Shanky. Veer gets the tag to come back in. Veer hits a jumping elbow drop for a one count. Veer with a chin lock. McIntyre fights to his feet and hits a couple clotheslines. A shot to Shanky on the apron. McIntyre with a belly to belly on Veer followed by a neck breaker. Shanky comes in but McIntyre HITS SHANKY WITH A MICHINOKU DRIVER!! FUTURE SHOCK DDT TO VEER!!! Kip up! COUNTDOWN!! CLAYMORE TO SHANKY!!! BALLGAME!! As a result, Veer and Shanky will be barred from ringside at SummerSlam.

W: Drew McIntyre via pin @ 3:32

Post match, McIntyre grabs a mic and tells Mahal that he won't have his goons at ringside for SummerSlam. McIntyre tells us that Shanky wants to something. McIntyre speaks for him and says Shanky wants to be a sexy, badass like McIntyre. McIntyre says Mahal screwed him over at Money in the Bank and he's known Mahal for 10 years. At SummerSlam, McIntyre promises to hurt and humiliate Mahal. McIntyre says Mahal is a former world champion. He polls the crowd on their SummerSlam match and they're heavily behind McIntyre.

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are talking backstage when Charlotte Flair comes in to complain. Deville says she can get her payback on Saturday or she can find a tag partner to face Nikki and Ripley tonight. Charlotte says she doesn't play well with others. They tell her to take or leave the offer and she storms off.

John Morrison makes his way to the ring. He's hosting MOIST TV! We see highlight of last week with Damian Priest beating Morrison and Miz standing from the wheelchair and running out. Up next is the premiere episode with The Miz as his guest. Commercial time.

Elias vignette that shows multiple people breaking a guitar over his back. Elias tosses a guitar on a fire. WWE stood for Walk With Elias but......ELIAS IS DEAD!!! I'm intrigued.

We come back to Morrison in the ring. There's a baby pool in the ring, rubber duck float and multiple drip sticks. Morrison welcomes us to the show. He says we witnessed a "Moist Miracle" last week when Miz was able to get up and run. Morrison says he hasn't spoken to Miz in a week but he wants to get the answers. The Miz is introduced and he dances his way to the ring. Miz hugs Morrison when he gets to the ring but Morrison seems skeptical. Miz hypes being the first ever guest on Moist TV. We get a "Moist TV" chant. Morrison says lets get to it. Morrison asks Miz his favorite movie. Miz says all of his Marine movies. Speaking of acting, Morrison asks Miz if he was acting in the wheelchair. Miz asks Morrison if he's ever lied to, used, or faked an injury? Miz claims he's not a liar. Miz asks the crowd if we think he'd lie to Morrison. CUE DAMIAN PRIEST!!! Priest calls Miz a liar and tells Morrison that Moist TV is better than Miz TV. Priest says before he leaves Vegas as the United States Champion, why doesn't Morrison asks Miz why he had Morrison push him around like a servant. Miz objects! Miz says his knee was injured because of Priest. Miz claims he's the most durable superstar in WWE history and that's why he was a two time grand slam champion. Miz says Morrison doesn't have kids. Miz says he's been cleared for a couple weeks. Morrison questions Miz and asks why Miz just didn't tell him. Miz says Priest is spinning this all around. Morrison has an idea to make this episode special. Morrison suggests Priest vs. Miz!! Priest accepts! PRIEST SHOVES MIZ INTO THE BABY POOL!! The match will happen after a commercial.

The Miz w/ John Morrison vs. Damian Priest

Miz tries to convince Priest not to have this match. He runs down San Antonio in the process. SHEAMUS MAKES HIS WAY TO THE RING. Sheamus joins commentary. The bell rings and Miz immediately rolls out of the ring. Miz tries to high five Sheamus but Sheamus doesn't. Priest goes outside to throw Miz back in. Priest with an Irish whip and Miz just falls and holds the knee. Miz suckers Priest in and takes the advantage. Miz dances around now hitting kicks. Priest blocks a kick and fires off some of his own including a spinning heel kick that takes down Miz. Miz counters a charge. Miz reaches for the Drip Stick but Morrison pulls is away and walks up the ramp. Big clothesline by Priest. PRIEST MOCKS SHEAMUS AND BROGUE KICKS MIZ!!! IT'S OVER!!! Squash.

W: Damian Priest via pin @ 2:42

Post match, Sheamus grabs a mic and calls Priest a disrespectful scumbag. Sheamus tells Priest that his gold isn't going anywhere. Sheamus promises to kick Priest's head off his shoulders at SummerSlam.

Highlights of last week's match where Alexa Bliss defeated Doudrop. Backstage, Eva Marie tells Doudrop that she'll take care of this personally at SummerSlam. For now, Eva wants Doudrop to go to the playground to bring her Lily. Alexa's playground is next!

Backstage, Miz confronts Morrison about not being there for him. Morrison says Miz hasn't been there for him for weeks. The New Day are in the background making fun of them. Miz and Morrison talk it out and everything is cool.

Alexa Bliss is at the playground with Lily. Bliss makes jokes and then tells Lily to watch her mouth. Bliss says she's excited for SummerSlam to put an end to Eva Marie. Bliss talks about Lily-lution. Doudrop shows up and snatches Lily from Bliss. Bliss warns her not to do that. Doudrop stops in her tracks and hands Lily back to Bliss. Bliss says she'll see her at SummerSlam.

Highlights of last week's match between Mace/T-Bar vs. Mansoor/Mustafa Ali.

Mace w/ T-Bar vs. Mansoor w/ Mustafa Ali

Mansoor goes for a single leg to begin but Mace manhandles him. Mace launches Mansoor and then stomps the spine. Camel Clutch by Mace. Mace hits a big kick but misses an elbow drop. Mace charges into an elbow. Strikes by Mansoor now. Off the ropes, Mansoor with a forearm. Mansoor avoids a charge and Mace goes sternum first into the corner. MANSOOR WITH A SUNSET FLIP AND ALI GIVES AN ASSIST TO GIVE MANSOOR THE WIN!!! Good old 50/50 booking here.

W: Mansoor via pin @ 1:57

AJ Styles and Omos are interviewed. Omos vows to kill the legend that is Randy Orton. Styles says that'll make Omos the new "Legend Killer". Styles then dubs himself the "Moron Killer" since he beat Riddle. Styles says they'll celebrate the end of RK-Bro tonight.

We get highlights of Goldberg's career.

Randy Orton vs. Omos w/ AJ Styles (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions)

Stare down to begin. Orton tries a RKO but Omos pushes him away. Omos corners Orton but Orton avoids him. Orton punches but Omos catches his fist. Orton stomps a foot but Omos scoop slams Orton with ease. Omos pulls Orton to his feet by the head. Omos squeezes the head of Orton. Orton tries to fight back but Omos clubs his back. "Let's Go Randy" chants from the crowd and Orton avoids a charge. Orton tries to build some offense but Omos stops that with a knee. Orton is sent into the corner and he avoids another charge. Orton tries a RKO again but Omos shoves him out of the ring! STYLES GETS CAUGHT KICKING ORTON AND THE REF CALLS FOR A DQ!!! More of an angle.

W: Randy Orton via DQ @ 3:43

Post match, Styles throws Orton back in the ring. Omos throws Orton to the outside near the announce table. Omos throws Orton into the crowd with one arm! Omos picks Orton out of the crowd and puts him back in the ring. Styles sets up for the Phenomenal Forearm but HERE COMES RIDDLE!!! Riddle sends Styles to the outside. Omos teases getting in the ring to take on Riddle but thinks better of it and carries Styles to the back. "RK-BRO" chants from the crowd as Riddle helps Orton to his feet. Orton wants a mic. Orton says respect is something that you must earn. Orton may have respected Riddle in the past but that doesn't mean he has it now. Orton says after everything he's put Riddle through, Riddle still had his back! Orton says Riddle has his respect. ORTON SAYS RK-BRO IS BACK TOGETHER. RIDDLE OFFERS A HAND SHAKE AND THEY HUGE!! RIDDLE SAYS THEY CHALLENGE STYLES AND OMOS TO A TAG TITLE MATCH AT SUMMERSLAM!!

Highlights of Jeff Hardy defeating Karrion Kross a few weeks ago and Kross defeating Hardy last week. Hardy is backstage with Kevin Patrick. He's requested a rematch against Kross. Hardy is angry about Kross disrespected him after their match last week. Hardy tells Kross to check his hour glass because his 15 minutes of fame is about up! KROSS ATTACKS HARDY BACKSTAGE!! They have a match next!

Non-Title Match

Karrion Kross (NXT Champion) vs. Jeff Hardy

NO MORE WORDS!! The crowd pops for that. Hardy attacks right away! Inverted atomic drop and a double leg drop! Basement drop kick. HARDY GOES FOR TWIST OF FATE BUT KROSS COUNTERS WITH THE KROSS JACKET!!! HARDY HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP!!! Well....there's that.

W: Karrion Kross via submission @ 0:50

Eva Marie is waiting backstage when Doudrop comes back. Obviously, Doudrop doesn't have Lily and Eva isn't happy about it. Eva says Doudrop might as well of slapped her in the face since she didn't bring her Lily. EVA THEN SLAPS DOUDROP TWICE!

We're getting a 24/7 Championship match next!

Commentary hypes the Lashley/Goldberg confrontation tonight.

Earlier today, 24/7 Reggie went to the park to hang out for the day. So, who's going to jump him? We got moving trash cans in the background. Reggie talks about coming to the park and being his true self and reflecting. R-Truth is dressed up as a bush. Tozawa was the trash can. Neither are successful in getting Reggie and he speeds away. Truth and Tozawa argue.

Commentary hypes SummerSlam and runs down the card. We'll have an updated card after Raw tonight. RK-Bro vs. Styles/Omos is official as well as Bliss vs. Eva Marie.

Another Elias vignette. He puts a headstone with "Elias 2017-2021" in front of the guitar and ash. This could be arguably the most intriguing thing on the show.

Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. (WWE Raw Women's Champion) vs. Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax

I can't make any sense of why Nia would want to be Charlotte's partner. Anyways, Nia and Nikki are starting. Nia laughs off Nikki and pie faces her. Nikki fires with strikes that have no effect. Nia shoves Nikki and then tries to corner her. Nikki avoids a scoop slam and gets a sleeper. Nia backs her into the corner with ease and squashes her! More strikes by Nikki with no effect. Nia sends her hard into the ropes. Tag to Charlotte who lays out Nikki with a boot on the outside as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Charlotte and Nia isolating Nikki in the corner. Nikki is able to plant Charlotte face first and tag Ripley. Short arm clotheslines by Ripley. Snap mare by Ripley and she knocks Nia off the apron. Spin kick by Ripley hits Charlotte in the face. Northern Lights suplex by Ripley gets a near fall. Charlotte charges into a boot by Ripley. Ripley misses a missile drop kick from the top. SHAYNA BASZLER watches from the back. Nia gets a tag and hits Ripely with a Samoan drop!! Nia goes up to the second rope and Charlotte tags herself in. Charlotte knocks Nikki off the apron. CHARLOTTE HITS RIPLEY WITH NATURAL SELECTION TO GET THE WIN!!! The crowd boos and Nia doesn't look pleased.

W: Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax via pin @ 7:35

Kevin Patrick interviews Styles about RK-Bro's chances at SummerSlam. Styles says they've beaten every tag team they have faced. Styles says he and Omos are the only real team left. Styles says that within the next five days, Orton will despise Riddle again.

Goldberg's music hits and he heads to the ring! He meets Lashley face-to-face next!

We're back from the commercial and "Goldberg" chants from the crowd as he waits. Goldberg asks San Antonio what's up for the cheap pop. Before Goldberg discusses SummerSlam, he has something he needs to address. Goldberg isn't happy about Lashley/MVP mentioning his son. Goldberg says they moved to Texas a couple years ago. Goldberg gets the crowd the pop for his son, Gabe Goldberg, who is sitting in the front row. Goldberg brought his son again so he can see first hand who his father is. WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP make their way to the ring. MVP says Goldberg has been doing a lot of talking which is unlike Goldberg. MVP says Goldberg's actions normally do the talking. MVP suggest that Goldberg is overcompensating. MVP says for the first time in his career, Goldberg has come across someone more explosive and dominant than him! Lashley has the mic now as he gets in the ring. Lashley says he gave Goldberg every opportunity to walk away but Goldberg is too stubborn. Lashley says Goldberg is playing house rules and the house always win. Lashley says Goldberg wants this nice SummerSlam moment but Lashley says he will end his career at SummerSlam. Lashley tells Goldberg when steps in the ring, he steps in the house of the Almighty. Goldberg grabs the mic and says THAT'S BULLSHIT!! Lashley takes a swing and misses. GOLDBERG SPEARS LASHLEY!!! Goldberg leaves with Gabe as he stares down Lashley to end the show!

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