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Raw 8/10/2020: Owens vs. Orton; Asuka vs. Bayley; Dominik/Rollins Contract Signing

Here's what' on tap tonight:

  • Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton w/ Ric Flair

  • Asuka gets WWE Raw Women's Championship Match against Sasha Banks at SummerSlam if she wins: Asuka vs. WWE Smackdown Women's Champion & WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Bayley

  • More Raw Underground

  • Mickie James returns tonight

  • Bianca Belair looks to beat the truth out of Zelina Vega

  • Contract Signing: Dominik Mysterio and Seth Rollins make their match official for SummerSlam

  • What's the next move for RETRIBUTION?

We're kicking off Raw with the contract signing between Dominik Mysterio and Seth Rollins hosted by Samoa Joe. Joe says Dominik will be signing two contracts. One for the match and the other to officially become a WWE superstar. Joe says he'll remain professional even though he could use some colorful adjectives to describe Rollins. Rollins is out first with Murphy accompanying him. Dominik is out next and he's bringing a kendo stick with him. Rollins says Dominik looks like a coward instead of a man. Joe takes the kendo stick and says it'll be safer with him. Rollins asks if this is funny to Joe and Joe says it's just sad. Joe says he should be looking at Seth "Freaking" Rollins but he isn't. Joe runs down everything Seth has done since he got booed by fans last fall. Joe says Rollins gave Dominik no choice but Rollins corrects him by saying he's given Dominik, Rey Mysterio, and Aleister Black a choice every step of the way and they kept making the wrong decisions. Rollins claims he is the one who has no choice because he's been crapped on by everyone! Rollins wants to know when it's going to be enough. Dominik says it'll never be enough. Dominik claims Rollins keeps making excuses. Dominik says Rollins has changed men for the worse. Rollins calls Dominik ungrateful. Rollins says Dominik is about to fulfill his dream of becomes a WWE superstar all because of Rollins. Dominik says that was his dream but now his dream is to kick Rollins' ass at SummerSlam. Rollins laughs!! Rollins says Dominik wouldn't last ten seconds in a normal match because Rollins is the best of his generation. Rollins offers to do Dominik a favor and tells Dominik that he wants Dominik to have every opportunity at SummerSlam. Therefore, Dominik can use a kendo stick or any weapon he wants at SummerSlam so there is no excuse when Rollins ends Dominik's career before it even starts. Both men sign. Rollins tells Dominik to get out of the ring and watch what Rollins does to Humberto Carrillo next!

Seth Rollins w/ Murphy vs. Humberto Carrillo w/ Dominik Mysterio

They lock up to start and Rollins backs Carrillo into the corner. No clean break as Rollins cheap shots him. Dominik is hanging around with the kendo stick. Carrillo picks up the pace and takes the fight to Rollins as the action goes to the outside. Rollins battles back and sends Carrillo into the barricade. Murphy goes to attack Carrillo but Dominik chases him away with the kendo stick. Back in the ring, Carrillo hits a couple kicks to gain the advantage. They fight in the corner but Rollins racks Carrillo across the top rope. Carrillo hits Rollins with an elbow knocking him off the top. Murphy distracts Carrillo but Dominik takes him out. CARRILLO GOES FOR A MOONSAULT BUT ROLLINS GETS HIS FEET UP!! SUPER KICK AND A STOMP BY ROLLINS AND IT'S OVER @ 3:05!! The winner was never in doubt for me. The after the match attack was brutal!

Murphy attacks Dominik!! Rollins joins in too!! Carrillo tries to help but is taken out. Dominik gets brief amount of offense but the numbers game is too much! Murphy gives Rollins the kendo stick and ROLLINS WEARS DOMINIK OUT WITH THE KENDO STICK!! Murphy rips Dominik's shirt off and ROLLINS DELIVERS MORE SHOTS WITH THE KENDO STICK!! DOMINIK HAS SOME MAJOR WELTS!! Rollins and Murphy tie Dominik up in the ropes. MORE SHOTS TO THE CHEST WITH THE KENDO STICK!! PROPS TO DOMINIK BECAUSE HE"S TAKING AN ASS WHOOPING!! Murphy goes to the outside and grabs more kendo sticks. Rollins tells Murphy to take a few shots! ROLLINS HITS DOMINIK FROM THE FRONT AND MURPHY HITS FROM THE BACK!! Rollins goes to hit a stomp but Dominik just falls to the mat. Rollins and Murphy finally walk away leaving Dominik laying in the middle of the ring.

A video package for Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton at SummerSlam.

Commentary shows and talks about highlights of the attack we just witnessed. Joe says he still has faith that Dominik can do it at SummerSlam.

We get highlights of what RETRIBUTION did last Monday on Raw and last Friday on Smackdown.

Andrade, Angel Garza, and Zelina Vega are out now. Andrade has a match but Zelina wants to talk first. Zelina claims she has nothing to do with Montez Ford getting poisoned. Zelina says Bianca Belair can learn a lot from her. Zelina again claims she had nothing to do with the poisoning but Andrade and Garza will have everything to do with taking the tag team titles at SummerSlam. Angelo Dawkins makes his way out. The lights dim and flicker during his entrance. Commentary mentions Retribution again. We go to a commercial before the match begins.

Before the match, we have to see a clip for the Big Show's show on Netflix.

Andrade w/ Zelina Vega & Angel Garza vs. Angelo Dawkins (WWE Raw Tag Team champ)

The bell rings and Dawkins goes right after Andrade. All Dawkins early forcing Andrade to roll out of the ring for a breather. Andrade breaks the count at 8 but rolls right back out. Andrade takes out a leg and gets back in the ring and goes on the attack. Drop kick to the neck by Andrade. Bianca Belair vs. Zelina Vega is immediately after this. Andrade wears down Dawkins with a head lock. Dawkins battles back with a bunch of punches and clotheslines. Back elbow by Dawkins following by a belly to belly suplex. Dawkins misses a splash in the corner and Andrade hits him with the double knees! Near fall. Andrade goes to the top turnbuckle but jumps into a punch to the face! Zelina gets on the apron but BIANCA IS HERE to pull her off! Andrade is distracted by this allowing DAWKINS HITS ANDRADE WITH THE CASH OUT FOR THE WIN @ 4:02!! A quick match but furthered their feud just fine.

Bianca throws Zelina in the ring but Zelina escapes out the other side. We go to a commercial but their match is next!

Zelina Vega vs. Bianca Belair

Back from commercial, this is already started. Zelina is trying to lock in a sleeper on Bianca but Bianca isn't having it. Zelina begs off and tries to bail. Zelina tries a crucifix and a triangle choke but Belair's power is too much! Bianca slams her face first with ease. Bianca sends Zelina into the corner and beats her down. Zelina thumbs Bianca in the eye!! Zelina hits a tornado DDT but only gets a near fall! Zelina has a brief amount of offense and pulls Bianca's hair. Zelina hits the running knees in the corner like Andrade but that also gets only a near fall. Bianca goes for the KOD but Zelina escapes and uses a head scissors to send Bianca into the ropes. Zelina goes to the second rope but Bianca catches her and military presses Zelina!!! Bianca talks trash and Zelina pushes her in the face! BIANCA IS PISSED!! Bianca beats the hell out of Zelina and tosses her around the ring. Bianca charges but Zelina moves and Bianca goes shoulder first into the post. Zelina mounts her in the corner but Bianca comes out of it and power bombs her!! Bianca sends Zelina into the turnbuckle and THE KOD BY BELAIR AND IT'S OVER @ 6:16!! A rare outing for Zelina Vega and it wasn't as bad as I thought it may be. Bianca gets a little revenge. I don't like that this match got more time than Dawkins/Andrade.

Charly Caruso interviews of Bianca in the ring. Belair says she isn't done with Vega. Charly asks about an update on Montez Ford. Dawkins says Ford will be at SummerSlam. The street profits are up, and they want the smoke!

Commentary talks about last weeks match between MVP and Apollo Crews. MVP wants to host an investigative edition of the VIP Lounge next.

VIP Lounge time! MVP is joined by Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin. MVP says tonight is a very different edition of the lounge. MVP says he told us that a conspiracy was taking place! MVP asks how is suppose to win a championship in unsafe working conditions. MVP blames Apollo Crews for the lights going on in their match. HERE COME APOLLO CREWS!! Apollo says MVP is making excuses. MVP says Apollo made excuses for not defending the title at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. MVP says all Crews does is make bad decisions. Crews says he may be right but he's allowed to make bad decisions because he's a bad man! MVP doesn't care about Crews' kids. Crews doesn't care about Benjamin or Lashley. Crews only cares about MVP. At SummerSlam, the only lights going out are MVP's. Lashley and Benjamin roll out of the ring Crews gets in and attacks MVP!! MVP bails and Crews throws the couch out of the ring.

Non-Title Match

Shelton Benjamin w/ MVP & Bobby Lashley vs. Apollo Crews (WWE United States champ)

The match was already in progress after a commercial. Crews goes for a power bomb early but Benjamin avoids it. Apollo uses this athleticism early and gets an early near fall. Benjamin picks up the pace and hits a power bomb of his own for a near fall. Shelton sends Apollo to the outside where MVP talks some trash. Back in the ring, Benjamin locks in a head lock. Apollo fights back. Benjamin sends him into the ropes but Crews hits a cross body! Enziguri by Crews!! Apollo sends Shelton into the corner and delivers some shoulders to the midsection. Splash by Apollo! Big power slam by Crews and he follows with a standing moonsault! Near fall! Crews goes off the ropes but Lashley trips him up! Apollo kicks Lashley! BENJAMIN ROLLS UP CREWS FOR THE WIN @ 5:11!! I don't like Apollo taking the loss here but I guess he's protected because of the numbers game. After the match, Lashley goes to lock Crews in the full nelson but MVP stops him and says he doesn't want Crews to have any excuses for SummerSlam. MVP tries to cheap shot Crews but CREWS HITS AN ENZIGURI ON MVP!! Crews leaves with his title.

Commentary has breaking news. A cinder blocks has been thrown through a glass window at the Performance Center!! We see RETRIBUTION outside and they throw more cinder blocks through the Performance Center windows as some guy shorter than them tries to tell them to stop.

Mickie James is interviewed backstage. She has a big announcement tonight! Lana and Natalya show up to interrupt! Natalya and Lana are wearing matching outfits and it's terrible, Lana and Natalya talk about hashtags. Mickie says Natalya is living off her family's legacy. I guess they're having a match later. Poor Mickie. Hopefully she didn't come back just for this.

Highlights of Raw Underground from last week.

Ivar is backstage chatting with a blonde when Ivar, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander show up and say they got to go because of their match next. The blonde apologizes for keeping Ivar talking but says he's kinda cute.

We see highlights of Rollins and Murphy kicking Dominik's ass earlier.

Eight Man Tag Team Match

Ricochet, Cedric Alexander & The Viking Raiders vs. 24/7 Champion Akira Tozawa and his ninjas

Ricochet and a ninja start. Ricochet and Cedric double team a couple ninjas. Ivar in now and the ninjas massacre continues. Tozawa argues with a ninja about who's going in the ring next. VIKING EXPERIENCE ON A NINJA AND IT'S OVER @ 1:10!! What's the point??? Tozawa never got in the ring!!

Tozawa is leaving the ring and A NINJA ROLLS HIM UP AND WINS THE 24/7 CHAMPIONSHIP!! THE NINJA IS R-TRUTH!! I guess that was the point of the whole thing.

Charly Caruso is backstage with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre! McIntyre says Randy Orton keeps all his knowledge to himself because of self-preservation. That's why he is taking out everyone. McIntyre says he's taking the torch from Orton at SummerSlam and kick him in the head. McIntyre says Evolution will pass Orton by at SummerSlam. Charly asks what if Kevin Owens takes the torch from Orton tonight. McIntyre says if that happens, him and Owens will have to talk about the future of Raw.

Liv Morgan w/ Ruby Riott vs. Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay

The IIconics talk trash on the way to the ring. Liv goes on the offense immediately. Royce stops the momentum with a knee to the guy of Morgan. They go out of the ring where Liv slams Peyton's face off the apron several times. Back in the ring, Liv runs into a spin kick. Peyton in control now. Liv gets a roll up near fall. With Liv in the corner, Billie Kay gets on the apron to get involved. Ruby gets on the apron too but Billie jumps off. The ref thinks Ruby was trying to interfere! Peyton takes advantage and HITS THE DEJA VU FOR THE WIN @ 2:02!! Quick match that continues the story between these four, Ruby checks on Liv as the IIconics leave.

Highlights of the history between Asuka, Sasha Banks, and Bayley are shown.

We see the security guard standing outside the door of where Raw Underground takes place, Shane McMahon comes up to greet him and say Raw Underground is next!

Back from a break, Riddick Moss is facing someone in Raw Underground. They go outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Moss goes after the eyes then knocks the guy down and attacks!! The ref calls for the bell!! Shane McMahon says stay tuned for what happens next.

If Asuka wins, she faces Sasha Banks at SummerSlam for the WWE Raw Women's Championship

Asuka vs. Bayley (WWE Smackdown Women's champ & WWE Women's Tag Team champ) w/ Sasha Banks (WWE Raw Women's champ & WWE Women's Tag Team champ)

Bayley doesn't look happy about the match. Asuka attacks as soon as the bell rings. Hip attack in the corner by Asuka. Bayley bails to avoid the attack. Asuka chases and sends Bayley into the plexiglass. Back in the ring, Asuka goes to the top turnbuckle but Bayley slows her down. Power slam by Bayley for a near fall. Bayley mounts and delivers punches to Asuka. Bayley gets a near off a suplex. Another near fall for Bayley on a roll up. Bayley tries to wear Asuka down with a chin lock. Asuka gets to her feet but Bayley sends her into the corner. Asuka fights back but elbow drop by Bayley. Kicks by Bayley but Asuka is getting mad. Kick to the face of Bayley by Asuka. Both ladies are down and the lights flicker. Release German by Asuka! Hip attack by Asuka for a near fall! Asuka goes for another hip attack by Bayley catches her and sends Asuka head first into the turnbuckle. Bayley misses a knee strike and hangs herself up in the corner. Asuka runs up the ropes and stomps Bayley! Bayley falls outside the ring as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Asuka climbs to the top ropes and hits a missile drop kick and gets a near fall. Asuka delivers a series of kicks. Sasha Banks gets on the apron to distract allowing Bayley to lock in an ankle lock while grapevining the leg! Asuka makes it the ropes but the damage has been done to the ankle. Bayley targets the ankle now. Bayley distracts the ref and Banks attacks Asuka! Bayley works on Asuka in the corner. Asuka catches Bayley in a roll up for a near fall. Asuka gets Bayley in a submission and Bayley escapes but then Asuka gets her in an arm bar. Pin by Bayley for 2! Bayley locks in an Indian Death lock! Asuka counters into an ankle lock of her own!! They trade submissions and then Asuka gets another near fall. Double knee strike by Asuka for a 2! Both ladies trade blows in the middle of the ring until a knee strike to the face by Asuka! Asuka puts Bayley on the top rope and goes up with her. Bayley pushes her off and DELIVERS AN ELBOW DROP FROM THE TOP!! 1..2..NO!! Back fist by Bayley and she follows up with a sunset power bomb into the corner!! BAYLEY MOCKS KAIRI BY DOING THE PIRATE STOMP BUT ASUKA GETS BAYLEY IN THE ASUKA LOCK!!! BAYLEY TAPS OUT @ 15:09!! Good match between these two! Easily the best thing so far tonight! Asuka vs. Sasha Banks is official for SummerSlam!

Back to Raw Underground. Shane introduces Arturo Ruas. He's an amateur wrestling champion in Brazil. He kicks the guy out of the ring immediately. His opponent gets back in but is quickly destroyed with some elbows to the face! The ref lets the guy get up and he gets knocked out instantly! ARTURO RUAS WINS EASILY!! Shane asks if anyone wants to take him on and no one seems to want to.

A promo video airs promoting Braun Strowman vs. The Fiend for the WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam.

Dabba-Kato is in Raw Underground and he beats the hell out of another guy this week! Dabba-Kato GRABS THE MAN BY THE BALLS AND KNOCKS HIM OUT WITH A PUNCH!! SHAYNA BASZLER IS HERE!!! Shane McMahon asks who wants to face Shayna. No one volunteers so SHAYNA STARTS KICKING ALL THE FEMALES ASSES!!! THREE LADIES SURROUND SHAYNA AND SHE DESTROYS THEM ALL!! SHAYNA MAKES ONE OF THEM TAP!! Shane McMahon says tune in next week to see what happens.

Outside, Retribution has flipped a car!

Randy Orton w/ Ric Flair vs. Kevin Owens

They lock up early with Orton getting Owens in a head lock. Owens sends Orton off the ropes and catches him with an elbow. Orton rolls to the outside. Owens talks trash with Flair. They both brawl on the outside with Owens bouncing Orton off the table. They beat the count at 8. Owens stomps Orton and lets out a "Woooo". Owens and Orton both go for a stunner and RKO respectfully. Neither are successful. Owens hits a cannon ball in the corner. They go back to the outside where Owens hits a cannon ball with Orton up against the barricade as we go to a commercial.

GWe're back and Owens is in control in the ring. Owens lights Orton up with chops in the corner. Orton rolls out of the ring again. Owens goes out to chase and Orton sends him into the steps. Orton sends Owens into the plexiglass. Orton rolls back in the ring to break the count. Orton sends Owens into the steps. Owens beats the count. Orton stomps KO's limbs Garvin style. More stomps by Orton follow by a knee drop for a near fall. Orton goes to a chin lock while raking Owens' eyes. Owens fights back. They trade strikes until Owens takes him down with a clothesline and follows with a senton! Owens sets up for the Pop Up Power Bomb but Orton rolls out of the ring. Owens follows but ORTON BELLY TO BACK SUPLEXES OWENS ON THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE!! Back in the ring, near fall for Orton. Orton puts Owens on the top turnbuckle. They trade blows and Owens head butts Orton off! SENTON OFF THE TOP BY OWENS!! 1..2..NO!! Owens stalks Orton!! ORTON BLOCKS A STUNNER AND HITS A RKO FOR THE WIN @ 13:16!! Good back and forth match with the right man winning considering his big match coming up.

After the match, Orton wants a mic. Orton tells Flair not to leave and ask for a favor from Flair. They need to talk and need to celebrate. Orton tells him to stay put as we go to a commercial. Back from commercial, Orton has a mic and tells Flair he has every right to be upset with him but he can't be angry with him. Orton says he only had this match with KO because of Flair. Orton says he can't be angry because Flair is the Nature Boy. Orton says Flair taught him everything he knows. Orton repeatedly says he can't be mad. Orton asks Flair if he remember 2002-2003 in Peoria, IL when Flair bailed Orton's punk ass out. ORTON SAYS HE DOESN'T RESPECT OR LOVE FLAIR ANYMORE! ORTON CALLS FLAIR A LIABILITY!! Orton says Flair saw Orton as the son he wished he had! FLAIR SHEDS A TEAR AND ORTON SAYS CRYING IS ALL HE IS GOOD FOR NOW. ORTON SAYS THE FLAIR HE KNEW WOULDN'T NEED A PACEMAKER OR HAVE BEEN IN A COMA 2 YEARS AGO!! Orton calls Flair a spotlight whore!! Orton says Flair only cares about himself! Flair grabs a mic and says he's taking this personal. Flair says Orton is right and that Flair is gone now. Flair says he does like the spotlight. Flair claims he is here because FLAIR WANTS TO SEE ORTON BREAK HIS RECORD!! Flair calls Orton the greatest performer in the world today! Flair talks about his time in intensive care. He says he had to tell everyone how much he loved them. Flair says all he is now is Charlotte's dad and he just wants to be part of Orton's life. THEY HUG!! They embrace but you can't hear what they say. ORTON LOW BLOWS FLAIR!!! Orton kneels down to say something to Flair. ORTON BACKS UP. THE LIGHTS FLICKER AND COME BACK ON. ORTON RUNS TO PUNT FLAIR BUT THE LIGHTS GO OUT!! WHEN THEY COME BACK ON, FLAIR IS DOWN!!! Orton kneels down towards Flair. HERE COMES DREW MCINTYRE!! ORTON BAILS!! Medical staff checks on Flair as Orton and McIntyre have a stare down to end the show!!!

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