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Raw 7/26/2021: Charlotte vs. Nikki Main Events; Lashley in Handicap Match; Kross vs. Lee; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • Nikki A.S.H. ushers in her Raw Women's Championship reign

  • WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Viking Raiders vs. AJ Styles & Omos (champs)

  • Mansoor & Mustafa Ali team up for tag team action

  • WWE Champion Bobby Lashley responds to Goldberg's challenge

We're in Kansas City, Missouri at the T-Mobile Center for Raw tonight and kicking off the show with highlights of Nikki A.S.H. cashing in her Money in the Bank contract on Charlotte Flair. The NEW Raw Women's Champion Nikki A.S.H makes her way to the ring to get things going.

Nikki is in the ring and asks for a mic. "Nikki" chants from the crowd. Nikki says she's always wanted to say "WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT RAW". She's so happy we're all back together and she's standing there as the NEW Raw Women's Champion! She says this feels like a dream. "You deserve it" chants now. She looks emotional. She keeps pinching herself to make sure she's awake but this dream is very real. She says she didn't have the confidence she needed and was afraid to fail. Then she realized that if she fails then she fails. Nikki says her superhero outfit gives her confidence. She says if you believe in yourself then you can overcome anything. It worked for her so it can work for you! CUE CHARLOTTE FLAIR!! Charlotte makes her way to the ring and gets a mic. Charlotte says awww Nikki that's nice. Charlotte says Nikki's fairy tale doesn't have a happy ending and calls Nikki a disgrace. Charlotte calls Nikki unfit to be the face of the company. Charlotte tells people you have to work for it to be the champion. That could be the funniest thing said in a while. Charlotte wants to take a closer look at what really happened last week. "You suck" chants from the fans and Charlotte gets into it with them. Charlotte says Rhea Ripley was mad she didn't the title back so she attacked her. Charlotte brings up she wasn't even on her feet when the bell rang so she claims Nikki stole her title. Charlotte is demanding a rematch at SummerSlam and she vows to make Nikki bow down to her. Charlotte says the injustice isn't Nikki's faults. It's the fans fault! She calls the fans jealous of her! HERE COMES RHEA RIPLEY!! Ripley sarcastically tells Charlotte we're all so jealous of someone who holds the title for one whole day. Ripley brings up Charlotte getting intentionally DQed against her last week. Ripley wants the title shot at SummerSlam. Nikki says who said anything about either of them facing her at SummerSlam. Nikki says the division is ready for a metamorphosis and she'll be leading it. Charlotte and Rhea argue over who's challenging at SummerSlam. CUE ADAM PEARCE AND SONYA DEVILLE!! Let me guess triple threat? They says in light of the circumstance, we'll get a triple threat at SummerSlam! Shocker!! Charlotte says it's ridiculous!! Charlotte wants a match tonight to prove Nikki isn't in her league. Pearce makes it official. Charlotte attacks Rhea and then Nikki sends Charlotte packing!

Damian Priest cut a promo earlier today where he says Sheamus doesn't deserve to be US Champion and calls him a bully. He deserves to get his ass kicked! They'll face next in a championship contenders match.

WWE United States Championship Contenders Match

Sheamus (WWE United States Champion) vs. Damian Priest

Lock up and clean break. Side headlock takeover by Sheamus. Priest fights to his feet and sends Sheamus into the ropes and Sheamus with a shoulder tackle. Now one by Priest followed by an arm drag. Sheamus gets to his feet and goes on the attack. Priest fires back with body shots and then a boot to the face. Flying back elbow by Priest and he clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring. Priest teases a dive to the outside. Priest then does leap but Sheamus catches and plants Priest on the apron. We go to a split screen commercial. During the split screen, Sheamus controls the action back in the ring. Now we go to a full commercial.

We're back with Sheamus in control working on the back of Priest. Priest fires back with a lariat! Priest with right hands the and a bell clap. A kick by Priest knocks the mask of Sheamus off!! Priest charges but Sheamus with double boots in the corner. Sheamus goes up to the top rope but PRIEST CHOKE SLAMS HIM OFF THE TOP!!! 1.....2......NO!!! Priest wants the Reckoning but Sheamus counters into an Alabama Slam!!! 1........2.........NO!!! Sheamus stomps Priest and wants a Cloverleaf. Priest blocks and kicks Sheamus in the face rapid fire! Priest with some kicks now. Sheamus answers with a knee strike! 1....2......NO!!! Priest is sent to the apron. Sheamus goes to club him but Priest hits a kick to the ear of Sheamus. Back in the ring, PRIEST HITS SHEAMUS WITH A RECKONING TO GET THE WIN!!! Priest earns a future US title shot! Probably at SummerSlam.

W: Damian Priest via pin @ 10:08

Up next is the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship match.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

AJ Styles & Omos (champs) vs. The Viking Raiders

Erik and Styles start it. Running knees by Erik out of the gate. Tag to Ivar. Styles charges and Ivar sits on his chest out of the corner. They're taking it to Styles and knocks Omos off the apron. Erik dives to the outside but Omos doesn't go down. THEY HIT STYLES WITH THE VIKING EXPERIENCE!!! 1......2......Omos pulls Erik out of the ring and destroys both Raiders on the outside as we go to a break.

Back from the break, Omos is wearing down Erik in the ring. Omos throws Erik across the ring and tags Styles who goes to a chin lock. Erik fights to his feet and they trade strikes. Erik decks Styles with a huge right and tags Ivar. Side walk slam by Ivar followed by a running crossbody! Ivar misses a charge but back drops Styles to the apron. Styles wants the Phenomenal Forearm but Ivar cartwheels to escape and levels Styles with a clothesline. Ivar runs into a super kick and Styles with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Styles misses an enziguri but avoids a back suplex. Erik gets a tag and the Raiders double team Styles. Erik hits Styles with a sick knee!! Ivar holds onto Omos leg!!! 1.....2......NO!!! Styles hits a pele kick!! Tag to Omos! Omos scoop slams Erik with ease! Ivar is back but Omos is taking out both of them. Omos throws Ivar out of the ring and squashes Erik in the corner. OMOS HITS ERIK WITH TWO HANDED CHOKE SLAM BOMB!! Styles gets a tag and HITS A SPRING BOARD 450 ON ERIK TO WIN IT!!!

W: AJ Styles & Omos via pin @ 9:31

Highlights of Jinder Mahal, Veer, and Shanky costing Drew McIntyre Money in the Bank. Then we get highlights of Drew McIntyre hitting Shanky with a chair 34 times!

Before the next match, Jinder Mahal calls Drew McIntyre despicable. He calls the fans disgusting for cheering all those chair shots. Mahal wants McIntyre to apologize. McIntyre isn't sorry. Mahal has her personal attorney here. I can't remember his name but they're going to sue McIntyre if he doesn't apologize. McIntyre tells him to shut up! McIntyre thinks it over for a second and he asks Kansas City what they think. Option 1) Should he apologize and buy them a steak? Option 2) Screw the lawyer and beat Veer within an inch of his life. McIntyre starts a "Drew is going to kill you" chant.

Drew McIntyre vs. Veer w/ Jinder Mahal

Test of strength and Veer cheap shots McIntyre and then scoop slams him. Side head lock by Veer. McIntyre runs through him with a shoulder tackle and a scoop slam of his own. Veer slaps McIntyre!! McIntyre beats the hell out of him in the corner. Mahal gets a chair outside. The distraction allows Veer to turn the tide. Veer mounts and punches McIntyre. Veer splashes McIntyre in the corner and then runs through him. Jumping elbow drop by Veer. McIntyre kicks out at one. McIntyre fights back to his feet but and clotheslines Veer. McIntyre begins to build momentum. Belly to belly throw by McIntyre! Neck breaker by McIntyre and a kip up! Veer stops McIntyre with a throat chop. MAHAL HANDS VEER THE CHAIR AND MCINTYRE CLAYMORES THE CHAIR INTO HIM!! THE REF CALLS A DQ ON VEER!! More of an angle to continue the feud.

W: Drew McIntyre via DQ @ 3:50

Post match, McIntyre stalks the attorney. McIntyre throws him in the ring. MCINTYRE CLAYMORES THE ATTORNEY!!!

Highlights are shown of last week's Alexa's Playground with Eva Marie and Doudrop. Eva Marie tells Doudrop to forget what happened on the playground. They need to win tonight and then they'll be one step closer to tag team gold.

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Contenders Match

Eva Marie & Doudrop vs. Natalya & Tamina (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions)

Eva Marie and Natalya start it. Eva pie faces Natalya and then runs to the ropes. Eva wants no part of Natalya. Tag to Doudrop. Natalya tries to German suplex Doudrop with no luck. Doudrop has some athleticism for her size and it's impressive. Natalya favors her right leg and tags Tamina. Tamina with a side head lock on Doudrop and takes her down with a head lock takeover. Doudrop fights to her feet. Tamina tries to lift her but can't. Crossbody by Doudrop. Tag to Eva who gets a near fall. ALEXA BLISS VIDEO APPEARS ON THE TRON FOR A LILY-LUTION!! EVA TURNS INTO A SUPER KICK BY TAMINA THAT GETS THE WIN!! Natalya looks like she may have legit hurt her knee or ankle and is helped to the back.

W: Natalya & Tamina via pin @ 3:14

Up next is Keith Lee vs. NXT Champion Karrion Kross.

Commentary hypes Nikki A.S.H facing Charlotte Flair in the Championship Contenders match.

Non-Title Match

Karrion Kross (NXT Champion) vs. Keith Lee

Lock up and Lee powers Kross to the corner. Kross tries a suplex but can't. Lee belly to belly throws Kross. Lee clotheslines Kross out of the ring. Lee follows to the outside where Kross sends him into the apron and suplex. Kross with a suplex out on the floor as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Kross beating on Lee in the corner with clotheslines and strikes. Lee tries to fight back but Kross plants him with a DDT. Kross stalks Lee and LOCKS IN THE KROSS JACKET!!! LEE BREAKS IT and tosses Kross. Right hands by Lee now. Head butt by Lee and a splash in the corner. POUNCE BY LEE!! Lee wants a Spirit Bomb but KROSS COUNTERS WITH A SAITO SUPLEX!! KROSS HITS LEE IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH AN ELBOW!!! KROSS JACKET IS BACK ON!!! LEE IS OUT!!!! The commercial hurt this and I can't say I understand the booking. What do I know though? The crowd wasn't into this and even booed throughout most of it.

W: Karrion Kross via submission @ 8:51

A video package shows the recent momentum of Nikki A.S.H. Nikki is warming up backstage when Sara Schreiber approaches her. Schreiber asks Nikki about facing Charlotte tonight. Nikki wants face hard challenges head on. No matter what, Nikki will be defending the title at SummerSlam. Rhea Ripley cuts her off. Ripley says she'll leave SummerSlam with the title but she hopes Nikki gives Charlotte hell tonight.

Mace & T-Bar vs. Mansoor & Mustafa Ali

So Ali against his former Retribution troops. Ali starts and goes right after T-Bar! T-Bar quickly turns Ali inside out with a big boot for a near fall. Mace tags in and they double team Ali in the corner. Mace with a spinning boss man slam. Mansoor makes the save and T-Bar sends him packing. Mace and T-Bar are dominating. T-Bar with a near fall on Ali. T-Bar decks Mansoor on the apron. Ali is able to get a shot in on T-Bar. Both men down. Mansoor and Mace get tags. Mansoor takes the fight to him and hits an enziguri. Mansoor hits a reverse DDT!!! 1......2.....T-Bar save it with a boot. T-Bar follows Mansoor to the outside. ALI DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE AND SPIKES T-BAR WITH A DDT!!! Back in the ring, Mansoor saves Ali from a choke slam. MANSOOR SPRING BOARDS OFF THE TOP AND IS ABLE TO CRADLE MACE FOR THE WIN!!! The odd pairing of Mansoor/Ali could actually work if they stick behind it. This established Mansoor and Ali as a team and didn't hurt Mace & T-Bar because they haven't done anything lately anyways.

W: Mansoor & Mustafa Ali via pin @ 3:11

Bobby Lashley's answer for Goldberg is coming up next!

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP make their way to the ring. Lashley looks ready to fight. We get highlights of Goldberg's return. MVP wants us all on our feet to pay respect to Lashley. MVP says Lashley's dominance is on par with Tom Brady and Kansas City still feels some sort of way about that. Haha!! MVP says everyone is talking about the possibility of Lashley vs. Goldberg. MVP wants to know from the champ: Is Goldberg next? Lashley says he won't even give a response. Lashley says this is his ring and he won't be disrespected. CEDRIC ALEXANDER INTERRUPTS!! Alexander says they want to talk about disrespect? Alexander wants to talk about him being kicked out of the Hurt Business. Alexander says it's because he's better than Lashley. SHELTON BENJAMIN IS OUT NOW!! Benjamin says Alexander's voice is annoying. Benjamin isn't here to cry about the Hurt Business. He's here to give Lashley a real challenge. Alexander and Benjamin both argue. LASHLEY AGREES TO FIGHT THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!!

Handicap Match

Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) w/ MVP vs. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin

Lashley neck breakers Shelton and Cedric backs off. Cedric attacks! Lashley hits Cedric with an elevated flatlines and tosses him out of the ring. On the outside, Lashley sends Alexander hard into the ring post head first!!! Lashley puts Alexander back in the ring and Benjamin attacks from behind. Alexander holds Lashley's leg and Benjamin hits a step up enziguri. Both men cover Lashley and he still kicks out! Lashley with a spine buster to Alexander and a spear to Benjamin! LASHLEY JACK HAMMERS BENJAMIN!! LASHLEY DOMINATORS ALEXANDER ONTO BENJAMIN AND PINS THEM BOTH!! Squash.

W: Bobby Lashley via pin @ 2:41

The Miz is backstage reading his phone when he pulls down his sunglasses. John Morrison is here. Miz asks Morrison if he's ready to go. STYLES AND OMOS INTERRUPT!! Styles wants to have a chat. They huddle but Omos stays out of it.

Morrison will take on Riddle next!

Riddle vs. John Morrison w/ The Miz

The Miz and Morrison repeatedly squirt Byron Saxton with the drip stick!! Riddle with a go behind to begin and takes Morrison to the mat. Morrison gets free and we get a stand off. Riddle tries a knee bar but Morrison escapes. Riddle with a sunset flip now and locks in an ankle lock. Byron is heavily against Morrison now who rolls out of the ankle lock. Standing switch and Riddle suplexes Morrison for a near fall. Riddle with kicks in the corner now. Riddle tries a forearm in the corner but Morrison takes him out with a spring board kick, Miz tries to get "Johnny Drip Drip" chants going. Riddle counters a suplex with a fisherman suplex of his own. Miz squirts Riddle with a drip kick. Riddle counters Morrison and hits him with a knee. Riddle goes to the apron and delivers a kick to Miz and his wheelchair flips over as we go to a break.

Back from the break, Riddle backs Morrison into the corner and then hits a suplex out of the other corner. Morrison is sent outside where Riddle hits him with a kick from the apron. FLOATING BRO TO THE OUTSIDE ONTO MORRISON!! Back in the ring, STYLES AND OMOS ARE COMING OUT! Morrison takes control and hits a running knee to the face that gets a near fall. Riddle counters a suplex and hit a knee strike to the face. Riddle with a power bomb and flips Morrison over to hit another knee strike to the face. Miz, Styles, and Omos are all ringside now. Riddle tells them they shouldn't be out here. Riddle goes to climb to the top and Styles hands Omos Riddle's scooter. OMOS BREAKS THE SCOOTER OVER HIS KNEE!!! MORRISON GRABS RIDDLE OFF THE TOP AND DOES LIKE A SPINNING RAZOR'S EDGE INTO A SLAM!!! STARSHIP PAIN FOLLOWS TO GIVE MORRISON THE WIN!!! Riddle has been a true MVP for Raw lately but I like the idea of he and a returning Orton facing Styles/Omos.

W: John Morrison via pin @ 9:54


Highlights of how Reginald became 24/7 Champion.

24/7 Championship Match

R-Truth vs. Reginald (champ)

Reginald is wrestling in a suit and Truth is mic'd up! Truth just wants his baby back! Truth tries to charge but Reginald uses his athleticism is avoid him including sliding out of his jacket. Truth puts Reginald's jacket over his head but still misses a splash. REGINALD FLIPS ONTO TRUTH AND GETS THE PIN TO RETAIN!!!

W: Reginald via pin @ 1:27

Here come the jobbers and Reginald flips out of the ring to escape and head up the ramp!

Sara Schreiber interviews Charlotte Flair in gorilla. Charlotte blames Rhea Ripley for losing her championship. Flair says she built the division and their wouldn't be a women's championship without her. Alright then....

Championship Contenders Match

Charlotte Flair vs. Nikki A.S.H. (WWE Raw Women's Champion)

Charlotte looks disgusted as we have a stare down. Charlotte with a clothesline and she lights up Nikki with chops in the corner. Charlotte tries to pull the mask off of Nikki but can't quite get it off. Charlotte kicks Nikki out of the ring as she talks trash. Nikki gets back in the ring only for Charlotte to stomp her repeatedly. Nikki is sent off the ropes and Charlotte connects with a back elbow. All Charlotte in the early going. Nikki tries to fire back but Charlotte cuts her off to keep control. Nikki tries to back Charlotte into the corner but Charlotte turns it around and beats on Nikki in the corner. Boot by Charlotte now. Nikki counters a suplex with a cradle for a near fall. Another near fall. Nikki uses a head scissors to send Charlotte to the outside. Nikki hits a drop kick through the ropes to the outside. On the outside, Charlotte throws Nikki across the announce table as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Charlotte stretching Nikki's arms out using the ring post. Charlotte with a suplex for a near fall. Commentary says Charlotte controlled the whole break. Chin lock by Charlotte. Nikki fights to her feet and Charlotte pulls her right back down. Nikki rolls to the apron. Charlotte tries a baseball slide by Nikki avoids her. NIKKI WITH A CROSSBODY OFF THE APRON ON THE OUTSIDE. Nikki hangs Charlotte's leg across the ropes and it appears Charlotte kneed herself in the nose. Crossbody by Nikki for a near fall. Charlotte blocks a sunset flip but misses charge. A bulldog by Nikki plants Charlotte face first. Charlotte fires back with chops that backs Nikki to the corner. Charlotte puts Nikki on the top turnbuckle but Nikki fights her off. TORNADO DDT BY NIKKI!!! Nikki goes back to the top rope and HITS THE FLYING CROSSBODY BUT CHARLOTTE ROLLS THROUGH AND PINS NIKKI FOR THE WIN!!!! Nothing like proving Nikki's win last week was a fluke.

W: Charlotte Flair via pin @ 12:34

Post match, Charlotte taunts Nikki. Kevin Patrick gets in the ring for a word with Charlotte. Kevin congratulates her and she wants to know why. It shouldn't be a surprise. Charlotte steals the mic and tears down Nikki. Charlotte says no one is in her league. Nikki takes the mic and says she's almost a super hero. She says she got close and says she's confident she can beat Charlotte. Nikki challenges Charlotte to a rematch next week. Charlotte says she can beat Nikki any week so she accepts! CHARLOTTE ATTACKS NIKKI!!! CHARLOTTE LEAVES NIKKI LAID OUT TO END THE SHOW!

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