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Raw 7/12/2021: Lashley Sends Message to Kofi; Falls Count Anywhere Match; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • Non-Title Match: Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) w/ MVP vs. Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston

  • What's next for Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal?

  • Fatal Four Way Match: Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki A.S.H. vs, Naomi vs. Asuka

  • AJ Styles (WWE Raw Tag Team Champion) vs. Ivar

  • Omos (WWE Raw Tag Team Champion) vs. Erik

  • WWE United States Championship Match: Humberto Carrillo vs. Sheamus (champ)

  • Falls Count Anywhere Match: Ricochet vs. John Morrison w/ The Miz

RIP "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff 1949-2021.

We're in the ThunderDome for the last time and this is the last Raw before Money in the Bank! We open with highlights of last weeks tag team team match between the New Day and Bobby Lashley/MVP. We're kicking off with singles action! The New Day makes their way to the ring and MVP hypes up Lashley in gorilla.

Non-Title Match

Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston vs. Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) w/ MVP

Lashley goes after Woods right away and takes him down. Another takedown by Lashley. Woods is back up and goes to a side head lock. Lashley sends him into the ropes but runs into a boot. A senton by Woods puts him back in control. Woods comes off the ropes but Lashley military presses him onto the apron outside! Lashley follows Woods to the outside and military presses Woods onto the steps as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Lashley pummeling Woods in the corner. Lashley with shoulders to the midsection of Woods. Woods comes back with a tornado DDT that sends Lashley to the outside. Woods takes out Lashley with a dive over the top rope. Back in the ring, Lashley back drops Woods to the apron but Woods hits Lashley with a kick, Missile drop kick from the top by Woods!! 1....2....NO!! Woods with a crossface!! Lashley powers his way out and slams Woods. Lashley throws Woods back to the mat again. Lashley goes for a Dominator but Woods escapes. SPINE BUSTER BY LASHLEY!! DOMINATOR!!! Lashley throws Woods to the outside. On the outside, Lashley picks up Woods and runs him into the ring post!! Back in the ring, Lashley HITS A SPEAR!! Lashley goes to lift AND WOODS CRADLES LASHLEY FOR THE WIN!!! Lashley is in disbelief and storms off. The New Day celebrates as MVP stares them down.

W: Xavier Woods via pin @ 10:41

Up next is Alexa's Playground with Eva Marie and Doudrop.

We get a replay highlight of Woods defeating Lashley. Backstage, MVP is walking when Kevin Patrick approaches him. Patrick says Lashley left the building and asks MVP where he went. MVP says it's not a big deal. MVP says he'll be in the VIP Lounge this evening.

Highlights of McIntyre vs. Mahal last week including the DQ finish and Mahal stealing McIntyre's sword. Mahal arrived earlier today on his motorcycle. Veer and Shanky greet him with the sword.

Alexa Bliss is on Alexa's Playground and talks about tonight's fatal four way and Sunday's Money in the Bank match. Bliss says to think about how much fun she could have with the contract. Eva Marie cuts her off and asks if Bliss was going to introduce them. Bliss like Doudrop's name and laughs about it as she repeatedly says it. Bliss asks Doudrop to explain her experience on Raw in one word. Eva Marie cuts her off and says "Eva-Lution". Eva Marie puts herself over and says it's the last time she will step foot in this stingy playground. Eva says the Eva-Lution deserves so much better. Bliss mouths off as they leave.

Jinder Mahal, Veer, and Shanky make their way to the ring. They'll speak next! We come back to Mahal saying he may have taken things too far last week. Mahal says he knows how proud McIntyre is on his Scottish heritage. Mahal says he knows McIntyre probably has trained for Money in the Bank this week. Mahal says he'll be the bigger man and apologize to McIntyre and give the sword back. He calls out McIntyre. McIntyre appears on the tron and says Mahal is a liar. McIntyre tells Mahal to cut through the bs. Mahal says he had Veer and Shanky get the sword in better shape. Mahal unveils the sword and it's a replica! McIntyre says it's alright and pulls out the real sword! McIntyre walks over to Mahal's motorcycle! McIntyre rips the tail pipe off and slams it against the wall! Next he rips the seat off and long story short.....McIntyre destroys the whole thing!!! Mahal is pissed in the ring!

Nikki A.S.H. is in gorilla when Riddle approaches her. Riddle suggest she used her super powers to fly up and grab the Money in the Bank briefcase. Nikki says she's almost a super hero. Riddle talks about flying to space. Nikki has no idea what he's talking about but knows her match is next. Time to fly!

Fatal Four Way Match

Nikki A.S.H. vs. Asuka vs. Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss

Naomi takes out Nikki and Asuka with a drop kick to begin before turning to Bliss. Bliss comes back with a crossbody for a near fall. Nikki is back to jackknife cover Asuka for a near fall. Asuka and Naomi clear the ring and square off. They trade blows and both miss kicks. They both connect with kicks to the head at the same time. Bliss stares on as she crawls back in the ring. Bliss stares at the briefcase as Nikki gets back in the ring. Drop kick by Nikki. EVA MARIE AND DOUDROP MAKE THEIR WAY TO THE RING. Bliss and Nikki both stare at them. Naomi with a drop kick to Nikki. Asuka takes out Naomi. Bliss with a DDT on Asuka for a near fall. Bliss waves at Doudrop and goes out of the ring to approach them. Bliss pats Doudrop and walks past her to Eva. Eva grabs her heal and tells Bliss to get back. DOUDROP ATTACKS BLISS AND SENDS HER OVER THE BARRICADE. Eva goes to look over the barricade and BLISS ISN'T THERE as we go to a break.

Back from the break, Bliss is yet to return. Asuka takes it to Naomi and hits a German suplex! Hip attack in the corner and a kick to Nikki. Near fall for Asuka on Nikki and then a near fall on Naomi. Asuka charges the corner but eats a kick from Naomi. Naomi takes Asuka to the corner. Naomi lifts and drives Nikki face first. Belly to back suplex on Asuka. Naomi hits her split leg drop on both Nikki and Asuka for a near fall. Naomi with a spring board kick to Asuka! Nikki ducked it! 1...2.....NO!! Nikki with a boot to the face of Naomi and then a TORNADO DDT!!! 1....2....Asuka saves it! Nikki sends Asuka to the outside. Nikki wants a cradle on Naomi but they trade pinning combos. Naomi with a submission on Nikki and it looks like Nikki taps but the ref doesn't call it. Asuka breaks it up. Asuka with an arm bar on Naomi but Nikki breaks it up! Nikki goes to the top and hits Asuka with a flying crossbody!! 1....2....Naomi saves it! Nikki sends Naomi to the apron but Naomi hits Nikki with a kick to the head. Double needs by Asuka to Naomi. Naomi falls outside. Nikki and Asuka trade counters. ASUKA GOES FOR THE ASUKA LOCK BUT NIKKI COUNTERS INTO A ROLL UP TO DEFEAT ASUKA!!! Asuka stares down a celebrating Nikki afterwards.

W: Nikki A.S.H. via pin @ 13:00

Highlights of Styles vs. Riddle from last week are shown.

Sara Schreiber is backstage with the Viking Raiders. Ivar says Styles has insulted their way of life. Ivar says vikings are spectacular and have spectacular hygiene. They plan to teach Styles and Omos about respect for their culture. Erik will find a crack in the armor and find a way to beat Omos. They say they will win the tag titles next week.

AJ Styles and Omos head to the ring. Styles needs to get something off his chest. Styles apologizes if he said something to offend the Raiders. However, he then proceeds to insult them some more. Styles says the Raiders should of never came after their titles. Styles says they cost him an opportunity in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Styles tells Ivar that he will break his leg in the Calf Crusher. After that, Omos will have his first ever singles match on Raw. Omos will destroy Erik so badly that he'll wish he never took off his helmet. Styles says they will tear the Raiders limb from limb at Money in the Bank. I thought that match was on next weeks Raw?

Commentary says the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship match is official for Money in the Bank.

AJ Styles w/ Omos (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. Ivar w/ Erik

Styles goes right after Ivar. A chop by Styles has no effect. Ivar catches a Styles' kick and backs Styles into the corner. IVAR WITH A BRONCO BUSTER!! Near fall for Ivar! Ivar goes for a slam but Styles avoids it. Shoulder tackle by Ivar. Omos provides a distraction and Styles kicks Ivar in the back of the neck! Styles takes Ivar to the corner but misses a charge. Ivar also misses a charge and Styles hits a DDT for a near fall. Chin lock by Styles now. Ivar gets free and back body drops Styles. Side walk slam by Ivar followed by a crossbody splash! Ivar wants a suplex but Styles lands on his feet. Cartwheel by Ivar and he hits a clothesline for a near fall. Ivar runs into a kick from Styles. Styles wants the Phenomenal Forearm but does a sunset flip instead. Pele kick by Styles. STYLES CHARGES IN THE CORNER BUT IVAR SITS ON HIS CHEST FOR THE PIN AND WIN!!

W: Ivar via pin @ 3:44

Omos vs. Erik will be after the break.

Omos w/ AJ Styles (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. Erik w/ Ivar

Erik tries a go behind with no luck as Omos chucks him across the ring. Omos takes a few swings but misses and Erik tries some kicks and punches. Omos runs through Erik with ease. Omos sends Erik into the ropes and lifts him on his shoulder. Erik escapes. Omos runs into a boot from Erik out of the corner. Omos picks Erik out of mid air and locks in a bear hug. Erik elbows his way free. Omos grabs Erik and throws him across the ring. Omos misses a charge and Erik lights him up in the corner. Running knee by Erik but he runs into a clothesline by Omos!!! Omos lifts Erik by the neck. OMOS LIFTS ERIK AND PLANTS HIM WITH THE TWO HANDED CHOKE SLAM FOR THE WIN!!

W: Omos via pin @ 3:23

We get highlights of Humberto Carrillo breaking Sheamus' nose six weeks ago. Sheamus is backstage with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. Sheamus talks about his nose being smashed into pieces. Deville chuckles and Sheamus tells her not to laugh. Sheamus says all they care about is giving Carrillo his title match. Deville asks if they're on the same page and Sheamus says they are. That match is later tonight.

Highlights are shown of Woods defeating Lashley earlier. The New Day run into Lucha House Party backstage. LHP wish Kofi good luck at Money in the Bank. Sara Schreiber comes to talk to the New Day. Kofi puts over Woods win. Woods hypes Kofi and says he will defeat Lashley at Money in the Bank. Kofi says being WWE Champion is about taking on all comers. Kofi says he will shock the world on Sunday!

A vignette hypes the Money in the Bank ladder match and we see highlights of past MITB matches. 83% of contract holders have successfully cashed in!

We cut to SHEAMUS BEATING THE HELL OUT OF HUMBERTO CARRILLO BACKSTAGE!! Sheamus kneels down and tells Carrillo to get ready for his championship match. As Sheamus walks off, he runs into Damian Priest who comes to check on Carrillo.

After commerical, highlights are shown of Sheamus attacking Carrillo. Backstage, Pearce and Deville check on Carrillo. Carrillo says he's been waiting on this opportunity and he's still going to fight.

WWE United States Championship Match

Sheamus (champ) vs. Humberto Carrillo

Carrillo stumbles as he walks over to Sheamus and SHEAMUS BROGUE KICKS HIM FOR THE WIN!!! Enough said.

W: Sheamus via pin @ 0:18

Post match, Sheamus walks over Carrillo and goes to leave. Sheamus changes his mind and attacks Carrillo!! DAMIAN PRIEST makes the save!

We get highlights of Ricochet's awesome crossbody over the barricade and highlights of their match last week. Ricochet is getting ready backstage when Riddle comes zooming by on the scooter. Both men say they're excited for Money in the Bank. They talk about winning the contract. Riddle teases cashing in on the tag titles. Ricochet says he's got something for John Morrison tonight. Speaking of Morrison, he and Miz arrive. Morrison sprays Ricochet and Riddle with the drip stick.

Falls Count Anywhere Match

John Morrison w/ The Miz vs. Ricochet

They run the ropes and trade counters early. Arm drag by Ricochet and then Morrison back drops Ricochet to the apron. Morrison out to the apron now and he neck breakers Ricochet on the apron!! Damn!! Near fall for Morrison on the floor outside. Morrison is in control outside. Back slide by Morrison gets a near fall with an assists from Miz's wheelchair. Morrison sends Ricochet into the barricade. Morrison positions Ricochet's head against the barricade and kicks it for a near fall. Back in the ring, Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Ricochet catches him and hits a German with a bridge! 1....2.....NO!! Ricochet walks into a kick from Morrison sending him to the outside. Morrison with a flip off the apron to get a near fall. Morrison sends Ricochet over the barricade and follows him. Ricochet sends Morrison face first into a LED board before sending him back into the ring side area. Both men battle on top of the apron. Morrison appears to slip off. RICOCHET WITH A 450 OFF THE BARRICADE!!! 1....2.....NO!!! Back in the ring, Ricochet tries a spring board but Morrison rolls out of the ring. RICOCHET RUNS UP THE ROPE AND HITS A SHOOTING STAR PRESS ONTO MORRISON ON THE OUTSIDE!!! We go to a commercial.

We're back with Morrison getting a ladder from under the apron. Morrison bridges the ladder from the apron to the announce table. Morrison tries to send Ricochet into it but Ricochet counters. Ricochet sends Morrison back first into the apron. Ricochet throws Morrison back in the ring but he goes out the other side. Ricochet wants to dive but Morrison puts Miz in the way. Ricochet flips over Miz to take out Morrison!! 1....2....NO!!! They battle up the ramp now. Morrison blocks a suplex as does Ricochet. Ricochet with a rana up at the top of the ramp! 1.....2....NO!! Ricochet sends Morrison into the LED board. Miz is trying to get up the ramp but struggling. They go back to the gorilla area. Morrison sets up a chair and sits Ricochet in it. Running knee by Morrison gets a near fall. They make their way back out to the ramp. Miz is at the top now. Ricochet catches Morrison with a kick and Morrison rolls down the ramp back near the ring. Ricochet pushes Miz's wheelchair down the ramp back to the ring. Ricochet sends Morrison into the turnbuckle and then hits a kick, Ricochet looks to go up top but Miz distracts with the drip stick! MORRISON HITS MOONLIGHT DRIVE!!! 1....2.....NO!! RIDDLE IS HERE NOW!! He tips Miz's wheelchair! Riddle mocks Miz looking like a turtle on his back. RICOCHET HITS MORRISON WITH A RECOIL!!! A KNEE STRIKE BY RICOCHET AND MORRISON LANDS ON THE BRIDGED LADDER!! RICOCHET GOES TO THE TOP AND SPLASHES MORRISON THROUGH THE LADDER!!! IT'S OVER!!! Easily match of the night thus far.

W: Ricochet via pin @ 16:02

Backstage, Tamina is trying to get Natalya pumped up. Sara Schreiber asks Natalya about her match against Rhea Ripley. Natalya talks crazy about winning the Raw Women's Championship and Smackdown Women's Championship and holding all three titles. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke are laughing off to the side. Natalya asks what's so funny. Mandy says she's not going to win anything. They shove each other but nothing else. Natalya vs. Ripley is next!

Highlights of Drew McIntyre destroying Jinder Mahal's motorcycle are shown. Kevin Patrick asks Drew McIntyre how he's focusing on the Money in the Bank match. McIntyre says it's his last opportunity. McIntyre calls himself 100% Grade A Scottish beef and says no one can stop him from winning the Money in the Bank match.

Commentary runs down the Money in the Bank card.

Sara Schreiber interviews Rhea Ripley and asks why she took his match. Ripley says Natalya challenged her and she wasn't going to back down from a challenge. Ripley addresses Charlotte and says after Sunday, she'll give her a reason to need crutches.

Non-Title Match

Rhea Ripley (WWE Raw Women's Champion) vs. Natalya w/ Tamina (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions)

Lock up and Ripley goes after the arm of Natalya. Natalya escapes and tries a roll up. Both ladies trade counters. Nataly with a roll up near fall. Ripley with a boot. They run the ropes and we get a stand off. More counter wrestling. Both ladies get near falls. Ripley rocks Natalya with a head butt. Ripley wants Riptide but Natalya counters. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but Ripley kicks her out of the ring. Ripley follows and looks for a running drop kick but Natalya moves and Tamina gets it. Natalya hits Ripley with a discus clothesline on the outside and both ladies are down outside as we go to a commercial.

We're back with both ladies battling on the top turnbuckle. A head butt by Ripley knocks Natalya off. MISSILE DROP KICK BY RIPLEY!!! Ripley misses a charge in the opposite corner. Natalya charges into a boot by Ripley. Near fall for Ripley. Knees by Ripley now followed by a Northern Lights suplex!! Near fall for Ripley. They go to the corner where Natalya bounces Ripley's face off the ring post. POWER BOMB BY NATALYA!!! 1.....2.....NO!! Natalya wants the Sharpshooter but Ripley kicks her away. Natalya goes with her classic offense but Ripley knows it's coming. RIPLEY LOCKS NATALYA IN THE PRISM TRAP!! Natalya counters with a pin for a near fall. NATALYA GETS THE SHARPSHOOTER!!! Ripley rolls through and Natalya's head hits the turnbuckle. Ripley hits Natalya with a kick. RIPLEY HITS RIPTIDE AND THAT FINISHES IT!!!

W: Rhea Ripley via pin @ 9:32

Post match, CHARLOTTE FLAIR chop blocks Ripley from behind!! Charlotte locks Ripley in the FIGURE FOUR and pulls Ripley to the apron and has Ripley's legs across the apron for more pressure.

More highlights of Woods defeating Lashley earlier tonight. Backstage, MVP tells the ladies that is hasn't been a good night for Lashley. Therefore, they need to make this the best VIP Lounge for him. That's next!

Backstage, Sara Schreiber asks Charlotte if that attack was a preview of Money in the Bank. Charlotte says it'll be game over for Ripley on Sunday.

MVP welcomes us to a special edition of the VIP Lounge. MVP says this is the last Raw in the ThunderDome. MVP says we've seen the rise of Lashley in the ThunderDome. MVP calls it the "LashleyDome". MVP says they will be live on the road next week. MVP says it's his honor and priviledge to present WWE Champion Bobby Lashley!!! No Lashley.......MVP introduces him again....still no Lashley. MVP tells the ladies to help him. They do and Lashley's music hits! A pissed off Lashley makes his way to the ring. MVP asks Lashley if he's alright? Lashley says MVP has said enough and dismisses the ladies. Lashley says he needs to talk to MVP alone. Lashley says he's been thinking about what Kofi said. Lashley says Kofi was right. MVP has made Lashley soft. Lashley says he lost to Woods!! Lashley says he should be stacking Kofi and Woods!! Lashley says he's pissed and the bullshit needs to stop now!! It's back to business! All Lashley wants to do is destroy every person who steps up to his WWE Championship. Lashley tosses the couches and tables out of the ring! Lashley stares down MVP and then grabs a mic. Lashley looks into the camera and tells Kofi he's walking in and out of Money in the Bank as champion. Lashley hopes his family and the WWE universe has his back because Lashley plans to dismantle Kofi. Lashley hopes Kofi is ready to fight for the championship and for his life. Lashley basically threatens to destroy Kofi and end his career!! End Show.

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