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Raw 6/8/2020: Return of The Peep Show!

Tonight's Raw is scheduled to have Edge reunite with Christian on The Peep Show, Asuka takes on Charlotte in a non-title match, a decathlon between the Street Profits and the Viking Raiders, and the fallout from what happened with Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley after Raw went off the air last week.

We kick off the show with the non-title match between WWE Raw Women's champion Asuka and Charlotte Flair. Sasha Banks and Bayley come out before Charlotte Flair and they gloat about becoming the new WWE Women's Tag Team champions. This brings out Charlotte and the Iiconics. It all ends up in a brawl which leads to...

Asuka and Charlotte defeating Sasha Banks and Bayley and the Iiconics in a triple threat non-title tag team match when Asuka made Billie Kay tap out to the Asuka lock.

Charlotte attacked Asuka after the match.

Rey Mysterio will provide a medical update tonight. We see highlights of the Seth Rollins/Rey Mysterio saga.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring and ask Byron Saxton if he can take his place on commentary which Byron allows. Rollins wants to be able to talk to Rey Mysterio. Rey says he still doesn't have a return date but he promises to get revenge on Seth. Rollins personally invites Rey and Dominic to Raw next week. Aleister Black jumps Rollins in the middle of the interview.

Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo defeated Murphy and Austin Theory in a tag team match when Black pinned Murphy. Rollins came back out to Mysterio's music after the match which provided a distraction allowing Theory and Murphy to attack. The three of them beat down Black and Carrillo.

Charly Caruso interviews Randy Orton and he only has one question. Is anyone else invited to The Peep Show? That's next.

Christian host The Peep Show with Edge as his guest. Christian tells Edge he thinks he is running on fumes and Christian doesn't think Edge could have the greatest match ever in his prime. Edge gives a good promo and Christian says he's making excuses. Edge gets fired up and Christian smiles because he brought "Edge" out of Adam. Christian says he thinks Edge can do it. Randy Orton shows up on the tron and says this Sunday the redemption story is over. Edge grabs a mic and says no it's not.

Highlights of Bobby Lashley locking Drew McIntyre in the full nelson at the end of Raw last week. Charly Caruso interviews MVP and he says Bobby Lashley will be the guest on the VIP Lounge. R-Truth makes some noise so MVP asks what he's doing. Lashley is here and locks Truth in the full nelson.

The Viking Raiders will face MVP and Bobby Lashley tonight.

Highlights of the Street Profits and the Viking Raiders events. The Street Profits and the Viking Raiders tied in the decathlon at five events a piece. This was some good comedy. Ivar dancing to Fandango's old music in the dance off was hilarious.

WWE United States champion Apollo Crews announces he will defend his championship at Backlash against the winner of a triple threat match between Andrade, Angel Garza, and Kevin Owens. Andrade won when he pinned Garza after Owens stunned him.

Charlotte was interview backstage where she was cut off by Asuka. Charlotte said Asuka never took anything serious so Asuka slapped Charlotte and walked off.

Andrade and Angel Garza argue backstage.

Kurt Angle weighs in on Edge/Orton and picks Edge to win.

Drew McIntyre talks to the Viking Raiders backstage about their match against MVP and Bobby Lashley.

VIP Lounge with Bobby Lashley as the guest. MVP introduces Lashley but McIntyre comes out instead. McIntyre threatens MVP with a Claymore but Lashley shows up. McIntyre hits MVP with a Glasgow Kiss and then the Viking Raiders and Street Profits show up. The Viking Raiders face MVP and Lashley next. The Street Profits and Drew McIntyre will be ringside.

Lashley and MVP defeated the Viking Raiders when Lashley made Erik tap out to the full nelson. Lana was shown backstage watching mid match and she said she had to focus on her own career.

After the match, McIntyre Claymored Lashley.

Commentary talks about the Backlash card. You can check out the latest card here

Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair is the main event next. Sasha Banks and Bayley join commentary.

The Iiconics attacked Sasha Banks and Bayley at ringside in the middle of the match. All were barred from ringside for the remainder of the match.

Charlotte defeated Asuka with a big boot after a distraction by Nia Jax. This was a really good match with a bad ending.

Nia Jax attacks Asuka after the match to end the show.

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