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Raw 6/7/2021 Preview: Contract Signing; Baszler Confronts Bliss; Tag Team Battle Royal

Here's what's on tap for tomorrow’s Raw:

  • #1 Contenders Tag Team Battle Royal: Lucha House Party vs. The Viking Raiders vs. R-K-Bro vs. The New Day vs. Mace & T-Bar

  • Shayna Baszler confronts Alexa Bliss and Lily on Alexa's Playground

  • Contract Signing: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre make their Hell in a Cell match official

Five teams will compete in a battle royal to determine the next challenger for AJ Styles and Omos' WWE Raw Tag Team Championships. Can R-K-Bro continue their winning ways? Can the New Day earn a shot to become 12-time champs? The Viking Raiders will be looking to reclaim gold. Lucha House Party along with Mace and T-Bar have never held tag gold so this could be their first big step. Who do you got?

Shayna Baszler has had enough of Alexa Bliss' mind games and is ready to confront Bliss and Lily. Will Baszler have consequences for calling Lily a "stupid doll"?

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre will make their clash at Hell in a Cell official when they sign on the dotted line. What will each man have to say and what are the chances this ends in chaos like most WWE contract signings?

Tune in tomorrow to see what goes down!

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