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Raw 6/7/2021: Baszler Confronts Bliss on Playground; Kofi vs. Riddle; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • #1 Contenders Tag Team Battle Royal: Lucha House Party vs. The Viking Raiders vs. R-K-Bro vs. The New Day vs. Mace & T-Bar

  • Shayna Baszler confronts Alexa Bliss and Lily on Alexa's Playground

  • Contract Signing: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre make their Hell in a Cell match official

We're in the ThunderDome for Raw and kicking off the show with the tag team battle royal! WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, AJ Styles and Omos come out for a tag team address before it begins. Styles says they're going back on the road soon and they want to defend the titles against the best in front of fans. Styles hypes the New Day and say they can have the same match that they did at WrestleMania! Styles says they don't much about Mace and T-Bar. All they know if they are mean and like to fight but they aren't as big as Omos. Lince Dorado is out by himself because Gran Metalik got hurt. Styles says Dorado is brave for going solo tonight. Styles says he's probably Dorado's favorite. Styles says the Viking Raiders like to raid and get paid. Now he addresses R-K-Bro. Styles runs down Orton's accolades and calls Riddle a rising star. Styles puts over their chemistry. Styles and Omos hype themselves and end it with Phenomenal. The New Day insults Styles and Omos now. New Day still wants to see Styles and Omos papers to prove they're a real team. Styles says they don't need papers when they're champs. Orton interrupts and tells Styles to shut his damn mouth. That prompts Riddle to do the key lock mouth spiel. Riddle is wearing two R-K-Bro shirts because Orton doesn't wear any. Riddle rambles and Orton is annoyed. Orton makes the motion for Riddle to zip it and Orton puts the "key" in his boot. HERE COMES THE MIZ AND MORRISON! Morrison is pushing Miz in a wheelchair. Miz is sorry to interrupt and Morrison says he has nothing to be sorry about. Miz says he was tragically injured at WrestleMania Backlash but couldn't help but notice the tag division has gone dry. Miz says Morrison has volunteered to compete in the battle royal on Miz and Morrison's behalf. Morrison pushes Miz down the ramp but has to keep him from rolling down the ramp when he picks up speed.

RKO TO WOODS!! RIDDLE RKOS KOFI!! RKO TO DORADO!! Riddle and Orton stare down all the other teams as we go to a break!

Back from the break, they show Lashley having champagne with Lashley and the ladies. They hype the contract signing.

#1 Contenders Tag Team Battle Royal

Lince Dorado vs. John Morrison vs. The Viking Raiders vs. The New Day vs. Mace & T-Bar vs. R-K-Bro

AJ Styles and Omos join commentary. Both members of the teams must be thrown over. Everyone pairs off with someone. Morrison tries to launch Dorado but he hands on. Dorado dumps Morrison to the apron but he hangs on. Dorado sends Morrison back to the apron. A kick almost sends him out but he hangs on. Morrison hits Dorado in the face with the "Drip Stick" and then eliminates him. MACE AND T-BAR GRAB MORRISON BYT THE THROAT AND SEND HIM OVER!! Mace and T-Bar are dominating at the moment. They choke slam the New Day in stereo. They try to eliminate Orton but Riddle saves it. RIDDLE GETS HIGH JUSTICE! Mace and T-Bar stares down the Viking Raiders. EVERYONE IS BACK UP AND THEY ALL TEAM UP TO ELIMINATE MACE AND T-BAR!! Three teams left as we go to a break (R-K-Bro, New Day, and Viking Raiders).

Back from the break, Orton is paired off with Kofi, Riddle with Erik, and Ivar with Woods. The Raiders wipe out Woods before turning to Riddle. Riddle holds his own with kicks. Erik lifts Riddle and IVAR HITS A SPRING BOARD CLOTHESLINE! RIDDLE IS GONE!! The New Day teams up on Ivar. Erik comes to help and ELIMINATES WOODS!! Kofi gets double teamed by the Raiders and Orton sends Ivar shoulder first into the ring post. Orton with a power slam to Erik. Ivar is back now and Orton avoids a slam. The Raiders look to double team Orton now. Kofi causes Ivar to crash down onto Erik! RIDDLE COMES BACK TO SAVE ORTON FROM GETING TROUBLE IN PARADISE AND EATS IT HIMSELF! ORTON TOSSES KOFI AND THEN THE RAIDERS TOSS ORTON FROM BEHIND!! Post match, the Raiders have a stare down with Styles and Omos.

W: The Viking Raiders via last eliminating Randy Orton @ 10:32

We see highlights of Nikki Cross beating WWE Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair in back-to-back weeks in beat the clock.

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce are talking backstage when Charlotte Flair interrupts. Charlotte wants her loss to Nikki Cross stricken from the record. Deville and Pearce agree they can't do that. Flair says they are both jealous of her. RIPLEY INTERRUPTS!! Ripley actually respects Nikki but not Charlotte. Ripley wants Nikki tonight. Deville settles it and says Ripley will team with Charlotte against Nikki and a partner of her choosing. Charlotte says she'll be professional unlike her partner.

A vignette airs featuring the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. He'll make a priceless announcement tomorrow night on NXT! Million Dollar Championship returning?

Highlights of the battle royal ending are shown. The Viking Raiders are pumped backstage. Ivar is hungry for turkey legs. Styles and Omos show up and Omos has a turkey leg. Styles hopes they weren't saving that for their win. Styles makes fun of them being "Vikings" and Erik takes offense.

We get a video package for Alexa's Playground where Bliss talks about once there was a little girl. She was rescued. A video comes with it showing Bliss' transformation. We see the introduction of Lily and all of the mind games that have happened in recent weeks. Commentary hypes Shayna Baszler on Alexa's Playground later.

Elias is in the ring now. He says there will be no other introduction tonight. Elias could be tag team champion now but he's not. That's Jaxson Ryker's fault. He didn't do his part. Elias says Ryker has become unhinged so Elias had to get away from him for the sake of his own career. We see highlights of last week. Elias says clearly he had no choice. Elias didn't just see Ryker's unbridled potential when he met him, he looked in his eyes and saw the ghost of war. However, he didn't see a man who would go to battle with him. That doesn't change the universal truth that WWE stand for...WALK WITH ELIAS!! JAXSON RYKER ATTACKS FROM BEHIND!! Ryker got a hair cut! Ryker launches the guitar up the ramp!! Officials run out to pull Ryker off of Elias as we go to a break!

A vignette hypes SummerSlam in Las Vegas on August 21!

Elias vs. Jaxson Ryker

Ryker immediately attacks! Picking up where he left off before the break. Ryker splashes Elias in the corner and it's all Ryker. Ryker clothesline Elias out of the ring and then follows after him. Elias turns it around and bounces Ryker's face off the steps. Back in the ring, Elias has control now. Ryker hits a punch but charges into a spine buster by Elias for a near fall. Elias with punches now and he whiffs one. Ryker finds back but inverted atomic drop by Elias. Elias lifts Ryker but Ryker grabs a fish full of beard. RYKER WITH A SPINE BUSTER NOW!! ELIAS BAILS AND PURPOSELY GETS COUNTED OUT!! Well this feud will continue.

W: Jaxson Ryker via count out @ 3:02

Commentary hypes the Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston match last week as an instant classic. Highlights are shown. It was a great match for Raw but instant classic is a stretch.

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring. The contract signing is next!

Drew McIntyre is seated in the ring waiting on the champ. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are in the ring and Deville introduces WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. LASHLEY DOESN'T COME OUT!! McIntyre says he can predict how it would happen. Lashley would come out with MVP and all the bells and whistles. McIntyre then says Lashley will McIntyre has already had opportunity after opportunity. McIntyre tells a story about Scotland. He talks about a spider failing to spin a web. Long story short, the web finally stuck and McIntyre says he's also going to keep trying. "If a first you don't succeed....BEAT LASHLEY'S ASS AT HELL IN A CELL". McIntyre wants to go ahead and sign. MVP is on the tron to interrupt! MVP says the champ was busy being fashionably late. LASHLEY AND MVP come to the ring now accompanied by the ladies. MVP congratulates McIntyre on manipulating his way to another championship match. MVP mocks Pearce about the suspension. MVP and Lashley held up their end of the bargain last week. MVP wants to know Lashley's reward is for her compliance. Lashley wants McIntyre to never get another title shot as long as Lashley is champ if McIntyre loses. MVP says Lashley plans to be champ for a long time and take it back on the road. McIntyre tells him to stop because he accepts. McIntyre agrees to the terms but he needs something in return. MCINTYRE WANTS THE MATCH INSIDE HELL IN A CELL!! LASHLEY ACCEPTS!! MCINTYRE SIGNS! Lashley grabs the contract and mocks McIntyre's Scottish roots. Lashley says the story ends with McIntyre accepting defeat and walking away with his tail between his legs. LASHLEY SIGNS! McIntyre says he has some last advice. McIntyre has been in a cell match and Lashley lost. McIntyre says he flew off the side of the cell and still feels it everyday. McIntyre says he'll do it all again to inflict punishment to Lashley. McIntyre tells Lashley to start praying. McIntyre tells Lashley enjoy the last couple weeks and he'll see him in hell. Lashley says he'll beat McIntyre there too. MCINTYRE PULLS OUT A SWORD AND CUTS THE TABLE IN HALF!! They have a stare down.

Sara Schreiber is backstage with Nikki Cross. Nikki says this has been inside her for a while now. Her tenacity makes her a winner and she believes in herself. Her only choice is to fight. Sara asks who her partner will be? Nikki says she has and she couldn't wait to ask her. IT'S ASUKA!! They says Ripley and Charlotte aren't ready.

WWE United States Champion Sheamus make his way to the ring wearing a mask because his nose is broken. Ricochet faces Humberto Carrillo next with the winning earning a WWE United States Championship match. Sheamus joins commentary. Sheamus complains about getting his face broken. Carrillo and Ricochet fake like they're going to dive onto Sheamus. Ricochet knocks Carrillo off the apron to the floor. The match will begin after a commercial.

A vignette hypes NXT Takeover: In Your House which takes place this weekend!

WWE United States Championship #1 Contenders Match

Ricochet vs. Humberto Carrillo

Sheamus is on commentary. The match is already in progress when we return. Ricochet is in control beating on Carrillo in the corner. Scoop slam by Ricochet for a near fall. Ricochet with a series of punches. Ricochet tries a suplex but Carrillo avoids and hits a spring board cross body for a near fall. Carrillo avoids Ricochet in the corner and plants him with a power bomb for a near fall. Carrillo stomps Ricochet in the corner. Carrillo charges and Ricochet back drops him to the apron. Carrillo suplexes Ricochet to the apron. Ricochet lifts Carrillo but he goes back in the ring. Carrillo sends Ricochet to the floor with a kick and then hits a suicide dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Carrillo goes to the top and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. Carrillo tries a moonsault but Ricochet moves to avoids it. Ricochet turns Carrillo inside out with a clothesline. Ricochet with German and a bridge! 1...2...NO!! Ricochet lifts Carrillo but Carrillo elbows himself free and falls to the apron. Carrillo with a kick as they trade blows on the apron near commentary. RICOCHET WITH A SPANSIH FLY OFF THE APRON TO THE FLOOR!! BOTH MEN GET COUNTED OUT!!! Two count outs in one night is not good. Sheamus makes fun of them and says they aren't in his league.

W: Double Count Out @ 5:16

The New Day is backstage when MVP approaches them. MVP tells Kofi he was impressed with him last week and tonight. Kofi asks what the point is. MVP talks about Kofi Mania and tells Kofi he's like a little brother to him. MVP says he caught a glimpse last week of the Kofi that could be champion again. MVP tells Kofi that Kofi Mania ended because Kofi let it. MVP tells Kofi he's too busy joking around with his friends. Kofi cuts him off and takes offense. He doesn't want MVP's advice.

A vignette for Eva Marie airs. She'll be on Next Monday!

Highlights of the tag team battle royal are shown. Raw could be two hours if they would cut down on replays. Apparently, Kofi is upset Riddle eliminated him and they will face each other tonight.

Backstage, Mustafa Ali approaches Mansoor. Mansoor says he's ready but Ali says he isn't. Ali tells Mansoor that Drew Gulak will do everything to beat him. Ali says not everyone plays by the same rules.

Jeff Hardy cuts a promo about veterans deserving respect. He'll face Cedric Alexander next!

We see highlights of Triple H at the Philadelphia 76ers game yesterday.

Cedric Alexander's pre-match promo was about out with the old and in with the new.

Jeff Hardy vs. Cedric Alexander

They lock up and Cedric goes on the attack. Jeff turns it around takes Cedric to the corner. Cedric goes face first into the turnbuckle. Hardy goes to the middle rope and hits him with a double axe to the back of the neck. Jeff wants Twist of Fate but Cedric avoids it and hits a drop kick for a near fall. Cedric grinds forearms on the head and neck of Jeff. Cedric chokes Jeff in the corner across the ropes. Snap mare by Cedric follow by a drop kick for a near fall. Cedric in control as the moment and he goes back to choke Jeff across the ropes. Jeff comes back with a mule kick that sends Cedric to the outside. Jeff wants a dive but Cedric is quickly back in to hit an elbow for a near fall. Cedric with kicks to the back now followed by a rear chin lock. Jeff gets to his feet but Cedric grabs a handful of hair. Cedric sends Jeff to the corner and Jeff comes off with a rana! Jeff builds momentum and hits an inverted atomic drop and Russian leg sweep. Jeff drops his legs across Cedric for a unique pin for a near fall. Jeff wants the Twist of Fate but Cedric drop kicks his knees. Cedric with a suplex for a near fall. Cedric goes to up to the middle rope and mocks Jeff. Jeff catches him with a boot and HITS A TWIST OF FATE!! JEFF GOES TO THE TOP AND HITS A SWANTON BOMB FOR THE WIN!! I'm honestly shocked that Jeff won this. Post match, Jeff talks trash to Cedric.

W: Jeff Hardy via pin @ 5:59

Rhea Ripley is getting ready backstage and Charlotte comes up to her. Charlotte wants Rhea to follow her lead. Rhea will be glad to follow two weeks straight to hell. Rhea says since she is the champ, Charlotte can follow her lead.

Nikki Cross & Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley (WWE Raw Women's Champion) & Charlotte Flair

Graves is still calling Charlotte "The Opportunity" in hopes it catches on. Nikki and Charlotte start. They lock up and Charlotte throws Nikki down. Stand off. Charlotte wants Rhea to come in now and tags her. Rhea locks up with Nikki and Rhea also sends her to the mat. Nikki tries a roll up for a near fall. Tag to Asuka. Lock up for them and side head lock by Rhea. They run the ropes and neither lady gets the upper hand. Rhea hits a head butt but Asuka gets her in an arm bar. Rhea powers out and stomps Asuka. Charlotte makes a blind tag and tells Rhea to go to the corner. Charlotte with chops to Asuka. Nikki tags herself in and head scissors Charlotte. Nikki avoids a scoop slam and tags Asuka. Charlotte with a chin lock on Asuka and Rhea tags herself in. Asuka hits Rhea with a hip attack that sends Rhea to the outside. Charlotte checks on Rhea and Rhea takes offense. CHARLOTTE PULLS RHEA OFF THE APRON AND DECKS HER!! We go to a commercial.

We're back with Nikki having a side head lock on Rhea. Rhea sends Nikki to the corner but Nikki runs the ropes and takes down Rhea. Nikki goes to the apron and hits Rhea with a shoulder to the midsection. Rhea stops the momentum with a hard strike. Rhea beats on Nikki in the corner before getting her in the electric chair. Charlotte tags herself in. Rhea plants Nikki. Charlotte gets a near fall. Another one. Charlotte with a knee to the back of Nikki. Another one before kicking Nikki in the face. Charlotte with a chin lock and rag dolls Nikki. Charlotte takes Nikki to the corner and Rhea wants a tag. Charlotte chops Rhea with the tag!! Rhea isn't happy about it as she takes it out on Nikki. Stalling vertical suplex by Rhea on Nikki. She has her up there forever!! Rhea taunts Charlotte before planting Nikki for a near fall. Charlotte wants a tag and Rhea pats her on the head repeatedly for the tag. Charlotte misses a charge in the corner and Nikki with a jaw breaker. Charlotte goes after Asuka. Charlotte runs Nikki into Rhea. Rhea tags herself in. Nikki tags Asuka. Asuka hits Rhea with a bulldog and a hip attack to Charlotte! Asuka hits Rhea with double knees!! Charlotte tries to get involved unsuccessfully. Rhea gets a near fall off of a Norther Lights suplex. Asuka answers with a suplex of her own and a RUNNING HIP ATTACK FOR A NEAR FALL!! Nikki tags in and hits a cross body from the top! Charlotte breaks up the pin. Charlotte barks orders at Rhea and Rhea has heard enough. Rhea wants Riptide on Charlotte but Charlotte escapes and chop blocks Rhea. CHARLOTTE HITS RHEA WITH NATURAL SELECTION AND NIKKI PINS RHEA TO WIN!! Nikki and Asuka get the win but the real story is the rivalry between Rhea and Charlotte.

W: Nikki Cross & Asuka via pin @ 13:25

Alexa Bliss in on the playground and talks about Shayna Baszler. Bliss covers Lily's ears because she doesn't want to say it but says Baszler called her a "stupid doll". Bliss says Baszler was wrong. Don't believe her? You'll see tonight!

Highlights of the contract signing from earlier tonight.

Drew Gulak vs. Mansoor

Quick arm drag by Mansoor and they lock up. Mansoor targets an arm and Gulak with a side head lock. Mansoor escapes and another arm drag before going to an arm bar. Gulak is up as Mustafa Ali watches backstage. Gulak gains control and slams Mansoor into the ropes. Near fall for Gulak. Gulak puts a foot on the back on Mansoor and pulls back on a leg. Mansoor gets to his feet and hits Gulak with a chop. Gulak is sent to the corner but Mansoor runs into a boot. Gulak with a couple of near falls. GULAK TRIES A ROLL UP WITH THE TIGHTS BUT MANSOOR ESCAPES AND ROLLS UP GULAK FOR THE WIN!! Short and sweet.

W: Mansoor via pin @ 2:22

Riddle is backstage when Orton approaches him and gives him the "key" back. Riddle talks about his match with Kofi. Riddle talks about being hungry and wanting a Whopper. Riddle wants him and Orton to be road buddies and get Burger King in every state. Riddle keeps talking and asks Orton his favorite place. Riddle likes Vegas. Orton cuts him off and wants the "key" back. Orton throws the "key" in the trash. Riddle gets on the scooter and rides away.

Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods vs. Riddle

No Orton to accompany Riddle. Riddle goes right after Kofi and takes him to the mat. Kofi gets up quickly and backs Riddle into the corner. Kofi with a splash in the corner and then a snap mare. Multiple near falls for Kofi early on. Kofi with a kick to the gut of Riddle but Riddle grabs him and hits a gutwrench suplex. Riddle rolls through and hits another for a near fall. Broton by Riddle! Woods begins playing the trombone which distracts Riddle. Kofi hits Riddle with a jaw breaker and lights him up with a chop in the corner. Kofi quiets everyone before hitting another chop. Cover and one count for Kofi. ORTON'S MUSIC HITS!! HERE COMES ORTON! Kofi hits Riddle with a drop kick from the second rope. Orton goes after Woods but Kofi hits Orton with a drop kick through the ropes. Kofi sends Riddle to the outside with a drop kick. ORTON BACK SUPLEXES WOODS ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE. Orton helps Riddle to his feet and KOFI LEAPS FROM THE TOP AND FREE FALLS ONTO RIDDLE AND ORTON as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Riddle hitting Kofi with forearms in the corner. Exploder by Riddle followed by a PK to the face! Kofi counters a suplex and hits a double stomp out of the corner. Another stomp by Kofi gets a near fall. Kofi with kick and a spring board splash for a near fall. Kofi hits a kick in the corner. Riddle comes right back and wants a dead lift German but Kofi blocks. Kofi goes to the top and Riddle runs up to meet him. Riddle slaps him in the face and then a chop. Kofi knocks Riddle off the top but Riddle comes right back. Kofi blocks a superplex and front face suplexes Riddle. Kofi frog splashes Riddle from the top!! 1...2...NO!! Kofi charges at Riddle but Riddle sends him to the outside. Kofi gets back to the apron and avoids a knee strike. Riddle connects with the forearm to send Kofi to the floor. Riddle comes to the outside and hits another forearm. Riddle beats the hell out of Kofi! Kofi turns it around and throws Riddle back in. Riddle grabs Kofi on the apron and HITS ORTON'S HANGING DDT!! Orton tells Riddle to finish him. Riddle sets up for the RKO but Kofi blocks. Kofi wants Trouble in Paradise but Riddle ducks it. Riddle wants to lift Kofi but KOFI COUNTERS AND HITS TROUBLE IN PARADISE FOR THE WIN!! Best match on the show but that's not saying much. The New Day celebrates as a disappointed Orton walks off.

W: Kofi Kingston via pin @ 12:22

We see highlights of what's happened in recent weeks with Alexa Bliss and Shayna Baszler.

Shayna Baszler is walking backstage when Nia Jax approaches her. Nia says they have their differences. Nia takes offense for what Shayna did to Reginald. They start to argue but Nia says she's here to offer her help. Nia says to be careful because she's never seen Bliss like this. Baszler refuses the help and says she'll take care of Bliss herself. It's next!

Alexa Bliss awaits Shayna Baszler in the ring on the swing set. She welcomes us to the the playground. Normally this is a place for friends but this seems different. Maybe after tonight, Baszler can be a new friend. Bliss tries to talk to Lily and BASZLER'S MUSIC HITS TO INTERRUPT! Baszler slams down the rocking horse and then sits on the swing. Bliss says that wasn't nice and someone didn't learn their lesson last week. Bliss says it's alright and they'll give Baszler a chance to be their friend. Bliss wants Baszler to apologize to Lily. Baszler says she's delusional. Baszler blames Bliss for Baszler and Jax not being tag champs. Bliss laughs and says that's silly. Bliss says it's in Baszler's best interest to apologize to Lily. BASZLER SNATCHES LILY!! BASZLER SAYS SORRY! SORRY YOU'RE A STUPID DOLL!! BLISS ATTACKS BASZLER!! Baszler sends Bliss out of the ring. BASZLER STOMPS ON LILY!!! The lights start going crazy and music plays. BASZLER BAILS. Bliss gets in the ring and grabs Lily. Bliss laughs. BASLZER HEADS BACKSTAGE WHERE THE LIGHTS FLICKER AND A BUNCH OF STUFF STARTS FALLING. Everywhere Baszler goes she can't escape the arena. Baszler is on the run and goes to a room and barricades the door with couches. BAZSLER TURNS AND THERE'S A MIRROR. SHE SEES LILY IN THE MIRROR! BASZLER BREAKS THE MIRROR AND LILY IS STILL THERE!! THE LIGHTS GO OUT AND YOU HEAR BASZLER SCREAMING! End Show.

Next Week:

  • Eva Marie will be Live!

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