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Raw 6/21/2021: Lashley vs. Woods Inside Hell in a Cell; Five Money in the Bank Qualifiers; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Raw:

  • Men's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Randy Orton vs. John Morrison

  • Men's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Riddle

  • Men's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: AJ Styles w/ Omos (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. Ricochet

  • Women's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

  • Women's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Asuka & Naomi vs. Eva Marie & Doudrop (Piper Niven)

We're in the ThunderDome following Hell in a Cell last night and it's full force towards Money in the Bank as we have five qualifying matches tonight. The money in the bank briefcases are hanging over the ring tonight. Commentary hypes tonight's qualifying matches. We're kicking things off with WWE CHAMPION BOBBY LASHLEY along with MVP. The ladies are accompanying them. It's VIP Lounge time with champagne! MVP has a mic and says once again they're in the ring so big things are poppin! MVP hands the mic to Lashley. He says he and McIntyre literally went through hell. McIntyre at his best, couldn't keep Lashley down. MVP says Lashley beat McIntyre within an inch of his life. They bring up how McIntyre can't challenge Lashley anymore. MVP says they will have one hell of a party tonight and they toast to Lashley. THE NEW DAY INTERRUPTS!! They bring a tray of pancakes to ringside. Kofi says they mean no disrespect and just want to participate. They toss pancakes into the ring. MVP says the New Day keeps proving his point with their clown nonsense. MVP calls them clowns and that's why they weren't on the Hell in a Cell card. MVP says crowds will return and they'll be playing video games while they enjoy the finer things in life. Kofi objects and wants to speak straight to "Bob". Kofi says MVP and the ladies won't come around once he loses the title. Lashley claims he'll never lose it. Especially to someone like Kofi. Lashley says he's at the top of the hierarchy and the New Day is near the bottom. Kofi brings up beating Daniel Bryan at Mania and beating Lashley on Raw. Roll the footage. KOFI CHALLENGES LASHLEY FOR A WWE CHAMPIONSHIP AT MONEY IN THE BANK!! LASHLEY ACCEPTS!! Lashley says McIntyre had to help Kofi beat him. Lashley wants a straight one-on-one match at Money in the Bank. Lashley also wants a match against Xavier Woods tonight. Woods says Lashley isn't the first person to treat them like this. Woods name drops King of the Ring tournament and hypes his own resume. Woods accepts Lashley's challenge. WOODS THEN SAYS THE MATCH WILL BE INSIDE HELL IN A CELL!!! BECAUSE NEW DAY ROCKS!!

AJ Styles and Omos ran into the Viking Raiders earlier today. Styles runs them down and the Raiders say they got a phenomenal win to earn a title shot. Styles claims he'll win the money in the bank and then cash in to win the WWE Championship. After that, Styles and Omos will successfully defend their titles against the Raiders.

Ricochet promo earlier today and he says this is his opportunity to show he belongs. Ricochet will do whatever it takes to win!

Men's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

AJ Styles w/ Omos (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. Ricochet

Styles goes on the offensive right away. Ricochet counters and Styles goes to the apron. Spring board drop kick by Ricochet sends Styles to the outside. Ricochet wants a moonsault but Styles counters and sends him into the ring post as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Styles beating on Ricochet in the corner. Ricochet battles back with strikes but Styles takes him down with an elbow. Punches by Ricochet to fight back and then a knee to the jaw of Styles. Ricochet builds momentum and tries a suplex but Styles lands on his feet. Cross body by Ricochet and he follows with a clothesline to Styles in the corner. To the opposite corner for another. Northern Lights suplex by Ricochet! He rolls through and he's another!! 1....2....NO!! Ricochet lifts Styles but Styles elbows free and hits a kick to the head. Styles lifts Ricochet and slams him with a modified power bomb. Styles stacks him up for a near fall. Styles wants the Styles Clash but Ricochet counters. They trade strikes. Styles misses a pele and Ricochet with a German! He bridges for a near fall! Ricochet hits a clothesline to Styles in the corner but Styles rolls through to lock in the Calf Crusher!! Ricochet gets to the ropes forcing a break. Styles gets Ricochet in a fireman's carry and hits a neck breaker! Styles sets up for the Phenomenal Forearm. THE VIKING RAIDERS ARE HERE TO ATTACK OMOS!! Omos takes care of them. Omos charges and the Raiders send him through the barricade. STYLES GOES FOR THE PHENOMENAL FOREARM BUT JUMPS INTO A RECOIL BY RICOCHET FOR THE WIN!!! Good match and nice to see Ricochet get the win. He may not have a chase in the Money in the Bank match but he'll bring some fun spots to it.

W: Ricochet via pin @ 9:53

Commentary hypes the other qualifying matches.

Riddle and Randy Orton are backstage. Riddle talks about them both possibly qualifying. Riddle can't wait to hide his "stash" in the briefcase. That's stash of Whoppers. Orton tells Riddle to get to the point. Riddle says Orton has won the briefcase before so he wants advice. Orton says to stay out of his way. Riddle says that's hard if they're both in the match.

We get highlights of Eva Marie's "debut".

Eva Marie and Doudrop (Piper Niven) are walking backstage when they get interviewed. Eva Marie introduces Piper Niven as Doudrop officially. Poor Niven for that name,

Women's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Asuka & Naomi vs. Eva Marie & Doudrop

Asuka and Eva Marie start the match. Eva immediately tags Doudrop. Asuka tries to take down Doudrop but can't. Asuka charges but Asuka with strikes. Doudrop runs through Asuka and Eva Marie gets off the apron. Asuka fires back with kicks to Doudrop in the corner. Naomi gets a tag. Naomi gets overpowered. Doudrop splashes Naomi in the corner and then hits a cannon ball!! 1....2....Asuka saves it! Doudrop drags Naomi to the corner and goes up to the middle rope. Eva Marie tags herself in and gets a near fall. Eva wants to tag but Doudrop gets off the apron! NAOMI ROLLS UP EVA MARIE FOR THE WIN!! Seriously?

W: Asuka & Naomi via pin @ 2:50

Highlights of Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair from Hell in a Cell are shown. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are backstage. They will address the controversy of the WWE Raw Women's Championship match at Hell in a Cell.

Lashley is backstage getting ready for hell in a cell.

Pearce and Deville are in the ring and want to talk about last night's match between Rhea and Charlotte. They bring WWE Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley to the ring first. Ripley says she was told she would be summoned. Pearce and Deville agree that what Ripley did at Hell in a Cell was unacceptable. Ripley gets in the ring. Deville reminds us of how a championship can change hands. Pearce says Ripley abused the rules. Ripley asks if the rules only apply to her and not Flair. Ripley says Flair has broken the rules plenty of times. Pearce says Charlotte isn't the current champ. HERE COMES CHARLOTTE! She says she's not the champ yet. She claims she's not mad at Ripley. She's proud of her. Charlotte says she was kicking Ripley's ass and Ripley proved she was smarter than Charlotte thought. Charlotte says Ripley is clever but she's still going to destroy her. Deville says if that's Charlotte's way of asking for a rematch, she'll grant one! The rematch is at Money in the Bank! Just what we all wanted.....not.

Highlights of Natalya/Tamina brawling with Mandy/Dana last week and highlights of the kickoff show match last night between Natalya and Mandy. Natalya and Tamina are doing a photo shoot when they're interviewed. We hear loud noises and it's Mandy/Dana training. It's basically same as last week with the roles reversed. Natalya and Tamina go to get in the ring and they're drop kicked off the apron.

Men's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Randy Orton vs. John Morrison w/ The Miz

Miz joins commentary. They lock up and side head lock by Orton. Morrison backs him into the corner and we get a clean break. Orton with a side head lock take down. Morrison escapes and gets a front face lock on Orton. Morrison with shots to the back of Orton and knees to the gut. Morrison hits a kick to the head for a near fall. Morrison works on an arm of Orton now. Orton thumbs Morrison in the eye to regain control. Orton sends Morrison into the ropes and clotheslines him out of the ring. Orton bounces Morrison's face off the announce table repeatedly before back suplexing him on it! Orton stalks Miz who rolls backwards in his wheelchair as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Orton stomping Morrison in the corner and hitting uppercuts. Orton stomps the limbs of Morrison. Classic Orton. Then a stomp to the midsection gets a near fall. Side head lock by Orton. Morrison gets up and hits Orton with a kick when Orton lowers his head. Morrison with a kick and then sends Orton shoulder first into the ring post. Orton falls to the outside. Morrison follows and sends Orton into the steps. Back in the ring, Morrison with more work on the arm of Orton. Orton stacks him up for a near fall. Morrison back on the arm again. He gets another near fall. Morrison continues the arm work as Orton gets to his feet. Orton gets free and Morrison sends him into the corner. Orton fires out of the corner with a clothesline. Chops by Orton now. Orton mounts Morrison in the corner and punches away. Orton runs into a boot from Morrison but Morrison runs into a power slam from Orton! HANGING DDT BY ORTON!!! Orton sets up for the RKO and Miz squirts Orton in the face with water. With the "drip stick". Orton turns his attention to Miz and Morrison rolls him up for a near fall. Orton hits an uppercut. HERE COMES RIDDLE TO CHASE MIZ ON HIS SCOOTER!! Orton is distracted and Morrison hangs him up across the top! MORRISON HITS ORTON WITH STARSHIP PAIN TO WIN!!! That's an upset but a welcome one I believe.

W: John Morrison via pin @ 12:41

Highlights of last night's match between Alexa Bliss and Shayna Baszler. Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, and Reginald are stopped backstage. Nia says what happened with Reginald, won't happen again tonight. Baszler says no one scares her or will stop her from qualifying for the Money in the Bank match.

Nikki Cross promo time. She's dressed as a super hero. She talks about falling down in line but fighting her way back. She wants to win the briefcase. Don't they all?

Women's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler w/ Reginald

New music for Bliss and Cross looks like a poor version of Mighty Molly. Cross and Baszler are going to start. Baszler looks at Cross like she's a joke and well? Baszler takes her to the corner and hits her with a kick. To the opposite corner and Cross floats over. Baszler goes after the arm and takes down Cross. Cross fights back and Baszler misses a charge. Cross charges and Baszler sends her to the apron. Baszler regains control and tags Jax. Jax with a head butt to Cross and then she misses a charge. Jax falls out of the ring. Reginald checks on Jax. Bliss tries to hypnotize Reginald but Jax gets him to focus. Cross flies off the top to take them out as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Cross splashing Baszler in the corner. Tag to Bliss. Bulldog by Cross and double knees by Bliss. Near fall for Bliss. Jax distracts and Baszler rakes the eyes of Bliss. Jax tags in and sends Bliss face first into the turnbuckle. Baszler tags back in as they isolate Bliss in the corner. Baszler rakes Bliss across the ropes. Baszler with a chin lock on Bliss. Bliss fights to her feet and escapes. Rights by Bliss but Baszler puts her on the top turnbuckle. SUNSET FLIP BOMB BY BLISS!! Cross and Jax get tags. Jax catches a flying Cross but Cross escapes. Cross runs into a boot and Jax takes her to the corner .Baszler back in. Baszler looks to hit Cross but Cross ducks and Baszler almost hits Jax. They argue. Bliss gets Reginald hypnotized again. Reginald almost hits Jax but stops. Reginald and Jax hug. Cross drop kicks them. CROSS CRADLES BASZLER AND GETS THE WIN!!

W: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross via pin @ 10:10

Drew McIntyre is backstage and Pearce/Deville approach him. McIntyre is looking to the future and that's the Money in the Bank ladder match. They say maybe McIntyre shouldn't compete. He's sure they didn't say the same to Lashley. McIntyre says he'll never surrender. McIntyre says if he's in hell already, he might as well keep going. HIs match is next!

Backstage, Jinder Mahal is arguing with Jeff Hardy, Cedric Alexander, and Sheamus. They all want a chance to be in Money in the Bank. Deville understands their frustrations but the matches are final. Sheamus says he shouldn't have to qualify. Pearce says if he's good, he can defend his title. Jinder is still pissed about those chosen over him. Mahal says if something were to happen to a participant, he'd like to be considered as a replacement. So who's he attacking? McIntyre?

Men's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Riddle vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre has some serious battle wounds from hell in a cell. Lock up and McIntyre backs Riddle to the corner. Clean break. Lock up and they go into the ropes forcing a break. Riddle goes for the legs but McIntyre with a front face lock. Riddle slips free. Riddle with a kick to the back of McIntyre and it pissed him off. McIntyre tees off on Riddle in the corner now. McIntyre with a belly to belly throw for a near fall. Riddle fires back with chops but McIntyre takes him to the corner for more punches. Suplex by McIntyre for a near fall. McIntyre takes Riddle to the corner and chops. Riddle blocks another suplex but runs into a shoulder tackle. Near fall for McIntyre. McIntyre sends Riddle to the corner but Riddle avoids a charge. McIntyre goes to the middle rope but Riddle pulls him off. BROTON!! Riddle lifts McIntyre for a gutwrench suplex! Riddle wants another but McIntyre counters with a back breaker. McIntyre can't capitalize though. McIntyre sends Riddle outside with a right. On the outside, Riddle sends McIntyre back first into the ring post and then hits a belly to belly on the floor as we go to a break!

Back from the break, Riddle has a chin lock on McIntyre. McIntyre elbows free. McIntyre wants a slam but Riddle avoids it and hits forearms in the corner. Exploder by Riddle! Running kick to the back by Riddle. Riddle goes for a Broton but McIntyre gets the knees up! Belly to belly by McIntyre! Another one! Neck breaker by McIntyre! Kip up! McIntyre goes for the Future Shock DDT but Riddle blocks and counters to a jackknife cover for a near fall. McIntyre with a big clothesline for a near fall! McIntyre sends Riddle face first into the corner. McIntyre gets Riddle up and REVERSE ALABAMA SLAM!! 1....2....NO!! McIntyre puts Riddle on the top and goes up with him. Riddle fights back and McIntyre gets hung in the tree of woe. MCINTYRE RAISES UP AND RELEASE GERMANS RIDDLE!! HERE COMES ORTON WITH HIS ARMS CROSSED as we go to another commercial.

We're back and McIntyre is on the second rope with Riddle on his back. Riddle slides off and power bombs McIntyre!!! Riddle with a flash knee!! 1....2....NO!!! Riddle with a go behind but McIntyre counters and HITS A MICHINOKU DRIVER!!! 1.....2....NO!!! McIntyre goes up to the top. McIntyre leaps but RIDDLE COUNTERS INTO A TRIANGLE!! McIntyre lifts out of it. Riddle with a back slide and McIntyre rolls through to HIT THE FUTURE SHOCK DDT!!! 1.....2.....NO!!! McIntyre sets up for the Claymore but Riddle collapses. McIntyre goes over to Riddle but Riddle is up and lifts him. They trade counters. RIPCORD TO MCINTYRE!! Riddle kicks the back of the head of McIntyre. Riddle goes to the top but misses the Floating Bro. MCINTYRE WANTS THE CLAYMORE BUT RIDDLE COUNTERS INTO THE BROMISSION!! McIntyre breaks it! McIntyre rolls Riddle forwards and Riddle hits a running knee! GLASGOW KISS FROM MCINTYRE!! RIDDLE MISSES A KICK BUT GETS ON THE SHOULDERS OF MCINTYRE. RIDDLE ROLLS FORWARD INTO A VICTORY ROLL AND PINS MCINTYRE!! Another upset! Easily the best match of the night!

W: Riddle via pin @ 22:48

Post match, Riddle goes up to Orton who doesn't look pleased. Riddle wants to celebrate and asks Orton what's wrong? Riddle tells Orton to just talk and says he's always there for him. Orton doesn't move.

Backstage, Kofi Kingston is trying to get Xavier Woods pumped up.

SummerSlam is August 21st and tickets are on sale now!

Highlights of the Elias/Ryker rivalry are shown. Ryker is backstage doing whatever he does and Mansoor watches on. Mansoor wants to ask for advice. Really?! Of all people. Ryker says never let your enemies escape. Ryker says he's facing Elias in a strap match next week. Mansoor says it makes perfect sense. Mansoor runs into Mustafa Ali. Ali says he's asking all the wrong questions to the wrong people. Ali wants to know why he and Mansoor can't get qualifying matches. Ali says Mansoor needs to build his own ladder to success.

Commentary tells us that next week there will be a last chance triple threat Money in the Bank qualifying match with the three men who lost their match tonight.

Xavier Woods makes his way to the ring alongside Kofi for the main event. It's next!

Non-Title Hell in a Cell Match

Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston vs. Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) w/ MVP

Woods with a running drop kick right away! Lashley immediately throws Woods in the corner and beats him down. Neck breaker by Lashley. Lashley lifts Woods but Woods floats over. Clothesline by Lashley to flatten Woods followed by a flatliner. All Lashley as he stares down Kofi. Elevated flatliner by Lashley now for a near fall. Lashley throws Woods to the outside. Woods tries a chair shot but Lashley blocks it and punches the chair into Woods' face! Back in the ring, Lashley misses a charger and goes shoulder first into the ring post. Woods hits a drop kick through the ropes that sends Lashley into the cell. Another one! Lashley gets back on the apron and Woods hits him in the head with a chair sending Lashley to the floor. More chair shots by Woods and he's in control as we head to a commercial,

We're back with Lashley still in control. There's a table leaning in the corner now. Lashley goes for a clothesline but Woods low bridges him and Lashley goes to the outside. Woods tries a baseball slide but Lashley ties him up in the apron skirt and pounds on him. Lashley and Kofi exchange words. Woods desperately fights back but with no luck as Lashley chucks him into the cell. Back in the ring, Lashley stands on the head of Woods. Kofi and MVP trade words as Lashley hammers Woods in the corner. Woods picks up speed and takes out the knee of Lashley. Drop kick by Woods. Woods gets the kendo stick and hits Lashley. Lashley falls outside. Woods follows and more shots with the kendo stick. Woods chokes Lashley with it and sends him back in the ring. Lashley takes the kendo stick but Woods with a right hand. Wheelbarrow slam by Woods! 1.....2.....NO!! Lashley sends Woods to the apron but Woods hits a kick. TORNADO DDT BY WOODS!!! 1....2.....NO!!! Woods messes with the table and Lashley kicks him in the gut. Woods avoids a power bomb and super kicks Lashley! Lashley is laying on the table now! WOODS SPRING BOARD ELBOW DROPS LASHLEY THROUGH THE TABLE!!! 1......2.......NO!!!! Woods misses a running kick. Lashley sends Woods into a wedged chair in the corner! SPEAR BY LASHLEY!!! LASHLEY LOCKS IN THE HURT LOCK AND WOODS TAPS!!!

W: Bobby Lashley via submission @ 13:40


Next Week:

  • Strap Match: Jaxson Ryker vs. Elias

  • Last Chance Triple Threat Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles w/ Omos

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