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Raw 6/14/2021: Six Man Tag Main Event; McIntyre vs. Styles; New Day vs. RK-Bro; Eva Marie "Debuts"

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • The New Day vs. RK-Bro

  • Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles w/ Omos (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions)

  • Eva Marie's Raw debut against Naomi

We're in the ThunderDome for Raw just six days before Hell in a Cell. We're kicking off with Alexa Bliss on the playground. She's excited to be with us and says she's gotten complaints about what Lily did last week. Even Bliss thinks Lily went too far. We see highlights. Bliss says she only had good intentions when she invited Shayna Baszler to the playground but things got a little out of hand. More highlights. Bliss because of WWE going on the road soon, Bliss has put Lily in time out. Bliss turns to see NIA JAX!! Nia says Shayna wants a match at Hell in a Cell and Bliss can't wait. Nia says she knows the real Bliss and wants to know what happened to her? Jax says they used to be friends. Bliss says they were never friends. Jax wants a a match with Bliss tonight! Bliss accepts!!

Commentary runs down what's to come tonight. Rhea Ripley vs. Asuka is added! They've faced each other too many times lately in my opinion.

Charlotte Flair interview. Charlotte isn't worried about Rhea Ripley at Hell in a Cell. Charlotte wants to beat Nikki Cross in order to "remove" that loss from her record.

Nikki Cross vs. Charlotte Flair

Lock up and a knee by Charlotte and she throws Nikki to the mat. RHEA RIPLEY'S MUSIC HITS!! HERE SHE COMES!! Nikki with a roll up for a near fall. Charlotte goes on the attack and knocks Nikki out of the ring. Charlotte sends Nikki into the barricade and then hits a big boot. Charlotte throws Nikki back in the ring. We go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Charlotte throws Nikki to the mat. Charlotte rag dolls Nikki with a chin lock. Ripley is sitting ringside. Nikki avoids a scoop slam and takes down Charlotte with a head scissors. Cradle by Nikki for a near fall and Charlotte is right back up to clothesline Nikki. Charlotte chokes Nikki across the second rope. Charlotte pie faces Nikki and talks trash. Nikki fights back but chops by Charlotte takes her down. Nikki tries a sunset flip and Charlotte stomps her in the corner. Charlotte puts Nikki on the top turnbuckle and goes up with her. Nikki fights back and hits a tornado DDT!! Charlotte is sent out of the ring. Nikki leaps off the apron but Charlotte catches her! Charlotte hits Nikki with a FALL AWAY SLAM ON THE FLOOR!! CHARLOTTE PAYS TOO MUCH ATTENTION TO RIPLEY AND NIKKI SLIDES BACK IN THE RING FOR A COUNT OUT VICTORY!! I'm not a fan of that.

W: Nikki Cross via count out @ 7:54

Post match, Charlotte beats the hell out of Nikki until RIPLEY COMES IN AND HITS RIPTIDE ON CHARLOTTE!!

Highlights of Kofi Kingston vs. Riddle from last week are shown.

Backstage, Riddle talks to Jeff Hardy. Riddle tells Hardy that he felt like he let Randy Orton down. Riddle asks Hardy for advice. Hardy hates to admit it but Riddle should take Orton's advice since he's a veteran and trust is key. Hardy opens his eyes and Riddle says he had four eyes! Hardy says he has a match against John Morrison. Riddle keeps rambling and turns to see Hardy left. Orton is here now. Orton tells Riddle to not try to be another Orton. Just to be Riddle. Riddle asks Orton if that means he likes him and Orton says no haha. Hardy vs. Morrison is next!

John Morrison w/ The Miz vs. Jeff Hardy

The Miz is still in the wheelchair and joins commentary. Hardy goes to the top rope before the bell rings to do this taunt and Morrison throws water in his eyes. Bell rings and Morrison attacks right away but Hardy turns it around. Hardy runs into a kick. Morrison does some parkour stuff to take down Hardy. CEDRIC ALEXANDER'S MUSIC HITS AND HE COMES TO RINGSIDE. Morrison with a shot to Hardy's ribs. Morrison with a leap frog but Hardy double leg drops when he ducks. Hardy builds momentum again and throws his towel at Miz. WHISPER IN THE WIND BY HARDY!! 1....2....NO!! Hardy with shoulders to Morrison from the apron. Both men battle on the apron and Morrison hangs Hardy up. MORRISON HITS STARSHIP PAIN FOR THE WIN!! Too short. Two matches and two interruptions?

W: John Morrison via pin @ 2:47

Post match, Cedric Alexander gets a mic and wants to apologize to Hardy for not showing him the respect he deserves. Cedric idolized Hardy. Cedric says he wanted their match again. He calls Hardy a sore winner. Cedric apologizes for not sending Hardy to a retirement home. HARDY SAYS HE'LL RETIRE NOW IF CEDRIC CAN BEAT HIM RIGHT NOW!! We go to a commercial.

If Hardy loses, he will retire

Jeff Hardy vs. Cedric Alexander

Hardy takes Alexander to the corner right away and the action spills to the outside. They go back in the ring and Alexander dragon screws Hardy's knee across the middle rope. Cedric works the knee now with a single leg crab. Cedric with kicks to the knee now but Hardy hits a jaw breaker. Alexander charges in the corner but Hardy moves and he goes face first into the turnbuckle. Double kick by Hardy in the corner for a near fall. Alexander avoids the Twist of Fate and HITS A MICHINOKU DRIVER!! 1....2....NO!! Alexander foes to the top and misses a Swanton! Alexander avoids Twist of Fate again and hits a knee to the face. Hardy counters the Nueralizer and HITS TWIST OF FATE!! SWANTON BOMB BY HARDY FOR THE WIN!! What was the point exactly?

W: Jeff Hardy via pin @ 2:51

A video package shows the build up for Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre at Hell in a Cell.

Naomi heads to the ring. She faces the returning Eva Marie next!

Naomi vs. Eva Marie w/ Piper Niven

Piper Niven takes Eva Marie's place. lays out Naomi with a shoulder tackle. Naomi tries to fight back but it's all Niven as she over powers Naomi. Niven with a strong slam and a senton. Splash off the ropes by Piper. Commentary keeps saying they don't know who she is. They obviously don't watch NXT UK! NIVEN WITH A MICHINOKU DRIVER!! Squash. Post match, Eva Marie announces herself as the winner. What the hell?!?!? I don't have high hopes for this if this is the direction they're going with it.

W: Eva Marie but technically Piper Niven via pin @ 1:05

Earlier today, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose are doing a photo shoot. Natalya and Tamina are training near by. They argue because Natalya and Tamina says Mandy and Dana are more concerned about looks than wrestling. Dana and Mandy fire back by saying they only got a chance because of their last names. A brawl breaks out.

The New Day vs. RK-Bro is coming up next!

Kevin Patrick interviews Drew McIntyre backstage. McIntyre refers to Lashley as "Trashley". McIntyre talks about Styles for a second but before mentioning that Lashley has never been in a hell in a cell match. McIntyre tells a story about big Willy (the whale....not what you're thinking). Although references were made. Long story short, McIntyre says he'll regain the title on Sunday.

The New Day vs. RK-Bro

Woods and Riddle start it. Riddle wants a double leg but Woods cuts it off. Riddle gets the Bromission on but Woods backs Riddle into the corner and tags Kofi. Double team by the New Day for a near fall. Quick tags by New Day. Kofi double stomps Riddle's elbow from the top as Woods holds him. Woods comes back in and continues the arm work. Riddle with a chop but arm drag by Woods. Riddle is up and picks a leg. Riddle pulls Woods to his corner and tags Orton. Lock up and side head lock by Orton. Orton takes Woods to the mat. Woods fights free and off the ropes they go. Orton runs into an elbow and Kofi tags in. Kofi hits a cross body from the top for a near fall! Orton stops the momentum with a knee to the gut. Orton sends Kofi to the corner but Kofi hits a drop kick from the second rope. Woods and Riddle come in where Woods hits Riddle with a belly to belly. Riddle and Orton roll outside. The New Day teases dives but don't do them as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Riddle hitting Woods with forearms. Now Riddle and Woods trade forearms. Riddle with a knee followed by a fisherman's suplex!! Near fall for Riddle. Orton tags and Riddle with an assisted corkscrew. Near fall for Orton. Orton works on the arm of Woods. Riddle comes back in and picks up where Orton left off. Broton by Riddle and he mounts Woods for punches. Riddle tries an arm bar but Woods fights it. Orton tags and stomps the face of Woods. More stomps by Orton before going to a chin lock. Orton wants a slam but Woods slides off his back and tags Kofi. Kofi runs wild now on Orton. BOOM DROP BY KOFI!! Kofi wants Trouble in Paradise but Riddle distracts. Kofi misses it and Riddle tags in. Riddle with forearms to Kofi in the corner followed by a suplex. PK by Riddle and then a ripcord knee! FLOATING BRO BY RIDDLE!! Orton takes out Woods with a pounce! 1....2.....NO!! New Day rolls to the outside. Orton and Riddle are in control as we go to another commercial.

Back from the break, Riddle and Woods battle on the top turnbuckle. Woods hits a superplex and Kofi makes a blind tag. KOFI WITH A FROG SPLASH!! 1....2....Orton saves it. Orton throws Woods out of the ring and Kofi does the same to Orton. Riddle cradles Kofi for a near fall. Woods gets a tag. Woods wants a tornado DDT but Riddle counters with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Orton gets a tag and ORTON HITS WOODS WITH AN ASSISTED POWER BOMB!!! 1....2....NO!! Orton sends Woods to the apron and he wants the hanging DDT. Kofi pulls Woods legs out of trouble. Woods hits a kick to Orton's head. Riddle tags and DEAD LIFTS WOODS FROM THE APRON BUT WOODS ESCAPES AND GETS RIDDLE IN AN ELECTRIC CHAIR!! KOFI WITH A DOUBLE STOMP!! 1.....2.....NO!! Kofi with a shot to Orton on the apron. Woods tags in. Woods lifts Riddle but Riddle escapes and hits a jumping Kofi with a knee. Riddle takes Woods to the RK-Bro corner. Orton tags himself in. He wants the RKO but Woods counters with a pin for a near fall. WOODS LOOKS FOR THE HONOR ROLL BUT ROLLS RIGHT INTO A RKO THAT GIVES RK-BRO THE WIN!! Easily the best thing on the show thus far! Post match, Riddle wants to celebrate but Orton isn't on board with that.

W: RK-Bro via pin @ 21:43

Highlights of Nikki Cross vs. Charlotte from earlier tonight.

Sara Schreiber catches up to Rhea Ripley backstage. Ripely says Charlotte thinks she's better than Ripley in every way. Ripley says Charlotte should focus on their match. Ripley says it'll be great to see someone so powerful fall. She'll retain and send Charlotte to the back of the line.

Ozzy Osbourne's "Straight to Hell" is the official theme song for Hell in a Cell.

Non-Title Match

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley (WWE Raw Women's Champion)

They lock up and side head lock by Asuka. Asuka avoids Ripley in the corner and both ladies runs the ropes. Ripley gains control by tossing Asuka across the ring. Ripley charges into a strike by Asuka. Asuka with a full speed chop and Ripely doesn't budge. Asuka looks for an arm bar and goes to an octopus submission. Ripely counters to a fireman's carry. Asuka gets a sleeper on Ripley. Ripley flattens Asuka on the mat to break the hold. Short armed clothesline by Ripley and another. Asuka ducks a third and strikes by Asuka now. Ripley blocks an Irish whip and sends Asuka to the corner. Ripley charges for a drop kick but Asuka side steps it. Ripley goes to the outside. Ripley pulls Asuka off the apron in an electric chair and Ripley drops Asuka face first across the barricade as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Asuka mounting Ripley and punching. Both ladies up and Asuka hits a drop kick. Asuka charges into a boot. Ripley puts Asuka on the top turnbuckle and hits her with right hands. Ripley goes up with her. Asuka blocks a superplex and pushes Ripley off. MISSILE DROP KICK BY ASUKA! Both ladies trade strikes from their knees. Knee strike by Asuka followed by a clothesline. Near fall for Asuka. HIP ATTACK TO THE FACE OF RIPLEY!! 1....2...NO!! Ripley with a reversal and hits a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Asuka is up and hits a back hand followed by a German! Sliding kick by Asuka gets another near fall. Kicks by Asuka now. Ripley catches on and hits knee strikes of her own to the head of Asuka. They trade counters and PRISM TRAP BY RIPLEY! Asuka is able to roll through and wants the Asuka Lock but Ripley blocks. Ripley ducks a series of strikes and HITS ASUKA WITH RIPTIDE FOR THE WIN!! Ripley looked good here and Asuka helped that a lot.

W: Rhea Ripley via pin @ 11:05

Post match, CHARLOTTE ATTACKS RIPLEY!! Officials come out to separate them. Charlotte's nose gets busted!! They keep brawling and have to be pulled apart multiple times.

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP are drinking champagne with the ladies. Kevin Patrick asks Lashley why he thinks McIntyre is facing Styles. MVP interrupts. They don't care how the McIntyre vs. Styles came about. MVP says the champ is fighting tonight. MVP says McIntyre will finally run out of opportunities at Hell in a Cell. Lashley says he will publicly execute McIntyre at Hell in a Cell. Alright then.

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax

Nia charges but Bliss avoids her and hits some kicks. Bliss wants a sleeper but Nia throws her off. Bliss crawls towards Nia. Nia wants a slam but Bliss with another sleeper. Nia gets Bliss off of her. Nia charges the corner but Bliss moves and chops Nia down but working on the leg. Bliss comes off the ropes but runs into the proverbial brick wall. Nia talks trash and throws Bliss across the ring. Nia with a running ass to the face of Bliss in the corner followed by a scoop slam for a near fall. Nia with a submission now but Bliss gets free and slaps Nia. Nia takes Bliss right back down. Nia misses a leg drop and Bliss sits up with a wicked stare. Kick by Bliss. She wants a DDT but Nia flings her away. Bliss goes to the top and REGINALD DISTRACTS! Nia isn't able to take advantage. Bliss drop kicks Nia's knee and THEN PLANTS HER WITH A DDT!! Bliss stares down Reginald. BLISS HITS TWISTED BLISS FROM THE TOP!! BLISS COVERS AND REGINALD JUMPS IN AND PULLS HER OFF FOR THE DQ!! Post match, Bliss hypnotizes Reginald before leaving.

W: Alexa Bliss via DQ @ 3:58

MVP talks to the New Day backstage. The New Day asks MVP what he wants. MVP mocks their loss to RK-Bro. MVP tells Kofi he never got close to the WWE Championship again because he's wasting his career in a tag team. MVP points out that Kofi didn't even get pinned and lost. Kofi tells him to shut his mouth because he's not in the mood. Kofi asks MVP what his end game is? Kofi vows to never see things MVP's way. Kofi says he's successful because of his bond with his friends and brothers. Kofi tells MVP to move on. MVP wishes Kofi good luck in his match at Hell in a Cell......oh wait....he doesn't have one.

Elias vs. Jaxson Ryker is next. Please why do we need this again. No one buys Ryker as a face or cares about him at all.

Elias vs. Jaxson Ryker

Jumping knee strike by Elias right away and he takes the fight to Ryker! Elias takes Ryker to the corner and lights him up with a chop. Ryker comes out of the corner with a double axe to Elias. Ryker takes over and beats Elias from corner to corner. Elias stops his momentum with a boot and chop but runs into a spine buster!! Ryker throws Elias out of the ring and follows him out. Ryker lifts Elias and sends him spine first into the ring post. RYKER GETS BACK IN THE RING AND ELIAS CHOOSE NOT TO GET BACK IN AND TAKES THE LOSS! Seriously?!

W: Jaxson Ryker via count out @ 2:30

A video package hypes the brutality of a hell in a cell match. McIntyre vs. Styles is next!

Commentary runs down the Hell in a Cell card.

Bobby Lashley and MVP are out to sit on couched up on the stage with the ladies to watch McIntyre vs. Styles.

Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles w/ Omos (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions)

Styles goes after McIntyre's arm but McIntyre pulls away for a clean break. Styles takes McIntyre to the corner but McIntyre sends Styles to the opposite corner. Styles avoids McIntyre and hits chops. McIntyre turns it around and hits chops of his own before sending Styles into the lights with a back body drop! Punch and stomp by McIntyre. McIntyre lowers his head and Styles hits a series of kicks. Back slide attempt and McIntyre hits the FUTURE SHOCK DDT!! No cover by McIntyre. McIntyre sets up for a Claymore but Omos pulls Styles out. Lashley heads towards the ring and the VIKING RAIDERS ARE HERE. We go to a commercial.

We're back with McIntyre stomping Styles in the corner. Styles fights out of but is sent hard back into the corner. Tilt-a-whirl back breaker by McIntyre gets him a near fall. McIntyre wants a suplex but Styles lands on his feet. Strikes by Styles and sends McIntyre into the ropes. He holds on and fires back with rights. Styles hits McIntyre in the throat and then stun guns him over the top rope and McIntyre falls to the floor. Styles goes to the outside and sends McIntyre into the ring post. McIntyre gets back on the apron and Styles wants a suplex. McIntyre blocks and hangs Styles across the top rope. McIntyre sends Styles into the corner but eats both boots when he charges. Chin lock by Styles now. McIntyre gets free but Styles goes to a sleeper. Jaw breaker by McIntyre allows him to escape. Pele kick by Styles but McIntyre turns him inside out with a clothesline! Clotheslines by McIntyre now and a suplex for a near fall. MICHINOKU DRIVER BY MCINTYRE!! 1....2....NO!! McIntyre is frustrated as he puts Styles on the top turnbuckle. Styles avoids a superplex and hits him with a neck breaker across the knee of Styles. Near fall for Styles. Styles wants the Styles Clash but he's back dropped to the outside. McIntyre goes to the outside. Lashley charges and McIntyre punches him! MCINTYRE SENDS LASHLEY INTO THE BARRICADE! McIntyre goes to the top and hits Styles with a clothesline from the top. LASHLEY IS IN TO ATTACK MCINTYRE!! How many crappy finishes can we have in one night?! I'm afraid to find out.

W: Drew McIntyre via DQ 13:31

Post match, everyone brawls including the Viking Raiders. McIntyre belly to belly suplexes Lashley on the floor outside. We go to a commercial.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Drew McIntyre & The Viking Raider vs. AJ Styles, Omos, & Bobby Lashley

Ivar and Styles start the match. The Raiders double team Styles. Commentary says Lashley went backstage to put on his gear. He was in a suit. So it's 3-on-2 for now. The Raiders continue to isolate Styles. Ivar with a scoop slam to Styles. Erik slams Ivar on Styles as well for a near fall. Lashley is back and pulls McIntyre off the apron and sends him into the apron. Styles tags Lashley and he takes Erik to the corner. Lashley with a huge forearm. Lashley throws Erik to the corner and Styles get a tag. Styles gets a couple shots in and tags Omos. He does nothing and tags Lashley. Erik hits Lashley with a knee to the face but Lashley still prevents Erik from tagging. Flatliner by Lashley. Lashley knocks McIntyre off the apron but that allows Erik to tag Ivar. Ivar takes Lashley down. Ivar with a cartwheel and avoids the Hurt Lock. Lashley with a spine buster to Ivar! Everything is breaking down! Omos gets a tag and wipes out Ivar. Omos is standing tall as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Lashley pounding Ivar in the corner. Near fall for Lashley. Lashley with a spine buster to Ivar. Lashley works on the head and neck of Ivar with a submission. Lashley taunts McIntyre. Lashley takes Ivar to the corner and hits elbows. Omos tags in and charges to squash Ivar in the corner. Styles gets a tag and works a chin lock. Ivar gets to his feet and they trade blows. Kick by Styles and he charges only for Ivar to stomp him. McIntyre and Omos get tags! Omos goozles him! McIntyre kicks Omos' knee and breaks the grip. Omos shoves Omos who tags Styles. McIntyre hits Styles with THREE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEXES! Lashley distracts the ref allowing Omos to his McIntyre. OMOS CHUCKS BOTH IVAR AND ERIK OVER THE BARRICADE ON THE OUTSIDE!! McIntyre is all alone. Lashley gets a tag from Styles AND RUNS RIGHT INTO A CLAYMORE!! MCINTYRE PINS LASHLEY!!

W: Drew McIntyre & The Viking Raiders via pin @ 13:39

McIntyre stares down a fallen Lashley to end the show!

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