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Raw 5/31/2021: Lashley's #1 Contender Decided; Baszler Invades Alexa's Playground; Plus More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match: Elias & Jaxson Ryker vs. AJ Styles & Omos (champs)

  • Xavier Woods vs. Randy Orton

  • Miz TV: The Miz returns to host WWE Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair on Miz TV

  • Reginald vs. Shayna Baszler

  • #1 Contenders Match - Winner faces Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell: Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston

Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the states! Thanks to all veterans past and present for their sacrifice so we can enjoy the freedoms we have! It's Monday so that means it's time for Raw! We open with a Memorial Day video package. It's well done per usual. Corey Graves and Byron Saxton welcome Jimmy Smith to the commentary booth. It's his first night in the booth. They hype Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston for tonight to see who faces Bobby Lashley at Hell in a Cell. They remind us that Lashley and MVP will be suspended if they interfere. They talk about the Raw tag title match along with Shayna Baszler vs. Reginald. We're starting with MIZ TV!!

The Miz welcomes us to Miz TV and hypes his accolades including calling himself a first ballot future hall of famer. Miz says Raw has been tough to watch without him here. He's sorry about that and says in the match at WrestleMania Backlash he was injured. Miz suddenly says what is that smell? John Morrison is wearing garlic so not zombies show up for a repeat. Morrison also has a Drip Stick. Miz says when he was away, he had an epiphany because we're going on the road soon and he knows everyone wants to see him live and in person. He's accomplished so much that he has to get back and use his platform to raise other superstars. That brings him to his guests tonight. Miz first introduces CHARLOTTE FLAIR. Morrison sings her theme and holds the ropes for her. Miz says it's lovely to see Charlotte and Charlotte asks what the smell is? That brings up the garlic again. They ask Charlotte about becoming a 14-time champ but who's counting? Charlotte is counting. Charlotte says Rhea Ripley has had her fairy tale story and she'll be sending Ripley to hell in 3 weeks. Cue RHEA RIPLEY!! Miz and Morrison rock out to her theme music as well. Ripley thinks it's funny that Charlotte claims she'll send Ripley to hell and Ripley just tells Charlotte to go to hell. Miz tries to play peace keeper. Morrison talks about vampires and Ripley says that's the dumbest thing she's ever heard. She's "The Nightmare" for the whole division and she'll beat Charlotte. Charlotte says Ripley couldn't even beat Nikki Cross in two minutes. Highlights of last week are shown. Charlotte laughs and says if she can't beat Cross, she won't beat Charlotte. HERE COMES NIKKI CROSS! Cross says she's a big fan of Miz TV and couldn't wait any longer. Cross says she beat Ripley last week and it would only be right if she's the person to challenge the winner of Hell in a Cell. Charlotte says if life was fair she would be champ. Ripley says it is was four minutes, Cross wouldn't be standing here. Ripley says Cross earned her respect. Cross says if she can beat Flair in two minutes, can she face the winner of Hell in a Cell? To which Charlotte says she can beat Cross in one minute! Slap by Nikki and Charlotte says you're on! We go to a commercial.

Commentary hypes the return of fans.

Beat the Clock Challenge

Charlotte Flair vs. Nikki Cross

Two minutes are on the clock. Ripley is at ringside. Cross bails out of the ring right away. Charlotte goes out to get her and Cross gets back. This continues as Charlotte gets back in and Cross leaves the ring. Cross teases getting back in to which Charlotte dives after her but doesn't get her. Cross runs over and hides behind Ripley. Charlotte says this is Ripley's fault. Back in the ring, Charlotte hits Cross with a knee to the gut followed by a clothesline. Charlotte puts Cross on the top turnbuckle. Cross fights back and hits a TORNADO DDT!! Charlotte is up and picks the leg and wants Figure Four but THE TIME EXPIRES!! What it needed to be in order to play off last week.

W: Nikki Cross via the clock expiring @ 2:00

Commentary talks about the tension in recent weeks between the New Day and R-K-Bro.

Riddle talks to Damian Priest backstage. Priest says imagine the celebrating they will do in every city. Riddle talks about riding his scooter everywhere. Riddle asks who to say "bro" in Spanish. It's "hermano" for those wondering. Randy Orton is here to interrupt. He saw what Riddle did last week when he used the RKO. Riddle apologizes and says he should of asked first. Orton says he had a hell of a match and was impressive. Orton says against his better judgment, he invites Riddle to have his back during his match against Xavier Woods. Riddle gets all hyped to the point that Orton cuts him off. Riddle acts like he's locking his lips shut. Orton grabs the proverbial key and tosses it. The match is next!

A vignette hypes SummerSlam for August 21st!

Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton w/ Riddle

Lock up and side head lock by Orton. Orton with a knock out and looks for a RKO early but Woods avoids it. Woods with a chop and tries to send Orton to the opposite corner but Orton counters. Woods is sent into the turnbuckle and they go to the outside. Orton bounces Woods off the announce table before suplexing him onto it. We go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Orton has Woods grounded with a chin lock. Woods fights to his feet and breaks free using an arm breaker. Woods with a kick to Orton's head to send Orton to his knees. Woods with a series of strikes backing Orton into the ropes but Orton stops the momentum with a knee. Woods picks up the pace and drops Orton with an elbow. Woods with a running flatliner to plant Orton face first into the mat for a near fall. Woods with an elbow to Orton in the corner. Woods mounts and punches Orton in the corner. Orton gouges the eyes and grabs the hair to regain the advantage. ORTON WITH A POWER BOMB OUT OF THE CORNER!! 1...2...NO!! Woods rolls to the apron and Orton wants the hanging DDT. Woods counters it and hits double knees. Woods wants an arm bar but Orton crawls to the ropes. Orton with a boot and sends Woods to the apron. HANGING DDT CONNECTS THIS TIME!! Orton wants the RKO but Woods counters to a back slide for a near fall. Woods with a boot and runs off the ropes BUT ORTON CATCHES WOODS AND HITS BRO DEREK FOR THE WIN!!! Riddle is pumped and rides the scooter in the ring to celebrate!

W: Randy Orton via pin @ 8:59

Post match, they tease posing together but Orton can't do it yet.

Commentary talks about the success of R-K-Bro and we transition to Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. A video package shows their recent history including Reginald getting involved in their matches. Shayna faces Reginald next!

Backstage, MVP and some ladies are celebrating with champagne and toasting to Bobby Lashley who has his orange Dumb and Dumber suit on.

Reginald is in gorilla telling Nia Jax that he doesn't need her help tonight. Reginald tells her to watch the match from here so she can see for herself.

Shayna Baszler vs. Reginald

Reginald begs off to begin and tries to reason with Baszler. Baszler goes for a kick but Reginald flips out of it. Baszler knocks Reginald to the ground but counters Baszler. Roll up by Reginald gets a near fall. Shoulder tackle by Baszler and Reginald rolls back to his feet. Reginald body slams Baszler and apologizes! Baszler goes after the knee of Reginald. Nia Jax watches backstage as Baszler continues to target Reginald's knee and ankle. Baszler stomps the ankle of Reginald. More leg submission work by Baszler. Baszler breaks and locks in an ankle lock! Reginald rolls through sending Baszler to the corner. Reginald with a spinning cross body to take down Baszler! Reginald slowly climbs to the top rope. Reginald tries a moonsault but Baszler moves. Reginald hurt his leg landing. BASZLER LOCKS IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH BUT FIRE COMES OUT OF THE RING POST!! REGINALD ROLLS UP BASZLER FOR THE WIN!! Not good.

W: Reginald via pin @ 4:14

Reginald runs to the back where Nia Jax is waiting. They hug and celebrate the win.

Kevin Patrick interviews Drew McIntyre about his match with Kofi Kingston. McIntyre respects Kofi and says maybe Kofi would of beat Lashley if McIntyre didn't interfere. McIntyre talks how he'll tells his kids about how he destroyed Brock Lesnar. Something Kofi never did. McIntyre is ready for tonight. He's ready and willing to do everything that Kofi is not.

Mace and T-Bar head to the ring. They're in action next!

A vignette hypes the triple threat match for NXT tomorrow. It'll kick off the show. For a preview of that, click here.

Mace & T-Bar vs. Lucha House Party

T-Bar and Lince Dorado start the match. T-Bar flattens Dorado with a shoulder tackle and flattens him in the corner. T-Bar lifts Dorado but Dorado counters into a sleeper. Gran Metalik tags in and hits a kick. Metalik with a splash off Dorado's shoulders. T-bar blocks a suplex. Mace gets a tag and they high/low Metalik. Mace with a suplex on Metalik followed by an elbow drop. T-Bar gets a tag. Mace holds Metalik and T-Bar hits a boot to the face for a near fall. T-Bar throws Metalik in the corner and tags Mace. Mace and T-Bar set up for a double team but Dorado with the save. Dorado dives to the outside but Mace catches and slams him. Metalik runs into a boot by T-Bar. MACE AND T-BAR HIT METALIK WITH HIGH JUSTICE FOR THE WIN!! Squash.

W: Mace & T-Bar via pin @ 2:48

Alexa Bliss is backstage on the swing. She laughs and says what a night for Reginald. What better way to celebrate than to have Reginald on Alexa's Playground? What do you say Reginald? Be there or be square!

WWE United States Champion Sheamus makes his way to the ring. He's in action next! We go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Sheamus can't wait to be on the road and defend his championship in every city. Sheamus talks about Humberto Carrillo and says he won't get close to his gold. Highlights of last week are shown including Ricochet's save. Sheamus asks if they look like championship material? Sheamus calls Ricochet and Carrillo scumbags. That's why he hasn't defended his championship. He hasn't found anyone worthy enough and Ricochet/Carrillo can't lace his boots. Sheamus says he won't face them in a handicap match but he'll face them back to back one-on-one. Then he'll send them back to catering. Which one wants to step up first?

Non-Title Match

Sheamus (WWE United States Champion) vs. Ricochet

Both men trade blows right away. Sheamus lowers his head and eats kick by Ricochet. Sheamus charges and Ricochet sends him to the outside. Ricochet dives to the outside but Sheamus catches him and sends him into the barricade with a fall away slam! Back in the ring, Sheamus hits a clothesline from the top rope. HUMBEROT CARRILLO'S MUSIC HITS!! RICOCHET ROLLS UP SHEAMUS FOR THE WIN!! Too short and more of an angle.

W: Ricochet via pin @ 1:15

We go to a commercial.

Non-Title Match

Sheamus (WWE United States Champion) vs. Humberto Carrillo

This match is already in progress when we return and Sheamus is stomping Carrillo in the corner. All Sheamus so far as he lays out Carrillo. Sheamus with trash talk to Ricochet who's on the outside. Carrillo tries to fight out of the corner and hits a boot. Carrillo goes to the middle rope and Sheamus pulls him down hard. Carrillo goes to the apron and blocks Ten Beats to the Bowery. Carrillo gets back in the ring but runs into an IRISH CURSE BACK BREAKER!! Sheamus kicks Carrillo on the mat repeatedly now as he takes control of the match. Sheamus pounds on the chest of Carrillo. Sheamus with a rear chin lock. Carrillo fights back and hits a jaw breaker. Sheamus charges in the corner but goes shoulder first into the ring post. Kicks and forearms by Carrillo and a drop kick drops Sheamus! Sheamus got popped in the nose and is bleeding. Carrillo charges in the corner and Sheamus sends him to the outside. Sheamus goes outside and gives Ricochet a kick for standing there. Carrillo bounces Sheamus off the table. Back in the ring, Carrillo with a cross body off the top but Sheamus catches and slams him!! Sheamus talks trash as he sets up for Brogue Kick. Ricochet tries to stop it and gets pulled in the ring. CARRILLO ROLLS UP SHEAMUS TO GET THE WIN!! So Humberto gets the future title shot and not Ricochet?

W: Humberto Carrillo via pin @ 4:55

Eva Marie vignette airs. Eva-Lution is coming soon!

Commentary hypes the #1 contenders match for later tonight. A video package is shown for it.

Naomi & Lana vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Natalya and Tamina, are on commentary. Dana and Lana start the match. Lana goes off the ropes and sends Dana into the ropes. Lea p frog by Lana. Blind tag by Naomi who leg drops Dana and takes control. Dana is sent to the corner. Lana tags in and bulldogs Dana for a near fall. Naomi back in after another quick tag. Dana counters Naomi and slams her face first into the mat. Mandy gets a tag. Double flapjack to Naomi for a near fall. Mandy chokes Naomi across the middle rope before taking her to the mat. Naomi reaches for a tag but Mandy slams her back to the mat. Naomi fights her way out of the corner and gets Mandy on her shoulders. Naomi with a type of jaw breaker before tagging Lana. Naomi takes out Dana outside with a corkscrew. Mandy tries an O'Connor Roll with no success. Mandy hits Naomi who is on the apron with a knee strike. Mandy and Lana trade pin attempts. Dana tags in. MANDY GETS LANA ON HER SHOULDERS AND DANA HITS A NECK BREAKER FROM THE SECOND ROPE FOR THE WIN!! Bad match. Dana and Mandy stare down the tag champs post match.

W: Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke via pin @ 3:43

Highlights of Cedric Alexander vs. Shelton Benjamin from last week. They'll have a rubber match next since they're 1-1 against each other.

We see a clip of Bad Bunny hanging out with LeBron James and Jay-Z. Bunny says WrestleMania is bigger than the Super Bowl and more important to him than a Grammy.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Cedric Alexander

Shelton attack right away with a big boot to the face. Cedric avoids a power bomb by thumbing Shelton in the eye!!! CEDRIC HITS SHELTON WITH THE NEURALIZER TO WIN!! Alrighty then.

W: Cedric Alexander via pin @ 0:29

Elias and Jaxson Ryker are backstage. Elias needs Ryker to understand what they're up against. Elias reminds Ryker that Omos threw him through the LED board. Elias says they need a game plan. Elias says they're going into battle and he needs to know that Ryker has his back. Ryker looks at Elias and questions if Elias has ever been in battle. That match is next!

Ozzy Osbourne's "Straight to Hell" is the official theme song of Hell in a Cell.

Kevin Patrick is outside Kofi Kingston's locker room wanting to get a word. Kofi wants to talk about what McIntyre didn't say. Kofi says his connection with his friends and family is a detriment. They motivate him. Kofi respects McIntyre but doesn't like that McIntyre mentioned slaying the beast when Kofi didn't. Kofi brings up beating Lashley two weeks ago when McIntyre hasn't been able to do so with multiple opportunities. Is he forgetting McIntyre beat Lashley at Backlash last year? Anyways, Kofi says McIntyre won't run through him because Kofi will give it his all. He'll beat McIntyre tonight and Lashley at Hell in a Cell to become WWE Champion again! We see highlights of Kofi winning the gold at WrestleMania 35.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

AJ Styles & Omos (champs) vs. Elias & Jaxson Ryker

Styles and Ryker start the match but Elias attacks Styles from behind. Elias is now starting instead and takes Styles to the corner. Elias with the early advantage. Styles is sent into the opposite corner and Elias runs into a boot. Snap suplex by Styles for a near fall. Elias fights back and hits a suplex of his own. Elias with snap mare and knee drop. Tag to Ryker. Ryker is over confident and Styles fights back. Styles slides out of the ring and takes out Elias. Styles gets back in the ring and hits both Ryker and Elias with a baseball slide through the ropes on the outside as we go to a break.

We're back with Ryker in control of Styles and suplex by Ryker for a near fall. Ryker with a chin lock now. Styles fights free but Ryker sends him into the corner. Snap mare by Ryker and he goes back to the chin lock. Omos is yet to be in the match. Styles gets free from Ryker and hits a pele kick! Ryker goes to tag Elias and ELIAS GETS OFF THE APRON!! Styles tags Omos!! Ryker has words with Elias and backs into Omos! Omos locks a claw on Ryker's head and tosses him into the corner. Omos begins to dominate Ryker as Elias watches from the ramp. Omos charges in the corner and flattens Ryker. Omos with a short arm clothesline to Ryker. Styles gets a tag and sets up on the apron. PHENOMENAL FOREARM CONNECTS!! BALL GAME!! Well the right team won and the Elias/Ryker team is done. Probably for the better.

W: AJ Styles & Omos via pin @ 9:44

Reginald is shown limping backstage. Nia Jax talks to him about accepting an invitation to Alexa's Bliss playground. Reginald asks what could go wrong and Nia says a lot. Reginald says just like earlier, he can handle himself. We see Bliss and Lily awaiting Reginald on the playground. That's next!

A vignette hypes the Usos vs. the Mysterios for this Friday's Smackdown.

Backstage, Elias is on the run. Kevin Patrick asks Elias what's going on. Elias asks where was Ryker when Elias needed help? Elias says Ryker is too unpredictable and that worries him. Elias says we're close to going back on the road and having millions walk with Elias. He doesn't want to be with Ryker on the road.

Alexa Bliss is here on the playground with Lily and she welcomes us. She introduces to her new friend Reginald and he has a seat on the swing. Bliss asks if she can call him Reggie and she says of course. Bliss asks how he's feeling. He feel great despite what Shayna Baszler did to his leg. Lily has question now. Bliss apologizes because Reginald can't hear Lily's question. Lily wants to know about Reggie's time in Cirque Du Soleil. SHAYNA BASZLER IS HERE TO ATTACK REGINALD!!! Bliss covers Lily's eyes. Bliss says Shayna wasn't invited because Lily doesn't like her. Baszler says Bliss is becoming a big problem and before things get to out of hand, they need to have a chat. Baszler says she'll see Bliss next week! Baszler gets down on a knee and calls Lily a stupid doll. Baszler walks off and Bliss stares her down.

Backstage, the Viking Raiders talk to Mansoor. They tell him the live crowds are coming back and Mansoor needs to have a war cry. They get Mansoor to holler "Raid". The Raiders leave and MUSTAFA ALI is here. He tells Mansoor not to trust the Raiders. Mansoor asks how he knows he can trust Ali? Ali tells Mansoor that now he gets it and walks off.

Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston are shown getting ready for the main event. It's next!

Another vignette hypes the triple threat match on NXT tomorrow.

Backstage, Lashley and MVP are still partying with the ladies. Kevin Patrick interrupts and asks if they have a preference. MVP says they would love to watch and see who the loser will be at Hell in a Cell. MVP says they respect both men but they aren't much competition. Lashley says none of them will ever take his championship. MVP would love to be ringside but brings up Adam Pearce banning them. MVP says having drinks with ladies is better than a suspension. Lashley says there's nothing either of them can do at Hell in a Cell to end the Almighty Era.

#1 Contenders Match

Winner faces Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell

Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre takes Kofi to the corner right away and takes control with punches and chops. They go to another corner for more of the same. Off the ropes and Kofi tries a crucifix but ends up taking McIntyre down with a sunset flip. McIntyre regains control and hits a couple chops. McIntyre lifts Kofi and charges towards the ropes but Kofi send McIntyre to the outside. Kofi does his free fall dive onto McIntyre on the outside as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Kofi pounds on McIntyre in the corner. It doesn't last as McIntyre hits a Glasgow Kiss. McIntyre hits Kofi with a dead lift suplex for a near fall. A punch by McIntyre sends Kofi to the corner. McIntyre tries a short arm clothesline by Kofi counters with a guillotine. McIntyre tries to lift Kofi for a suplex by Kofi with a cradle. Kofi now with a kick to the face followed by a spring board splash!! McIntyre powers out of a cover. MVP and Lashley are watching in the locker room. Kofi charges in the corner and hits a forearm. Another one! Kofi tries one more but McIntyre hits him with a belly to belly throw! Another belly to belly throw launches Kofi across the ring. Kofi counters a scoop slam but a cradle Savage/Steamboat style. McIntyre kicks out and regains control. Kofi blocks a punch and HITS SOS for a near fall! Kofi wants Boom Drop but McIntyre rolls out of the ring. Kofi wants the FREE FALL DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE BUT MCINTYRE CATCHES AND THROWS KOFI OVER THE BARRICADE! We go to another commercial.

Back from the break, McIntyre beats on Kofi in the corner before sending him hard into the opposite corner. McIntyre hits Kofi with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. McIntyre stretches Kofi's arms back with a knee placed in his back. McIntyre has slowed the pace. Chop by McIntyre in the corner before placing Kofi on the top turnbuckle. McIntyre climbs up with him and both men trade punches. McIntyre gets Kofi on his shoulders and Kofi counters with a SUNSET BOMB!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre misses a punch and Kofi begins building momentum. McIntyre stops the rally but Kofi hits a drop kick from the second rope for another near fall. Head butt by Kofi and he wants Trouble in Paradise. McIntyre ducks it. Kofi wants SOS but McIntyre counters with a SPINNING FUTURE SHOCK DDT!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre gets Kofi on his shoulders but Kofi fights free. Kofi charges into a SPINE BUSTER BY MCINTYRE!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre is frustrated. McIntyre wants another Future Shock by Kofi counters and hits a super kick to the jaw! 1...2...NO!! Kofi goes up to the top rope. McIntyre is up to greet him. Kofi blocks a superplex and head butts McIntyre who falls into the tree of woe. MCINTYRE RAISES UP AND THROWS KOFI OFF THE TOP!! McIntyre wants the Claymore but KOFI HITS TROUBLE IN PARADISE!! 1...2...MCINTYRE GETS THE ROPES!! Kofi tries to send McIntyre counters and sends Kofi to the corner. Kofi sends McIntyre to the outside with a rana. KOFI WITH A DOUBLE STOMP FROM THE APRON!! Back in the ring, KOFI JUMPS OFF THE TOP ROPE INTO A CLAYMORE FROM MCINTYRE!! THAT ENDS IT!!! Really good main event that was given the proper amount of time!

W: Drew McIntyre via pin @ 22:39

Post match, McIntyre and Kofi shake hands. BOBBY LASHLEY'S MUSIC HITS. Lashley and MVP come out of the stage. McIntyre stares down Lashley to end the show.

Side note: I want to give props to Jimmy Smith who did pretty good for his first night!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!! If you enjoy what you've read, don't hesitate to follow our Facebook page and get updates when new content is posted! Also, any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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